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A/N: Sorry for the errors in the last chapter. When I uploaded the file, a few things got mixed up ad cut out. The original document has no mistakes in it though I'll try to upload the first chapter again. Sorry for the rushed ending last chapter, there were some things that were insignificant. Well, on with the story! And thank you to those who reviewed, you made me a very happy panda! There is a spoiler in this chapter, L's real name is revealed.

Chapter II Lawliet

L waited patiently for Light's arrival. He was deep in thought in his usual crouched position on one of the many chairs that were stationary in the hotel room. There was a light oak table in front of him and on it was a fairly large slice of strawberry cheesecake. About a quarter of the cake was gone as L continued to take spoonful after spoonful of the cake. His eating was automatic as his mind began to go through the evidence of the case. 'I am certain that it is a student because they still have difficulty deciphering between right and wrong and what is justice and injustice. I would not doubt that in this current situation with Kira, that the young generation is commending him for what he has done. This is not good. Even if Kira does not care about the large amount of followers he is gathering, they could pose a problem to the investigation later on.' L sighed as he shook off the thoughts that began to plague his mind. It would be a great deal of trouble if Kira's followers got in the way, L would not be able to prosecute him. His mind began to wonder again over the possibilities that Chief Yagami's son might be helping Kira or is Kira. He had to keep those theories to himself until he was absolutely sure that Light was aiding or is Kira. A soft knock brought all of L's thoughts crashing down. He sat with his eyes wide for a few moments before deciding to finally get up out of the chair. His voice was monotone and devoid of emotion. The shock of his thoughts falling into a pile of shattered glass had long dissipated.

“Come in”





Light had followed the old man into the hotel and into the elevator. The elder man pushed one of the many buttons and waited for the doors to close. Light was not paying attention to anything that was going on around him. In a manor that was a bad thing but at the moment he did not care. He was struggling to block out Nekura Ookami who was apparently a high level criminal that took Watari three years to capture, but that was back in his younger days. Nekura was a rapist and murderer all wrapped up in one but ten times worse. The man had been around the world and back again to Japan where he originally came from. Light did not know what he looked like because he did not want him to start following him around. That was one of the downsides of Light's ability, if he looked at the ghost, the thing would follow him everywhere until he figured out what happened to it and take it to it's grave. The people at the cemetery knew him all too well as it was.

Watari tugged on Light's shirt sleeve to get him to move out of the elevator which seemed to have stopped and opened its doors once again. Light snapped his head up and unfortunately the killer was standing behind Watari and Light ended up getting a good look at him. Light stepped out of the elevator and continued to look past Watari, as the old man began to lead the way again Light allowed the ghost to go ahead of him. Nekura Ookami was a medium build man who was around his early to mid-twenties. His hair was short, straight, black and unruly. His skin was slightly tan due to his heritage and time spent in the sun. He was about 6' 4” or 6' 6” Light could not tell but he did not want to find out. Nekura was dressed in all black that seemed to date back to the 1900's.

“I know you can see me. You have been looking at me since we got into that metal contraption on wheels.” Light glanced up at Nekura's eyes. Black as the deepest oil pits. They were haunting and would scare anyone, but Light wasn't anyone. Instead of speaking out loud like he usually did when he was alone with these beings, part of his spirit stepped out.

“Yes I can see you. Can you tell me why you are still following Watari around?” Nekura considered it for a moment before looking Light up and down.

“You seem smart enough to handle me and your ability has grown far past the capability of someone your age. You must be the new Yagami prodigy. I remember your grandmother. She was a beautiful woman. Loved her with my entire being. Then your grandfather had to take her away from me...well that's all in the past now. No use for me to keep dwelling on it. Your a lot like her though. Unfortunately you can't go to the full extent of your ability until your taken. At least I gave her that much other than heart break...what's your name?”

“Light Yagami. My grandmother told me all about you. A living vampire. She still loved you even after her death. She never forgave my grandfather for taking like that. Her powers were locked after that. He left her when he found out. Three days later he was killed by a visiting shinigami. Now, will you answer my question?” Nekura chuckled.

“Just like her. Right to the point as always. I never really got to rest peacefully after I died. I follow this old geezer around just to see if I will end up back in Japan again. Now here I am talking to you. I can help in the case you are on. Think of it as me helping your grandmother in a way I could not all those years ago. What killed her anyway?” Light sighed loudly which earned him a curious glance from Watari.

