Sakura's Sex Saga

BY : Maglag
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Disclaimer: I don't own any part of Card Captor Sakura or Touhou. The original, wonderful story and the characters all belong to glorious CLAMP, and Zun. I don't aim to make any kind of profit out of this writing, I'm just doing it for fun.

So, let me see if I can get this straight, Tomoyo. You don't have any magic powers or martial arts training or artifacts, and yet you insist on following Sakura and Syaoran and recording all of their activities in camera?-asked Reimu as the blue-haired girl put the finishing touches on her repaired shrine maiden robes.

That's correct, Reimu-chan. I want to record as much of Sakura-chan's adventures as possible!

Then, you're a reporter wannabe? You publish it all in a journal or something?

Oh no, my recordings of Sakura-chan and her close ones are for my personal enjoyment.

There was a moment of awkward silence between the two girls.

How long have you loved Sakura, Tomoyo? Not just as fuckbuddy, but from the bottom of your heart?

My, you're sharper than you look, Reimu-chan. And me here thinking you didn't care about other people's feelings.

Drop the flattery. Just because I usually don't care about them, doesn't mean I don't notice other people's feelings. Is also part of a shrine maiden's duties after all, since extreme grudges and lingering feelings can spawn youkai. Sakura seems to regard you as a pretty good friend and lets you fool around with her body and her boyfriend, but the way you behave near her say you have much stronger feelings for her. However Sakura's heart seem to already be captured by that boy, Syaoran. I would expect you to be trying to sabotage that. But instead you seem to actually be supporting them and even join them in their fucks. It makes me curious, just that.

I've loved Sakura-chan pretty much ever we since met. Long before she and Syaoran-kun met. She's pretty and kind and generous and full of energy and wonderful and becoming even more every day. I... Did my best to make her happy. Confessed my true feelings to Sakura-chan. Taught her the secrets of a woman's body. Made her orgasm by myself. Multiple times. But she can be quite dense about what other people think of her sometimes.

Then, how did the magician boy do it? He doesn't look like he knows any emotion-manipulating magic. Did he just fuck her silly until she got addicted to his cock?

Ah, that was a bit of a complicated story. You probably already noticed it, but Sakura-chan usually has that happiness aura around her, that makes everybody else around warm up to her.

Don't tell me about it. I usually wouldn't even throw a chance for my opponent to settle things without a fight, but something about that Sakura made me want to at least try to peacefully bring her to Gensokyo. If I didn't know she was an human, I could have sworn she was an optimism youkai or something.

But it was different with Syaoran-kun. He and he alone seemed immune to Sakura-chan's soothing presence. You should've seen how he glared at her the first time they met. Syaoran-kun said he wanted to capture her magic cards. He bluntly pointed out her weaknesses and failings at every turn. Something that I, nor anybody else who knew her, had the courage to do. One could think it was a rivalry, even hate. But eventually I saw how it was actually a deep love. What he wanted to capture was not Sakura-chan's cards, but her very heart and body from the start. Even if he didn't realize it himself. Syaoran-kun was always quite shy about revealing his feelings with words after all, but his actions were completely sincere. His insults and provocations helped Sakura-chan overcome her shortcomings. When her life was in danger, Syaoran-kun was always there to protect her at the risk of his own life, even as he pretended to ignore her thanks and kindness. Sakura-chan learned to trust him above everybody else. Syaoran-kun would always be there for her, even in her moments of weakness. When her first love crush rejected her confession, it was to Syaoran-kun that Sakura-chan went for comfort. It was just in front of him that she cried her sadness out. It was only to Syaoran-kun that she openly let out the feelings deepest inside her heart. Meanwhile I... Always held back my actions. Always composed. Always lady-like. Always making sure to don't do anything that may hurt Sakura-chan's heart. I always smiled back at her smiles. She never saw me cry or scream, you know? Ironically, it ended up meaning Sakura-chan wouldn't want to cry near my person, never fully opening her heart to me. Not with Syaoran-kun. He was willing to hurt Sakura-chan's feelings when he believed it would help her. He alone dared to fully open his heart to her, showing both his bad and good sides, and this way captured Sakura-chan's own heart. I still had to nudge them towards openly revealing their true feelings for each other, Sakura-chan being a bit dense and Syaoran-kun being too shy with words. I also had to push them to finally fuck each other because they seemed perfectly satisfied just being close without any actual intimancy. But they're really happy with each other now. I regret nothing.

I'm not gonna pretend I really understood half of what you just said. But it sounds like if this Syaoran hadn't the courage to blurt out his love without your help, you would've still had a chance with Sakura.

But could I make Sakura-chan as happy as Syaoran-kun would? I thought long and hard about it, and the answer was always no. I could never keep up with Sakura-chan's needs. I can at best support her from behind, while Syaoran-kun can stand by her side forever. He's the one who can make her the most happy.

Perhaps she just prefers cock over pussy? I've heard of women like that.

Hohoho, no, Sakura does enjoy both genders equally when it comes to the pleasures of the flesh. Here, you can watch for yourself...

Tomoyo pulled out one of the DVDs of her special “Top Sakura-chan fucks collection” and put it playing on the room's TV.

Sakura Kinomoto, Tomoyo Daidouji, Chiharu Mihara, Naoko Yanagisawa and Rika Sasaki sat around a table with tea and cakes, in a large spacious room. They were all in their summer school uniforms.

Quite nice from you for letting us meet here at your home when the rest of your family is out, Naoko-chan!-said Sakura in her usual warm smile.

Yeah, it's been quite some time since we managed to get together for an all-girls talk like this!-added Rika.

But say, why couldn't Meiling-chan make it?-asked Naoko.

She had some family business to take care with Syaoran-kun. They're cousins after all.- diplomatically explained Tomoyo.

Ah, speak of the devil... Today's main topic is boys. And we should starts with yours, Sakura-chan!-grinned Naoko.

Hoe...?-Sakura's smile changed to a confused one.

Yeah, you and Syaoran-kun have been all lovey-dovey over each other recently, but you never tell us anything! Today we'll make you spill all the beans!-grinned Chiharu while gazing at Sakura with malicious eyes.

Yeah, Sakura-chan, you arrive and leave together from school with Syaoran-kun, you both disappear during breaks and lunch time, just what are you doing with each other when we're not looking?-insisted Naoko.

Can't you trust your good friends, Sakura-chan?-gently asked Rika.

Ahahah... -Sakura smiled nervously.

Tomoyo then “accidentally” let slip several photos from under her sleeve over the table. Naoko, Rika and Chiharu noticed them, and starting picking them up.

Tomoyo-chan, you dropped something...-started to say Rika, before noticing what was on the photos.

Syaoran and Sakura french kissing. Syaoran fucking Sakura missionary-style. Syaoran fucking Sakura doggy-style. Sakura and Syaoran doing a 69. Sakura and Syaoran masturbating each other while staring between them with deep love on their eyes. And they were completely naked on all photos.

EEEEHHHHH???-asked all three girls in simultaneous while blushing.

Oh, no, seems like I accidentally revealed the photos of Sakura-chan's and Syaoran-kun's intimate moments they asked me to take to remember their true love!-said Tomoyo in a falsely worried voice while holding her cheeks with her hands.

Hoe...You were the one who insisted to take those photos, Tomoyo-chan...-sweatdroped Sakura, but her voice was so low that the other girls didn't notice it, mesmerized by the photos of the two young kids having sex in all kinds of different styles.

Did you kiss him in the lips already? How was it?-asked Naoko

Yes, it was really, really sweet...-blushed Sakura, deciding honesty was the best course of action.

Did you touch his cock? How did it feel?-asked Rika

Yes, when it's small it's very soft, but when it gets big it gets really hard and really warm...-It's not like Sakura was revealing she was a magic girl after all.

Did you kiss his cock? What did it taste like?-asked Chiharu.

Yes, it's a mixture of bitterness and saltiness, but quite tasty...-Surely her female friends had already done something like that, right?

Did he really stick his dick in you? Where?-asked Rika again.

Yes... My mouth... And my pussy... And my ass...And my armpits when I happen to have sleeveless shirt... And my hair... My thighs when I'm wearing them...My back when I'm on the school swimsuit...-Sakura blushed even more.

Did you also do anything like this?-asked Naoko, suddenly pulling out an hentai manga from her backpack and opening it over the table, revealing several scenes of a young man fucking a schoolgirl in all kinds of crazy positions.

Rika and Chiharu stared at the hentai images with quite curious if not hungry eyes, while Sakura kept her innocent face.

Ah, yes, Syaoran-kun's really strong so he can easily pick me up and force me to bend in new positions.-replied Sakura, holding her hands against each other, suddenly feeling a tingle in her crotch and resisting the urge to scratch it.

And you also did this?-asked Naoko, obsession on her eyes, turning somes pages of the manga to a even dirtier scenes.

Every monday. I wish we would do it more but it takes some time to prepare...

And even this?-Naoko turned the pages all the way to the manga's grand sex finale.

This morning. It's harder than it looks, we had to repeat it three times to get it properly...

Naoko, Rika and Chiharu were now shaking and staring at Sakura with worried eyes. The red-haired girl changed her face to surprise, not understanding her friend's reactions.

Sakura-chan, is Syaoran-kun blackmailing you or forcing you to do this kind of stuff? We can help you be safe from him.-said Chiharu.

Hoe...? I do this because I like him. I actually asked him to do it several times.

B-but that would mean you're a total slut, Sakura-chan!-said Naoko

Hoe...-Sakura had heard the word Slut several times already in her life, but nobody had actually ever explained to her what it meant.

Now, Naoko-chan, perhaps it is you who is too prune and childish, and Sakura-chan's just a mature girl who has no problems enjoying her own body. Why don't you try to do it yourself before you start making accusations like that?-asked Tomoyo in a gelid tone, while standing up from her seat, not willing to let anyone insult her beloved Sakura.

What are you say-Naoko's question was interrupted by Tomoyo approaching her before grabbing the glasses girl head with one hand so she could french-kiss her, while the blue-haired girl's other hand went around Naoko's back and entered her skirt, caressing the soft skin underneath.

The other girls fell completely silent as Tomoyo kept exploring Naoko's mouth with her tongue and groping her ass, for a full minute before pulling back her head and letting the other girl catch her stolen breath.

Y-You're a slut as well?-asked Naoko with dizzy eyes, clearly confused with what had just happened.

If I am, then what does this makes you?-said Tomoyo still with her cold expression as she moved the hand that been holding Naoko's head inside the front side of her skirt and into her soft crotch underneath.

