The King's Women

BY : Niktoi
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A hooded figure walked through an empty street while checking their surroundings, as if hiding from something or someone. Under that hood was Doublefinger, dressed in her usual clothes, but minus the jacket she lost during her fight against the straw hat’s navigator. She had to hide herself from the marines inspecting the island and looking for the remaining pirates. If only she could find a way off Alabasta, but her only hope was stealing a ship. Unfortunately, she wasn’t able to find any other Baroque Works members. Maybe they were all caught or some of them already escaped, she didn’t know. All of that was because of that damn straw hat and because he beat the boss! If only she could get her hands on him… Wait, isn’t that him?!


Indeed, it looked like Luffy wasn’t too far away from here and looked like he just ate since he was holding his stomach in satisfaction. But what he was doing didn’t matter since Doublefinger was too angry to think about it. She clenched her teeth and took off her cloak before running to him.


Luffy widened his eyes and reacted just in time to dodge her spiked fist which destroyed a wall easily.


“Oi Oi! Why are you attacking me?! Who’re you?!” Luffy inquired as Doublefinger smirked.


“Miss Doublefinger. Just because you beat Mr. 0 doesn’t mean Baroque Works Agents will be disbanded overnight! I’m going to kill you, so be a good boy and don’t move,” She answered as she licked her lips. Her fists became huge spiked balls, ready to pierce through anything. Fortunately, Luffy could dodge them easily.


“Oh, so you wanna fight, huh? Don’t complain later when I kick your ass!” Luffy replied as he kicked her away, sending her flying into a wall. She stood up quickly, only hurt a little.


He could probably beat her like that, but Luffy just thought about the way he fought his other female enemies. It could probably be impossible to use such a method considering her devil fruit powers and the danger they were to him. However, he now learned the basics of Hentai Kenpo. It was time to test these new abilities. He released his pheromones like Yuzo taught him, then studied Ms. Doublefinger’s moves to see what were her sensitive spots.


Doublefinger’s body suddenly heated up for no reason. She moved slowly as her crotch was warming up, too. She knew this feeling… She was aroused, but she didn’t know why! Or was she attracted to the boy? No way! It was impossible! Why would she?! He was just a foolish brat that ruined her Boss’ plans and destroyed their organization! However, while she was lost in thought; Luffy’s arm stretched until it wrapped around her waist. Just as she was about to pierce his arm, it stretched even more and moved under her bikini top and between her breasts. She blushed in a deep red as the strange odor from earlier came back even stronger. She was suddenly even more aroused.


“What is happening…? What are you doing?!” She inquired as she collapsed on her knees. Luffy’s arm continued stretching wrapped around each one of her boobs before squeezing and bringing them together as it tightened around her smooth waist. She let out a moan as her boobs were squeezed gently. “No! Why am I moaning?!” She scolded herself in shame.


“You like it, right?” Luffy asked as he chuckled, suddenly right behind her.


“Why, you!” She groaned, fighting her arousal and ready to stab him when he suddenly licked her ear. She stopped herself again in surprise. How did he know she liked being licked there?! She let out small barely audible shameful moans as he continued licking her right ear, sometimes even playfully biting her. She instantly stopped her attacks as his tongue slowly ran across her slender neck. “Why do I feel so good?” She asked herself as her crotch warmed up. Luffy pulled her bikini top down, making her breasts bounce as they were released. He squeezed them again, and even rubbed her nipples. “I’m coming!” She moaned before releasing her juices in her pants.


She couldn’t believe someone like him could ever make her come so easily! As for Luffy, he was impressed to see the progress of his abilities. He made her come quickly! Doublefinger breathed heavily as he forgot all about the fight she was in; sweat rolled down her fit body before Luffy licked some of it off her armpit, making her shudder in pleasure while the boy tasted a new part of a woman.


However, it was undeniable now. He wasn’t a boy, but a man. And that was something she had been looking for a long time. A man ready to take her.


“What are you waiting for, Strawhat? Use me,” She purred while licking her lips.


“You give up already?” Luffy tilted his head before shrugging, accepting her defeat.


He pushed her to the floor, and she had no choice but to obey since he kept her in a strong hold. He pulled her pants down to see her already dripping wet pussy. She looked straight ahead and didn’t see anything, but could still feel a small breeze washing over her ass until he grabbed her butt cheeks and squeezed them, making her bite her lower lip in anticipation. Suddenly, a huge hot pole fell on top of her smooth back. She widened in realisation, then turned her head around to see in stupefaction that it was indeed his cock.


Before she could say anything, he shoved it all the way up her butt hole, stretching it to its limits. She let out a moan like none before while her whole body shuddered in pleasure.


“Usually I never let any man use my ass hole, but you’re lucky you're so good! Fuck!” Doublefinger moaned as he moved his hips back and forth. She could feel every single vein of his dick scratching her walls. “Show me everything you can do!” She pleaded as he grabbed her butt cheeks tigther and slammed his meat against her insides harder.


