The King's Women

BY : Niktoi
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“Give it up, Princess. Do you really think you can defeat two Baroque Works agents on your own?” Mr. 5 asked as he pointed his gun at Vivi. Beside him was a smirking Miss Valentine. The princess of Alabasta, Vivi, was currently protecting Luffy, whose lower body was stuck underneath a huge rock.


The crew was in Little Garden, and wasn’t expecting to see Baroque Works agents any time soon. However, they were separated, then attacked by four of them. Unfortunately, Luffy ended up crushed by a stone because of an angry giant, leaving only Vivi and Carue to fight.


“Maybe I should break her spine? That way, we’ll be sure she can’t escape, nor fight for that matter,” Miss Valentine licked her lips while Vivi glared at them, holding her weapons.


“Vivi! Get away! I can deal with them on my own! You should check on the others instead!” Luffy shouted while gritting his teeth, unwilling to let them hurt one of his friends.


“Are you insane?! You have no chance of winning stuck under that! I’ll take care of them, I’m not the type of princess to let others do the work for me,” Vivi reassured as she twirled her peacock slashers around.


“You are too stubborn for your own good,” Mr. 5 scorned as he was ready to pull the trigger.


“Just run!” Luffy shouted one last time.


And less than a second later, to Luffy’s relief, Carue threw Vivi on his back and ran toward the forest’s depths. Mr. 5 grunted in annoyance as he turned around to run after them.


“I’ll deal with the princess! Finish of that newbie pirate!” He yelled at Miss Valentine as he disappeared in the trees’ shadows.


Miss Valentine turned around, smirking at the boy laying at her feet. Saying it like that would have almost made her have fantasies again, but she quickly ignored the thought, and jumped as high as she could. Of course, she didn’t forget to make herself as light as a feather.


“I don’t know how I am going to kill since you are rubber, but I am pretty sure if I get heavy enough, I’ll get your brain out of your mouth!” She laughed wickedly, ready to make herself heavier; however, just before any word could get out of her mouth, the boulder sitting on Luffy’s back moved. The boy was flexing his muscles, pushing himself up and the rock with him! Miss Valentine grunted in both scorn and panic as she changed her weight again, falling down nearly like a meteor. But it was too late, just before she hit the boy, he managed to free himself in time, before rolling away. Unfortunately for Miss Valentine, she didn’t have a good enough reaction time, and crashed to the ground. She was unharmed of course; it wasn’t the first time something like this happened, so she was used to it. “I’m not done yet, rubber boy!” She shouted in anger; however, she widened her eyes as she suddenly saw Luffy’s arm stretch out of the smoke cloud she created. She could do nothing but gasp as the arm wrapped around her waist.


“Got you! Shishishi” Luffy laughed as he pulled her towards him.


“Let go of me, rubber bastard!” She yelled as she punched his arms. She didn’t even make herself lighter, but he was somehow able to pull her easily, and with only one arm! How strong was he?!


“Can’t do!” Luffy replied as he got ready to knock her out; however, he suddenly remembered Nami’s words on how the new skills he learned could also be used as a weapon, another way to fight his female opponents. Nami was strong; he knew that, but she always looked so weak when they did it. It was the same for Alvida. In the meantime, he enjoyed it a lot, and felt only a bit weaker, but not by much. Doing something he liked to defeat enemies looked like a great idea. He used his free arm to take Miss Valentine’s hat off, allowing him to see her hair and face better. He had to admit she was pretty.


“What are you doing?! Are you robbing me now?! Damn lowlife pirate!” She shouted as she kicked the air randomly, sometimes hitting Luffy, but having no effect due to his rubber powers. The boy didn’t answer. Instead, he tossed the hat away, then looked at her dress. Luckily, it had buttons on the level of her breasts which would allow him to see them without tearing off her clothes. He quickly unbuttoned her dress under her very wide open eyes, and face red as a tomato. “S-Stop that, you perv!” She screamed in panic.


Luffy could see the woman’s bra through her opened dress, so he didn’t wait any longer and ripped the bra off, before carefully pulling her boobs out of the dress to expose them to the sunlight, and his eyes. He stared at the woman’s bust, carefully analysing her curves. They were different from Nami and Alvida’s, but they still looked beautiful, incredibly so. He guessed it wasn’t something he could compare.


“Your breasts are pretty, too,” He breathed as he tightened his wrap around her waist.


“W-What? Stop trying to seduce me! Let. Go. Now!” She blushed while trying to sound threatening. However, she suddenly let out a light moan of pleasure. She widened her eyes in surprise and embarrassment, before looking down.


