Sakura's Sex Saga

BY : Maglag
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Disclaimer: I don't own any part of Card Captor Sakura or Touhou. The original, wonderful story and the characters all belong to glorious CLAMP, and Zun. I don't aim to make any kind of profit out of this writing, I'm just doing it for fun.

(Sakura’s room)


Sakura woke up, yawning, before suddenly something jumping at her and tackling her down.




“H-H-Oo-Ee...?”-asked Sakura as she struggled not to suffocate from a crushing bear hug


“I wanted to be the first to offer you birthday presents today!”-smiled Meiling as she released Sakura from her hold pulled a huge pile of packs in brilliant colors.


“Hooeee… Birthday presents?”


“Yeah, at first I thought you didn’t invite me to your birthday parties because we were rivals in love but then I found out that in Japan you don’t really offer each other presents or organize big parties in your birthdays, but that sounded totally lame so I got you some gifts anyway. C’mon, open them!”


“Hoe?”-Sakura, morning brain still starting, stared at the expensive-looking strings of white silk filled with laces she pulled out of the first box. It looked to be some type of clothing, in the other hand it didn’t really seem enough clothing for a girl her size.


“I figured out you wouldn’t know what this is, but don’t worry, I’ll teach you how to use it properly”-wickedly grinned Meiling.




(Li’s apartment in Tomoeda)


Syaoran was getting out of his morning bath, drying himself in a towel. Today was Sakura’s birthday, and although he had learned in Japan they didn’t really organize birthday parties besides a close family gathering with some cake, Syaoran still intended to look his best for Sakura. Then he heard his smartphone ring. He instantly went to pick it up without bothering to put any clothes since it could always be a new magic emergency.


Instead it was a bunch of messages. Messages from Meiling. With photos attached.


‘Oy check out mistress’s new white lingerie I offered her today!’

‘And this is a pink lingerie, goes great with her skin don’t you think?’

‘Had trouble finding this green silk to match her eyes, but dressing up mistress sure is super fun!’

‘Also got her this black lingerie, although I think it’s a bit too tight.’

‘I think my boobies are getting a bit bigger than mistress’s, here’s a pic of them side by side.’

‘Hey master, can you tell if this is mine or mistress’s cunt if you can’t see our faces? Smartphone cameras nowadays really are amazing, look at the level of detail!’


Syaoran stared at the pics in his phone for a moment, then couldn’t resist anymore and started jacking off to the photos Meiling had just sent him and was soon cumming all over his room’s floor.


“You happy to see me, Syaoran?”-asked a familiar voice.


Syaoran turned and saw Sakura was in the room, fully dressed and recording the naked boy with her own smartphone. Syaoran blushed heavily in shame for not noticing her presence before.


“S-Sakura, how, but you’re supposed to be in your room with Meiling now.”


“Magic, silly Syaoran. Anyway you’re such a dirty boy, spilling off all that delicious milk.”


Sakura knelt down and started happilly licking the floor clean of Syaoran’s cum with her mouth.


“Sakura, that’s dirty, I’ll get the mop!”


“No. If you want to help you can record me. Today’s my birthday and I want to make sure to be able to remember it properly.”


Syaoran’s face instantly went from blushing and worried to cold and serious.


“What are you doing here, Mirror?”


“My, how did you know it was me, Syaoran-kun?”-smiled Mirror disguised as Sakura as she stood up, gulping down the last of Syaoran’s spilled cum.


“You’re good at copying people’s looks but not their personalities. Sakura may be an exhibitionist, but you’re the attention whore.”


“You flatter me, Syaoran-kun. And I here thinking you would like a more slutty Sakura-chan… Anyway Mistress told me to fill up for her since Meiling-chan decided to start a photo and video session of her new lingerie and Sakura-chan just can’t say no to somebody wanting to record her.”-Mirror slowly approached the naked Syaoran, who didn’t back down a step.


“Shouldn’t you be with Sakura’s father and brother then?”


“Mistress’s daddy’s away for work, maybe he’ll return at night and I could never really fool Touya-kun no matter how hard I tried. Besides he left right away for work, so I figured out I may as well try my luck with mistress’s boytoy. Plus, this photos I took from you will make a great birthday gift for mistress to keep.”-grinned Mirror, resting her head on Syaoran’s chest while caressing his strong muscles, rubbing her belly against his still hard cock.


The magic boy remained cold towards her, but the Mirror continued her advances, starting to lick his skin, now taking selfiesnof herself glued to him.


"Would you like to eat me, Syaoran-kun? I taste as good as Mistress."


“Damn, I still remember when I only had to worry about Tomoyo trying to record everything and phones were for direct voice calls only, nowadays Meiling and half the rest of the world seem to snap photos and send messages every minute with their smartphones… Their smartphones... Smartphone...”




(Sakura’s room)

“M-Meiling-chan, I’ll die of embarrassment if I wear this in front of Syaoran...”-blushed Sakura as she posed to the chinese girl’s phone.


“Nonsense mistress, this will get him at your feet, trust me I know from experience.”




Syaoran then barged in from the window.


“HHHOOEEEE!!!!”-Sakura blushed a deep tomato red.


