The King's Women

BY : Niktoi
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“Psst! Hey! Luffy!” A feminine voice whispered as a finger poked Luffy’s cheeks while he was sleeping. He stirred in his sleep, grumbling something about food before the finger poked his cheek again until he finally opened his eyes albeit groggily. And the first thing he saw was Vivi’s face. She was out of her bed and kneeling right beside his.


“Vivi?” Luffy blinked as his eyes threatened to get closed again. “What are you doing?”


“Follow me in my room; I need to tell you something,” Vivi answered. They were actually all sleeping in the same, which was large enough to fit a lot of people. And although Vivi slept with them; this wasn’t her bedroom.


“Can’t it wait for tomorrow morning? I’m sleepy,” He inquired as she shook her head.


“Nope, it’s important. Besides you’re leaving tomorrow, don’t you remember?” Vivi replied as she stood up and pulled him out of his bed.


Luffy yawned while rubbing his eyes as he followed her, hoping to get food in return. Her reason for waking him up should be good, he thought. When they finally arrived; they were in a huge room with a big decorated bed. There were some jewels like rings and necklaces on a desk nearby (Nami would have certainly liked them) with a beatiful lamp on the bedside table. There were also some other things, but Luffy didn’t bother looking at them.


“Do you like it here?” Vivi asked as he looked around again.


“Yeah, the bed looks really comfortable,” Luffy replied as he looked at it. “Are we gonna sleep there?”


“Not exactly. Although we can do it after…” Vivi answered with red cheeks while looking away, before taking his hands and landing her eyes back on him. He tilted his head at her strange gesture, but let her continue. “Actually… I wanted to tell you something... I never thought I would say that to a pirate, but thank you for everything you did! Without you -and the others of course- I wouldn’t have been able to save my beloved country. And you also saved my life a couple of times,”


“You’re welcome shishi! You’re my friend, so I wasn’t going to leave you to do this alone!” Luffy said, making Vivi smile again.


“I’m not finished yet… I… I have to tell you, and only you, that I… can’t go with you all,” Vivi said sadly while Luffy raised an eyebrow.


“But-” He started only to be interrupted by the blue haired princess.


“I love this country and its people, so I can’t just leave them. However, I also… love you,” She confessed with cheeks redder than ever. “I’m not foolish enough to believe that a relationship between a princess and a pirate is possible, nor do I think I could even keep you from adventuring out in the sea,” She explained as Luffy blinked.


“What is she talking about?” He asked himself, but then pretended he understood everything.


“I’d probably have to marry a man someday, but… I don’t think I would have the same feelings for him, so…” She continued as Luffy nodded a couple of times. “After thniking about it, I decided that I want to give you my first time, Luffy-san!” She finished before looking away in embarrassment.


“Now that I understand! So she just wanted to have sex! I’m not sure why she talked about marriage, though,” Luffy thought as a smile crept up his face. He understood she wanted him to take her virginity for some reason. He knew from Yuzo’s lessons he had to be careful not to hurt her if it was her first time. He didn’t know why her face was so red, though. He was pretty sure he didn’t use his pheromons yet. Feeling like he heard enough; he sprung into action and kissed Vivi on the lips.


The sudden action made her widen her eyes since she wasn’t expecting him to react that quickly to her confession; she wasn’t even sure he knew what he had to do. Moreover; she thought she would have a couple of minutes to get ready! It was so sudden! She couldn’t help but blush as Luffy moved his tongue inside her mouth. It was finally happening; he was kissing her, so she decided to kiss back the best she could since it was pretty much her first time.


Luffy was surprised at how sweet Vivi’s lips tasted and how delicate they were. He wrapped his arms around her body while sliding them under her clothes. Her skin was smooth, which didn’t surprise him at all. Vivi’s blush deepened as his warmth wrapped around her. On one hand, she was really embarrassed because she was touched like this and about to lose her virginity, but on the other; she was happy it was with Luffy.


His tongue wrapped around hers as it explored her mouth’s insides, making her crotch all wet. For some reason, the more time passed, the hotter she was feeling. Luffy broke the kiss a few seconds later and took her top off before she could say anything else. He did the same with his clothes until he was completely naked, making Vivi widen her eyes as they landed on his manhood.


“So this is what it looks like…” She muttered while stuttering as she was left only in her underwear. She slowly took them off, but couldn’t help covering her breasts and pussy instinctively with her arms. However, she quickly shook her head as she realised there was no point in getting naked if she would just cover herself, so she let her arms down.


Luffy looked at her body intensively. Although her boobs weren’t as big as Alvida’s, they were still around the same size as Nami’s. Her nipples had a pretty pink color. She had long delicate legs and a thin waist. Her long blue hair was flowing down until they reached the middle of her back. Yeah, that was a princess’ body. And it wouldn’t be pure for long. Usually, Luffy would have already attacked, but this wasn’t a battle. He remembered Nojiko and Nami saying he could also do those things with women he was close to or that he liked. It was best if he let her go at her own pace since she wasn’t very strong.