“So you liked that,” Luffy snickered as he used his free hand to squeeze her right boob.


“N-No!” She replied, slowly turning into a stuttering mess. However, she moaned again when she felt him give her another squeeze. He pinched, lightly, her nipple which made her whole body shudder in pleasure. His warm hand massaged her right boob, slowly but efficiently. She knew he was holding back and wasn’t using even a bit of his real strength. It was obvious when she felt his strong hand pleasure her into submission. While he continued to play with her right boob, he brought his face closer to the left one. “D-Don’t!” Miss Valentine begged with teary eyes.


Unsurprisingly, Luffy didn’t listen, and gently bit her nipple, sending a wave of pleasure that made the woman’s head jerk back. Miss Valentine tried to hold her moans down, but it was in vain as she felt the boy’s soft tongue run around her nipple. Too absorbed by Luffy’s actions and the pleasure it gave her, Miss Valentine didn’t seem to nice he finally unwrapped his arm off her waist. While he squeezed one boob, and sucked on her other nipple. His remaining arm gently caressed her body. First starting with her legs, making her shiver while her heels were still firmly planted onto the ground. Then, his arm slowly went under her tight dress, stroke her sides and belly. She had a soft and silky skin, and a slim body; which made her incredibly agreeable to the touch. Each move from Luffy’s arm was enough to make her shudder. It’s been a long time since a man had touched her last, or even used her chest in such a manner.


Moreover, Luffy learned a lot with Nami. The first times, he was rough and cared very little about how he did things. However, as time passed, he quickly understood what part of her were the most sensitives, and that he had to be gentle and caring. He stopped sucking on Miss Valentine’s nipple to smirk and look at the woman’s face. She was all red and sweaty; it looked like what he was doing was working well on her. Moreover, that new look was way better than her sadistic one.


“S-Stop touching me, stupid brat!” She stuttered, holding her moans down. However, Luffy simply snickered and moved his hand underneath her dress again. Miss Valentine gritted her teeth in an attempt to keep a hold of her emotions; however, her body was suddenly hit by a wave of electricity. She already what it was. She finally released the moans she held down as she came in her enemy’s arms. “I wet my panties… because of a stupid brat… This is so shameful!” She said in anger.


Luffy pushed her to the ground, then put his hat around his neck, before pulling up Miss Valentine’s dress to get a good view of her soaked white panties. He ignored her struggles and insults, then pulled her panties down. Her pussy was wet, which was no surprise, and had a pinkish color. She tried to hide it by bringing her legs together; however, it was easy for the boy to keep them apart with both of his hands.


“Don’t look at it!” Miss Valentine screamed, only for Luffy to put his head between her legs, and lick her clit. The older woman moaned as tears streamed down her still red face. Although her mind hated what was happening, her body loved it! She felt Luffy’s strong grip on her hips holding her tightly while he slowly inserted his tongue into her most private place. He started by wriggling it in every way, then it slowly stretched until it touched the deepest part of her. “Y-You can stretch that too?! Ah! I didn’t it was possible, but you’re licking the inside of my womb!” She screamed in pleasure.


Unable to control herself, her hand flew to Luffy’s head and grabbed his hair to push him as deep as she could between her legs. To keep him until she was satisfied. The more he moved his tongue, the more she felt like her pussy was a blazing hot fire. Her mind was nearly going blank due to all this! that boy was too good! Even though she hated to, she had to accept the fact that she was enjoying it so far. Finally, a couple of seconds later, she exploded, and released her pleasure out of her. She was breathless, and felt Luffy pull his tongue out. She let go of his hair, and the first thing she saw was his face covered in her pussy juice.


“Wow, you really liked that, didn’t you?” He snickered.


“S-Shut up! I can’t believe I just came on a man’s face!” Miss Valentine scorned, slowly catching her breath. That was enough, if she couldn’t defeat him, she would at least attempt to run away; however, Luffy pulled his pants down, then pushed her to the ground. Miss Valentine widened her eyes as they landed on his manhood. “W-Wait! Don’t!”  She shouted, but was ignored. Luffy grabbed her ankles and lifted them in the air as he placed her in a mating press position.


The older woman couldn’t protest any longer as he slid his cock all the way in, making her scream in pain. Just as his manhood hit her womb, the boy felt her walls tighten around it. He moved up and down slowly, getting used to her soft and warm insides. When he felt her pussy was stretched out enough, he moved faster as the sound of his meat slamming into her body got louder.


Meanwhile, Miss Valentine cried out of despair while his burning rod felt like it was going to rip her in half with each thrust.