“Sakura, just yesterday we only had those big brick cellphones that could only make phone calls, and now everybody has this thin and light smartphones with high definition cameras and other gadgets! Did you go around rewriting the fabric of time-space???”-a moment after saying this words, Syaoran noticed Sakura was still wearing only the tight black lingerie while spreading her legs apart for Meiling and started bleeding heavily from his nose while falling at her feet,




“You know the risks of messing with the fabric of time-space like this? You could’ve destroyed reality as we know it!”-yelled Syaoran, standing up while carefully avoiding to look at Sakura's body.


“Relax master, it was my idea and I made all the calculations beforehand to make sure all that would happen would we going forward a decade or two of technological advancement.”-smiled Meiling proudly, showing a series of 3D diagrams in her phone.


“Meiling was incredible Syaoran, I used my tarot to predict the future and it was just as she said! She even came up with the right combination of cards to make it happen! It was so complicated I can’t remember myself, but everything went alright!”


A small fleet of electronic drones flew in from the window, hovering all around Sakura, pointing miniature cameras at her.




Then Tomoyo barged in from the door.


“Sakura-chan, with this new technology I feel extra inspired! How about we make a full sequel to your adventure series?”-asked the blue-aired girl with sparkling eyes.


“Wait, what? But we already had a conclusion! Sakura becomes the card mistress, Eriol settles down in England, we can finally have a normal life.”-protested Syaoran.


"Hoe... Syaoran is right. I just want to be able to study and play with my friends and go to dates with Syaoran."-cried the magical girl.


“Please Sakura-chan? You can just create some new cards and pretend to release them! We can figure out the why later, all that matters is more Sakura capturing cards. I already started drawing a the manga to use as base script! I’ll call it Sakura Clear Card Ark!”-Tomoyo pulled out a stack of books already filled with pictures of Sakura on the cover.


“Yay, I look forward to start the recordings!”-the Mirror climbed up the window too, her clothes instantly changing to a perfect copy of the lingerie Sakura was wearing.


“Sorry, you’re not in. And neither are any of the old cards. Don’t take it personal, but a new Sakura season demands new designs. Plus it will be easier to tease Sakura-chan is she needs to start from scratch again.”


“Hoe?”-Sakura’s eyes started spinning in confusion.


“H-o-e...”-A crack appeared in mirror’s face and she shattered into little pieces.


“Tomoyo-chan, I notice this manga script of yours lacking something important.”-politely said Meiling, who had been checking Tomoyo's books.




“Me.”-the chinese girl glared with killing instict at Tomoyo.


“Hohoho… It’s just the first script, I’m sure I can splash in some cameos when we make the anime...”


“Better be a lot of cameos, AND I get to be the star in a few episodes.”-Meiling grabbed Tomoyo by the throat and lifted the other girl off the floor with a single arm.


“I-I’m sure we can discuss this like reasonable non-magical girls and r-reach a mutually benefical agreement...”-Tomoyo kept smiling even as she was being slowly strangled to death.


“S-Syaoran, Meiling-chan’s being scary!”-cried Sakura.


“From this position she can kill Tomoyo in forty five different ways before I can stop her. We’ll just need to wait her to calm down.”-sighed Syaoran.


Then suddenly somebody else barged in the room, fast as lighting, a tall figure separating Meiling from Tomoyo and holding both girls up.


“Oooohhh!!!!”-Sakura’s eyes sparkled with amazement.


The newcomer was a woman. She was dressed in super short shorts and a thin shirt stretched to the max trying to contain her massive breasts, leaving her body scandalously exposed. Sakura would’ve thought she was dressed like a slut if Sakura had any clear idea how a slut is supposed to dress or even what a slut really was. Her face in the other hand was obscured by a large hat and sunglasses. Sakura couldn’t resist feeling a strange attraction to this woman, just looking at her made the magical girl feel all happy and warm inside.


“Meiling-chan, please do not use violence so lightly against untrained girls. Tomoyo-chan, I expect you to remember all the good services Meiling-chan provided to you in the past and that you’ll know how to repay in kind”-spoke the woman in a firm, authorative voice.


“Yes, m’am.”-pouted Tomoyo.


“Yes, auntie.”-pouted Meiling.


“Auntie...Meiling-chan’s aunt….Y-Yelan-sama?”-gasped Sakura.


Yelan removed her hat and sunglasses.


“Apologies for entering uninvited Sakura-chan, but I could feel Meiling-chan’s killing intent from outside. She has got much better at controling her bursts of anger over the last couple years but still has some relapses now and then.”


“Syaoran, you didn’t told me your mommy was coming!”


“...”-Syaoran seemed paralyzed with fear.


“I came as a surprise visit for Sakura-chan’s birthday. And don’t put that face Li Syaoran, your sisters stayed behind to take care of the family’s business.”


“Thanks the heavens...”Syaoran seemed to relax a bit.


“Why would Syaoran be worried about his sisters coming? They seemed so pretty and nice.”-asked Sakura innocently.


“Yeah, nice to you. But you know how your big brother can be nice to other people but loves to tease you?”-replied Meiling.


“Yes! He can be so annoying!”-frowned Sakura.


“Now imagine if you had four big brothers working together to tease you all the time.”


“...”-for a moment Sakura stood paralyzed in pure terror too.