“So… We should get to it,” Luffy chuckled plaufully while his manhood was standing up.


“I-I don’t really know what I’m supposed to do... “ Vivi mumbled as she knelt down in front of him. His cock was a lot bigger than she thought it would be… That intimidated her a bit. Moreover, she still didn’t know what to do. Suddenly a new idea came to her as she thought about how people normally show their love for each other. They kiss, just like she did earlier; that meant it had to be something similar here.


She leaned towards Luffy’s cock and planted her wet and luscious lips on the tip of it, kissing it passionately. She grabbed his manhood with her right hand and planted multiple kisses all over it, and sometimes even sucked its sides, leaving red marks behind. Luffy’s body shuddered as Vivi’s soft lips travelled across his cock. After a few seconds, she started licking its underside until she touched his balls and ran her tongue on them. She was suddenly bewitched by the smell of his crotch as she moved her soft delicate hand back and forth, stroking his dick as if it was completely natural for her.


“Do you like it, Luffy-san? Am I doing a good job?” Vivi inquired shyly as her pussy slowly got dripping wet.


“It’s good, Vivi! But…” Luffy started with a smile before he was inteerupted by a feminine voice coming from behind.


“But it’s not good enough,” The voice said, making Vivi gasp in surprise as both her and Luffy looked at the one who was standing at the door frame. It was Nami!


“N-Nami? What are you doing here…? Ah! It’s not what it looks like!” Vivi shouted as she looked down on the floor, too embarrassed to look at her friend. Suddenly, clothes dropped beside her. She widened her eyes and looked up. The first thing she saw was Nami’s naked pussy a few inches away from her face. She looked up again, noticing Nami’s smirk. “What…?”


“I heard you when you woke Luffy up, and I didn’t want you two to have all the fun. Besides, if this is your first time; then I want to make it even better and teach you some things!” Nami explained as she knelt beside Vivi.


“I-I don’t know… This is so sudden! It’s already weird doing it for the first time; and it’s even weirder if there’s someone else... “ Vivi answered before Nami ran one of her delicate fingers across Vivi’s skin, making her look into her eyes. She still wasn’t used to being touched like that!


“You’re really pretty, Vivi… I noticed your gorgeous body when we bathed together, and I wanted to pounce on you, but I didn’t want to have fun without Luffy, so I resisted. Now that he’s here… We’re going to have the best night ever,” Nami replied as she kissed Vivi’s neck, making her shudder. The blue haired girl didn’t resist while Nami’s soft lips travelled on her slender neck. She let out a small gasp followed by a moan as the redhead inserted one of her fingers in her pussy only to pull it out a second later. She looked at her finger before licking the love juice off. “You’re dripping wet already. And your princess pussy seems really tight. I think that’s one of the best Luffy will get. But first… I have to show you how to use your mouth,”


“What do you mean?” Vivi whispered as she bit her lower lip, feeling a lot hotter all of sudden.


“Look,” Nami whispered into her ear as she wrapped her lips around Luffy’s cock, and slowly moved her head back and forth, taking his cock deeper with each move. Shudders travelled through Luffy’s body as Nami’s warm mouth envelopped his manhood while her tongue wrapped around it. Vivi had her mouth slightly open as she stared at her friend, and listened to the suction sounds she was making. She was sucking that dick like she was trying to swallow it whole. She never thought she’d see Nami being that lewd one day! Suddenly, Nami let go of her captain’s cock. “Come on, Vivi. I’ll let you take a taste of his pre-cum,” Nami said as she grabbed Vivi’s chin and kissed her.


The princess widened her eyes as Nami’s tongue intertwined with hers, leaving a bitter taste in her mouth that only made her hornier and warmer. She didn’t know what came over her, but she kissed Nami back and enjoyed the full taste of her lips miwed with Luffy’s pre-cum. Suddenly, the redhead broke their kiss before smirking. She threw a glance at her captain’s dick, signalling to Vivi it was time for her to use her tongue again. Both women licked his manhood on both sides, making the rubber man moan a bit as two soft tongues ran across his shaft. Vivi got warmer the more time passed as she inserted his cock in her mouth and moved it deeper in while wrapping her tongue around it. While she was sucking it like a hungry slut; Nami was doing the same with his balls.


Luffy’s body shuddered in pleasure as both women did a great job at pleasing him. The last time he did it with two women was with Nami and Nojiko. Suddenly, his cock throbbed before releasing semen. Vivi widened her eyes as his thick cum went down her throat and even overflowed out of her mouth. The bluenette coughed some of it out as she realised how thick and sticky it was. Nami smirked before licking some of it off her chin, surprising her.


“Now, Vivi… It’s time you lose your virginity, isn’t it?” Nami whispered as she pulled Vivi to her, making her lay on top of her on the bed, both facing Luffy. Vivi let out a small gasp, surprised by her action as she felt Nami’s soft boobs pressed against her slender back.


Luffy walked up to them while Nami spread Vivi’s legs using her own, showing him a full view of the princess’ pussy, where blue hair could be seen above it.


