Sakura's Sex Saga

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Disclaimer: I don't own any part of Card Captor Sakura or Touhou. The original, wonderful story and the characters all belong to glorious CLAMP, and Zun. I don't aim to make any kind of profit out of this writing, I'm just doing it for fun.

Sakura felt hot. Hot inside. Hot outside. She needed something to cool her down... But also something to clean up all her sweat. Panting, she reached for her deck of cards. On top was Windy. Her first card. She summoned her staff and released her servant.

The magic woman didn't need any commands. It was crystal clear what her mistress's intentions were. A gentle wind swiftly caressed Sakura's body. She was lifted in the air and the currents pulled out her pyjamas shirt and pants. Cool air breezed between her tighs and over her flat chest, refreshing the young girl and drying up each inch of her soft skin, before letting her fall back on her bed.

Ah, thanks Windy...-said Sakura. Then, to the card's suprise, her mistress stood up from the bed, held her card's chin, and kissed her lips. The girl's tongue slipped inside Windy's mouth. It was cold, but smelled nice, like clean air. Sakura wondered if Clow had made most of the cards take the shape of women so he could "thank" them like this. A question for another time.

When their lips parted, Sakura felt a certain satisfaction at noticing a naughty smile on the card's face.

Say, Windy, the way you took off my clothes right now... You could do it with other people, right? So here's what I want you to do today...

Windy blushed even more at hearing her mistress's plan. She had never imagined the young girl could be so perver- Imaginative, that is. Yes, imaginative had a much better sound to it. A servant like her should not think ill of her mistress.


Syaoran was on his way to school after having woken up from the strangest dream he had ever had,last night. The details were fuzzy, but from what glimpses he could remember there was Sakura, Tomoyo and Meiling involved.

Not any actual sex, but lots of provocative plays and skin shown. Intense enough to make him wake up in bed sheets drenched in his own cum. Guess that's why they called it "wet" dreams.

Perhaps it had been his own hormones playing tricks on him, but Syaoran had all felt a bit too intense. Magic may've been involved. He made a mental note to start setting a ward around his bed every night.

Then the boy saw Sakura on her way as well. He blushed a bit, remembering his dream, but quickly repressed the thoughts. Sakura was still too young. Too naive. Too... Untrained. Not like Meiling, that at the lack of magic powers, had fully embraced the training of her own body from quite a long age, and not just for martial arts.

Syaoran filling his cousin's ass and mouth with hard cock almost in a daily basis was just training. Yes, just innocent training. She would make a fine concu-Bride someday. For somebody else. Not Syaoran, because his heart already belonged to Sakura. And he couldn't love more than one girl. The days of the chief of the family having multiple lovers were gone. Syaoran would make sure of it. He would love only Sakura. When the time came.

Everything allright, Syaoran-kun? You seem to be lost in your thoughts.-suddenly asked Sakura, smiling, already near him. There didn't seem to be anyone else nearby. Not even that Tomoyo girl. Altough she could be hiding. Syaoran knew by experience that Tomoyo's stalking abilities were almost supernatural, hiding from view while recording everything.

Then there was a sudden wind blow, lifting Sakura's white skirt, giving Syaoran a perfect look at her panties. Lingerie. Just like in his dream. The girl kept walking, as if unaware of what had happenned.


Yes, Syaoran-kun?

Is that your staff you're trying to keep hidden inside your backpack?

Ahahaha... Oh no, it seems like Windy escaped my control!

Before Syaoran understood what was happenning, a small tornado formed under he and Sakura and lifted them both in the air. Soon enough, they had become tiny points in the sky for anyone observing from the ground. Like a professional from her hiding spot behind some nearby bushes, Tomoyo swiftly swapped the lens on her camera for a long-range one, allowing her to keep recording her beloved Sakura-chan, grinning all the time.


Syaoran felt the winds pulling off his clothes, so he tried to hold them in place with his hands. Windy just pushed harder until the fabric gave in, ripping his shorts, shit and everything else until the boy was butt naked in mid-air.

Just at his side, he could see Sakura receiving a similar treatment. First her blouse torn to pieces by the mercyless winds, exposing her yet  immature breasts, then her skirt. Yet girl kept her smile all the time, and as her panties were ripped off, she spread her legs open, making sure Syaoran got a good look at her pink pussy.

For a second at least, since after a second the winds changed and made Sakura spin trough the air away from Syaoran. Then he noticed she was still holding her staff. As they were being pulled further apart, the girl grew large white feathery wings, allowing her to stablize her flight, and then gracefully fly back to Syaoran.

It was then that the boy noticed his dick was rock-hard. Not just by watching Sakura being stripped naked in front of him, but also because the winds holding him aloft were surprising gentle after having ripped off his clothes. It felt a like a thosaund soft caresses all over his body. And the stimulation on his crotch area had started to intensify, almost as if some invisible woman was giving him a blowjob, licking his balls and shaft, sucking at the tip. Precum started to come out.

Angel Sakura was now hovering just near Syaoran, her eyes focused on his cock, still with her innocent smile.

This wind feels quite good to me between my legs. Does it also feel good to you down there Syaoran-kun?

Then he noticed he was being blown away from above the city, starting to move faster and faster. Syaoran understood Sakura was toying with him. He wondered if she would stop before he became a splatter on the ground. Better not risk it. Syaoran waited for the right moment, then stretched his whole body and managed to grab one of Sakura's hands.

You've had your fun Sakura. Now call back Windy!

Hmmm, maybe she wants something more? You seem to be enjoying it as well. Won't you cum for Windy, Syaoran-kun? You always seem to cum a lot in your home. Cum here. Let me see it with my own eyes.

Syaoran sighed. Sakura wouldn't let him back down until she was satisfied one way or another. If that's how she wanted it... He pulled her arm, and in one fluid movement managed to grapple Sakura from behind. His rigid cock stuck under Sakura's crotch. Suddenly, the girl clamped her legs togheter. "Cute", Syaoran thought. She wasn't spreading them anymore now that his dick was touching her skin. Or perhaps she simply didn't want to let his dick go away now that it was this close. It still made it impossible to try to fit it in any of her holes. Syaoran moved his hips, and his cock rubbed Sakura's pussy. She moaned. He pinched her nipples, kissed her neck. Kept rubbing his cock. Syaoran didn't need to penetrate Sakura. Their bodies were already pressed one against the other, basically one. They moaned togheter. Just Syaoran's dick sliding under Sakura's pussy in the middle of the sky felt more pleasurable for both of them than anything else they had ever experienced. Sakura wanted to grab the meat pole with her hands, but Syaoran kept her arms tightly grabbed, assuming control. Sakura then squeezed her legs even harder, feeling an orgasm wrack her body, while Syaoran kept rubbing and running his hands and lips all over her body from behind, and the girl's orgasms multiplied. Sakura's spams pushed her back against Syaoran, and the boy finally cummed. His milk rised on the sky before falling back over Sakura's naked tummy, chest, and face. She wondered if that was Windy's doing. She wanted to try to lick it, but Syaoran was still holding her arms, and her stretched tongue couldn't reach. Sakura felt her concentration weaken. Her wings disappeared, and Windy became weaker as her Mistress lost her focus. The card decided to use her last energies to provide a safe landing for Sakura and Syaoran. The young couple gradually descended back to the ground level until they crashed on the top of a tree, both still butt-naked.

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