“Excuse me, but I’m pretty sure Yelan-sama didn’t have those huge knockers.”-the Mirror had managed to pull herself back together and was staring suspiciously at the ample chest of Syaoran's mother.


“How would you know? You weren’t summoned back in Hong-Kong!”-pointed out Meiling.


“Mistress was never very good at noticing when one of us was missing, and I’m really good at blending in.”-grinned the Mirror, suddenly groping Yelan's tits through her shirt's fabric-"Hmmm, feel real enough."


"Mirror-chan!  If you're gonna do that, at least try to speak like Sakura-chan would so I don't need to edit the audio!"-protested Tomoyo, commanding her drone fleet to record everything from multiple angles.


"Hey, I just pretend to be a good girl. But I just can't hold hold myself back in front of such a vulnerable target."-Grinned Mirror as she intensified her groping of Yelan's breasts, testing their weight and firmness.


"Hey, hands off auntie's goods!"-Meiling grabbed the Mirror from behind and pulled the deliquent card back, although Yelan seemed to have neen enjoying the attention.


“My four daughters are still growing and need their share of magic milk six times a day each. They are quite hungry girls so my breasts have adapted to produce and store great amounts of milk to keep them satisfied. However during my trip to Tomoeda I could not feed them for quite some time so my milk has just been building up in my jugs”-calmly explained Yelan, her teats jiggling with her every move.


“Yelan-sama is so pretty...”-Sakura was having trouble focusing at anything besides the adult boobies hanging in front of her.


“M-Mother, if you’ve come for Sakura’s birthday, what present did you bring for her?”-Syaoran tried to change the subject, not feeling exactly comfortable at how Sakura was looking at his mother, not even sure if he was jealous of Sakura suddenly being more interested in Yelan or his mom looking so interested in his girlfriend or both.


“My, isn’t it obvious my idiot son?”-Yelan slowly walked towards Sakura, tits shaking like they had a life of their own.


Syaoran realized he had forgot one key detail. Normally Yelan acted like an exemplary lady back in Hong Kong. But here, with no other Li clan members besides Syaoranand himself and his cousin, not even her natural daughters, Yelan didn’t need to worry about providing a good example to any of them.


“Meiling, I hope I can trust your discretion. What happens in Tomoeda stays in Tomoeda, understand?”-asked Meiling as she started undoing the tie keeping her overburdened shirt in place.


“Of course auntie.”-grinned Meiling.


Yelan finished undoing her tie and her teats popped out, even bigger than before now that they weren’t restrained. They didn’t sag even a little bit despite their age and use. Sakura’s eyes were mesmerized on them. She had never seen real adult boobies so close, let alone ones of such caliber, only her own and her friend's developing tits, barely big enough to fill a mouth. Yelan stopped just as her own were about to hit Sakura’s face. The magical girl wanted to touch them really badly, a desire, a need building inside her, but she couldn’t make her body move. Instead the Mirror sensed her mistress’s whims and slipped out of Meiling's grasp to push Sakura face first into the twin mounds of soft, warm flesh. Sakura spent some time just with her head buried there, feeling as she found a paradise that felt strangely familiar. Not only the softness and warmth, but also a nostalgic smell of milk. Not cow packaged milk, but fresh human milk. Sakura instinctively opened her mouth and started sucking at the flesh nearby, until eventually finding an hard nipple. Feeling like it was the right thing to do, she started sucking the harder bit of flesh, and soon was rewarded with a flow of sweet liquid that Sakura happily gulped down, having missed the chance for breakfast due to Meiling’s surprise visit. She lost all sense of time as she sucked, and kept drinking her boyfriend’s mother milk until she felth her stomach full, then finally let go of the nipple and looked at Yelan’s eyes.


“Mommy...”-let out Sakura without thinking.


“Sakura-chan, if you want a mother, all you need is ask. You’ve spent enough time without a role model to teach you the secrets of womankind, and I would love to have a new daughter as cute, brave and strong as you are. You don’t even need to pretend to be dating with my worthless son.”


"MOM!"-protested Syaoran, unable to remain silent anymore.


"Ssshhh, mistress is having an important talk."-The mirror jumped on top of Syaoran, expertely trapping his face between her thighs so he could no longer speak but could still look at Sakura. And Syaoran found out the card had not been lying, she did taste just like the real Sakura, and couldn't resist start eating her out, although the Mirror proved a tough opponent, smiling but resisting to let out a single moan.


“But I really love Syaoran! I want to go on dates with him! I want to hug him! I wish he would join a sport teams just so I could cheerlead for him! I want everybody to look at me dancing for Syaoran and shouting his name! I want to reward his victories by playing with his cock! Also in front of everybody!”-Sakura clenched her fists in determination.


“Well, you’re still young, I guess we can see this as training. And maybe you’ll be able to shape my son into a proper man.”




“Still I can smell other girl’s nectars on you, but the only semen on you is from my son. The prophecies spoke that Clow had left you a humanoid guardian with an angelic cock to satisfy your carnal desires at least I believe.”


“Yue-chan’s completely gay for somebody else.”


“He is your servant. Your slave. Your plaything. If how he is now is not to your satisfaction, it should be a simple enough matter to rewrite his soul to something more to your pleasing.”