“W-Wait… I don’t know if I’m ready yet…” Vivi breathed out while her body heated up because of both stress and arousal.


“Don’t worry; I’m sure you’ll love it,” Nami answered before licking Vivi’s neck, making her shudder.


“I-I’m still… scared you know…” Vivi muttered, feeling way too hot. Nami suddenly grabbed her hand and held it.


“I can tell you for sure there won’t be any issues to be scared of,” The redhead replied as she entwined her fingers with Vivi’s, calming her almost instantly.


The princess breathed out as the man she loved rubbed the tip of his cock against her pussy, before slowly starting to push it in. Her body shuddered in pleasure as he put all the way in, pushing her womb upward. She didn’t know how she expected it would feel, but it was much better than she imagined. As for Luffy; he almost thought his cock was going to get melted completely. Vivi’s pussy was without a doubt very tight, and it clenched around his dick as if trying to suck it in. And it was hot enough that his entire body warmed up. He wasn’t able to stop himself from moving back and forth and completely breaking her hymen. Her pussy was worthy of a princess!


“Luffy-san!” Vivi let out a moan as she tightened her grip on Nami’s hand and while her pussy bled. She couldn’t say anything anymore as she simply continued to moan with her body shaking, feeling like for the first time in her life. As she looked down, a bulge on her belly could be seen as Luffy thrusted forwward.


Nami could only admire Vivi’s pussy getting violated; she never thought she would see the day, but she was happy to be here and see her friend’s virginity getting taken; it mahe her hot. Although she was a bit worried. She was careful to take anti-pregnancy pills that Chopper made before joining them, but she doubted that was the case for Vivi. She decided not to tell her anything to avoid worrying her; besides, it would probably be fine anyway.


While the blue-haired princess’ pussy was stretched to its limits; Nami moved her free hand to her friend’s crotch until she reached her clit. Vivi let out a small scream of surprise while her body was abruptly shocked. Just when she was getting used to Luffy’s thrusts; Nami had decided to tease her clit.


“N-Nami-san! I don’t think… I’ll last long… if you do that,” Vivi whispered with red cheeks.


“But you like it, right?” Nami inquired as she let go of the princess’ hand. She moved her other hand up and squeezed one of her boobs, before rubbing and pinching her nipple.


Vivi’s legs shook as sparks travelled through her. She turned her head to look at her friend, before they locked lips with one another. While Luffy thrusted into her; he moved his left hand down until it was right in front of their crotches. He suddenly stretched two of his fingers, pushing each one in each of the girls’ ass holes. Vivi suddenly curled her toes the instant she felt something going up her butt. That hole wasn’t made for putting things inside it! However, she was unable to voice her complaints due to Nami’s tongue invading her mouth and fully exploring every spot of it. Her body got hotter and hotter as Vivi slowly realised she actually loved both Nami and Luffy.


“If only I was a guy; I would have fucked you the whole night, Vivi,” Nami whispered in her ear.


“Ah… Nami-san… Ah… Don’t say things like that…” Vivi moaned as Luffy’s thrusts still stretched her pussy while his finger explored her insides. Nami simply chuckled as she sucked her slender neck.


“I’m coming, Vivi! Get ready!” Luffy exclaimed as he thrusted one last time before shooting all his load into her pussy, filling her womb to the brim. The princess let out a scream of pleasure as she came, too.


His cock twitched in her insides, letting her feel all the semen it was pumping inside her. Her vision went blurry because of the tears in her eyes while Luffy pulled his manhood out of her. The princess was breathless and sweaty, having little to no stamina left. This tired her more tha she thought it would. She rolled off Nami and laid down beside her as she tried to catch her breath while Luffy’s thick and warm cum poured out of her entrance; she was stuffed.


“You’re really tired, huh? Even like that you’re still so pretty,” Nami pointed out as she looked at her.


“If you’re tired, then I guess it’s over, right? I’m kinda sleepy,” Luffy added with his dick still erected.


“Wait. Vivi may be satisfied, but I’m still not,” Nami purred as she wrapped her arms around his neck and kissed him on the lips while she rubbed the tip of his cock on her pussy. “And I see you aren’t satisfied enough, too!” She added before turning around and going on all foue, right above Vivi. “I want you to fuck my pussy with your dick still covered in Vivi’s love juice. As for you, Vivi. I’m sure you don’t want to miss it; look at my pussy to see it’s going to get all stretched up, it would make me so hot,” She added as the blue haired girl hesitantly nodded, feeling another wramth up her body as she saw Luffy’s meat pole getting inserted into her friend’s pussy.


Nami moaned instantly when her pussy was filled with his manhood, as it should be.


“You happy now, Nami?” Luffy chuckled while he thrusted back and forth.


“Of course! Fuck your little kitten, captain!” Nami moaned as she let her tongue out, letting her saliva fall down on the princess’ face while she enjoyed her pounding.


At the end, the three fell asleep together, Luffy snoring the loudest.

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