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A/N: I don't know but last chapter seemed kind of rushed...I don't know...I know random make-out scene but it has some meaning. (MUST READ THIS NEXT PART OF THE AUTHOR'S NOTE) Also, some of you seem to be under the impression that Light has to be raped in order to unlock the final level of his ability. Let me clarify it a little more. Every Yagami that has this power to see spirits has been fated by birth to their equal. It is inevitable that they would meet their significant other and fall in love. As for their equal the effect is the same way. When Nekura was explaining how he knew Light's grandmother he basically said that he had taken her. He was Light's grandmother's equal and therefore they were meant for each other. Unfortunately, the man that became Light's grandfather became jealous and raped Light's grandmother. Rape has an extreme opposite effect on their power. It locks away the power and it cannot be undone, or so they say. Mind you this is only the background of what I made of Light's ability. I hope that clears things up. It will be explained again sometime in the story but I'm not going to spoil it. On with the story.

Chapter IV Attack

Light could not believe this was happening. It was Saturday, and his father and four other members of the task force were standing in the living area of the hotel room where L stood, shoe-less and emotionless as ever. Light stood little bit off to the left of L while Watari stood to the right. Light kept his eyes downcast and did not pay attention to his father's intense gaze. He tuned out what was going on and started a conversation with Nekura. It just consisted of Light revealing what he was to L and the fact that L still was able to see through Light's eyes.

“So you saw her”

“Yeah. She was standing by a rift of some sort. I know she was trying to tell me something else other than the first gate had been broken.”

“The rift in the spirit world is not a good thing. Of course there are several actual entrances all over the world where spirits and demons roam in and out freely. Rifts are made when there are too many spirits trying to get in at once. When there's a mass murder of some sort to an enormous degree, there is more than one rift being created. Normally spirits are calm when they enter the afterlife but when they are frightened because they do not have an understanding of what is going on, they tend to to damage not only to themselves but to the world itself. Since they cannot go out the way they came in, normal reaction is to make an entrance. It seems that Kira is causing damage to more than one world.”

“The rifts grow bigger right? I remember grandma told about that. It happens when during the mass murder, innocent lives are taken without probable reason. The rift grows along with the number of innocent souls sent to the spirit world itself.”

“You are right.”

“Light, are you alright?” Light looked over at L. The task force members were in the other room discussing current and old evidence and comparing the two. Watari still stood by L but was looking curiously at Light.

“Yes, I'm fine.”

“I haven't told your father about our plan, but I think it is best that he does not know. Do you still want to go through with it?” L's eyes widened slightly when Light gave him a tired, weak smile.

“Yes I'm sure. Besides I hope it will prove that I am not an accomplice to Kira.”

“The chances will decrease greatly but it will not mean that you are off the hook.”

“Then I'll consider myself warned” L looked at Light's eyes. They were darker than usual.

“Your sad” Light blinked slightly before letting his eyes become half lidded.

“It's more like terror and fear than actual sadness, but it is interesting as to how you started to read my emotions through my eyes. You just got to differentiate between the different emotions. You've been alone all this time and have been hurt over and over again by the people you have met earlier on in you life. Most of them wish to apologize but your heart will not let go of the resentment that you have; therefore you cannot completely stay calm at any given moment.”

“It's surprising how you can read me or is it the ghosts that surround me?” Light looked bast L. His eyes were pitch black and he staggered forward a bit.

“Your parents told me. You haven't let them go either. No wonder you can't sleep.” L glared at Light. Something was different about the boy. He seemed more withdrawn than usual.

“Are you sure you are all right?” L touched Light's shoulder and the next thing he knew the whole room turned black and white. Everything was frozen still except for him and Light, well what he thought was Light. When L had finished looking around the room, he had looked back at Light. Instead of Light he saw a tall man with black hair. He recognized who it was from the pictures Watari had showed him. L looked around for Light and saw him lying on the floor unconscious. L looked back at Nekura.

“What have you done to him?” Nekura laughed and looked down at Light.

“Better find Kira soon.” L looked down at Light. He was barely breathing but he was alright. Then L looked closer. There, above Light's head, was a clock of some sort and it was slowly counting down. The slowness of the clock confused L to no end. “Since you kissed him his life clock has started back up again. It's starts unnaturally slow before going at normal pace when he is taken. Unfortunately for you, it seems...never mind...I'll have him explain it too you later.”

“What are you talking about?” Nekura just smiled and everything faded back into color again. Time began to unfreeze but L could not get the clock out of his head. If it was really Light's life clock then he did not have much time to live. 'Only five more years...but how will he die...I can't be thinking about that right now' When L looked to where Light was standing he found the actual Light staring back at him with dead eyes. He wavered slightly before crumbling where he stood. L caught him easily but could not focus on the situation at hand.