Sakura paused for a moment. What Yelan said was true. It was in her power, just like she had changed the cards. But she needed to change the cards because they would otherwise die out.


“…I can’t. I don’t want to force anybody to change just for my sake against their will.”


“Ah, such a sweet child. Clow indeed made the right choice in letting you have his legacy. But don’t you have an elder brother? He should’ve been willing to play with his cute little sister.”


“Gay for Yue-chan. Girls and women throw themselves at big bro all the time and he doesn’t pay them any attention.”


“I see… And your father? He did fuck your old mother at least. And with her dead, you are the only woman in the house. Did he resist your natural charms all this time?”


“He could never let go of my old mother...”


“Still you go to a mixed school. There should be plenty of boys of your age you could play with, just like you play with your girl friends. ”


“But that’s because they’re my girl friends! I’m not really a friend with any of the boys. The only one I hang with is Yamazaki, but he already belongs to Chiharu...”


“I wonder how you ended up with so many girl friends yet only know one boy besides my son...”Yelan glared at Tomoyo, who smiled innocently.


“I worked hard to make sure Sakura-chan would be closer to girls. Very close, hohoho”-laughed Tomoyo.


“I see… Still, Sakura-chan, you should not deny yourself the pleasures offered by being a woman. If there is one good thing about Syaoran is that he’s got a nice healthy cock, yes, but it’s still just one sword. You deserve more. Many more. And if my son’s meat pole is the only one you are interested on...”-paused Yelan


“Yes! I don’t need any other cock!”-instantly said Sakura. Syaoran gave her sensations nobody else did just by being nearby, and his big, hard, thick, juicy dick made Sakura wet just thinking about it.


“...Then have you considered using magic? The Twins perhaps? ”


“Hoe… I thought about it, but two Syaorans at the same time… That’s more that I can handle.”-Sakura blushed and drooled herself a bit at the memory of her prediction of having twin Syaorans competing to see who could spoil her the most, ending in a life of pure hedonism.


“Of course, my son by himself is already such a bother to worry about. Two of them would truly be a nightmare to take care of. But you don’t need to duplicate all of him, only the really useful bits. It demands a lot of precision, but from what I’ve seen of your magic in action I’m quite confident you can pull it off.”


“T-That’s right!”


Sakura summoned her staff and pulled off the card.




The summoned twins looked at the magical girl with annoyed expressions, then threw themselves at Sakura, as hungry predators. They started tearing the new lingerie of their mistress and biting the exposed soft flesh. It was not the first time Saku had two girls devouring her simultaneously, but the twin assault was perfectly synchronized, each molesting her at the same time as the other from opposite angles. Twin feelings of pain and pleasure from different parts of her body reached Sakura’s brain simultaneously and the magical girl let out a feminine yelp when her ears were bitten simultaneously, and she groaned as the twin hands pinched her freed nipples at the exact same instant. The mouths of the cards went down each side of her neck and then through her developing young breasts until they reached her already erect nipples and began to suck them, a hot cherry for each twin. Sakura moaned in pleasure, and again louder as the hands of the two small cards slipped between the girl's legs, inserting fingers inside her cunny and ass, each pulling to her side, ten fingers in each of her low holes always in perfect synchronization. They made her cum twice, then lowered their heads, licking Sakura's belly and back simultaneously, until the twins used their teeth to grab Sakura's drenched little lingerie panties. They pulled at the same time, making the bottoms of her new clothes  burrow into Sakura's tight snatch.

"Ah, n-no ..." - the cards did not stop, since they were directly connected to Sakura and thus knew that she was loving to be penetrated by her stretched clothes.

 The magic girl clymaxed again, and then the twins pulled harder, breaking Sakura's lower lingerie in two. The final snapping of the panties gave another small orgasm to Sakura. By this time she was completely wet between her thighs, and there was nothing left to stop her sweet nectar from flowing down her slender legs. The twins spat out the remains of their mistress’s underwear and advanced over Sakura’s exposed holes, one licking the cherry-flavored vagina and the other eating the magical ass hole. Sakura cummed even faster this time with the small, warm tongues inside her, crying with happiness. The twins ate her more until she cummed yet another time, because they did everything in pairs.

"Aahh ... Thanks ... Thank you so much, twins …"

 But they were not finished yet. Smiling quietly, they thrust their fists into Sakura's anus and pussy, two hands in each hole to the elbow. Sakura had already had multiple arms of her friends inside them, but never entering simultaneously, and the magica girl felt as if she was being ripped in half. The arms of the twins were smaller than she was accustomed since Sakura and her friends had grown up but the cards did not, yet they were quite capable in martial arts and their limbs fast, firm and strong, sliding in and out of it with ease. For a moment Sakura wondered whether Syaoran and Meiling would be able to satisfy her in the same way since the chinese cousins could achieve a synchronization rivaling the Twins, but the magic boy had never used his fists against her. Sakura quickly forgot the question as the twins increased their pace without mercy, filling Sakura's mind with double pain and pleasure.

"Sakura-chan is so cute when she’s being quadruple fisted!"-squealed Tomoyo.

