The King's Women

BY : Niktoi
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Luffy gasped as he fell on the sand, bound by iron bars surrounding him at chest level, thus sticking his arms to his body. He could only use his legs to fight because of that, but considering his enemy, it would be difficult. He looked up at his opponent while remaining on the sand, his hat laying on the ground only a foot away. His enemy was a pink haired navy woman, apparently called Hina.


She didn’t only have a nice cleavage; she looked quite strong. Both things Luffy didn’t notice at first. While his crew and he were going to the coast where their ship was; they were intercepted by this lady and her men. The pirate thought he would easily and quickly deal with them, so he let his crew go ahead; however, he didn’t plan on the woman having such a troublesome ability. Thankfully, the others were already taken care of, meaniing he could beat her with Hentai Kenpo without any interference and get out of this situation.


“Hina success,” The woman said as she sat on Luffy’s chest and pulled out a snail phone out of her pocket.


“Oi! I’m not a chair, lady!” Luffy complained while the marine officer ignored him completely.


Feeling like this might be his best shot, he closed his eyes and used his special scent to arouse her. The effects were instant as Hina suddenly stopped herself from calling the Navy Headquarters. Her body got hot for absolutely no reason at all, not a heat like a fever, but a warmth she recognised from her youth. Something she didn’t feel like since she was a teen. She was horny. She was unable to understand why it was happening now, and how could this feeling be so strong.


It was true she hadn’t done it with anyone in years because of her job, but that couldn’t be the only reason, could it? Besides, she was surrounded by men, full of hormones, hitting on her every day and never got aroused by it. And yet, now the feeling was unbearable! She suddenly remembered what she was using as a seat. The pirate, Monkey D Luffy. He looked like he was just a boy while she was twice his age, so she thought it was impossible, but… She suddenly stood up and gripped her chest, where her heart was, as her cigarette fell down off her mouth. The more she looked at him, the redder her cheeks were.


If she hadn’t seen his power earlier, she would have thought it was his doing. However, she could hardly see how rubber would make her horny. She had a hard time accepting it, but it looked like she was really lusting after him. Although she was sure there was no reason to! Was it because he was a pirate; did she gain an interest in bad boys? She doubted it considering how much she hated the ones she arrested usually. Although she had to admit this one was cute.


Her heart beat faster when he smiled at her as if knowing what she was feeling right now… That little shit! But she wasn’t able to deny it anymore.


“Listen to me, pirate. No laws can protect you, so don’t complain about what I’m about to do,” Hina warned him as she took off her jacket and threw it on the sand. She felt like she couldn’t see herself as a proud marine if she did things with a pirate while wearing it. She also opened her shirt, showing her naked belly and her bra. Luffy erected his dick immediately as his eyes landed on her smooth skin, making him wonder why she was hiding it if it looked so good. “Show me your filthy cock,” She ordered, perfectly knowing he couldn’t move because of her fruit. She unzipped his shorts and pulled them down with his underwear before widening her eyes. She was impressed, but did her best to hide. “T-That’s it? Hina was expecting better,” She stuttered with a red face as she stepped on it with her shoe, hoping to hurt him.


However, he was rubber and that did little to nothing to him. Although she was hiding it, Luffy already knew it was making her more aroused. Thanks to the Hentai Kenpo, he was slowly learning how to know with only a look what was the ideal size for each woman. He still couldn’t figure it out perfectly, but he was pretty sure Hina’s ideal size was a long meaty cock. He used his devil fruit’s powers to adjust the size of it since he originally had the length part while it still wasn’t fat enough, giving him the need to use his fruit to pump blood into it and make it larger. He started doing this a couple of days ago. He remembered that Vivi would like it more if it was right above average, so he did his best to make it smaller. He fused the Hentai Kenpo and his fruit to create a technique that would make him even stronger against women.


Hina gulped as she felt her panties getting wet; she took off her shoes and pressed her naked foot on the pirate’s manhood, ignoring the hot sand at the sole of her other foot. She wasn’t going to jump on his dick right away since she didn’t want to seem desperate. And she wished to show her dominance like she did with the previous men.


“Why are you stepping on it, bubblegum hair?” Luffy tilted his head, before he slowly remembered that Yuzo had taught him that some women like using their feet. She did seem to be the type when he observed her carefully.


“I already told you that I can do what I want. And what did you call Hina?! I didn’t allow a scummy pirate like you to use such a disrespectful nickname!” Hina complained as she pressed down her foot on his third leg. Although he didn’t seem to feel any of it. She grumbled as she saw inflicting pain on him wouldn’t work, but she still could use her charms and technique.


Luffy’s body shuddered as Hina suddenly moved her foot up and down, stroking his penis with it. She carressed the tip of it a lot, using the sole of her foot and pressing his manhood on his belly. Her skin was smooth enough to please him as much as Nami usually did with her hands. Suddenly, she put his cock between the big and long toes and moved her foot up and down. Luffy’s body heated up as her soft foot rubbed his manhood in all the right places. He was hoping he could convince her to let him go if he made her horny, but it didn’t look like she would listen to him.