Tomoyo's fingers skillfully started to play with the glasses girlfriend pussy, making her moan, and in a few seconds she was screaming and trembling before her legs lost all strength and Tomoyo released her, letting her fall on the couch below.

You poor thing, cumming so fast...-coldly stated Tomoyo, licking her fingers clean from Naoko's juices- Just how excited did you get from seeing Sakura-chan's pictures, I wonder?


The three shaking girls fell silent, now staring intently at Sakura. It was no longer simple curiosity, fear or surprise in their eyes. Lust. Sakura found herself under the hungry gaze of three horny girls.

Hmm, haven't you done it as well with your boyfriends?-asked Sakura still with her innocent expression, her soft cheeks still red.

I've shown my cunny to Terada Sensei and begged him to touch it in any way he pleased several times when we're alone with each other, but he always says he would go to jail if he did anything like that to me before I'm thirteen. -confessed Rika in a sad tone, standing up from her seat and starting to slowly walk towards Sakura.

I tried to get Yamazaki to show me his dick more times than I can remember, but he always makes up some stupid excuse to evade it!-confessed Chiharu in an angry tone, standing up from her seat and starting to slowly walk towards Sakura.

I've got a penpal, but I never got him to actually meet me.-confessed Naoko in annoyed tone, standing up from her seat and starting to slowly walk towards Sakura.

Ahahaha...Why are you three looking at me like this?-nervously giggled Sakura as she reached for her cellphone behind her back and started dialing Syaoran's number, feeling she would need his help.

Now, now, Sakura-chan, don't play dumb. You're the prettiest girl in class and you know it. Perhaps in the whole school. Everybody loves you, Sakura-chan...-said Naoko, licking her lips as she approached closer.

But you always have that innocent naive look on your face, so nobody dared to make a move on you. We settled with dating other people who we thought wouldn't mind naughty stuff. But we still loved you the most, Sakura-chan. I even had dreams of just jumping you...-said Rika, unconsciously remembering the time she had been possessed by The Sword as she approached closer to the red-haired girl.

And now we discover that you've been a slut with that chinese kid that arrived out of nowhere behind our backs all this time. Well, we also want to be sluts together with Sakura-chan! -said Chiharu, starting to extend her hands forward to grab the red-haired girl.

Syaoran-kun?-asked Sakura to her cellphone, having risen up from her seat and starting to back away from the other girls- I'm at Naoko's home and...

Tomoyo, sneaking behind Sakura, snatched the cellphone from her hand and put it closer to her hear to speak herself:

Syaoran-kun, Sakura-chan's just called to say she'll be busy until quite late today, but I'll be watching over her, so no need for you to worry. No, she's completely alright, just busy with girl's stuff. Gotta go now, bye-bye!

And Tomoyo closed the phone and placed it inside her shirt, she rised her prepared camera to start recording.

Tomoyo-chan, give that b- KYAAA!-Sakura suddenly felt six girlish hands grab her and start groping all over the red-haired girl's body, exploring her flesh with eagerness.

My, Sakura-chan, you are so soft and warm up close.-smiled Rika, grabbing Sakura's arms just below her shoulders from behind.

And you smell good as well...-Chiaru lowered herself grabbing one of Sakura's legs and starting to rub her cheek against it as if it was a pillow.

But this clothes of yours are just getting in the way...-said Chiharu while hugging Sakura's waist, having slipped behind her and Rika, before slowly starting to rise it, exposing her belly button.

Ahahah-Sakura giggled nervously as she felt the hands reaching deeper inside her clothes, making her start feeling all tingly inside-Naoko-chan...Rika-chan...Chiharu-chan...I'm really flattered you love me that much as a friend, but what do you think you're doing...?

Now, Sakura-chan, relax yourself. We'll just have some fun as friends. Because it's alright to do this kind of thing between friends, isn't that what you always say? And the more friends playing, the merrier.-grinned Tomoyo, recording the whole scene. Everything was going according to her plan.

Sakura squirmed a bit, but didn't put much of a resistance as the other girls grew bolder in their movements. She could've forced herself free, since despite not having any self-defense training, she was still the most athletic girl in class along with Meiling, both miles ahead of any of their female classmates. However on one hand Sakura didn't want to do anything that could hurt her friends. And on

the other her body was enjoying it. Her breath became heavier as she felt her whole body warm up.

Simultaneously her clothes were being pulled off from her body one by one. First Chiharu finished pulling up Sakura's shirt over her arms and revealing the flat pink chest below. Then Naoko pulling down the red-haired girl's skirt, fully revealing her athletic legs. And finally Rika delicately removing Sakura's cotton panties and revealing the childish pussy underneath. The three still clothed girls took a moment to gluttonously stare at Sakura's fully naked body, besides her white socks and star key still in her neck, as if looking at a table filled with fine food ready to be eaten. They reached with their hands and softly caressed the flesh that had been hidden moments ago.

Ah...-Sakura released a soft moan, and stared back at each of the girls molesting her with open watery eyes, making them hesitate and pull back their hands.

Now now, why are you jut looking at Sakura like that? It isn't anything you haven't seen before in the changing room?-teased Tomoyo, remaining behind and recording everything in detail-Go ahead and touch her anywhere you want. Taste her anywhere you want. We're all girls and good friends here so she has no problem with it, right Sakura-chan?

Hoe...-Sakura was at a loss of words. Her mind said that she was doing something wrong letting the other girls look and touch her like that. Her body however was greatly enjoying the soft touches and stares directed at her.

But she looks like she's about to cry...-pointed out Rika with a saddened face.

Tears of happiness for having such good friends to make her feel good. If she didn't want this she would say no. She's just too shy to directly ask for it. But can't you see how excited she already is for this?-smiled Tomoyo.

Her nipples look really hard now that you mention it. Mind if I kiss them, Sakura-chan?-asked Naoko, approaching her face to the red-haired girl's naked chest.

...If you want to...AH!-Sakura released a stronger moan and some tears rolled down her face as the glasses girl lips touched her erect chest buds and then started sucking them.

Tee hee hee, Sakura-chan is starting to pee herself!-pointed out Chiharu, looking at the crack between Sakura's pussy lips from which a clear and viscous liquid was starting to drip out.

That isn't pee, Chiharu-chan. It's Sakura-chan's love juice. Take a closer look.-explained Tomoyo, reaching forward with her free hand to Sakura's snatch and scooping some of her sexual fluids into her fingers, then approaching them closer to Chiharu's face.

Hmm, you're right, it doesn't look like pee. But it smells a bit like pee...-Chiaru's breathing became harder as Tomoyo's dirty fingers approached her. Then in an instinctive reflex she put her tongue out and timidly licked Tomoyo's hand, tasting some of the moisture covering them.-Tastes funny...

It tastes even better from the source. And you'll also make Sakura-chan feel even better. Why don't you try it?-suggested Tomoyo, enjoying as Chiharu cleaned the blue-haired girl's fingers with her mouth.

...Thanks for the meal, Sakura-chan.-Said Chiharu as she lowered herself so her head was in front of Sakura's crotch. She hesitated for a moment as the combined smell of the strange fluid with piss was even stronger down there, but then she remembered the taste from Sakura's love juice and proceeded to start hungrily kissing, sucking and licking the moist crack, sucking out all she could. The more she drank, the more came out, and Chiharu just couldn't have enough of it so she kept eating Sakura's pussy, as her moans increased and more tears rolled down her eyes. Chiharu also felt something start flowing out from her crotch and reaching down with her hand felt her own panties were wet.

Does it feel good for you too, Sakura-chan? Does it hurt anywhere?-asked Rika, tenderly licking the tears rolling down the red-haired girl's face while still holding her arms.

...It feels good...-Sakura was a nice girl and didn't lie, the tongues and lips working on her nipples and pussy were sending ripples of pleasure through her body.

Can I taste your lips, Sakura-chan?-asked Rika, savoring the mix of Sakura's tears with the sweat forming on her face.

Sakura just moaned in pleasure at this point, and Rika considered her cute open mouth an invitation, closing it with her own. Sakura's lips were sweeter than anything she had ever tasted. Rika's tongue timidly moved forward to explore this new unknown region, feeling her body tremble with pleasure from the experience.

“Just as planned”-thought Tomoyo to herself. Sakura's other close friends were total lesbians for the red-haired girl, even if they had boyfriends. Tomoyo had decided it was about time Sakura started to experiment with other girls to increase her own abilities. Tomoyo had placed her camera in a nearby shelf where she was sure it would capture all the action and was licking her own fingers, making sure they were all well wet and lubricated for the next part of her plan:

You're doing a great job making Sakura-chan feel good, girls, but there's an important part of her body you've neglecting.

Eeehhh, we already have her cunny and tits and mouth, aren't those a girls most important spots?-asked Naoko, stopping to suck Sakura's immature breasts for a moment.

This spot.-Said Tomoyo, elegantly kneeling down and inserting her hands inside the back of Naoko's and Chiharu's skirts and groping their asses while her face moved closer to behind Rika's crotch. The blue-haired girl pulled down the other girl's panties with her teeth, revealing her pink ass cheeks which she softly kissed.

Tomoyo's slippery fingers and tongue then quickly moved to find and penetrate their targets-the other three girls assholes, two fingers on Naoko, two fingers on Chiharu, one tongue in Rika, before starting to play their back entrances.

Ah, that's a dirty place Tomoyo-chan! You shouldn't touch it like that!-moaned Rika.

Ah...Nobody ever told me about this...I'm scared, Sakura-chan... -moaned Chiharu.

Ah...I thought only boys cared about this hole... Why does it feel so good if I'm a girl?-moaned Naoko, being a big fangirl of yaoi stories.

Tomoyo-chan, please don't be too rough with them...-said Sakura with a worried look on her face.

Tomoyo ignored their pleas and kept skillfully working on the other girl's asses until they all started shivering and screaming, orgasming from the blue-haired girl's fingers and tongue. As they did so they energetically rubbed their bodies all over Sakura's skin, who was already pretty hot from the attention given her so far, making the red-haired girl orgasm as well, and they collapsed together in the ground in a pile of sweaty girl flesh. Tomoyo then chuckled and stood up, stepping over Naoko's ass with her right feet, making her release a new moan.

A young maiden's asshole is a great place to experiment and play with. It's flexible and sensitive and normally hidden so you can have lots of fun with it with little risk.-explained Tomoyo smiling.