Sakura had made the Twins faster and stronger when she had made them reborn, and she could not resist them now that she was in her hands …


Yelan took each twin in one hand, pulling them away from Sakura, their hands coming out drenched in Sakura’s love juices and a bit of blood from tearing at her soft inner flesh. They struggled angrily at first, until Yelan pressed their heads against her breasts. The cards seemed to be instantly hypnotized by those mounds of soft warm flesh. Each started to suck down one of Yelan’s nipple, the mother letting out a small yelp as she held them closer to her own body. The cards seemed to calm down as they gulped down the warm magic milk.

"Sakura, you alright?"-Syaoran managed to finally push the Mirror aside after getting her to orgasm and instantly rushed to the real Sakura's side. The Mirror looked on with a mix of happyness and jealousy, fingering herself. Syaoran was really loyal to Sakura. So much for her plan of corrupting the boy. But still the Mirror was determined to find a way to prove to Sakura that she was her most loyal servant...

Sakura was somewhat embarrassed by the rebelliousness of her cards, but otherwise she could not deny that the experience had pleased her greatly. Not just the way the Twins tried to dominate her body, but the eyes of her good friends, the Mirror, her boyfriend, and Yelan who watched with fascination. Yelan in particular had devoured with her eyes every piece of Sakura’s exposed skin. She had made the magic girl feel nothing more than a piece of meat to be cooked and consumed, and that had excited her a lot. Syaoran and Sakura's friends sometimes looked at her that way too, including now, but never for so long or so fixed, usually averting their eyes after a few moments, as if the sight of Sakura being humiliated was too dazzling. Sakura could not know that it was simply too much pleasure for the other young minds, while Yelan had much deeper appetites like the mature woman she was. And then there was Tomoyo who saw her as a friend. A friend to worship as a goddess and film all the time. Sakura still acted shy when Tomoyo pulled her newest camera on the magical girl, but at the end of the day she never stopped Tomoyo from recording Sakura in close detail. So Sakura really felt a bit disappointed by Yelan's interruption. Almost like when Syaoran did not allow her to be raped for too long by her girl friends ...

"Syaoran, I hoped you'd have disciplined the cards you picked up properly before Sakura-chan had them."

"But-"-Syaoran tried to say.

"No excuses! Get them in line right now."

"Twins..."-Syaoran called.

The twins seemed finally to notice Syaoran, stopping sucking Yelan's breasts and turning their heads towards the boy.

"Hmm, come here?"

The twins instantly jumped at Syaoran's feet and started rubbing themselves at his legs, their eyes turning into cute little hearts. Sakura instantly realized that the double card loved Syaoran much more than Sakura. A word from the chinese boy and the twins would become his again. The fact did not worry Sakura, quite in the contrary. The two card girls radiated happiness just because they were close to Syaoran and Sakura only wanted the people around her to be happy.


"Look, Sakura's your mistress now, you need to obey her."


The twins nodded with bright smiles. Syaoran's words to them were pure pleasure to them.


"Sakura, give the order now."-said Yelan


"Oh, yes ... Twins!"


The double card looked at Sakura with a murderous intent.


“ Hoe ... I just ask you to duplicate Syaoran's cock... "


Their expressions momentarily changed to surprise, then smirked and pulled Syaoran's pants down, eager to obey this one command. Their eyes sparkled with delight as they saw the boy’s erect cock pop free. They had eagerly waited years for this ever since being captured. They tenderly kissed the phallus, one from each side, then slowly licked it, worshiping the boy’s meat, following by biting the foreskin at the tip, each twin pulling for her own side. They seemed to be ripping it in half for a moment, but instead Syaoran's dick began to split in two from the tip to the base!


“Oooohhhh!!!”-the eyes of all the girls in the room sparkled at the magic miracle.


Two cocks. Sakura’s pussy started getting wet(ter). Just being near Syaoran made her cunny moist, but right now her love juices were soaking through and gushing down her thighs like a river. Meiling wasn’t very far behind. Back when Syaoran had caught the Twins she had begged on her knees for Syaoran to use them on himself and then have a threesome, but Syaoran had refused to abandon his stance to not use the cards for his personal enjoyment. The Twins smiled at a job well done and seemed mesmerized too.


“Good work, Sakura-chan, but you now need to order them to stand down.”


“Ah yes…. T-Twins, could you please return? ”


The twins didn’t obey, instead looking at Syaoran with pleading eyes, waiting for some praise, order, even some teasing or disciplining words would’ve been welcome, any kind of attention from the boy. But all they saw was Syaoran staring back at Sakura in her tattered lingerie and were forced to swallow their pride. The boy they worshiped already had a stronger love. It was not their place to decide who their real master played with or no. But they would at least get to see Syaoran enjoy their “gift” with their own eyes. They stood back and their hands slipped into each other’s clothes and inside their pussies, fingering their own sibling.


“Now Sakura-chan, make your move!”


“C-Can I, Syaoran? Nothing feels wrong?”-Sakura slowly approached Syaoran, eyes glued to his crotch


“Y-Yes, you did an awesome work Sakura.”-Syaoran examined each of his dicks with his hands, he couldn't tell anything different between them himself.