“Light...Light are you alright?” Light's eyes began to warm again. He was beginning to become himself again.

“ tired...pain...tiring...why...L...” L wrapped his arms around Light's waist as he lost his bearing's.

“He's dying?” L stopped himself from growling.

“No you idiot. He's exhausted.” Nekura huffed a bit.

“He's dying I think. But why, this does not make much sense.” L put his hand to Light's chest and felt the heart beat. It was faster than normal. In fact it felt more like a...

“Someone call an ambulance!”





L paced the lobby. He never paced. As long as Watari had known L, he had never seen the detective pace before, nor has he ever seen him this anxious. L did not give a reason or explanation as to why they had to call the ambulance but the look on L's face told Watari everything. Light was not in good health. He had not been in good health for quite some time, but this was worse. It affected L greatly and the detective actually refused the slice of cake Light's father had gotten him from the hospital cafeteria. The denial of the sweet, slightly sugary cake made Watari and the rest of the investigation team worry. It was very unlike L to deny and type of sugar or cake and very unlike him to stress over such things as someone falling ill. It seemed that Light had this affect on the detective.

No nurse or doctor came out of the OR since Light was brought in and that was over four hours ago and it was driving L crazy. He was on the verge of going into the room and demand an explanation when Light's younger sister Sayu came bounding through the hospital doors demanding to see her older brother. That caught the attention of some nurses and they got to gathering the information for the girl as quickly as they possibly could. She smiled up at L as if saying 'Your welcome' for lowering his anxiety. After another hour, a doctor emerged from the OR with a clip board in his hand. Behind him, Light was being taken out of the room and taken down the hall to one of the many rooms that were sometimes occupied by patients or no one at all. L felt the urge to go follow the rolling bed but could not for Soichiro had placed an hand on his shoulder, stopping him from going after Light. At that moment he realized that the doctor had stopped in front of him but had not addressed him or any one else the knew the gifted boy.

“Well, it seems that you were right. He was having a heart attack when he collapsed in your arms. What I find interesting is that he is physically fit and has been since he was a child. Nothing is wrong with him. Of course I called the usual doctor to take a look at his current brain scans that we have just taken and she found that there was no signs of stress or mental strain of any kind. Sadly, he fits the MO of the other victims of Kira except that he is not a criminal. I'm sorry for saying that so please forgive me, but it is truth. I am surprised that he survived it; then again, considering his ability, I am not entirely surprised. He will be in room 491 after his evaluation from the other doctor.” L just nodded while everyone else gave their thanks. Watari approached him, but L moved away towards one of the chairs. He jumped up on it and sat in his usual way with him biting his thumb in thought.

'Kira targeted Light for no reason. No. There has to be a reason. This just narrows it down to the kids that know him best. From what I can gather, there is only one other person that hates Light but does not openly show it. Well, I guess all that time I spent asking Light about his classmates is finally paying off. From what Light said, Aiko Ayame has some kind of grudge against him but Light cannot figure out why. If Kira is indeed a student, then we just narrowed it down to one person. I just need the proof.' L got off the chair and walked outside, he needed some air.





On the other side of town, some blocks away from Light's house, Aiko stood by his open window and waited to hear the screeching of tires coming from around the corner; but there was not a sound. In fact, even Ryuk was silent. Wait...Ryuk was silent. Aiko turned around to see the shinigami gone. He was no where to be seen in the room and Aiko doubted that the shinigami was the type to play tricks. Ryuk was not that bored. Shrugging his shoulders, Aiko went back to staring out his window. He was about Light's height but a little taller. He was slightly tanned with dark, rich brown hair to contrast with it somewhat. His eyes were a dark shade of brown and his bone structure exemplified grace and stealth. He normally wore a slightly loose fitting shirt and a pair of black, slightly baggy black pants with chains hanging from one side. He also always wore a pair of black combat boots or a pair of black work boots. His whole attire was mostly accompanied with a black leather, spiked collar around his neck with a dog tag that read 'Aiko Ai'.

He did not know if Ryuk returned or not, but Aiko stayed by the open window to be sure that he was correct in thinking that Light did not die. He was also sure there was something not normal about his crush. In order for him to find out, he would have to step out of the shadows and talk to the one person he held an attraction for since the beginning of grade school. Aiko smiled at the idea. He would finally be talking to the one person he would always love.

It's funny how history always repeats itself...sort of.




Alright. The end of chapter 4 and time to go to bed since it is 2:17 sunday morning...-_-; Anyway, I hope you like it and I hope you read the author note at the beginning of the chapter to clear up any misunderstandings about how Light will reach the final level. In case you were wondering, Aiko's dog tag does read Aiko Love. Thank you for reading and making this story a hit. Oh, and please review.

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