But we poop from there...We shouldn't be putting things inside...-Rika's reply was cut short by Tomoyo stepping on her ass, making her moan again.

I bet not even Sakura-chan is a slut to the point she takes it in her asshole...-As Chiharu spoke Tomoyo stepped her other feet over her ass, making her moan as well, now using the two girls to support her full weight.

Sakura-chan, would you care to show us a demonstration of how well trained your ass has become nowadays?-grinned Tomoyo.

Obediently, Sakura crawled to the nearby coach and sat herself on it with her tummy laying down, so her face was hidden while her ass completely exposed. She didn't dare to look directly at the other girls when when she started to do what she was preparing for. Sakura reached with her hands to her own back until she found her own asshole, then started inserting her fingers inside it one by one. When all ten were inside Sakura, she started moving them, masturbating herself while loosening the entrance. One of many special exercises taught to her by Meiling to help her better take Syaoran's massive cock insider herself. Sakura was soon moaning and orgasming while she imagined what would her boyfriend think if she saw her like this, playing with her ass in front of so many of her female friends from school. As she pulled out her fingers to rest a bit, her asshole was left all loose, allowing the girls behind her to directly see her insides with a mix of disgust and awe in their faces.

I can't believe she managed to fit all of those... Our dear Sakura-chan really is a slut...-said Rika, unconsciously licking her lips, restraining herself from jumping over Sakura's ass to start licking her gaping and twitching asshole.

If just a couple finger felt so good... Can you imagine how it feels with ten whole fingers?-trembled Chiharu with excitement, her fingers starting to move to her own tingling asshole, but only managing to insert three before it started to hurt.

Don't try to force them all right away. You need a lot of training to pull this off...-advised Sakura, still hiding her face in shame in the coach.

It looks wide enough that we could fit a whole hand in there...-wondered Naoko aloud, her hands trembling in clear antcipation.

Not just the hand. Look.-smiled Tomoyo, closing her right fist and slowly inserting it inside Sakura's gaping asshole, then the rest of her arm followed until her elbow. Sakura moaned.

Hey, no fair, let me try!-Chiharu forced her own hand inside Sakura's ass, making it penetrate by the side of Tomoyo's arm, making Sakura release a louder moan.

Me too!-Rika also managed to insert her own hand inside Sakura's stretched asshole, feeling both the walls of her bowels and the soft skin of the arms of the other two girls already inside.

Get out, Tomoyo, I want to do it too!-Not finding any opening to insert her own hand, Naoko pulled back Tomoyo to force her to remove her arm before inserting her own in the vacant spot.

Ah...Y-You're being too rough! P-please just one at a t-time.-cried out Sakura in tears of pain and pleasure to no avail. The other three girls were just too aroused by now, exhilarated with being able to play directly with Sakura's insides like that. Each of them was trying to push and explore in a different direction. Soon Sakura felt more fingers starting to touch her pussy, spreading open its lip and looking for a way deeper inside.

My, Sakura-chan. If you let yourself being used around like that much more, those girls may actually permanently break something inside of you.-softly whispered Tomoyo with a wicked smile, having risen to the couch so she could look Sakura directly in the face.

Please...Stop them, Tomoyo-chan... You started this...-pleaded Sakura, gritting her teeth.

Oh, no, you started this with showing your wonderful body in school, Sakura-chan. I only gave them a little nudge to help Naoko-chan, Rika-chan and Chiharu-chan understand their own feelings. Besides I'm just a powerless little girl. It is you who is the mighty card mistress.-chuckled Tomoyo, putting the deck of Sakura cards she had retrieved from her discarded skirt in front of the red-haired girl-So stop them yourself. Show them who you really are. Unless you'll rather become their toy.

Sakura stared at the cards in front of her for a moment, then grabbed the star key below her and started to chant lowly, as her insides were slowly torn apart by three pairs of hands pushing, grabbing and scratching anything they could reach inside her lower holes. Sakura's wand formed in her hand over the sofa and she pulled a card towards its tip, whispering:

Please restrain my friends... But don't hurt them...WOOD! RELEASE!

Long vines filled with leaves sprouted from the floor of the room and entangled the other girls in the room, pulling them away from Sakura and wrapping around their limbs, leaving them hanging in mid-air, completely immobilized. Caught completely by surprise at first, they started screaming:

Ah! W-witch! You're a witch!

Ugh...Get away from us, freak!

Waaahh! We're gonna tell the whole school about this!

The Wood sensed her mistress's displeasure at the little girl's cries and had more vines insert inside the screaming girl's mouths and down their throats to stop their tongues and voices as well, leaving just enough space for them to keep breathing. The Wood made sure to grow only soft vines as to not hurt the girl's soft skin while trapping them in a tight embrace. The card did enjoy feeling them squirm against their bindings.

Sakura stood up from the coach, feeling relieved by her insides not being agressively molested anymore. Then she took a moment to observe the result of her work. Four now defenseless little girls held in mid-air by vines, three squirming against their green biddings, as they looked at the card mistress with eyes wide open in a mix of surprise, fear, confusion, and admiration.

Looks like the cat's out of the bag... Should've used The Sleep as usual, but their hands would've remained inside me...Tomoyo-chan, how do I explain to them that I'm a good magic girl?-asked Sakura to the only tied up girl who seemed to remain calm, willing The Wood to pull back the vines covering her mouth to allow her to speak. She didn't mind much the insults she had received. She knew they were just the result of confusion on the girl's parts, not any actual malice or hate. Few people were as undertanding as Tomoyo after all. Or at least that's what the card mistres's heart believed right now.

It seems like you've scared them a bit, Sakura-chan. You should help them make them feel better first.


Girls who are willing to touch each other in their special places It was how we developed out own deep bonds of friendship, remember?

Oh, you're right, Tomoyo-chan! Thanks! -Sakura's face lightned up as she moved closer to Rika. Feeling her mistress's intentions, the magic vines spread open her legs and pulled the girl's panties to the side, exposing her pink pussy that Sakura softly kissed before starting to expertly lick it. It tasted somewhat different than either Tomoyo's or Meiling's. Sakura still enjoyed it. She moved one of her fingers to her ass to further stimulate her. Two fingers. Three fingers. Sakura felt how Rika became more and more wet until she started squirming even harder against her bindings, tears flowing down her eyes, clearly cumming and then relaxing for a moment, but then she was squirming again, trying to break free. Sakura pulled the vines away from her mouth and approached their faces, and deep kissed her. She felt no resistance, but also no collaboration. She pulled away and let the vines fill Rika's mouth once more.

Is it working, Tomoyo-chan?-asked Sakura, looking back at Tomoyo while licking her lips covered in Rika's warm love juice and oth girl's saliva.

Yes, but you'll have to do it more, Sakura-chan. A lot more.-smiled back Tomoyo, secretly enjoying the sensation of being tied up while made to observe the red-haired girl work on other girls. She was a voyeur true and through after all.

Geez, we'll be here until tomorrow at this rate...Unless... Wood, help me a bit here! Rub Naoko-chan's, Rika-chan's and Chiaru's chan pussies just like I licked it! And play with their tongues a bit as well! Also a vine inside each of their assholes! Oh, but first produce some oil to work as lubricant! Something tasty and nice smelling. Hmm, plants do produce natural oils, right? I'm pretty sure I heard that somewhere...

If The Wood had her face manifested, it would have blushed at the boldness of her mistress's command, but she still obediently obeyed. Several of the vine tips started to drip out a white creamy liquid with a strong scent from their tips. The ones already inside their mouths started pumping it directly inside, forcing the girls to drink it. The ones over their bodies pulled out their panties and started smearing their now exposed crotches and asses with more of the smelly liquid. Some vines then started rubbing the cracks between their pussy lips, while others started pushing inside their assholes and slithering inside their bowels as if they were snakes.

That's it, Sakura-chan... Take good care of them...-encouraged Tomoyo, wishing she was also targeted by that kind of attention, but happy enough just by observing as usual.

Sakura oversaw her card's work, ordering position changes where and when she saw fit, using the experience she had earned from her private bondage sessions with Tomoyo, except with living animated vines instead of leather cuffs, metal chains ropes and vibrators. Soon Sakura had got all three girls experiencing orgasm after orgasm as their asses and mouths were penetrated in simultaneous while the exterior of their bodies was simultaneously caressed by dozens of soft, gentle vines. Their hips, nipples, hands, all were given their proper attention by the green tendrils. The white sticky oil kept being pumped inside them, starting to ooze back out from their lips and back holes as their insides were filled. Sakura smiled with satisfaction as she saw the young bodies finally relax after their multiple climaxes. She willed the vines inside the girl's mouths to pull out, and observed as each of the girls now reached out with their heads to keep licking the sticky vines now hanging near their faces, drooling themselves along the way...

Then the room's door opened and Syaoran and Meiling stormed inside. First with worried looks on their faces. Then surprise. Then an horny expression on Meiling and a frown on Syaoran.

Wow, mistress Sakura, I never imagined this is what you meant by having an all-girls talk! And we hurrying here as fast as we could because Master Syaoran believed you had gotten yourself in some kind of big trouble.-mischievously grinned Meiling.

Hmm... My bad, sorry for interrupting you, Sakura-chan. We'll be leaving now. Please continue doing... Whatever you japanese girls do when you're all alone.-frowned the boy, turning around.

Aw, can't we stay Master Syaoran?-pouted Meiling.

You stay if you want, you're a girl, I'm gonna go grab me some tea outside.

NO!-at her mistress's scream, The Wood blocked the door's entrance with several strong vines- Hahahaha, I mean, this is all just a big misunderstanding. I can explain, Syaoran-kun...

I'm listening, Sakura-chan.-sighed Syaoran.

Hoe...-the card mistress sweatdroped as she was at a loss of words for a sensible explanation for why she was completely naked with her wand out, surrounded by half-dazed girls entangled in vines with their panties pulled out and half-covered in a strange white liquid.

Naoko-chan, Rika-chan and Chiharu-chan raped Sakura-chan and tried to corrupt her, she just acted in self-defense.-calmly stated Tomoyo.

Tentacle rape is self defense now? Japanese traditions sure keep surprising me!-said Meiling with clear sarcasm.

She was just disciplining them to make sure they don't try this again. Like you disciplined me with your chinese martial arts.-retorted Tomoyo with equal sarcasm.

Fine, why are you tied up as well?

I felt to their seduction stratagems and helped them molest Sakura-chan, but she already made me see the wrongness of my ways.

Well, looks like Sakura-chan has everything under control then.-said Syaoran.