Hina was starting to enjoy this more and more the longer it went on. It had been a long time since she had a cock under her foot and a man at her mercy. She always used her powers to make them her pets, only for her relationships to be too short since she never thought they were good enough. And even though her men loved to be bound by her powers -especially Jango and Fullbody- she refused to date them, simply because she thought they were… only crap to her. She never imagined she would rape a pirate one day, but she started feeling less and less ashamed of it. Although they were scum, strawhat proved that some could be quite the hunks. Besides they had no room to complain for being raped as they did far worse.


That made her feel better. Luffy’s cock suddenly throbbed as a wave of warmth washed over him before erupting and shooting cum all over her foot. The thick and hot semen covering her foot gave her goosebumps and only contributed to making her hornier. She never felt like this. Was it because he was a pirate? Did she enjoy having been sullied by someone of his kind while she was a marine? It was decided then! She wouldn’t give him to the headquarters. She’ll keep him as her personal slave instead! She would just say he escaped and no one would find out! She grinned in anticipation.


“Look at the mess you’ve made, trash. Hina is mad,” She insulted him as she let go of his cock before stomping on his face with her cum-covered foot. “You’ll need to have more respect than that. You should have come only when Hina told you to,” Hina smirked as she continued to push her foot against his face.


“Oi! Stop stepping on my face already, bubblegum hair!” Luffy complained before trying to bite it like a piece of meat. Thankfully, Hina got it away right before it could get chopped off. She grunted in frustration as Luffy looked more angry than completely aroused. Any other man would have fallen for her charm and would have begged for her feet! It looked like she needed to do more…


“You still don’t learn… Hina told you to stop being so disrespectful, trash,” She mumbled before dropping down her pants, then her panties. Luffy had to keep himself from grinning when he saw they were soaking wet. She was going to get completely defeated soon and he would be able to escape.


Hina stood right above his face, showing him a good view of her private place while her liquids dripped down her legs. Then she sat down, covering his face fully.


“Please me with your tongue now, and I’ll make your dirty dick feel good,” Hina purred as she grabbed his cock with one of her gloved hands.


Luffy’s dick hardened instantly as the soft texture of her gloves wrapped around it. She moved her hand up and down, ignoring the cum dirtying her glove while her cheeks reddened. Her lust rising more and more made her body so hot, or was it the desert? Maybe both? Her pussy was dripping wet.


Luffy inserted his tongue inside her slit. It was a warm and wet place, and so he intended to explore every spot of it thanks to the powers of his fruit. Hina’s body shuddered as Luffy’s soft tongue stretched inside her. She knew his devil fruit would be good for these kinds of things! She couldn’t help but move her hand faster while her legs started shaking. The pirate licked her walls and wriggled his tongue all the way up to her womb. For making her feel this good; she had to reward him.


She leaned down and licked the underside of his dick, making it twitch in pleasure as heat built up in his crotch. She decided to plant a few kisses on it, leaving lipstick marks before wrapping her lips around his shaft. She slowly pushed it further in while her tongue licked its tip. It could barely fit in her mouth, and while it throbbed in excitment, she was able to feel all its veins as her tongue ran across them. She was glad her men were uncounscious or else they would see a navy officer happily sucking a pirate’s dick.


Luffy did his best to make her come as fast as he could. His manhood was about to melt inside her mouth; she was really good. And the way she was sitting on him, pushing hersekf against his face kept him from breathing while her sweet love juice dripped down his throat. Hina pulled his dick out of her mouth with a popping sound as electricity ran through her body.


“Ah… Hina coming…” Hina purred while her body trembled in pleasure. “You know how to use your tongue, scum,” She complimented him when his cock suddenly twitched, ready to explode. However, right before it could do so, she moved her finger through his dick. Luffy winced as a sudden cold iron binding surrounded his penis, squeezing it so much that he was left unable to come.  “Like I said before, you’re not coming unless I say so. Besides, that will be a good protection for me,” She added as she stood up. She didn’t want to risk getting pregnant if he came inside her. It wasn’t the first time she used her powers like that; and it would be a good way to torture him a little.


She grabbed his ankles and lfted them up in the air before pushing Luffy’s knees closer to him. She was quick to throw her crotch at his cock until the tip was inside her pussy. She moaned in pleasure as the hot rod slid deeper and deeper in. Finally, it was pressed against the back of her most private place, sending shudders across her body. It wasn’t in balls deep because of the iron binding she trapped his dick in, but it was still good enough.


Shivers went down Luffy’s spine as his cock was squeezed between her walls. It didn’t feel good simply because she was tight, but also because of the position they were in. When Hina started moving up and down, she was doing so while using all her weight. Her butt only kept slapping against his as she took great pleasure in using his cock as she pleased.


