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Chapter VI Calm

L stared back at Light from his reflection in the glass. The task force members had already left and it was only L and Raito now. It took all of L's skills to convince Chief Yagami to allow Light to a few more days. He told the chief that it was necessary and that he still suspected Light to be an accomplice to Kira. Even though the percentage was 2.5 percent and lowering, L had no other excuse to give Light's father. When everyone had left, including Watari who had retired for the night, L noticed a certain sadness in the way Light was gazing out the window. Being cooped up in the hotel for days on end seemed to be taking it toll on Raito. He noticed Raito turn to look at him. The sadness still lingering in his eyes as he stared curiously up at L.

“Is there something wrong Lawliet?” L tilted his head in curiosity.

“I forgot you still call me that. Thank goodness you have yet to say it in front of the task force members. From now on, when they are are present and when they are not, you are to call me Ryuuzaki, understood?”

“I guess so.”

“Why so sad Raito-kun?” Light looked back out the window for a second. He could hear Nekura in the background still cracking jokes. Light sighed at the thought of what was to become of the case when it finally started to progress. L would die. Simple as that. He sighed again. “Light, what is the matter?”

“Too much death...” L knew what that meant and knew what it was leading to.


“How did Aiko get my number, Lawliet? He called me to congratulate me on getting a boyfriend. What did you do?!” L looked away and approached the window. He knew this would come up in conversation sooner or later did Aiko get Light's cell phone number?

“You forgot to not call me that.” Light sighed and rolled his eyes. “To answer your first question, I do not know how he got your cell phone number. He probably had gotten it from your mother or sister since he did mention he was going to your house to check on you. As for your second question, I never told anyone, including Aiko, that I was your boyfriend. Everyone just assumed that. I also told him I was L.”





“Why......why..........................are you planning to die during this case?” L glanced down at Light. Something cold seemed to pass through him as he watched Light silently cry. His gaze never left the window and he no longer looked at L's reflection in the glass but L could see Light's eyes begin to empty as his mind mulled over different thoughts. L guessed some worse than the last.

“That is not my intention. If Aiko truly is Kira, finds out my true name, and kills me then that is all the evidence that I need. My intention is to find Kira. Nothing else.” Light sighed as he turned to L. his worst nightmare had come true but a lot worse.

“So, you do not care what happens to you?” L smiled at Light for a moment before looking back out the window.

“Yes, I do. But to Kira, it would seem that I do not. Does that help Light calm down any?” Light had to smile at that. L had his quirks.

“When do I go back?”

“Tomorrow. I will not be there with you so you will be on your own. Be careful, I have a feeling Aiko will be doing his own surveilling. If not that then he will be watching you closely for an reaction to everybody asking you about me.” Light nodded before looking back out the window. He strangely felt calmer as L stood next to him. They watched the sun go down in comfortable silence. Neither acknowledging the presence of Watari who had walked in, setting a tray on the coffee table. He gazed at the two and sighed before leaving. He left them alone when they were like that. He thought it a crime to disturb such a calm atmosphere the two created.



Aiko was furious! He had just been humiliated by the one man he was trying to kill! The nerve! He could not stand losing and being humiliated was something else entirely.

“So, he found you out. That is just absolutely hilarious! Hyuk hyuk hyuk!” There were times that Aiko wanted to just hit the shinigami to make him shut up.

“Does not matter. If he really cherishes Raito-kun, then lets see how he deals with his death. No, I'll just hold his life hostage.” Ryuuk started to laugh again but more hysterically. Aiko looked at the shinigami as if he just lost his mind, if a shinigami could lose his mind in the first place. 'Wait, he laughed like that when I wrote Light's name in the Death Note.' Aiko thought about it for a few moments before sitting down, his eye never left the shinigami before him. “There is something off about Light and you know that. Tell me, what makes him immune to the effects of the Death Note?” Ryuuk laughed harder a little while longer before calming down.

“I can't tell you much. All I can tell you is that Light knows I exist. He knows the shinigami realm exists. Everything that deals with death and the afterlife he can see and he comprehends. He knows about the Death Note and how it works. Its stored in his mind since the day he was born. I can give you some warning though. L probably knows your Kira because Light can see the trapped spirits searching for you.” Aiko got up and began pacing around his room. All his mind could think about was how to get Light on his side. In his mind, that was getting closer to impossible. “Wait, I overlooked something”


Naomi Misora stood in front of the police headquarters. She had to tell her theory to somebody. She hoped that she could get to speak to L.

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