Sakura knelt, admiring the work of the double card. Holding a phallus in each hand, she watched them closely, felt their weights and textures, unable to notice any difference. They even seemed to harden and grow under her touch at the exact same pace. Syaoran moaned with this simple treatment. The pleasure of his girlfriend playing with his twin dicks was over twice as intense as before. Unable to hold herself back, Sakura decided to try with her little mouth first the right, then the left. The taste was exactly the same, but Sakura smiled to see that the cock she was kissing grew more than the other. For some time she had fun just licking one phallus at a time, trying to make them end up the same size, when Meiling got on her knees, playing with her own pussy.


"M-Mistress, can I help?" - Meiling begged, stripping of her clothes to shamelessly expose her body, no longer able to bear seeing Sakura having two Syaoran cocks at her disposal while she had only experienced one.


"Meiling, do not interrupt Sakura-chan."-warned Yelan.


"It is alright, Yelan-sama. "-Sakura smiled, she always liked a bit of competition.


Meiling smiled back warmly, crawling closer while still fingering herself and Sakura moved a little to the side, presenting one of Syaoran's phalluses to the chinese girl. Meiling grabbed it with both hands, using her own pussy juices to lubricate it, Sakura smile's widened in satisfaction and then turned to lick her cock again as if it was a candy. Meiling soon began using the more advanced tongue techniques she knew, and felt the cock of her cousin growing and harden quickly inside her own mouth. That alone made her even more excited and the flow between her legs increased. Then Meiling looked to her side to check how the magical mistress was doing. Sakura continued her casual play, and the cock between her lips was clearly even larger than the one in which Meiling was applying all her expertise. Meiling grabbed the base of the other dick with one hand, not believing her eyes. Indeed it was not only bigger but even harder. Meiling felt her heart clench for a moment, but then she resigned herself. Who was she trying to kid after all this time? Sakura was who Syaoran loved the most in both mind and body. Meiling had hoped that at least she could measure up to Sakura in using her flesh to please the boy, but now realized she had been lying to herself since Syaoran had only one cock and it was thus impossible to make a comparison in real time about which of the girls could please him more. Then they heard a couple of groans in perfect synchronization. Sakura looked back and saw that the Twins were still masturbating to each other as they watched the double blowjob, sweating and breathing heavily. Saliva dripped from their open mouths.


"Tomoyo-chan, are they alright?" - Sakura still had trouble recognizing a clearly aroused person.


"They are very desperate. They also want to suck Syaoran-kun. "-commented the Mirror, able to directly communicate with the other cards, while also masturbating herself at the sight of her mistress having so much fun.


" Hmmm, can't they wait a bit more?"


" How about you let them lick your pussy? After all, you deserve to be pampered."-suggested Meiling.


Sakura felt her cunt quite wet and hot. But she thought it would not be fair to have both of them while Meiling clearly was also completely soaked between her legs and needed to be eaten out too.


"Twins! Pink can lick my cunny and Blue can play with Meiling! "


The twins hesitated a moment, looking at Syaoran, who nodded nervously while gently holding Sakura and Meiling's heads. After confirming that their true master clearly wanted to see them eat out the two other girls, they crawled underneath Sakura and Meiling and put their tongues to work. First reluctantly, and after savoring the sweet taste of human girls, with real dedication. The Twin cards rationalized that Meiling and Sakura were worthy of fucking Syaoran and being his sex slaves, thus it was natural for the Twins to reward them somehow. The Mirror felt humiliated that the Twins got to taste their mistress before her, but that only excited the false Sakura more.


"Wait for a mom-AAHHH" -meiling groaned at the same time as Sakura as the twins began to work on them at the same time.


Meiling's original plan would be for the twins to distract Sakura, but now they were on the same boat. At least the twin beneath her was good. Very good. But not as good as a true lesbian singer like Tomoyo. Meiling could resist. As the chinese girl's mind faded into pleasure, Sakura swallowed more and more from Syaoran's cock until it began to shake and fill her magic mouth full of hot boy magic milk. Sakura drank deeply, though as usual the flow was so much that white strings slipped out through the corners of her mouth. Meiling could not resist licking them out off the other girl’s cheek and lips. Sakura then seemed to remember that Meiling was by her side and noticed that the cock in the hand of the chinese girl had not yet cummed.

"Why are you taking so long, Meiling-chan? Need help? "- Sakura asked innocently, grabbing the base of the other cock and beginning to masturbate it while licking the remains of hot milk from the phallus closest to her.

Before Meiling could respond, she felt the other cock quickly swell and start throbbing in her left hand thanks to Sakura's attention, and in a few moments shot a white, scorching jet into the chinese girl's face. Taken by surprise, Meiling desperately tried to swallow the ejaculating dick but ended up almost choking and most of the fresh dose of milk fell on her face and body. Sakura smiled and started feasting on the Chinese girl's creamy skin. The scent and intense heat of the semen combined with the attention of Sakura and the twin licking her pussy finally made Meiling cum and she felt ashamed. Sakura had completely defeated her once more. Then the chinese girl noticed that Sakura had cummed too, the groans of the girls perfectly synchronized, such was the talent of the twins. Meiling smiled a little. This battle was not over yet.

"Okay, this was just the warmup! Now let’s milk Syaoran with our pussies!"

"But I also want to milk Syaoran with my bum..."-Sakura stood up a little and started spreading her ass cheeks, revealing her eager back entrance. She had taken extra care to make sure Syaoran’s cock was well lubed in her saliva so it would slide in easier.

