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A/N: I have read the LA BB Murder Cases and yes I know he did the locked rooms but who said that I have to go by that? No one. So, I created BB to be a little more psychotic. Remember, it was technically L who put him in jail. He'll probably do just about anything to get the detectives attention.

Chapter IX Complications

Beyond limped through the streets of Tokyo. Looking around and ignoring the stares of disgust. Passersby tried to figure out if the man had gotten several bottles of wine dumped on him or that was actually blood staining his entire shirt and most of his pants. BB was not worried about that. He was trying to figure out where L would be and what he would be doing other than the Kira case. In fact, BB was looking for Watari. Wherever Watari was, L surely will be. As he cut through a park, BB's attention was directed at something, or someone. Sitting on a bench not too far away was probably the most beautiful creature BB had ever seen in his entire life. Brown hair with a touch of light brown and auburn highlights, warm gold and copper eyes stared out over a small clearing. Soft, slight tan skin shone beautifully in the sun. BB was mesmerized by the creature before him. He did not care that the other was male, he was just down right gorgeous. Then Beyond looked to the boy's attire. The boy was wearing a black tight vest that hugged his chest and curves. He also wore a black and white, horizontal shirt underneath the vest matched with a black studded belt, and black, slightly loose pants with a small chain hanging from the side of his pants. From what Beyond could see, The boy was also wearing what looked light a nicer version of combat boots in black with white laces. If a person did not actually look, they would have mistaken the boy for a girl. Then again, Beyond still did not care.

Unfortunately, Beyond did not know that the boy he was looking at was Light Yagami, boyfriend and lover of L. The gold and copper eyes were those of Nekura Ookami. Light had given him free reign for the day so he could rest his mind from everything that had happened. Nekura was enjoying the feeling of being human again and wished he could stay that way forever. Sadly, Light was way too string minded to be possessed fully and forcefully. Nekura sighed. He missed Yuri Yagami so much. He wished he could have at least held her as she died. He could not find her in the spirit world and assumed she was at the Forbidden Place where every single Yagami that had the 'gift' went. Other spirits were not allowed to go near it and if they tried to infiltrate it, they would be damned and sent straight to hell without judgment. That made him depressed. Nekura was going through the many memories he had with Yuri while trying not to wake Light from his mental sleep. He sighed again. He wished he knew where his body was...Nekura perked up a bit. Something was not right. He spent so much time with Yuri that he began to pick up on other spirits, mostly evil. He retreated back into Light's mind where the young man was resting.

“Light. Light wake up, we have company” Light opened his eyes and glanced up at Nekura, nodded his head and got up.

“ it good?” Light caught the slight groan from Nekura. “Apparently not.”

“Excuse me, may I sit here?” Light blinked and the gold and auburn colored eyes changed to Raito's bright light brown ones. Beyond stood next to the bench stunned, he had never seen anything like it before and grew very curious. He wanted to find out the mysteries of this boy. Raito looked up at him and nodded, throwing a warm smile Beyond's way. “Thank you. Why are you here alone?”

“I'm waiting for someone. Why are you here?” Beyond chuckled a bit. This boy reminded him so much of...

“I'm looking for someone.” Light turned his gaze toward Beyond and cocked his head to one side in curiosity.

“Really? Who?” Light saw the smirk form and grow on Beyond's face. He knew that smirk all too well and calmly braced himself while keeping completely ignorant.

“You.” Beyond then launched himself at Raito. He wanted him him and was so curious about Raito because there was something strange and interesting about the gothic boy. Then again, Beyond was never prepared for the fight back. Raito slide off the bench and crouched down before jerking up quickly and hitting Beyond under the chin area. When Beyond was in mid fall, Light lifted one leg and kicked Beyond upward before turning around slightly and kicked him to the side with the other. Before Beyond hit the ground, Raito was off running. He pulled his cell phone out as he neared the exit of the park. He looked quickly behind him and saw that Beyond was no where to be seen. Raito slowed a bit and dialed a familiar number.

All the while, beyond tried to peel himself off the itchy, dirt ground that surrounded the bench. He was completely winded and had trouble getting up. Raito had done some good damage and did a good job incapacitating Beyond. He had heard the boy run off so he knew that finding Raito would be close to impossible. Beyond hadn't even asked the boy his name.


L was looking through recent reports on the sightings of Beyond. All lead to a dead end and trying to figure out what beyond was thinking was quite difficult since L rarely ventured into that part of his mind. He guessed that was what made them different. L would never resort to killing someone himself. That was what differed between the two greatly. The obnoxious ringing of his phone pulled L out of his thoughts and turned his attention to the screeching sound of the phone ringing. He faintly heard Matsuda grumble about something but ignored him and picked up the wailing cell phone.


“L....uh ....Ryuuzaki-chan,” L stiffened at the sound of Raito's panicked voice. “I just saw Beyond” Then, at that moment, the very mention of the man's name and the realization that Raito almost or might have come into contact with this man, made L stop breathing. “Ryuuzaki?” L's mind went through every scenario and plan he could think of. He knew Beyond would find Raito interesting. Any man with a genius and psychotic streak, L wasn't saying he had a psychotic streak, could tell that something was strange but interesting about the brunette. “L?” Raito desperately whispered into the phone. He was beginning to panic.

“Raito, where are you?” L could hear the sigh of relief.

“I'm leaving the park you were supposed to meet me at.” L cringed even though Raito did not sound disappointed or angry. Just a little panicked. L forgot he was supposed to be at the park, he guessed it was somewhat of a good thing.

“Good. Head here as fast as you possibly can. I am going to have Watari call you so you can give him directions to where you will be so could pick you up. Raito?”