My, Syaoran-kun, your girlfriend was raped and you don't want to punish the assaulters?-asked Tomoyo while smiling.

Sakura-chan is the freaking card mistress. She could capture, rape and kill everybody in this city in five minutes flat if she was serious about it, in whatever order she wanted. With her hands tied up. Three human girls with no combat training, weapons or magic powers are no threat at all to her.-was Syaoran's answer without a moment of hesitation.

I kinda let them take my cards...-confessed Sakura, blushing while avoiding direct eye contact with her boyfriend, while closing her legs as her pussy started to drip out juice once more. She half-uncosciously moved the lower tip of her wand towards it and started using it to slowly rub herself.

You're still physically much stronger than them! Even if you never trained martial arts, neither did they, so you could rape back all of them with your bare hands if you wanted!-sternly said Syaoran.

But I wanted something else...-replied Sakura, starting to insert more and more of her magic wand inside her own wet cunny, her eyes moving to Syaoran's eyes and then his crotch and noticing a large bulge already formed on it.

Sakura didn't say anything else, but The Wood perfectly understood her mistress's desires thanks to their magic connection. Lighting-fast vines sprouted from the floor and immobilized Syaoran's limbs, then some more sprouted to undo his pants and release his engorged cock. More vines wrapped around the thick meat shaft and proceeded to expertly stroke it, making it grow a bit more and start oozing precum from the tip while the boy groaned. Meiling smiled with anticipation on her face and started undressing. Tomoyo started drooling with arousal.

Sakura slowly removed her wand from her pussy, drenched in her own juices, and slowly walked towards the restrained boy while smiling and licking her staff clean with her tongue as if it was a giant lollipop, the card mistress's eyes now filled with lust. When she got close enough that Syaoran's erect cock was almost touching her belly, she lowered herself.

Geez, Syaoran-kun, you should already know the only one I'm interested in raping is you...-giggled Sakura while grabbing his meat shaft, sticking her tongue out and starting to slowly lick the head of her blushing lover's cock, gulping down his abundant precum already out. It seemed even bigger than normal, plus made even ticker by the multiple vines tightly bound around it, so she didn't dare to try to deep-throat it right away like she had become used to. Her hungry slurping noises attracted the looks of Naoko, Rika and Chiharu, who turned their heads to admire the sex show.

Can I join you, mistress Sakura?-begged Meiling while kneeling at her side, having already discarded all of her own clothes.

Of course, Meiling-chan.-warmly replied Sakura, moving a bit to the side to make room for the boy's cousin to move in to grab and start sucking the engorged head of his cock as well

Both girls proceeded to work on Syaoran's manhood simultaneously, stroking it with their small soft hands and caressing its surface with their togues, the magic vines slithering in synchronization with their moves to expose the penis skin to their touches. Syaoran gritted his teeth and closed his eyes, trying to don't come right away from the intense pleasure he was feeling, intensified even more by being restrained, so Sakura pulled down his hard cock down so its tip started to rub her right nipple, then moving to the next one. Meiling made a jealous look at the card mistress before pulling her cousin's cock to rub her own nipples. Sakura smiled and turned towards Meiling, pushing her immature chest forward so that Syaoran's cock ended up sandwiched between both girl's growing breasts, covering them with more and more of his precum. Sakura and Meiling started to move in synchronization, masturbating Syaoran's cock with their immature chest flesh. The chinese girl noticed how the card's mistress pussy was dripping love juice abundantly and moved her now free hands to start masturbating Sakura. The red-haired girl released a suprised moan and paid back on the same coin, her fingers finding Meiling's pussy and starting to masturbate her as well.

You're already so wet, Meiling-chan, you just started...Ah...-moaned again Sakura

I've been excited ever since we left school... I was expecting some quality time with Master Syaoran but he was too focused on the family matters and then in your call, mistress Sakura...Ah...-moaned Meiling.

Both girls panting heavily with their warm faces with horny expressions so close, the chinese girl couldn't hold anymore and deep kissed the card mistress, hungrily devouring her mouth. Sakura enjoyed the treatment and kissed her back, for Meiling's taste was quite similar to Syaoran due to them being close family. The boy meanwhile didn't resist to open his eyes to see what exactly was happening below him, and the scene of his cousin and girlfriend mixing their lips and tongues, drinking each other's saliva while mutually masturbating and grinding his cock between their childish tits finally pushed him over the edge and he climaxed while moaning loudly.

The two girls finally broke out their kiss as they felt the flesh rod between them start twitching and their hands simultaneously moved to its tip, managing to catch most of the first thick stream of Syaoran's semen in their fingers. They then moved their bodies back so that the next long jets of man milk splashed over their bodies, so that after one minute of seemingly endless cumming they were covered from head to toe in the boy's sticky juice.

Please take care of my insides now, Syaoran-kun...-smiled Sakura, rising back to her feet and climbing over her boyfriend's still immobilized body, then hugging his chest with her cum-drenched body, fully staining his shirt. Feeling Syaoran's cock now between her legs, Sakura willed The Wood to guide it towards her pussy before finally releasing the meat shaft, then the card mistress started to slowly move her hips up and down, fucking her boyfriend good. Her pussy lips were stretched to the limit and something inside her actually tore up a bit from her effort, a small trickle of blood rolling down over Syaoran's dick. But soon enough her vagina walls had adapted and she was able to start moving faster and faster thanks to her athletic muscles. As Sakura and Syaoran both started moaning and panting from their shared pleasure in synchronization while calling each other's names, Meiling remained in her knees and licked her cousin's balls and the base of his shaft, while expertly fingering Sakura's ass with both her hands, that she felt was more loose than normal. Not anything that some good anal fucking from Syaoran couldn't solve later.

So that's how a real cock works...So big....ah...-moaned Rika, having observed everything without blinking for a moment.

Dick... I want to try it too...-moaned Chiharu, licking her lips while her eyes seemed about to pop out from her face in excitement.

Penis... Please...Penis...-moaned Naoko, her fluids leaking uncontrollably from her mouth and pussy now.

Look, Syaoran-kun, you're really popular with my friends. Wanna fuck their pussies good next? I made sure to save their virgnities just for you...-giggled Sakura, starting to move her body faster over her tied up lover.

But, Sakura-chan, you should be the one to take their virginities...-interrupted Tomoyo with a sad expression, her panties completely soaked in her own juices while her body was covered in sweat that also drenched her school uniform as she remained tied up in vines.

Geez, Tomoyo-chan, they've been dating their boyfriends much longer than me and still didn't get any action. They need to get some experience with real cock to build up their confidence and I'm sure Syaoran-kun is more than willing to help them with that.-innocently smiled Sakura as if saying the most natural thing in the world.

Syaora sighed heavily but didn't say anything. Somehow he felt like stating his opinion wouldn't change much.

But, Mistress Sakura, Master Syaoran's cock and balls are much more potent than a normal boy or even an adult, just like your pussy and breasts, due to your magic powers. It is quite probable the girls will become addicted to him.-warned Meiling, momentarily stopping her licking of her cousin's shaft now covered in the card mistress's mixed love juice and blood.

Well, they already were all over my cunny and tits, so I guess they would be already addicted. I'm sure me and Syaoran can take turns taking care of their needs if their boyfriends aren't enough to satisfy them.

Now, Sakura-chan, I already have plenty of great sex with you and Meiling-chan and Tomoyo-chan. I don't really have the energy to love to any more girls...-started to say Syaoran, keeping his breath under control as Sakura's tight pussy grinded his fat cock.

You can't fool me, Syaoran-kun.-chucked Sakura, starting to move her hips faster while her breathing became harder- You could fuck girls all day long if you weren't always holding back... You always make sure to fully satisfy me, but you don't let yourself be fully satisfied... You screw me and your cousin and my best friend until we're all broken and then you're still hard and ready to continue and have to take care of yourself with your hands because we're too tired. That's why if any other girls show interest in you, I'll make sure you get to fuck their brains out, until I find one that can truly satisfy you, or you have enough to have all the sex you could ever want. It's the least I can do for the one I love most...

Mistress Sakura's generosity and kindness towards Master Syaoran are truly without bounds, as fitting for a bride of the Li Clan. Allow this humble servant to help Mistress Sakura reach her deserved heavenly reward...-smirked Meiling as she moved her tongue to the gaping, twitching asshole of the card mistress, licking its interior.

Sakura moaned from the attention given to both her lower holes, then felt something bigger and harder starting to fit inside her ass. Turning around she saw that Meiling was now inserting her full fist inside her. Soon the rest of her arm followed inside Sakura's bowels, and she felt the chinese girl's. It wasn't the first time her lover's cousin fisted her rear hole, but this time it felt much more intense, even more than the the triple fisting her horny friends had given her not even an hour ago.

Secret Sex Li Clan technique number thirty two, open crane palm style over the interior chi points!-declared Meiling, and Sakura's body was raked by multiple simultaneous orgasms from her ass and pussy, making her scream to the top of her lungs. Her whole body spammed and Syaoran couldn't resist anymore as his cock was squeezed and creampied the screaming girl's womb with a gallon a fresh cum, visibly distending her belly, before she fell silent and collapsed over her boyfriend.

You just made that up, haven't you?-sighed Syaoran as Sakura drooled all over his neck, barely hanging to consciousness as her arms and legs went limp.

Since this humble servant cannot use magic, she has the time to dedicate herself to study selective other ancient scrolls from the Li Clan's repositories, unlocked for her directly by Master Syaoran's honorable mother.-smirked Meiling, pulling Syaoran's still hard cock from inside the now relaxed Sakura before starting to eat her cousin's warm cum oozing out from the card mistress's loosened pussy while slowly stroking the cock with both hands, making sure it remained hard. She penetrated the card mistress with her tongue, making sure to scoop every leftover bit of Syaoran's seed inside that wasn't already captured deep inside her womb.

Feeling her strength return from Meiling's tongue work, Sakura willed The Wood to make her tied up boyfriend lie in the ground, before rising her legs and turning around, positioning her cleaned-up crotch over Syaoran's face, glittering from the chinese girl's saliva all over it, so that she could look at him while still admiring his cock being jerked by his cousin. Syaoran blushed and turned his head away. Sakura was just too cute in all her naked splendor, covered in sweat and so close, no matter how many times he had watched it. Of course the part where he was binded by one of her cards increased his shyness.

Sakura chuckled at his reaction and lowered herself over his head, starting to rub her pussy all over his face, letting him fully smell the sweet scent coming from her love hole:

Well, Syaoran-kun's cock is free now. Which one of you wants to try it up your cunny now?