Meiling bit her lip. She had completely forgot that Sakura would be less willing to share Syaoran's two cocks when the magical girl had two holes to fill on her lower side.

“Please, Sakura-chan? We sucked him together, we should also ride him together.”

Sakura nodded and before Syaoran could say anything they tackled him to the ground and were climbing on top of his cocks, swallowing one each with their pussies before starting to move their young athletic hips. Syaoran moaned at the sensation of the two pussies grinding both his cocks at the same time. Looking down at the magical girl's crotch, Meiling could not believe it. It was clear that Syaoran's phallus inside Sakura was already larger, thicker than the cock inside Meiling. Yet Meiling felt herself being ripped apart, her insides being crushed by the sword of flesh inside her, tears rolling down her face. The pain brought her an indescritable pleasure, and she climaxed time and time again, losing control of her body. Meanwhile, Sakura maintained an elegant rhythm, extending her own enjoyment.

The magical girl felt like Meiling looked really cute struggling like that. She hugged the chinese girl to support her. Their young nipples touched. They synchronized their bodies. Meiling felt her last resistance starting to fade.

"Enough, Meiling-chan. You can not expect to compete with the cunt of a magic girl. "-warned Yelan, seemingly just watching with such perfect discipline not even her giant breasts jiggled anymore.

Meiling did not think it was fair. She trained her holes for years to take Syaoran's phallus, and Sakura did it quite naturally.

“But my body is nothing special, Yelan-sama. I don't have boobies like you do.”-pouted Sakura, still riding her boyfriend while hugging his cousin.


“Sakura-chan, the pussy is a woman’s sex organ, not the tits. Knockers are for nursing. Yours will develop properly when you get pregnant or just really want to have children. But right now just like Syaoran’s cock is bigger, stronger and more durable, so is your pussy. However our pussies are inside our bodies, and thus this difference is harder to notice. That is why male mages typically wear long robes, to hide their stupid massive dicks. ”


“But Meiling-chan can take Syaoran.”


“Trained. Holes. For. Years.”-grunted Meiling, trying not to facepalm at Sakura’s short memory span.


“My girl friends could take Syaoran.”


“I saw the videos. He also trained a lot, and was holding back. It’s adorable you didn’t notice.”-explained Yelan.


“When I said that master Syaoran could kill somebody with his cock, I wasn’t kidding. Martial arts is not only about controling your own body, but also controling other’s bodies. But with you, master Syaoran can truly go all out.”-added Meiling, accepting Sakura's superiority.


“I guess in a way it’s good you didn’t fuck any normal boys after all, or you may’ve seriously hurt or killed them. ”-continued Yelan.




“Don’t worry, I would make sure to get rid of all the evidence.”-smiled Tomoyo.




“Sakura-chan’s so pretty any boy would be glad to die while fucking her.”-blurped out Meiling before she had time to think.


“Meiling-chan’s prettier.”


The chinese girl blushed a deep red.


“W-What are you saying, mistress?”


“Your hair is so long and pretty. I would really like to let my hair grow, but whenever I tried it would start getting in the way of sports. It gets all over my face and throws off balance. It’s also a pain to wash and dry.”


“T-Tomoyo-chan has long hair too.”


“I also have a small army of maids to help me take care of my hair, and not like I can hold a candle to you when it comes to sports of any kind”-coldly smiled Tomoyo.


“And Meiling-chan is really good at sports even with long hair! You’re really amazing, no wonder Syaoran was your boyfriend for so long!”-smiled Sakura as she softly caressed Meiling’s twintails.


“N-No I’m not. I just trained a lot to get it right and-”


Sakura silenced Meiling with her tongue, kissing her deeply. Tomoyo had taught her that kissing was a good way to cheer up between girls and the chinese girl just looked so adorable and Sakura didn’t want to hear her downplaying herself anymore.


"HmmmMMMMMMM!!!!!"-Meiling tried to push back Sakura but the magical girl was holding her firmly, her tongue assaulting the chinese girl's mouth, taking her breath.


Syaoran felt Meiling’s pussy squeezing his cock tighter than he remembered for quite a lot time ,as his girlfriend kissed his female cousin. It probably helped that his cock grew even a bit more from watching the scene and he finally let himself go in that side, instantly filling his Meiling’s womb with his hot seed.


Meiling wanted to moan but Sakura’s tongue was still playing with her own. The chinese girl’s eyes rolled back and Sakura could feel in her hug how Meiling’s body trembled with orgasm after orgasm as she was filled. The magical girl herself climaxed a few times although the cock inside her hadn’t cummed yet just from the pleasure around her. As boy milk started to overflow from Meiling’s pussy did Sakura notice the other girl was barely moving anymore and released her hug, letting a mostly limp Meiling fall back. The twins suddenly moved swiftly to catch her fall. They never forgot Meiling had been key in defeating them and held great respect for her, gently carrying off the chinese girl before spreading open her legs and starting to clean her filled pussy of all the cream Syaoran had just gifted her.

With Meiling surrendered, Sakura grabbed the second cock as her rightful reward. It was all slippery from Meiling’s own juices and fresh cum, just right by Sakura’s standards to slide easier inside her bum. Grabbing it firmly with both her hands, she began to guide the extra cock to her anxious back hole. She already felt quite full with the other Syaoran phallus inside her pussy, but her heart wanted even more.