“It’s decided then. Ah… You’re Hina’s pet now,” She whispered as she leaned closer to his face. “Don’t you… ah… want to?” She added before licking his cheek.


Luffy clenched his fists as he tried to spread his arm and break the iron rod around his body while Hina was too busy. If she did as she pleased, she really was gonna capture him! And the best way to win this was to have his arms and dick free. It felt like his manhood was in agony. No matter how much pleasure Hina’s pussy was giving it, it couldn’t shoot its cum. The pirate was going to go crazy if he didn’t do anything! Because of the state his pheromones put her; she shouldn’t be able to use her devil fruit as efficiently, so all he had to do is break this and defeat her!


“I-I’m coming!” Hina moaned as electricity went through her body while she spilled her pussy juice all over her slave’s meat pole. She let go of one of his legs to move some of her hair, which was a mess, out of her eyes’ way as she was catching her breath. “I haven’t felt this good… since a long time ago,” She added with red cheeks.


Luffy gritted his teeth as he flexed his muscles; just like Yuzo said, fucking made him stronger thanks to his new techniques. Hina’s juices running down his crotch were finally too much to handle as his cock suddenly got harder and bigger until it destroyed the iron rod trapping it. Hina widened her eyes as cum burst out of the pirate’s dick all the way up to her womb.


“Something hot is filling me up…” She breathed out in shock while her legs were shaking. How did he free his manhood? She couldn’t help but think before Luffy finally broke the bindings in pieces, startling and throwing Hina off him. “How did he?!” She whispered as she fell on the hot sand.


“Yosh! Finally free!” He shouted in happiness.


“Not for long!” Hina hissed as she tried to stand up, only for her legs to shake, barely able to hold her own weight. Raping him had tired her out!


“You’re not doing anything now!” Luffy replied as he stretched his arms. Hina gasped while his arms wrapped around her slender waist, then around her arms. They were forcefully pulled to her back while Luffy’s hands stretched further to wrap around her thighs.


“H-Hina can’t move! He’s binding me…” Hina stated in a panic. She had never felt this weak since before she ate her devil fruit. It was the first time someone trapped her like this. “Let me go or else!” She gritted her teeth only to let out a small scream as she felt Luffy’s arms coiling around her. Their texture expanding over so much of her body gave her a strange feeling. They were warm and muscly enough to keep her from struggling. Never have a man touched her at so many places at once. She couldn’t let this go on, but she couldn’t fight anymore.


She was slammed on the sand, still trapped in the pirate’s arms, before he put the tip of his penis against her pussy. Hina immediately let out a cry as she tried to move her body away, but in vain. She didn’t want a pirate to take advantage of her; it would not only destroy her pride, but he also could come inside her at any moment!


“I’ve got to win fastnor else my crew will go without me!” Luffy stated as he slammed his hips forward, bringing his cock all the way up Hina’s womb in only a move. Hina let out a scream of pain as his hot meat pole hit the deepest part of her.


She didn’t know why, but his rod looked like it was bigger than when it was inside her the first time.


“D-Don’t! Ah!” She screamed as he moved harder and harder, slamming his meat against her flesh with a lot of strength. Tears rolled down her cheeks as a pirate violated her while her men were still unconscious. All she could do was cry in fear of what they would think of her. When they see her in this state, beggin and crying for the enemy to let her go while he used her body as he pleased, she would be the shame of the navy. “Hina sorry! Sorry! Please!” She cried, trying desperately to convince him to stop.


However, he didn’t. Hina’s smooth skin, her floral scent and her tightening pussy; every part of her made Luffy’s dick go crazy.


“Sorry, bubblegum hair, but if I don’t beat you; you wouldn’t let me get away,” Luffy chuckled as his hips were slammed against her butt, making her scream yet again as she felt like her womb was squished.


“I-I will! I will let you go! Hina promise! Ah! I’m coming! I’m coming from his dirty pirate cock!” Hina moaned as her love juice dripped down her thighs to the sand. She came twice because of his manhood; she didn’t think she would be able to resist much longer… She pleaded with her dear life that her men wouldn’t look at her if they woke up, not to look at her broken spirit.


Luffy tightened his hold all around her body, but not enough to hurt her too much or break anything, simply to make her feel like more submissive. His Hentai Kenpo and everything he learned from it would allow him to break any woman with a will weaker than his own. Now the finisher move. His cock throbbed as his thrusted one last time and plunged his manhood deep inside her pussy before pouring all his cum in her womb.


“N-Not again!” Hina screamed in pleasure with a seemingly delighted smile as her body shook as if it was eletrocuted. As a  hot and thick liquid filled her insides, she suddenly fainted. Luffy let her go immediately, leaving her naked on the sand with semen dripping out of her pussy.


“Alright, now I can go!” He exclaimed before putting on his hat and pulling his shorts back up.

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