Me me me!-cried out the chinese girl with the hard dick in her hands.

Aw, don't be so gluttonous, Meiling-chan, you've already had more of his dick than any of us.

Well, it seems like your little friends don't think they have what it takes.-teased Meiling with a naughty smile.

Naoko drooled with clear desire on her face at the question, but remained silent, while Chiharu bited her lips, as if she wanted to say something yet couldn't. It was finally Rika who spoke after a deep breath, with a calm and decided voice:

...I' want Syaraon-kun's penis inside me. For Terada-sensei. I must learn how to be a good wife.

The Wood again felt her mistress's desires and carried the mature-minded loli over Syaoran's hard cock, spreading open her legs wide. The vines then started slowly lowering her pussy towards the erect meat shaft, but they lacked precision. The large head of Syaoran's dick simply slided over Rika's virgin hole, unable to enter. The rubbing of the dick skin against her pussy lips still made her get even more wet and starting to release low and cute moans.

C'mon, penis goes inside vagina...-said Sakura to herself with an annoyed face, frustated at her inability to have her card perform this seemingly easy task. She rubbed her crotch more against Syaoran face, and the boy sighed and started licking her. Sakura smiled again with the rush of pleasure rushing through her little body.

Mistress Sakura, perhaps it would be best to release Rika-chan and let her do the deed herself? If you want to boost her sexual confidence, you should let her start the fucking.-suggest Meiling, amused at the scene.

Again in a good mood, Sakura nodded and instantly the vines around Rika started unwrapping, first her feet and legs and then the rest of her body, leaving her panting kneeling over Syaoran.

Go ahead, grab it.-smiled Sakura in front of her, pointing with her open hand to Syaoran's hard cock. Rika obeyed, using both hands. She made a surprised face as she felt the completely new texture. She found herself exploring its surface with her fingers, playing with the skin at the tip, caressing the bulging veines around it...

Good girl. Now jam Master Syaoran's cock inside yourself like the dirty whore you are!-ordered Meiling from behind, softly whispering into the girl's ear.

Rika took another deep breath, and started pushing the massive boy's cock against her pussy lips, spreading them apart. She made sure to point the tip at her love hole, but it wouldn't go in. Looking down at its girth, she just couldn't imagine how it could possibly fit inside her. But he had just watched Sakura take the whole thing inside her. And now she could see the red-haired girl's pink pussy being licked by Syaoran looked just as as tight as her own.

Push harder, whore. No pain, no gain.-ordered Meiling, sliding her hands under Rika's messy shirt and pinching her nipples, feeling them harden under her fingers, while lasciviously licking the other girl's sweaty neck before sinking her teeth on it, making her shiver from the sensation.

Rika gulped down, closing her eyes to focus better, imagining it was her beloved Terada sensei commanding her. She put all of her strength into her hands and hips, finally managing to make Syaoran's cock fit inside her. She was instantly assaulted by a mix of pain and pleasure that almost made her faint, feeling as if she was being split in half. Surely she had managed to ram the whole thing inside her in one go, correct?

J-just the head...?-asked Rika with an incredulous smile as she opened her eyes and looked down at her forced open pussy, most of Syaoran's cock still outside it, her red virginity remains dripping down its length. Tears of sadness and happiness started rolling down her cheeks.

A nice start, whore. Now for the rest of Master Syaoran's cock. Don't worry, it only becomes easier from now on...-said Meiling while holding the face of the girl who had just popped up her own cherry while licking her tears.

Rika soon found that the chinese girl's advice was pretty accurate. Once she had forced the head inside, the rest of her vagina had an easier time fitting the rest of the massive meat rod inside. Relatively speaking of course. Rika didn't have either Syaoran's or Sakura or Meiling's well exercised muscles that had allowed them to make fast penetrations. Rika had to push with all her might to slowly shove another inch of Syaoran's dick inside her, before pausing a moment to breathe deeply and making another push, fitting another inch. And with each move, she felt less pain and more pleasure. She soon found her head starting to get dizzy from the sensations assaulting her. Rika had always thought sex was something girls did to satisfy boys. She had masturbated herself a few times, exploring her pussy with her fingers, but never able to reach orgasm that way. But she now found herself wanting to fuck that giant dick all for herself. Meiling pulled away from Rika as the girl was now energetically moving up and down her cousin's meat shaft, not able to fit the whole thing but more than enough for her first time. Syaoran was surprised at how...Mature Rika's pussy felt. She clearly didn't have any experience, yet she instinctively used her inner muscles to increase the pleasure for them both. Soon Rika found an even stronger pleasure building up inside her, growing quickly, begging to come out, and she climaxed violently, clamping down her legs over Syaoran's cock, soon making the binded boy cum as well as he bited Sakura's pussy and made the red-haired girl orgasm just a few moments later. Rika felt her insides being filled to the brim with something hot and creamy, and her belly grew a bit as some of the man milk inside her started overflowing out her ravaged pussy. Both girls found themselves screaming Syaoran's name as their bodies were wracked by waves of pleasure, holding their hands together for mutual support.

You're calling Master's name...Whatever happened to doing this for sensei, whore?-asked Meiling with a naughty look on her face.

Ah...I don't know... I've just betrayed Terada sensei... But he wouldn't love me... Syaoran-kun just loved me...-Let out Rika as her orgasm subsided and she felt all energy abandon her body, fresh tears rolling down her face as the girl started to fall to the side.

There, there, whore, you didn't do half a bad job.-smiled Meiling, holding the crying Rika's head against her chest while conforting her. The just deflowered girl felt the chinese girl's erect nipples rubbing against her cheeks, and instinctively placed her mouth over them, starting to suck them like a baby. Syaoran's cock slided out of her stretched out pussy with a pop, the cum stored inside her oozing out.

Syaoran-kun, you sure lick me good when you're all tied up and fucking a virgin...Please continue taking care of me...-innocently said Sakura with no irony or malice, just stating what she was experiencing.

Sakura-chan's so cute when she's in control!-squealed Tomoyo.

...Hmmm-Sakura sweatdroped as she lowered herself to start licking her lover's cock, enjoying the mixture of cum and Rika's fluids along the last vestiges of her broken virginity, devouring it all until the meat rod was fully cleaned up- There, all ready to go again! Who wants the next round?

M-me! I want to know how to take on Yamazaki-chan head on! -begged Chiharu, her pussy dripping uncontrollably by now, the pigtailed girl being on the verge of orgasm just from observing the sex demonstration in front of her, while Naoko once again hesitated

Sensing her mistress's confirmation, The Wood carried Chiharu and gently released her over Syaoran's restrained body, just as she had done with Rika. She quickly grabbed Syaoran's dick with both her tiny hands without need of any more instructions and tried to shove it inside her eager pussy. However the simple contact of her excited lower lips against the hot throbbing cock meat was enough to make her climax right away, moaning like a whore. Not as intense as Rika, but still enough to make Chiharu partially lose all strength on her limbs and fall over Sakura in front of her.

So good... Syaoran-kun's dick feels so good and it didn't even went in yet...-moaned the pigtailed girl, drooling her saliva all over Sakura's tummy, who didn't resist to pet her.

Poor thing, she came right away. But we still need to get her impaled on master's cock. Want me to do it?-commented Meiling, still tucking the breast-feeding Rika against her chest, who had finally stopped crying and was breathing normally now.

No offense, Meiling-chan, but somebody more gentle should do it...-Sakura's face changed to one of deep thought, stroking the hair of the girl fallen over her, until she suddenly smiled again-I know! Rika-chan, why don't you help Chiharu-chan experience what you did?

...Anything for you and Syaoran-kun, Sakura-chan...-let out Rika, stopping her sucking of the nipples of a now somewhat disappointed Meiling before crawling near Chiharu.

Using each other for support, both girls climbed over Syaoran's dick again. They were both feeling extremely hot now and, free of any bindings, removed their remaining clothes. Rika smiled and grabbed Syaoran's tireless cock and pressed it against her sore pussy, suddenly wanting to shove it inside herself again. Chiharu grabbed the huge meat stick as well and pulled it towards her own pussy while frowning. Neither able to get the other to release the hold, both girls then pushed their crotches forward so that they both got to rub Syaoran's manhood against their pussies simultaneously. Inevitably their wet lower lips ended up rubbing, making them both release horny moans. Now tenderly holding hands, admiring each other's naked bodies, Rika and Chiharu started to lean closer until their young developing chests ended pressing against each other, and their nipples touched making them moan again. Their open lips soon approached each other as well, and they kissed deeply, exploring each other mouths with their tongues. Neither really cared anymore about their previous boyfriends. All they cared now was satisfying their body urges and pleasuring Sakura and Syaoran.

Syaoran's cock kept being molested by both their childish pussies, smearing them both with more precum. Their movements made some of the cum stored inside Rika to ooze out, falling over Chiharu's legs. Rika smiled as she had an idea, and started smearing the cum oozing from inside her all over Chiharu's pussy, using it as extra lubricant. Then as the pigtailed girl hugged her, Rika started pressing Syaoran's hard cock against Chiharu's smeared love hole, using the tip to spread open her lower lips. Chiharu moaned again, then cried and hugged Rika tighter as her virginity was broken. Rika kept smiling and slowly pushing Syaoran's dick inside her friend until several inches were in, then grabbed her buttocks with both hands and started moving the pigtailed girl's hips up and down, forcing her to take a bit more of the boy's massive cock with each movement, while Rika's own pussy kept rubbing the part of the meat shaft still outside. Syaoran tried to resist the dual pussy work on his cock, but knew he couldn't resist much longer. The pigtailed girl's pussy in particular was so small, to tight, so childlike... Chiharu's cries soon changed to moans again, more intense than ever, and Rika felt Syaoran's cock starting to throb under her more and more. Then she felt something rushing through it, and saw how Chiharu's face changed to one of surprise as she got creampied for the first time of her life, before crying out her lungs as she reached her own climax, much more intense than before, digging her nails on Rika's back for support. Sakura this time reached a double orgasm as Syaoran's tongue work seemed to intensify every moment. Little did the card mistress know that the boy was applying to her one of the Secret Sex techniques of the Li Clan he had trained with his own mother, making Sakura climax with his tongue while increasing her pussy's sensibility to set her up for even more intense orgasms. Syaoran hadn't used it in years, but in his current situation he didn't have much choices to properly pleasure the red-haired girl.