She clenched her fists, digging her fingers in the ground to hold down the screams she wanted to let out. She had always looked for strong men; strong when it came to this of course. And one of the few she deemed worthy of fucking her; the ones she wished to taste their seed the most, was Mr. 1. However, he had the audacity to refuse her simply because he was “too good for her” as he said. She was glad to see there was someone that could see her value; she was a woman among women. She was also going to show him why so many lusted after her. Although she was completely dominated for now. Suddenly, his cock twitched as it heated up, before erupting inside her ass and filling it up with cum. Doublefinger let out a satisfied scream as the thick liquid stuck to her inner walls.


Luffy pulled his dick out, leaving her ass hole wide open as cum poured out of it while her hole started closing itself.


Doublefinger threw herself at him the moment she was free; however, instead of attacking him (in which case he was fully prepared to counter) she pushed her pussy on his face while she leaned down towards his dick. She couldn’t help but have a taste as she grabbed it with one hand and started licking its shaft. Her arousal suddenly went up again while her juices flowed down Luffy’s face, not that he cared since he inserted his tongue inside her pussy and stretched as far as he could until he could lick her womb. Doublefinger hardly held down a moan as the man’s soft tongue licked all of her walls. She never thought it possible for someone to lick her that deep, but she shouldn’t be surprised considering his powers. She put the tip of his cock in her mouth and moved her head up and down while pushing his meat pole deeper in her throat until it made a bulge.


She nearly gagged on it, but still decided to move faster to fully enjoy its taste. And no matter how hard it was; it still felt rubbery, meaning it could probably stretch and get even bigger. The thought alone made her even more aroused. She was such a pervert, and she knew it! While she was attempting to suck him dry and drink his semen; she pushed her long finger inside his butt hole, reaching the deepest she could. It had always been a part she enjoyed playing with, on a man. Luffy hardened his grip on her butt cheeks as he suddenly felt her gloved finger stimulating his insides while her soft lips did wonders to milk his cock.


He didn’t know a woman could attack him at this place too, but he wasn’t going to lose here. Moreover, it was a good opportunity to do some tests on how he could use his devil fruit during sex making. He kept stretching his tongue more and more, even if it already reached her womb. He knew he needed more than that to please her fully. He never stretched his tongue that much, but it ended up being a big ball made of rubber. It was soft and warm, but slimey. And it stretched Doublefinger’s pussy’s insides even more than his cock did to her ass hole!


The feeling that went through her when he did that, that she nearly bit on his hot rod; although she doubted he would feel anything thanks to his devil fruit. Suddenly, his manhood twitched and erupted inside her throat, filling her with thick cum; so much and quickly that some came out of her nose. Her eyes nearly rolled back into her head as she choked on his semen. However, she managed to stay conscious and pulled her finger out of his back hole before inserting it in her mouth and licking it clean.


Luffy took advantage of that moment and her lack of attention to throw her on the ground so hard that he almost broke her back. She had no time to do anything as he grabbed her legs and pushed them to each side of her head before pointing his cock towards her wet pussy. She showed no signs of resistance as she desperately waited for him to shove it. She was so aroused that she was sure he would to fuck her until she passed out to relieve her completely. Without further a due; he pushed his rubbery dick inside her until it hit her womb, making her entire body shudder in pleasure.


He thrusted faster and harder since he knew she still had some stamina to spare; and he was going to make sure that she would be utterly defeated. And finally turn her into a complete “nympho” like Yuzo said since Hentai Kenpo could do that if he was strong enough. He had a good start since it didn’t even look like she was gonna attack him any more. Her piercing attacks would have been a problem. He hardened his grip on her as she pushed her further onto the ground while thrusting harder.


Doublefinger’s vision went blurry as her body shook; she felt like she was going crazy! All she was able to do now was moan in delight as she finally received the pleasure she was looking for. Although her pussy was fully stretched out by the pirate’s thick meat pole; she barely felt any pain. After some time; his cock twitched before shooting all its load deep into her womb, filling it to the brim with his seed. It was so hot that her body heated up right away while she could feel his semen dripping inside her. She didn’t really care if it was safe or not; it was too good. However, Luffy started pulling out, feeling he won and was ready to go. Doublefinger was able to tell, and stopped him right away by wrapping her legs around him and pulling him to her.


“I know you still have energy left. I want more, so you’ll give it to me,” Doublefinger purred lustfuly.


Luffy raised an eyebrow before shoving his cock back inside again, making her head jerk back as she wrapped her legs tighter. Since she wasn’t going down that easily; he wasn’t stopping any time soon. He thrusted inside her even though she was still full of cum while her legs trembled. She curled her toes as a great fatigue filled her body, but she absolutely wanted this to last as much as it could. That was why she pushed her limits, which she had never done before, even though the rubber man kept pumping his cum inside her again and again. He came multiple times with no signs of getting tired or empty, surely thanks to his devil fruit and his natural strength. However, she wasn’t so lucky. Anymore and her bdoy was going to break!


“I’m coming again thanks to your great cock!” She cried, not even knowing how many times she came anymore.


“Time to finish you off!” Luffy grinned as his cock twitched before erupting inside her.


Doublefinger’s eyes rolled back into her head as she passed out, having no stamina anymore while cum overflowed out of her pussy. When he was finally freed; the rubber man pulled his manhood out and dressed himself. He breathed out, happy that he could relieve his pleasure for the day; although it wouldn’t hurt to fuck a bit Nami too if she wanted it. He walked away, ignoring the huge amount of semen pouring out of Doublefinger’s genitals.

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