“Dammit! Why do you have to fuck me in this humiliating position?!” She screamed as Luffy bent his body over, pushing her legs closer to her body. Miss Valentine breathed out as a sudden wave of electricity went through her body. She wanted to deny it, but knew it was impossible; her body was taking pleasure in this. It enjoyed that boy and his meaty cock. Luffy moved faster again as he brought his face closer to the woman slender neck, then planted a few kisses and licks. Miss Valentine blushed as she moaned, feeling the warm and soft tongue run across her neck. Her body warmed at the boy’s touch, reminded that it’s been a long time since somebody pleasured her. Suddenly, she moved her arms around the boy’s neck, and pulled him to her, burying him in her body. “What am I doing?! My body is moving on its own!” She thought as Luffy sucked on her neck. “Ah! Oh, this feels too good! I’m going to come, again!” She cried in anger as her pussy got hotter. She wasn’t able to hold her pleasure down any longer as she came.


She let go of Luffy’s neck, her arms falling down to her side while she tried to catch her breath. Luffy pulled his, still hard, cock out, and aimed it Miss Valentine while he stroke it with his hand, moving back and forth fast.


Miss Valentine looked at him just as he released his load all over her body. The hot semen covered her body as its smell invaded her nostrils, nearly making her gag. However, she suddenly licked  some of it, herself not even understanding why. It tasted bitter, but good, and she hated thinking that. Luffy stretched his arms and grabbed Miss Valentine’s wrists before turning her around to face the ground. She quickly noticed the position she was in since she was literally on four legs. However, she had no chance of getting away, Luffy knelt down and grabbed her butt cheeks before squeezing them hard. Miss Valentine gritted her teeth to try to hold her moans down, but it was in vain when she felt his rod being rubbed against her back hole.


“No! Not there! It won’t fit!” She cried in horror only to be ignored again. She groaned as he began pushing his manhood in, bit by bit. Nobody ever put in this place, and it would be the first time for her. So she could only fear the pain it would bring her. The boy pushed it deeper, stretching her butt hole open wider then it has ever been. She finally felt relief when his hips hit her butt, meaning he had put his cock all the way in. He didn’t move right away, and at first, it felt good. She liked having warm bulging meat in her butt. But if it moved, she felt like she would die.


“Wow! It’s tight!” Luffy said as his arms wrapped around Miss Valentine’s waist.


The woman widened her eyes and let out a scream when she felt him move.Thankfully, he started it slowly, as if he knew it would hurt her if he went all out. He must have learned some things, judging by everything she saw about him; however, he really didn’t seem like a guy who gets laid… until he threw himself on her like this. She groaned to suppress her moans while his dick hit the deepest she’s ever been touched. The pain of her insides being stretched to their limits, mixed with the pleasure of a man thrusting his strong manhood in her most private places was just too much for her to handle. All the screams of pain, anger and hate slowly turned to screams and moans of satisfaction as her mind was slowly clouded by the images of the man pounding her.


Hearing Miss Valentine’s heavy breathing, and seeing her shaky legs and arms, Luffy decided to keep her from getting too exhausted too fast. He lifted her easily and pressed her back against his chest as he sat her down on his cock, and continued thrusting inside her. Now that she was so close, he could smell her bewitching scent again, even among all her sweat. He licked her neck again, making her shiver from the neck down.


“Ah! It’s too good! I’m coming! I’m coming again! This is too much for me!” She shouted as she felt like her body just exploded in a ball of fire. Her body shook in response, and turned sensitive. Luffy’s thrusting into her still sensitive body could only make her scream again, feeling her mind going blank, and seeing blurry. The worst part was that she enjoyed it; she didn’t know how, but the boy made her like their act, love it even! And when she felt his cock throbbing inside her, she knew she needed his semen to fill her up. She needed to know how it would feel like! “Come inside me! I know you want to fill my ass!” She yelled as Luffy grinned. He didn’t mind her asking, and it confirmed he finally defeated her. And with one final thrust, he released his load in her deepest place; his hot and thick semen could be felt by the woman who only smiled while her body warmed up again, but for a whole other reason than her being horny. “A… I’ve been filled up… It feels so good!” She stuttered, unable to clear her thoughts.


She groaned as Luffy pulled his cock out of her ass hole and placed her on the ground, her butt pointing at the sky. The pirate put his hat and pants back on while Miss Valentine’s ass was still wide open as cum poured out of it. She fainted.


“Looks like I win! Now time to go beat the other guys to a pulp!” He laughed as he ran towards the smoke cloud above the forest.

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