Ah... Syaoran-kun's cock feels so good...I'm gonna kill Yamazaki the next time we meet for not giving me any all this years...-drooled out Chiharu, finally calming down and letting herself be held by Rika's hands.

Geez, you're such a little kid, making me do all the hard work...-chuckled Rika, hugging Chiharu and helping her pull out from Syaoran's dick. Seeing the cum oozing from inside the pigtailed girl's ravaged pussy, she didn't resist and scooped some with her fingers, taking it to her own mouth. She was instantly addicted to the taste and wanted more. Rika placed her head over Chiharu's crotch and started to hungrily slurping and licking it clean. Meiling grinned as Rika exposed her own cum-oozing pussy by doing so and moved to start eating it out as well. It was her responsibility to make sure not a single drop of the precious seed was wasted after all.

Ah, Syaoran-kun, my friends got your cock all dirty again, I'm so sorry, please let me take responsibility...-smiled Sakura as she lowered herself over her beloved's cock and tasted the new combination of his cum with Chiharu's sex fluids and her virginal blood, as Syaoran kept working on her pussy.

The oral sex between the girls continued for a bit more time until all of Syaoran's leftover semen had disappeared inside the girl's mouths, then they got around Syaoran and Sakura on their knees, admiring their ongoing 69 action.

Are you ready, Naoko-chan?-asked Sakura rising her head from Syaoran's once more cleaned up cock, before releasing a soft moan as she felt a new orgasm start to build inside herself from Syaoran's tongue work.

Y-Yes...-replied the entangled glasses girl without much conviction while looking at the floor, and then she found herself be positioned with her pussies just a few inches away from Syaoran's hard cock.

No...No way... It wasn't that big when it went inside Rika-chan and Chiharu-chan...-pointed out Naoko as she dared to look directly at it again. The other girls then noticed that indeed it seemed even longer and thicker than a couple minutes before.

Well, that's what you get for letting Master Syaoran get all worked up with other girl's pussies. Now you pay the price for being suck a cockteaser!-grinned Meiling.

It'll feel good, Naoko-chan. Really good. Try grabbing Syaoran-kun's cock first if you're scared...-warmly smiled Sakura, then releasing another slutty moan as Syaoran kept eating her pussy.

N-No! I'll get killed if that thing goes inside me! I' getting out of here!-yelled Naoko, standing up from her crouching position and looking for an exit from the vine-filled room.

Fast as a cat, Meiling pounced over the glasses girl, grabbing her arms from behind and forced her back on her knees, before purring into Naoko's ear:

I'm sure you'll survive, whore. If mistress Sakura or Master Syaoran wanted to kill you with a cock, they would've already done so...-Meiling sounded completely serious with her statement.

No! Let me go!-yelled Naoko, struggling to break free as if possessed. Meiling's grasp on her was as strong as steel, yet the glasses girl yanked her arms against it, only hurting herself.

Mistress Sakura, this whore is trashing around too much. If you don't want me to snap her arms like twigs, please lend me an hand.

Meiling-chan... If Naoko-chan really doesn't want to do this, then we should just let her go.-pondered Sakura as her expression changed to worry at seeing her friend resist maniacally.

Sakura-chan, don't you remember why you started this? You need to bond deeper with your friends to gain their trust, otherwise they may end up hurting you and the ones you love most...-said the tied up Tomoyo with a sad face.

Yes! I'll report all of you! The adults will take good care of this, in particular you witch!-yelled Naoko with a mix of anger and fear, glaring at Sakura.

Mistress Sakura, I believe this stupid whore just is just really shy about physical intimacy. She is a book nerd after all.-grinned Meiling, starting to enjoy the struggle of the girl in her grip.

You're right, Meiling-chan.-added Tomoyo, smiling a bit-If we let Naoko-chan go now, she'll become a very lonely woman.

Hoe...?-Sakura was suddenly confused, having trouble thinking properly as Syaoran kept focusing on licking and sucking her crotch.

Yes, and the best way to cure that is by jamming in Master Syaoran's big strong cock f inside her virgin pussy!- Continued Meiling, forcing Naoko a bit lower so that her drenched pussy momentarily touched the boy's monstrous dick, making her release an involuntary moan.

You will be doing Naoko-chan a big favor, boosting her self-confidence. That's what good friends do for each other, Sakura-chan. But you'll have to get a little rough with her at first. Just like when capturing your cards.-smirked Tomoyo in a sweet, suggestive voice.

Sakura found herself approaching another orgasm, biting her lips to contain it, wanting the others around her to share her pleasure as before. The card mistress extended her arms forward and tried to grag the glasses girl's waist, to gently push her down towards the boy's aching cock below her. But Naoko kept struggling and her shirt and skirt were all sweaty, making it impossible for Sakura to get a good stable grip on her.

Sakura-chan, I'm Sure Naoko-chan would feel more relaxed if she got out of those dirty clothes first.-said Tomoyo in her sweet alluring voice.

The card mistress tried to remove the glasses girl clothing, but it proved impossible in ther current positions, in particular with Meiling still holding her arms . Running out of patience as her next orgasm from Syaoran's tongue drew closer, Sakura simply pulled the fabric with greater strength until it ripped apart and came out of her body in tatters. Soon Naoko was left completely naked as well, revealing a pair of relatively well developed small breasts, at least compared to the other girls in the room, tears rolling down her face, while Sakura held her armpits and started pulling her closer.

Understanding her mistress's intentions, Meiling used her grip on Naoko's arms to force her to lean over Sakura, their young breasts pressing against each other. Then Meiling squashed her own immature breasts over the glasses girl back, and Naoko screamed as if she felt herself being crushed between the two stronger girl's bodies, their erect nipples rubbing against her skin. Sakura silenced her with a deep kiss, wanting them both to enjoy the experience as much as possible, hugging her with one arm and grabbing Syaoran's cock with the other, finally managing to push it against Naoko' pussy, who couldn't evade it anymore due to the combined grips holding her down. The glasses girl mind was assaulted by a myriad of sensations. The bodies submitting her were strong but gentle, the forced contact of their soft skin against hers sending chills of pleasure trough her body. The cock rubbing her pussy made the tingle growing on her crotch hurt even more. She wanted release from it, but didn't have the courage to take the meat shaft inside her, even if she knew it was the right tool to satisfy that need. The tongue exploring her mouth was stealing her breath, further filling her mind with mixed feelings. Sakura then parted her lips a moment from Naoko's, leaving her gasping for air, and looked at Meiling:

Let's push her down together at three, ok Meiling-chan?

Whatever Mistress Sakura commands!-replied Meiling, clearly eager to perform it.

One...Two... THREE!-and the two girls pushed the third down over the meat rod in simultaneous.

Rika and Chiharu, who were sitting by the side, hugging each other while their eyes were glued on the three girls over the boy, gasped as they saw the massive cock, that they had struggled so much getting inside thems when it was smaller, go almost fully inside Naoko's pussy in one movement, red blood rolling down its shaft. The glasses girl face was devoid of expression as her brain was unable to cope with the new sensation on top of the previous. She no longer struggled but just laid there. She simply felt... Filled. The huge lump of hard meat inside her just seemed to belong there despite having just torn apart her inner walls. All the hentai books and erotic novels she had read, and she didn't know what to do now. On his side, Syaoran had to use all of his focus to keep his work on Sakura's pussy, while experiencing the pleasure of Naoko's vagina tightly wrapped around his cock. Bigger than Chiharu's, but now his cock was bigger so his manhood was squeezed down even more.

Move yer body a bit, will ya whore?-ordered Meiling, trying to pull Naoko up a bit to get a proper fucking going, but either the glasses girl pussy was now clamping firmly on the cock inside her, or it was indeed too big and there was no space to move. Perhaps both.

It feels much better once you start moving, Naoko-chan...-smiled Sakura, barely able to contain her own incoming orgasm anymore as Syaoran didn't stop for a moment his tongue work on her pussy.

Helping Meiling once more, the two strong girls managed to force the mind-broken Naoko to start moving up and down over Syaoran's cock, until after just a few movements she started to moan. Syaoran felt like Sakura and Meiling were using a tight flesh sleeve to masturbate him, as Naoko didn't do any move on her own. That was how much they loved him, turning one of their friends in a sex toy for him. The boy soon started cumming inside the glasses girl as well, soaking her womb in fresh sperm more than enough to fertilize every woman in the city. Naoko screamed as she orgasmed soon after, and as Sakura and Meiling kept moving her up and down, she climaxed a a second and then third times.

See, Sakura-chan? Naoko-chan's turned out to be the most naughty of them all after all.-teased Tomoyo, savoring every moment from the events in front of her.

Ah...Yes...Cumming... I love you so much...-replied Sakura, suddenly screaming, and Tomoyo blushed for the first moment of the day at this reply.

...I love you so much Syaoran-kun!-continued Sakura, unable to resist her lover's tongue work anymore and just let herself go, finding herself assaulted by the chain of orgasms that had been building on her pussy. Tomoyo blushed more. How silly of her to think that Sakura would make her a declaration of true love in that situation. But another side of her wished that she was the one sitting on Syaoran's face and getting her pussy violated by the boy's tongue like that.

You whores, clean this whore, Master and Mistress need to rest a bit.-ordered Meiling to Rika and Chiharu, noticing Sakura start to lose her senses due to the seemingly endless orgasms ravaging her body as Syaoran didn't stop his tongue work for a moment.

The chinese girl pushed the half-dazed Naoko out of his cousin's cock and threw her over to the other girls as if a dirty piece of clothing. Some vines caught her in mid-air for The Wood sensed her mistress wouldn't approve of her friends getting treated like that. Naoko's legs ended up spread apart, letting the cum inside her start to leak out, and Rika and Chiharu swiftly moved to lick it. Still they were pretty tired and their limbs could barely hold them anymore, so more vines came down help them hold up with their heads near Naoko's pussy, ending up binding the three girls once more.

Ah...Syaoran-kun...I' so happy...-with her lasts shreds of consciousness disappearing, some orgasms still exploding inside her, Sakura licked the boy's still hard cock, savoring the new treat of his cum combined with Naoko's fluids and destroyed virginity, managing to clean most of it before finally falling asleep over him, and Syaoran finally stopped licking her pussy.

Feeling the last of her mistress's whims, The Wood recalled all her vines from the room and wrapped them around Sakura and Syaoran, forming a soft bed that held and binded them together, the girl's body pressed against the boy below her. The card mistress had thought how she wanted to be with the chinese boy forever. The card just did what she thought was to satisfy her mistress's desire. Syaoran didn't fully dislike it, as the smile stamped on his face could attest.

