The King's Women

BY : Niktoi
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Luffy breathed out as Mr.3 fell on the ground, knocked out by the boy’s kick. All the wax copies he made earlier collapsed to pieces. Now that he finally defeated him; Luffy was ready to go and meet up with his crew. However, just as he was about to go, he noticed Mr.3’s partner sneaking around and trying to get away, not that she was very sneaky to begin with. She noticed him and staring at her, and immediately tried to run away while crying. She didn’t seem to be dangerous, but he should deal with her anyway just in case. She deserved it after helping the other guy with injuring the giants and almost killing with his friends. Nobody messed with his friends.


He quickly stretched his left arm and wrapped it around her waist, before pulling her toward him. She continued crying and struggling while being dragged to him.


“No! No! Let me go! Don’t hit me! You wouldn’t punch a 16 years old little girl, would you?!” Miss Goldenweek pleaded. (Btw, I checked and still can’t believe she was 16 lol)


“Hm? What are you talking about? You’re just one year younger than me! Anyway, you shouldn’t have messed with my friends!” Luffy yelled at her as she flinched with her arms on her head to try and shield herself from one of his hit.


She still couldn’t try to make a run for it since his arm was still wrapped around her waist. She only hoped he would knock her out quickly; however, no pain came. Just as she opened her eyes, the boy suddenly ripped her clothes off, more precisely the parts covering her crotch and her (flat)breasts. She screamed in surprise and humiliation as her face burned red. Since she was sitting on his crotch, she could feel the bulge in his pants, slowly getting bigger. She tried to break free again, but in vain. Suddenly, the boy turned her head around by gently pulling her chin. She opened her mouth to plead again; however, her lips were quickly sealed by the pirate’s as he kissed her. She widened her eyes as his tongue forcefully entered her mouth.


“N-No! I didn’t want my first kiss to be like that!” She thought as the boy’s tongue ran across her inner cheeks, exploring every inch of her mouth. For some reason, her body started becoming warmer, sometimes even shuddering as the man’s tongue moved around her mouth. She did everything she could to push him away, but it was useless against his strength. She couldn’t understand why, but the sudden warmth her body was feeling only weakened her arms and made her slowly give in to the lust.


She finally returned the kiss, knowing she couldn’t escape it anyway and her body felt too horny to stop it there. Her tongue quickly made contact with the boy’s. His tongue being stretchy made it so that it was easy to wrap around her’s. She never knew a tongue was this soft. Her crotch started burning her as the warm breath of the other boy came in her mouth while their tongues entwined with one another, exchanging their saliva.


As he was kissing her, Luffy unwrapped his arm off her waist, then lifted both of them until he came in contact with Goldenweek’s breasts. Although they were smaller than any other women he’s done it with until now, they were still soft and pleasant to the touch. He squeezed on her chest, on both of her boobs, which made the girl broke their kiss to let out a moan. A sudden wave of shudder went through her body as her nipples slowly got hard.


“N-No one has ever touched me here before…” She whispered with teary eyes.


Luffy paused, then looked at her.


“What’s your name?” He inquired as she raised an eyebrow.


“My name? Marianne,” She answered hesitantly.


“I’m Luffy!” He grinned before squeezing her boobs again.


Marianne moaned again as the boy rubbed her nipples before softly pinching them. Before she even knew it, Marianne’s body refused to obey to her will, too entranced by the pleasure Luffy gave it. Meanwhile, she was getting close to coming, her pussy became warmer and wet, getting ready to receive a dick inside. She was almost ashamed to come this way, simply because someone fondled her chest. All she did was let out small moans while breathing heavily. Luffy smiled again as something told him she was close to coming. He pinched her nipples again, this time putting a bit more strength into it, which made the girl jerk her head back as a sudden wave of shock went through her body. Luffy kissed her again, and even stretched his tongue while in her mouth. It slowly wrapped around her tongue, then ran across her mouth’s insides. Marianne’s body shivered one last time as she finally came and released her fluids on the boy’s shorts. They broke the kiss, leaving a chance for Marianne to catch her breath as she tried to understand what happened.


“I-I… came,” She simply said in a barely audible tone. She widened her eyes as she felt something hard pushing against her butt. Luffy lifted her up and dropped down his shorts, letting his hard cock out, then dropped Marianne on his crotch again. Marianne couldn’t keep her eyes off his manhood as it stood between her thighs. Her face was redder than ever. “Wait! That’s not going to fit! I-I don’t want to lose my virginity like that!” Marianne cried.


“It’ll be fine,” Luffy laughed as he spun her around for her to face him. He held her closer as the tip of his cock made contact with her pussy.


“I don’t want this to be my first time! I’ve never even been this close to a boy before!” Marianne thought as her palms rested on the boy’s bare chest. Suddenly, he slowly inserted the tip of his dick inside her most private place, making her whimper as she gritted her teeth. Then, without waiting any further, Luffy thrusted upward, pushing his cock all the way in! “It’s in! I-It hurts!” She screamed as intense pain overcame her. She noticed with fear that her pussy not only bled a little, but the bulge of the boy’s cock could be seen through her belly.