“What did he do to you?” A moment of tense silence passed between them and L knew that Raito was debating on telling the truth or lying to L.

“He tried to attack me.” L knew Raito opted for the truth.

“Anything else?”

“No.” Raito whispered the answer. He sounded like he was afraid he had angered L.

“I'm not angry at you my love. Just get back please.”

“Okay.” Raito sounded a little uncertain. “I'm on my way.”


Soichiro could not believe his son was almost attacked and taken by Beyond Birthday who was suspected of a number of murders. The man had strayed far from his previous MO.

“Are you sure you're alright Raito?” Raito smiled at his father and watched the elder Yagami relax.

“Yes, I just need to rest and relax. I'll be okay dad.” Soichiro looked at his son and nodded. He gave Raito a hug before nodding at L and leaving the two alone.

“Are you sure Raito? You had quite a scare.” Raito looked towards L and smiled. A smile that was always reserved for the insomniac.

“Yes my love. I am quite sure.” Raito leaned over and kissed L gently on the lips, but the detective had other plans. He grabbed Raito and pulled him closer to where their bodies were almost flush against each other. Raito moaned at the contact as L began to rub their growing erections together.

“Let's finish where we left off” Raito smiled and giggled slightly before kissing L again but with more passion. L made quick work of Raito's vest and shirt before ridding himself of his own shirt. Not wanting to be patient for teasing, L picked Raito up and carried him to the bedroom. Raito had unceremoniously squeaked before clinging tightly onto L. L dropped Raito onto the bed before closing and locking the door. He turned to Raito lying on the bed. The boy was flushed and panting, the anticipation was making his heart race. “Now, where were we the last time?”

Raito bit his lip to keep himself from giggling some more. He had been doing that a lot lately. L nearly pounced but controlled himself. Even though he wanted Raito badly, he wanted time to relish in the beautiful sight of his lover naked. L did not have a chance to move when Raito started to unbuckle his pants and pull them down. His hips arched but the pants got caught on his boxers and slid them down along with it. L's breath hitched. 'Screw patience' L yanked the remaining length of the pants and boxers off Raito's legs and onto the floor. Raito moaned as L grabbed hold of his throbbing member that stood stiff in the cold air and began to pump it as L started to take his own pants and boxers off with his free hand. Raito had gotten a full view of what L looked like, and it made him blush.

“What's the matter Raito?” Raito swallowed before sitting up. He drew his face closer to L's large erection. Then, without warning, darted his tongue out and licked the tip of L's cock causing it to twitch.

“You're so big. I didn't notice the last time.” L chuckled a bit before pushing Raito to lie on his back.

“I'm going to prepare you Raito. Please remain relaxed.” Raito nodded and swallowed again as he relaxed his body. L rummaged through the bedside drawer again and pulled out the lube from before and slicked his fingers. He began inserting one finger into Raito like he had done before. This time, Raito did not tense up. It felt better this time than last and Raito thrusted back onto L's fingers earlier than L expected. “Are you sure Raito-chan?”

“Yes...please...L....” L nodded and poured a generous amount onto his cock and slicked it well. He grabbed Raito's legs and placed them on his shoulders as he positioned himself at Raito's waiting entrance and pushed in slowly. Raito, of course, tensed up as tears welled in his eyes. The pain was excruciating and Raito began to arch away from it. L grabbed hold of Raito's hips and kept them in place as he fully sheathed himself inside of Raito and waited for the other male to adjust.

“Are you okay love?” L received a pained groan from Raito. “Light?” L spoke to him in English and Raito had to push aside the pain temporarily to answer him.

“ hurts L....” The tears that had stored up in Raito's eyes began to fall as he gave into the pain. He couldn't take it and it hurt more when L started to move. Raito bit down onto his bottom lip to keep himself from crying in pain. All the while, L searched for that one spot that would send Raito screaming in pleasure. And he found it. Raito's pained grunts and groaned were replaced with moans and shouts of pleasure as L found that one special spot that made every ounce of pain disappear.

“Do you wish for more Raito?” Raito nodded his head fervently as he arched his back slightly, driving L's cock deeper into him causing more pleasure to flow through his body. “I can't hear you Light?”

“Yes!” And L drove deeper and harder into Raito. No longer able to keep his voice low, Raito screamed and moaned as L thrusted faster and deeper into Raito. L gave a few hard thrusts into Raito causing the young man to scream out L's name and orgasming. His semen splattering across his chest and L's. With Raito's inner walls seizing up on his throbbing, thrusting cock, L continued to thrust until he came deep into Raito, right on the pleasure point he had fucked making Raito scream out once more. Raito relaxed into the mattress as L pulled out and fell next to Raito. Both out of breath and spent. Raito turned towards L, curling up against the older man's chest. L just wrapped his arms around Raito and listened as he drifted off to sleep, content and happy.


Beyond stood outside a small apartment building as rain poured down upon the empty black street. It was a relatively new building with only five tenants so far. All of which with...special needs. The apartment building held mentally challenged people. The ones that were released from asylums but kept on close monitor. The government built several apartment buildings such as the one Beyond was standing in front of to make it easier to keep track of dangerous out patients. Beyond wondered if they screamed different when they were in pain. Beyond walked into the building to test out his curiosity.

I hoped you enjoyed this chapter. The yaoi scene kind of sucked to me but it will improve. It's been awhile since I had to write one. I am switching from 'Light' to 'Raito' cause its easier for my comp to stop spell correcting it. Yes, my computer corrects spelling errors all on its sucks really...Any way, pleas review and any flames will be promptly eaten!

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