As soon as she started introducing the tip, spreading her ass open, Sakura felt herself orgasm right away and the second cock bounced free. She tried two more times, only to lose control twice again, only managing to rub the new cock against her own ass.


“Mistress, do you require assistance?”-grinned the mirror.


“N-No, I can do this myself...”


“That’s the spirit, Sakura-chan”-congratulated Yelan.


“S-Sakura, I’m about to cum inside your pussy...”


“N-No! I want you to cum in both my holes at the same time!”

Summoning all her strength of will, Sakura finally managed to resist her orgasms to slide enough of Syaoran’s cock inside her ass so that it wouldn’t slide out. Syaoran screamed like a girl as he felt both his cocks inside her girlfriend’s flesh. Sakura screamed like a slut as she felt both her lower holes stuffed with the boy’s meat. For both the pleasure was far more than doubled than any of their previous sex sessions. Still she couldn’t get it right. No matter how hard she tried, her ass and pussy weren’t properly synchronized and each milked Syaoran’s cock at different times. It felt more incredible than she could’ve ever imagined, but she believed that she could do even better.

“T-Twins, could you help me here, hahaha...?”-asked Sakura.


The double cards knelt near the magical girl with annoyed expressions, as if they were silently saying ´what kind of girl can't even perfectly synchornize her ass and pussy, that's like the most basic of basics´. Each expertly used their hands and tongues on one of the boy’s twin cocks and one of Sakura’s stretched holes. The magical girl felt her clit being teased by a warm tongue while her ass was slapped by strong fingers, guiding her lower body’s movements. Syaoran felt his balls and cock licked and squeezed even as they went in and out of the magical girl’s hungry holes. Sakura started to feel both of her boyfriend’s cocks starting throbbing at the same time and soon after both filling her tummy from two different entrances, simultaneous waves of pleasures overwhelming her body and mind.


Syaoran howled like a man, but Sakura let out even a louder scream along wave of raw magic that shaked the room and all inside except for Yelan who just smiled with a touch of pride. Sakura’s scream seemed to last for several minutes as she kept squeezing more and more milk out of Syaoran’s cock until finally collapsing back, the last shots of boy cream splashing all over their bodies.


“F-Felt so good. This was my best birthday gift ever, Syaoran.”


“T-Thank you Sakura… I never cummed so hard.”


“Hmmm, may I got next mistress? I have to confess not even Clow thought of such a trick, and looked really fun to try?”-asked the Mirror while starting to lick Syaoran clean.


The twins stepped forward glaring at the Mirror, dragging Syaoran back to clean him with their own tongues, clearly wanting the next turn too. Mirror looked at Sakura with puppy eyes, wantng to lick her mistress clean, but she couldn't dare to molest her without the magical girl's express consent.


“Hmmm, Sakura-chan, I wouldn’t mind trying that too...”-moaned Tomoyo, moving in to start cleaning Sakura with her expert tongue before the card mistress could figure out the Mirror's desire.


“F-Five minutes and I’m ready for round two...”-moaned Meiling, still fallen in the floor.


"Tehehe, Syaoran's really popular with the girls. Which one do you want to play with next?"-giggled Sakura.


"Sakura, I know you really like your friends, but you don't need to do everything they ask you to d-mmfff-"


"If you can't answer mistres's questions, just be silent boytoy."-Mirror sat on Syaoran's face again, making him restart licking her, reacting once more to his girlfriend's smell and taste. At least by copying Sakura's body Syaoran was far from immune to her.




“You know Sakura-chan...You could just duplicate things again”-grinned Yelan.






Yay, finally managed to publish something new! Sorry everybody for been gone for so long, but real life just kept happening.

Also the new manga and anime coming out kinda threw a wrench in my plans since I wanted to stick as close as possible to the original story which was supposed to be finished but CLAMP had to go ahead and make a sequel so many years later, hahaha... Well at least the new anime's pretty cute even if I have honestly no idea what CLAMP are exactly planning. The original card captor Sakura had a pretty simple but good plot, Sakura finds the cards and accidentally releases them, now needs to gather them again. But now the cards just literally show up of thin air. And Sakura missed all her previous cards going clear and losing their powers. YOU! HAD! ONE! JOB! And Syaoran and Eriol know something but don't tell anything. Well at least Syaoran finally got an upgrade of his own. So for now I'm rolling with "Tomoyo wanted an excuse to make a new Sakura anime and that means new designs". Or this is now going full alternate universe. I can't even be sure since CLAMP may just come up with a completely crazy explanation that happens to fit my story, hahaha.... Plus although the new card designs are nice, I miss the magic girls/women from the original series. New normal girl is quite cute tough.

Anyway this chapter was not exactly plot advancing, more of an idea I had hanging around my head and writing bit by bit, and I decided to try to make something out of it in time for Sakura-chan’s birthday. So I hope you enjoyed it, and also that I’ll be able to get enough organization and motivation to get new updates faster. I actually had intended this as part of a bigger arc (hint: a new challenger for the position of Sakura's mother approaches). Also drunk as fuck.


Oh, and Happy Easter!

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