The King's Women

BY : Niktoi
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Luffy looked around as his identity remained hidden under multiple clothes he put on. His crew and him defeated Crocodile and Baroque Works, and freed Vivi’s country. However, they decided to stay a bit longer to rest, restock and simply have fun before going back on their journey to the One Piece. Luffy and the crew shouldn’t be going out, though, and only stay in the castle, where they were sure the marines wouldn’t come after them. Of course, Luffy didn’t listen to any of that and regularly went out, before going back in the castle to get scolded. He did try to hide his identity, though. Nami and the others shouldn’t be too mad at him, should they? Luckily, Nami didn’t even get much mad at him anymore. Maybe because she liked him a lot or something thanks to what they used to do. She still wanted to keep it a secret, but Luffy was pretty sure some of the other members of the crew already knew about it. They weren’t very sneaky.


Just as he was thinking about that, he saw some marines passing nearby. He decided not to be careless, and quickly ran in an alley at his right side; however, as soon as he entered it, he bumped into someone and sent them on the ground.


“Ow! M-My glasses! Where are my glasses!” The blue haired woman panicked as she looked around, touching the ground everywhere to find what she was looking for.


Luffy shook his head, surprised by the sudden encounter, before suddenly realising the woman needed help (mainly because of him). He didn’t have to look very far to find her glasses, so he simply stretched his arm to pick them up.


“Here,” He grinned as he handed them toward the bluenette.


“Thank you, sir!” She gave him a thankful smile as she put the glasses on, only to widen her eyes in surprise and shock as she recognised him. “Y-You! You’re straw hat!” She shouted as she went for her sword.


“Uh oh,” Luffy panicked as he threw off the manu cloaks he was wearing, then stretched his arm toward Tashigi. Just as she drew her sword, the pirate snatched it away, then his arm wrapped around her body before covering her mouth to shut her up.


Meanwhile, a bunch of marines passed by the alley without seeing them because of the crowd and the shadows covering them. Tashigi struggled to break free, but it was futile. His arm was like a python and only tightened around her. When the marines were gone, Luffy finally let go of her mouth.


“Release me, pirate!” Tashigi screamed as she trashed around while trying to reach her sword, which was thrown on the ground.


“Hey! You’re Smoky’s friend, aren’t you?” Luffy asked while smiling.


“Smoker-san isn’t here, so I have the duty to arrest you! I didn’t capture you when I had the chance because you helped with the defeat of Crocodile, but now it’s different. Surrender and you might have a lighter punishment!” Tashigi answered followed by a frown.


“I can’t do that, so… I guess we have to fight then!” Luffy replied.


Suddenly, his arms stretched again and went underneath Tashigi’s clothes. His left arm underneath her jeans, and his right under her jacket and shirt. The navy girl gasped in shock and horror as she felt his caresses all over her body.


“N-No! Wait! What are you doing?!” She shouted with a blushing face and teary eyes.


“Fighting,” He simply replied while she trashed around.


“T-That’s not what…” She started only to be interrupted by a moan she couldn’t help but let out as his hands touched her everywhere. Suddenly, he tore off her clothes and exposed her naked body to his eyes. “Kyaaa!” She yelled as his arms travelled across her body like snakes. He moved them slowly and caressed every part of Tashigi’s body, then squeezed her breasts. Unexpectedly, the navy woman felt her body heating up and shivering. “

” She thought while her pussy went wet. Her breathing got heavier while her vision blurred even though she still had her glasses on.


She couldn’t be liking what that pirate was doing! It was impossible! Yet, was her body betraying her? Her arms and legs got weaker, and her struggle became truly useless. All she could hope for now was that someone would see and help her, or that the pirate would be done with her quickly. Suddenly, she was violently turned upside down, forced to look at the floor while the man dropped his shorts. Luckily, her glasses didn’t fall off; however, that also meant she had a better look at the swinging meat pole between his legs. Although it was still flaccid, it started rising up and becoming hard at a fast pace.


“N-No!” She screamed as he rubbed his cock on her pussy, until he finally started moving it in. She didn’t believe something like this would even fit; and she didn’t want to wait to test it out. Unfortunately, struggling was pretty useless as Luffy pushed his manhood all the way inside her, stretching out her pussy to its limit. She let out a scream of pain and anger as tears streamed down her face. She was robbed of her virginity by a pirate, something she considered even worse than death. “I-I lost my virginity to a pirate… I’m sorry, Smoker-san,” She cried, ashamed of herself.