Luffy almost felt like he was going to come the moment he slid it in. It was without a doubt the tightest pussy it’s been in, and it felt like two warm and wet cushions trying to crush his meat rod, only to make him feel even more pleasure. He placed his hands on Marianne’s butt, then moved his hips up and down, thrusting deep inside her every time.


As the boy thrusted, the bulge on the girl’s belly only looked more prominent since he slowly started going harder. However, unlike what she expected, the pain she felt earlier slowly turned to pleasure as her body warmed up again. She didn’t know why she kept getting aroused so much, but if she couldn’t keep it under control, her mind would go blank.


She let out a moan as Luffy’s cock hit the back of her pussy and pushed her womb upward. She moaned as the hot throbbing rod stretched her pussy with every move. She felt getting breathless, and even though she was barely moving, her legs became sore as the boy move faster. She didn’t know if it pleased him since she didn’t hear him moan, but then again, the only thing she could hear was the sound of meat slamming into her flesh. Unable to stay in the position she was any longer, she leaned down and placed her cheek against Luffy’s chest as she held onto him. She didn’t have a choice but to have sex, so might as well enjoy it. She always wondered how boys were, how it felt to touch them, how they smelled, how was it like having a boyfriend? And a lot more questions. However, she never had the opportunity to seek any boys because she was so busy in Baroque Works. Now, most of her questions had been answered.


The boy’s embrace was comforting, and she felt simply by touching him how strong he was physically. Her crotch was getting hotter with thrust, and she would no doubt come soon. She didn’t know if it was instincts or something else, but she started taking part in her own rape by kissing her enemy’s chest.


Luffy looked at her, surprised when he felt small soft lips against his chest. He didn’t slow down his thrusts, but still looked down at the younger girl as she even licked him. He moved his hips faster, making Marianne moan loudly as she felt his powerful thrusts through her whole body. She felt she was going to break in half if she was any weaker! Suddenly, the boy’s cock throbbed inside her. Marianne clenched her fists as Luffy came inside her and shot his thick hot semen all the way in her womb. Marianne couldn’t hold a scream down as he filled her up with his cum. The sudden feeling of having her insides filled with semen made her come again while lust slowly started overcoming her.


“Woah… This was something…” She whispered in ecstasy. She understood why most adults loved doing this kind of things. She tried to ignore these thoughts, no matter how good it was, she didn’t want this! And it seemed her nightmare was over. Luffy let go of her and pulled his cock out; even though, it was still hard. He looked ready to pull his pants up. Maybe he thought she was utterly defeated? She expected to be relieved; however, the unexpected happened. Her hands moved on their own, as if she wasn’t having any control over them anymore! She grabbed his face and made him lean toward her before kissing passionately. Why was this happening?! Her body was so hot, and it looked like it asking for more. Her own body was betraying her! Not that she didn’t understand why. The boy made her feel good, and his smell was… bewitching. It gave her the need to finish what they started! She sucked on his tongue as he wrapped an arm around her waist, and squeezed one of her butt cheeks with the other. Her nipples got harder as cum dripped from her pussy, and Luffy’s soft tongue wrapped around hers while she sucked it. She suddenly broke the kiss before lying down on her back and spreading her legs. “Please, I want it inside me again. Show me how great sex can be,” Marianne begged as Luffy gave her a surprised look.


“Alright! If that’s what you want! Shishishi,” He snickered as he lied on top of her, placing his hands on the ground on each side of her head.


Marianne smiled with great expectations as he went all the way inside her, pushing her womb even deeper than he did earlier. She let out a loud moan through clenched teeth as he moved back and forth, making a very noticeable bulge through Marianne’s belly. His manhood went in and out even more easily with her pussy full of his cum. Before she even, knew it, Marianne had an overly big smile as her body shuddered with every thrust, each one feeling better than the last. She threw her arms around his neck, and her legs around his waist to bring him closer to her.


“Ah! I’m coming! I’m coming!” She shouted before clenching her teeth to keep herself from screaming and madly shivering out of pleasure. When she finally stopped coming, her pussy felt even more sensitive than before; however, she still wasn’t ready to see the end of it. “More! Go faster!”


Luffy did it gladly, and pounded her pussy faster than he did the first time, planning to make her lose her mind with a final orgasm, and until he was satisfied. He continued to thrust for several minutes, ignoring how many times she came while he enjoyed her tight pussy. The younger girl suddenly felt his cock twitching, and a few seconds later, her womb was filled with cum again as he shot all his load deep inside her. When he was done coming, Luffy pulled his cock out while Marianne let go of him. Her arms and legs fell to the ground as semen poured out of her pussy.


“T-That was great… so… good…” She kept muttering with a dazed look while Luffy pulled his shorts up.


Marianne only stared into the sky as the pirate left her there.

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