Geez, now the two love birds got themselves a love nest...-snarked Meiling, feeling clear envy towards the current setup. She still managed to reach Syaoran's enlarged cock, and slowly started eating it with her pussy, enjoying each moment now that all the other girls were out of her way and her cousin couldn't escape. The boy grunted but didn't complain as Meiling took her time grinding his dick, using her experience to amplify the pleasure for them both with the well trained movements from her lower body.

What did just happen...Sakura-chan's a witch... But she made us all feel good...She even let us make love to her boyfriend...-wondered Rika, her sexual urges satisfied for the moment and able to think a bit more clearly now.

Well, it is Sakura-chan, she's always a step ahead of us and always a good friend. We should just trust her and not tell anything else about this.-wondered Chiharu as well, touching her sore pussy,

Sakura-chan's a wonderful magical girl. All she asks is that you keep a few secrets for her and you'll always have her friendship. With plenty of benefits. I guarantee you that.-said Tomoyo, seductively walking towards them.

The blue haired girl proceeded to deep kiss Rika for several seconds, holding her face while elegantly devouring her mouth, then let the now breathless girl go and repeated the process with Chiharu and finally the still half-dazed Naoko. She then forced each of the exhausted girls to lick the blue-haired girl's pussy and ass in turns in an attempt to satisfy the urges she had felt. Tomoyo let out a few moans from their efforts, but none could make her orgasm, their tongue technique still too crude to properly please a slutty maiden like her. Tomoyo licked her lips, observing the fallen naked girls heaped at her feet. Not nearly as satisfying as her beloved Sakura or Syaoran or even Meiling. But they still made nice snacks. Yes, she could make good use of them in the future.

...You know, I wonder if a boy's ass tastes as good as a girl's...-said Naoko, finally recovering her senses.

That sounds like a delightful idea, Naoko-chan. Why don't you try it now? Syaoran-kun's right over there.-smiled Tomoyo, enjoying the way the glasses girl was starting to take initiative on her own.

A boy's ass... I hear they feel good from there too... A good wife should know multiple ways to pleasure her husband... I want to try it too...-agreed Rika.

But isn't Meiling-chan busy with him now? I wonder if it is some tradition from China for cousins to fuck each other after being with other girls...-asked Chiharu

Do whatever you want, as long as I can keep enjoying Master Syaoran's dick.-Meiling was too focused on savoring the pleasure of her cousin's magic flesh rod inside her, while the boy couldn't properly hear due to all the vines around his head.

The four girls approached the entangled Syaoran and managed to pull away some vines to reveal his tight ass. Naoko this time took the first move and spread open his buttocks so she could taste the boy's back hole. She tried to push her tongue inside, but it instantly closed down.

Hey, what are you doing?-asked Syaoran, feeling a strange sensation on his lower body.

Let me try too!-Chiharu pushed Naoko to the side and started hungrily licking the boy's closed hole as well.

Oh, you're getting even harder all of a sudden Master Syaoran...-grinned Meiling, feeling his cousin grow a bit more inside her.

You have to be more gentle, or he can't relax down there...-said Rika, gently shoving Chiharu aside and softly kissing the boy's butthole.

Seriously, stop it now!-demanded the immobilized Syaoran, although he found himself enjoying this new treatment a bit.

Not bad, but I think this way it would be better...-Tomoyo pulled Rika away and took her place in front of Syaoran's ass. She secretly always had wanted to try this ever since they fucked for the first time, but the boy had always evaded it.

The other three girls watched in awe as Tomoyo's elegantly licked Syaoran's closed butthole. Her tongue technique was on a completely different level and soon the boy's anus started twitching and opening a it, allowing the blue-haired girl to insert the tip of her tongue inside.

Grunting, feeling himself about to cum, Syaoran managed to gather enough willpower to summon his sword to his right hand. Not wanting to hurt him, The Wood hadn't restrained his fingers, and he still had some movement on his pulse. With a flick from his wrist, he managed to cut the bindings from his sword arm, and from there to fully free himself with a series of masterful slashes. As the defeated Wood returned to card form, Syaoran stood up to get away from the horny girls working on his ass, one hand holding his sword and the other Meiling still impaled on his cock, for the chinese girl didn't stop clamping down her vagina over it, and thus the boy couldn't remove it right now short of cutting down body parts from either of them. What hapened instead was Syaoran's meat sword being driven all the way to the hilt inside his cousin due to the sudden and rough rising movement.

Meiling still had troubles taking the full length of his cousin's cock inside her. Specially when it was even bigger than usual after a long workout like that afternoon. As Meiling's very womb was forced open and penetrated, she started foaming from her mouth, moaning like a cat in heat and staring in the air, wrapping her arms and legs around her cousin's torso, wanting the extreme pain and pleasure she was feeling to last as long as possible. The feeling of his cousin's limbs and inner muscles closing all around him was enough to make Syaoran start cumming abundantly inside Meiling. She hugged held even tighter as she reached her own climax, her pussy working to suck ever last drop of semen from his balls, soon followed by another orgasm from the girl and another as all the energy she had been building up previously was released in an ecstasy train, releasing a series of animalistic screams mixed with declarations of love and calling his cousin's name.

After what for the other girls looked an eternity of the boy pumping the chinese girl's insides with man cream while she climaxed again and again, Meiling finally fell silent and her limbs went limp, and Syaoran gently deposited her on the nearby coach. As he pulled away from her, Meiling's bulging tummy was clearly visible, almost as if she had been made pregnant. However as Syaoran's erect and seemingly insatiable cock pulled out from her, a large amount of cum mixed with its of blood started flowing out from the chinese pussy, and Meiling's distended belly deflated a bit, indicating it was filled with pure boy cream. She just laid there breathing slowly and deeply, feeling as her ruined but satisfied insides were slowly repaired by the restorative properties of the magic cum.

Wait, where did he pull that sword from?-asked an incredulous Chiharu, finally manging to break from her trance of watching the wild fuck between the cousins.

Don't tell me... You're actually a Shinigami! No, wait, a ninja! Or perhaps a pirate? Pirate ninja shinigami? Do you have a bankai ninjutsu fruit?-asked Naoko, her eyes sparkling at the sight of the refined blade as her fangirl side awakened at full power.

What kind of fantasy stories are kids reading nowadays?-frowned Syaoran while sweatdroping as he pulled a jufu-"Obey the command! Water Dragon, Come Forth!"

A stream of cold water shot from the slip of paper and hit Naoko right in her face and open mouth, making her choke and gag for a moment, and seemingly succeeding in calming her down a bit.

Hmm, you're a magician, Syaoran-kun? I guess it makes sense for a magic girl like Sakura to get a magical boyfriend... Still, I'm more interested in this previous sword of yours...-said Rika as she reached out with her hand to grab Syaoran's cock once more. The boy grunted a bit on surprise but didn't pull away. His dick clearly wanted more and Sakura and Meiling were both already of commission.

Remembering how Sakura had carefully cleaned it up with her mouth after filling each of their pussies, Rika decided it was something boys enjoyed their girlfriends doing for them after sex and decided to give it a try. Her head approached the meat rod in front of her and she felt the strong scent of the boy cum mixed with his cousin's pussy and an hint of piss. Similar to the smell she had felt from the leftovers scooped from her own fucked pussy, but the manly smell much stronger, and the feminine part different...

Rika's tongue reached out to lick the tip of the dick filled covered in Syaoran's and Meiling's mixed love juices. She didn't mind the taste. She slowly swallowed and savored it, enjoying it more as if it was a sip of fine wine. Instinctively, Rika's jaw opened and she tried to wrap it inside her lips, but soon felt herself gagging and choking due to its massive girth when she tried to swallow more than a few inches. Yet she had seen Sakura take most of it inside her throat as if it was the most natural thing in the world. Rika would made a mental note to remember to ask her to advice on that matter on another day. She continued giving the boy a blowjob, doing her best with her lack of experience, and was rewarded by a soft pat on her head from Syaoran that made her feel all tingly between her legs again.

Don't be shy, Naoko-chan, Chiharu-chan. Several girls can give a blowjo to a guy at the same time, in particular one as gifted as Syaoran-kun...-seductively purred Tomoyo, kneeling at Rika's side and kissing the tip of the cock as it came outside her mouth when the brunette girl wanted to recover her breath, while the blue-haired girl's hands went on to softly caress the rest of the shaft and Syaoran's balls.

Jealous, Chiharu silently approached from the other side and started licking and kissing the long part of Syaoran's meat shaft that Rika couldn't swallow, hungrily eating the sexual fluids remaining over it, loving the taste. Syaoran grunted more as his free hand moved to pat the other girl to confirm he was enjoying her efforts as well. Then the boy felt something else and warm touch his balls in coordination with Tomoyo and he saw Naoko sneaking from below, caressing his scrotum. He was afraid for a moment she would try to squeeze hard, but the glasses girl had readed enough manga to know that it was a pretty sensible spot for a boy and be treated with great care. That and she was afraid of what he could do with his metal sword if she hurt him. After feeling the strange texture, Naoko moved to kissing and licking it.

You enjoying it, Syaoran-kun?- Asked, rika, looking up while licking the tip of his cock from where fresh precum was starting to

Yes, you girls have some nice talent...-moaned the boy

Which one of us feels better?-asked Chiharu, sliding her warm cheek against his cock.

You all feel good actually...Rika-chan's pretty gentle...Chiharuc-chan's quite energetic...Tomoyo-chan's pretty skilled... And Naoko-chan's not afraid to get naughtier...-groaned Syaoran, being completely sincere.

My, what a diplomatic answer, not picking any favorites...-teased Tomoyo smiling, before licking a bit of precum that had spilled on Rika's chin.

Hmm, hmmm...-Naoko could only mumble as she tried to swallow Syaoran's balls with her lips, but they too were too large to fit inside her tiny mouth.

All three recently deflowered girls found their hands sliding down to their pussies made all excited from Syaoran's praises combined with the direct taste and smell of his dick. They masturbated themselves while using their mouths and tongues to keep giving Syaoran his four-way blowjob following the much more experienced Tomoyo's lead.

See how his cock's twitching right now? It means Syaoran-cum is about to bless us with another great offering of his magic semen.-smiled Tomoyo as then she inserted the tip of her tongue on the boy's peeing hole.