Luffy suddenly started moving his hips back and forth while his arms continued to caress her body, making her warmer and warmer as he hit the back of her pussy with each thrust.


“Stop it! I’ll kill you for this, strawhat!” Tashigi cried while her pussy bled, her hymen broken. Yelling and threatening him was useless too. All hope was lost for her. However, her pain was slowly turning into pleasure against her will. “Why? Why is my body betraying me like that? How can it enjoy a filthy pirate cock?” She asked herself as she clenched her teeth to hold down a moan.


She kept trying to think about something else and ignore the pleasure she felt, but in vain. It was as if his entire body was drugging her. His every move made her more wet as he thrusted, pushing her womb upward and making her shudder in response.


“When are you going to be done, pirate?!” She shouted with a reddened face.


“Why are you asking that? It’s obvious. When one of us wins,” He replied dumbly, making Tashigi sweatdrop.


She didn’t know what he thought a fight was supposed to be, but that meant all she needed to do was give up, didn’t it? Yes, it would hurt her pride as a swordsman, but it was already broken beyond repair at this point. Just before she could say anything, waves of electricity went through her body, making her jerk her head back while coming. Damn that pirate! He had her orgasm! But… she couldn’t deny she felt good... No! How could she think that?! Something about him was making her wish for more, but she shouldn’t!


Suddenly, Luffy stretched his arm even more and picked up her sword before pulling it to him. Tashigi widened her eyes in shock as he pushed her sword’s handle in her butt hole, first putting only the tip. She couldn’t help but moan as he pushed the handle deeper inside her ass hole, stretching it more and more. She gritted her teeth to keep her pleasure in. How did he dare use her own sword like that?! Now that the whole handle was stuck in her back hole; Luffy moved his hips again as Tashigi’s vision got blurry. Both her holes were being violated; and her body kept feeling more pleasure.


Luffy’s cock stretched her insides and pushed her ass hole’s walls against the sword, tightening around it. She finally felt his cock twitching, meaning he was probably about to come. Luckily, he pulled out at the last second and erupted all over her, covering her belly and her breasts with his semen. The marine girl panted as her pussy finally felt free, although her butt was still plugged with her sword.


“It’s so thick,” She whispered about the cum as its smell filled her nose, and its warmth covered her body. “Are you done now? Let me go, filthy pirate! I just have to get a hand on my s-sword a-and kill you!” Tashigi threatened with a reddened face. Luffy simply looked at her, tilting his head slightly. Unfortunately, Tashigi couldn’t help but think he was cute like that. She shook her in denial. What was she thinking?! Surprisingly, he gently let her down on the floor as her sword popped out of her butt as soon as she got on the ground. It bounced a few feet away and stopped. She couldn’t even look at it anymore; it was dirty!


“You’re still trying to kill me, so I guess the fight’s not over!” Luffy replied while giggling as he approached Tashigi. Before she could say anything else; he stood above her chest. He squatted down and grabbed her breasts before pressing them around his cock. Tashigi let out a moan as her nipples met one another.


She widened her eyes even more as she had a closer look at the pirate’s meat rode. It was a monster! She was awakened from her thoughts when the straw hat boy squeezed her boobs again before moving his hips back and forth. Before she even knew it, she was looking at it in awe. His cock was so hot between her breasts that it was like it burned. It went back and forth hard, but it did not hurt her bust. Due to his cock’s size, it kept hitting her on the lips as it moved, as if it encouraged her to kiss or even suck it. Its smell was even stronger! That was the moment she began fearing what she might do next, that she would be taken over by lust. One side of her wanted to taste it, to have it all the way in her mouth, to know how being a pirate’s bitch would feel. But the other part knew these thoughts were bad! He somehow played with her mind, and she didn’t even know how he was doing it!


Tashigi’s chest was soft and warming, it was making his dick throb. Moreover, something about fucking a navy woman gave him thrills and made him shudders. It was a new feeling that he liked a lot. Luffy didn’t know how, but he could feel her mind was slipping, fighting the lust. However, her breasts and her cute face were the finishing blow. His body shook as his cock twitched and erupted, shooting a stream of cum right into Tashigi’s face. A lot of it covered her hair and her glasses and rolled down to her lips. The pirate let go of her chest while looking at her.