“Kira. She died of a heart attack even though she was absolutely healthy. The police believed she was murdered by Kira since she was getting too close as to who Kira really is. That is why I'm here”

“Your more discreet. Now how do I follow you?” Light bit his lip to keep from laughing.

“I thought you knew how this works?”

“Real funny”

“I'll reach out to you but you have to touch me.”

“Alright” Nekura did just that and soon he was behind Light as they walked down the hall. “Oh, just as a warning. The guy he's taking care of do I put this...weird?” Light bit his lip to keep from laughing out loud.

“Try not to make me laugh”

“Try not to blow the secret. Do you know what your going to tell this weirdo?” Light sighed and shook his head. Nekura sighed as well. “This is not going to go well.”

“Light Yagami, we're here.” Watari stopped in front of room that had the number 1734 in gold letters on the large oak door. The old man knocked, bringing Light out of his argument with Nekura. A dead sounding voice came from the other side before Watari opened the door.

When they entered, Light realized Watari had let him in first before closing the door and locking it. He was trapped. Who ever this detective was could do absolutely anything to Light and probably make it look like someone else had done it. Light scanned the room and spotted a peculiar looking man standing by one of the hotel room's chairs. He was slightly hunched forward with his hands in his pockets. Black hair framed his white face and black circled eyes and endless, deep black eyes. The man's close were loose and baggy and only consisted of a long sleeved white shirt and a pair of pale blue jeans. No shoes. Light fought to keep the smile off his face. He thought this man was cute looking. In a weird sort of way. Then it happened. Light did not mean for it to happen but it just did.

“Who is he?” Nekura smacked his forehead against the palms of his hands.


“I am L”

“Don't say anything! He would just make things worse! Just keep your mouth shut and say nice to meet you! And SHUT UP!”

“Sorry, this may sound strange but...”

“NO! Your such a BAKA! Don't tell him!”

“Hush, I have a plan..”

“I wasn't asking you” L looked at Watari who just stared back at him.

“You're right, that does sound strange. Can you tell me who you were talking to?” Light blushed as he looked past L. There was a small girl standing a little ways away from him with long red hair, fair skin, and a teddy bear. She wore a soft baby pink pajama's, had huge green eyes, and looked like she was about five or six.

“Sasha” Light saw L tense. It was hard to miss. Light looked back at him and saw two different emotions stir in L's eyes. Anger and sadness. “Lawliet...” Not long after L's name past Light's lips, L was behind Light with his hand covering the young psychics mouth.

“How...are you wired?” Light shook his head no. “Then how...nevermind...explain yourself” Light tapped L's hand softly, causing the detectives heart to skip a beat. What was happening to him? He removed his hand but he did not move from behind Light.

“I can see things that others cannot.”

“If your grandmother was alive right now, she would kill you.”

“It's something that I had since I was a child. I see all the ghosts and demons that walk our world and this ability runs on my father's side of the family. Every person has some sort of ghost that attaches itself to that human because they could relate or that person cannot let go of what happened to the ghosts human form. There are ghosts that follow those who have done harm to them whether it be physical or emotional.”

“Why are you telling him this?”

“I don't know. I didn't plan this part.” Nekura sighed before floating in a horizontal position. He was watching one of the ghosts that surrounded Watari.

“Be careful. I found a dangerous one”

“I know.”

“I don't believe you.” Light chuckled a bit. He was getting quite tired.

“I wasn't expecting you to. At least you know why I'm with the investigation team. I have become of use in the past...but I don't...think...” Nekura couldn't act fast enough when the other ghost decided to attack.

“LIGHT!” Light fell to the ground but did not touch it. L had caught him in time.

“Watari, contact Chief Yagami and tell him his son is fine but he will be staying here for a few days.” Watari nodded before leaving them room. “I need to know if you are telling the truth.” L carried Light to the couch that sat a little ways away from the computer that L had constantly been working at since he picked up the case. After he lay Light down on the couch, he went to his computer and began researching into Light's background.




Sorry again for the first chapter. Anyway, the appearance of Nekura Ookami was purely accidental. He did not appear until I was typing up this chapter from the one I written. Sadly and fortunately, this chapter is better than the original. Just think of Nekura like you would think of Ryuk, except he's actually useful. Again, reviewer always make me a happy panda.

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