This was enough to push the boy over the edge and his cock started shooting long stream after stream of thick cum, covering not only each of the girl's in a thick layer of semen but the very wall behind them and even the ceiling above!

Naoko, Rika and Chiharu started to breath harder as they found themselves overwhelmed by the strong boy scent and stickyness now almost fully covering them. Their masturbation intensified and soon they reached new orgasms, and then one by one they fell on the floor asleep, their energy reserves completely spent.

Hmm, I was expecting them to last at least one or two more rounds...-pouted Tomoyo.

Then you admit you set this whole thing up?-asked Syaoran, turning his cock towards the blue-haired girl.

Yes, but-Tomoyo was interrupted by Syaoran holding her head and violently ramming his cock all the way down her throat.

I'm afraid I'm tired of your bullshit excuses for turning Sakura-chan in your sex toy, Tomoyo Daidouji. No, I don't care you were tied up , you came at least nine times just from seeing her fucking the other girls while rubbing yourself against your bindings. Yes, I saw it even though none of the other girls did it because they were too focused on either me or Sakura-chan. I must say it's quite impressive how you do it, reaching climax with barely any facial reaction, but then you've always been quite the self-controled girl, haven't you?

Tomoyo had wanted to say “I did it for you too, Syaoran-kun”, but the long and hard piece of meat raping her throat made it impossible. Her pale face skin started to turn into a blue tone quite similar to her hair as she started running out of air, but Syaoran had locked her weak arms with one hand and pressed her skull with the other, leaving her powerless to resist.

When Tomoyo started to lose consciousness and she thought Syaoran was seriously gonna suffocate her to death with his cock, he suddenly started cumming inside her, not holding back his climax like he usually did to extend the pleasure for him and his partner. Still he came a lot, and Tomoyo felt her stomach fill to its limit from and then expand some more as the cum rised throug her throat, and as Syaoran pulled out his meat shaft from inside her, streams of saliva and semen still connecting it to her lips, Tomoyo found her throat was now jammed with thick man milk and she could only barely breathe, let alone speak.

That's better. You know, Tomoyo-chan, you look much cuter when you're not actively manipulating everybody around you.-said the boy with clear malice.

Tomoyo blushed a bit, taking the comment as a compliment. Then she felt her waist be grabbed by Syaoran's strong hands and lifted in the air as if she didn't weight anything, then dropped and impaled on her ass by Syaoran's hard cock. Tomoyo hugged him with her arms and legs, trying to confess how much she loved him and how he wanted to be his personal bitch forever even if she was third after Sakura and Meiling, her usual self-restrictions lost after the near-death experience of suffocation by magic cock. But her throat was still blocked by all the thick cum she had been forced to swallow and she could only make gurgling noises that nevertheless seemed to excite Syaoran as he rammed her ass harder while pinching her nipples and biting her shoulders as an hungry beast.

This time it was Tomoyo who climaxed quickly from the rough treatment, unable to scream but instead biting back Syaoran on his strong shoulder as her nails sunk in his back, having lost all her usual lady-like manners by now, not caring anymore about keeping her typical facade since the other girls were knocked out and Syaoran was treating her that way. Syaoran grunted and let himself cum as well, flooding her bowels with more cum, completely filling the young girl's digestive tract with semen. Syaoran's purpose wasn't anymore for mutually enjoyable sex, just to teach Tomoyo a lesson or two that it wasn't right to use other human beings as your sex toys.

Unceremoniously pulling his hard cock out of Tomoyo's ass and dropping the girl on the floor, Syaoran observed with satisfaction as she struggled to crawl away from him with weakened and members, cum and blood oozing out of her loosened ass. Surely the blue haired bitch had learned her lesson. Then Tomoyo stopped and got in all fours, spreading open her legs and looking behind to him with begging eyes, shaking her ass towards him.

Oh for the love of... Since when do you have so much stamina?-Syaoran grabbed his slimmed cock with one hand and fell over Tomoyo as an animal since it seemed that was the way she was asking to be treated after all. He quickly penetrated her tight pussy, easily tearing his way in. One of the perks of producing magic cum, the girls he fucked never remained loose for long. He grabbed Tomoyo's school uniform and easily tore it apart, exposing her white and slender body. Her meek limbs started shaking as Syaoran brought his full weight and might over her, slamming her ass with his hips again and again, and she soon collapsed head down on the floor as Syaoran kept fucking her.

Don't think you can just lay down and take it...-whispered Syaoran into her ear as he grabbed Tomoyo's legs and lifted her once more, but this time her face turned away from his, and shoved her against the nearest wall. Tomoyo found herself crushed between the strong and hot boy ramming her pussy and the hard cold surface in front of her, each push stronger than the last, while whispering in her ear again:

Look, Tomoyo-chan, I believe you may've had the best of intentions... But Naoko, Rika and Chiharu are just plain little girls. Your will is pretty strong. My cousin's body is pretty strong. Sakura-chan is strong in both will and body. But those other three, they're still too fragile in both accounts. They'll need at least a week to minimally recover from this session. We can't have them regularly join our activities or their minds will break down permanently for good. Do I make myself clear?

Tomoyo nodded in clear agreement as tears flew down her eyes. She wasn't really in any position to refuse as she was violently banged against the wall with her back turned towards the boy. At that point Syaoran could've said he wanted to rip her belly open so he had a new hole to fuck and she would've agreed as well. She nodded in clear agreement as tears flew down her eyes.

Syaoran found himself having to restrain himself as he felt the girl's body starting to reach its limits. Any more and he would start breaking her bones like she was a ceramic doll, and that would be a bit too much even for a complete slut bitch whore like her. Still as he slowed down, Syaoran felt Tomoyo's body orgasm again and again, until her limbs were limp. He still kept fucking her until cumming, then fucked her some more until he came again, making sure she had lost her consciousness for good. “That should imprint the lesson on her slutty body”, innocently thought the boy, once more underestimating Tomoyo's abnormal libido. Indeed as he pulled her away from the wall and let her on the floor, she had a wide grin of satisfaction on her face, even as her belly was grotesquely expanded from the all the cum now stored inside her. At least his dick seemed to have finally gone flaccid again.

Syaoran-kun...-said a familiar voice from behind him.

...What, Sakura-chan?-asked a suddenly pale Syaoran, slowly turning around. How much had his girlfriend just watched?

I just remembered...What is a slut...?-asked the red-haired girl with dizzy eyes, clearly having just woken up again.

...I'll explain it to you when you're older,-sweatdroped Syaoran.

M'kay...-Sakura's head turned around, noticing all the other unconscious and cum-drenched girls laying around with satisfied expressions on their faces, then her eyes focused on Syaoran's crotch. He blushed and started getting erect again under his most loved one's naked gaze.

Syaoran-kun, you're getting hard again for me, it makes me so happy...-Sakura grabbed her wand and a card as her expression changed to arousal.

Wait, Sakura-chan, we really should clean this up before Naoko's parents return...-said Syaoran, desesperately looking for his sword that he had dropped at some moment while fucking Tomoyo's brains out.

We can clean later! I want you now!- Sakura summoned The Wood again and Syaoran found himself pulled in the air by vines towards the card mistress, who who grabbed his erect cock with her free hand and guided it towards her once more still gaping asshole, as her pussy was still too sore after all the licking she had received. Just as she forced the boy to penetrate her, more and more vines enveloped them both, caressing their bodies and pressing them against each other, soon forming a green cocoon around the young couple.

Sakura Kinomoto, just do you think you're doing?-asked a frowning boy.

This way we can get some privacy! Syaoran-kun, please cum a lot more inside me!-replied the red-haired girl with a naughty smile on her face.

For the next hour or so all that could be heard coming from the closed cocoon was moans and cries, until eventually Meiling woke up . She stared dumbfounded at large vine cocoon in the middle of the room, then heard the sounds coming from inside her brain made the connections, her expression changing to one of annoyance. She tried pull the vines apart with her bare hands but they were too tightly bound and too soft to break with her martial arts. So Meiling looked around for something to help her and found Syaoran's sword laying around. Grinning, she picked it up and made some naked warm-up exercises that almost looked like dancing, then finished by leaping in the air and slashing the cocoon open in half.

From inside came out an overwhelming smell of cum and pussy juice. Sakura's eyes were open but she was unconscious again, drooling all over herself, as animated vines forced her legs up and down over Syaoran's hard cock, abundant cum overflowing from her reddened ass. Then Meiling noticed that Sakura wasn't drooling saliva. What was oozing out of her mouth was cum. Syaoran's cock had pumped so much milk inside her guts that it had overflown all the way to her stomach, throat and finally out of her mouth, no room left inside the girl's body to contain it. As if confirming it, Syaoran was just coming again, and as Sakura's body spammed, a few seconds later she started involuntarily coughing out streams of cum out of her mouth, further dirtying herself.

Oh, so good to see you, Meiling. Sakura-chan ordered The Wood to make sure I kept fucking her even if she lost her senses and I lost my sword...-said Syaoran

I have it here. How many times have you cummed inside her?-asked Meiling in a cold tone, making her cousin's sword spin in her hand, the blade passing dangerously close to his crotch.

I kinda lost count, Meiling-chan...

Don't “chan” me now. HOW MANY TIMES?-the chinese girl knew well his cousin was pretty good at math.


Come inside me twenty-nine and you can have your sword back.-grinned Meiling, cutting away the vines holding Sakura, then pushing her to the side and taking her place riding Syaoran's cock soaked in cum and Sakura's love juices, making it slide easily inside the chinese girl's restored pussy.


Well, I would show you the rest, Reimu-chan, but I'm afraid Meiling's endurance tantric sex is not very enjoyable to watch, even if it's quite enjoyable to perform.-smiled Tomoyo, disabling the video.

Say, you seemed pretty happy being fucked around silly by that boy as well, Tomoyo. I could've sworn you actually have a crush on him as well.-said the shrine maiden, realizing her own panties were soaking from watching the tape.

What can I say, Syaraon-kun is just as fun to play with as Sakura-chan kukuku!

Did Meiling manage to hold for more twenty-night fucks?

Barely, but yes. She's been improving since then. Her latest record is fifty-nine over three hours.

Hmm, that's some advanced body arts this Meiling has. She may just turn out to be an entertaining sparing partner...But before that, have any more of those videos?

Hohoho, let me check my bag....


(Author's notes: Rememer how I said I wouldn't include Rika, Naoko, and Chiharu? Well, I've changed my mind :P

Drunk writing is still best writing. Had planned for that sex scene to be short, ended up the longest one so far I believe.)


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