She fell against the wall; her eyes were empty, and her mind clouded of lustful and dirty thoughts as the sour taste of his cum entered her mouth. Luffy released a breath before pulling his pants back up; it looked like she was beaten. The blue haired woman felt ashamed of it, but she wasn’t able to deny having insatiable lust. She wanted more, but why? Why from a filthy pirate?!


Meanwhile, Luffy had run away, only to hide again in another alley since marines were still running everywhere. He didn’t want to cause any more trouble than he already did after all. Just as he was about to go to the castle and rest for the day, a voice was heard behind him.


“Hey! You!” The voice yelled.


Luffy looked from left to right, before turning around. The voice came from a middle aged man. The boy pointed at himself to make sure he was talking to him.


“Yes, I’m talking to you, boy! Come here,” He said as Luffy walked up to him.


“What do you want, old guy? I’m kind of in a hurry,”


“O-Old guy?! Oi! I’m only in my thirties!” He yelled as he stomped the ground, before calming himself as he saw Luffy didn’t seem to care. “Ahem. Actually, I saw what you did with that girl,”


Luffy's eyes popped out of his head, realising he had been caught. He quickly tried thinking of a lie to get himself out of this. He looked away and started whistling.


“W-What are you talking about? I-I was buying those golden apples over here,” He stuttered nervously.


“I can’t believe it! You’re such a bad liar!” The man fell down in anime style before jumping on his legs again. “Anyway, don’t worry about it! I’m here to congratulate you! That girl was very cute, but she looked headstrong! I’m impressed at what you did! A simple amateur wouldn’t notice it, but I could see your hidden talent!” The man exclaimed excitedly.


“What are you talking about? I don’t have time; I gotta hurry! So if you’re not angry at me, all the better for me,” Luffy said as he turned around only for the man to grab him by the cheek


“I told you to wait! What I’m about to tell you would be of great help!” The man shouted. It took him at least five minutes, but he finally managed to make Luffy listen. “Firstly, my name’s Yuzo,”


“I’m Luffy, nice to meetcha,”


“Well, Luffy. Let me tell you something, I am a master of an ancient martial art called… HENTAI KENPO!” He exclaimed as he did a weird pose for no reason. His arms were lifted up diagonally while he was crouching down. Seeing that Luffy didn’t seem fazed, he stood up again and cleared his throat. “I saw what you were doing with that girl and studied it. And I can say for certain that you have shown the foundations of Hentai Kenpo. I’ve never seen such potential in years! You could be its greatest master!” He said with a huge smile.


“Hentai Kenpo? What’s that?” Luffy tilted his head.


“Glad you asked! It’s the art of moving a woman’s soul, and bewitching it! You can know everything there is to know about a woman’s sexual life and preferences, and her sensitive points only by looking at her! Only if you are a master of the art, of course. It takes training. Not only that, but you also train yourself to move your consciousness across your body, controlling your pheromones and making the ladies horny. Or to protect yourself against infections and diseases. It’s something very useful to fool around or to win against a woman fighter. The more partners you have, the more effective and strong you get. I had to leave my hometown, Water Seven, because of all the angry husbands,” Yuzo explained while shaking in fear. “The only and most dangerous flaw, unfortunately, is that you can’t be taken over by your lust or your sexual urges. Otherwise, your Hentai Kenpo will lose its effectiveness over time. I’ve become quite perverted myself you see. And even though I still can see women’s weaknesses, they don’t fall over heels over me so easily anymore,” He added in despair.


“I didn’t understand all of that, but sex-what urges? What’s that?” Luffy scratched the back of his head.


“When you’re horny, you know? When you see a naked woman, you want to fuck her, don’t you? That’s because lust is affecting you,” He explained.


“No, I don’t,” Luffy answered without any hesitation.


“W-What?! You don’t have any urges?! I-Impossible! Although you can’t lie, so it must be true… Then it’s no wonder you have so much potential! Please, let me teach you Hentai Kenpo! I’m sure you’ll be a great master!”


“I don’t know…Maybe if I get meat as a reward” Luffy said hesitantly.


“You will! I promise! I want you as my student! Once you’ve learned the basics, you have no problems improving on your own!”


“Alright, I get it,” Luffy nodded, getting a bit annoyed by the man.


“Ah, I should tell you. But it’s less effective against women who can use haki,” Yuzo said.


“Haki? What’s that?”


“Don’t think about it for now; it will be explained later in the series anyway,”

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