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A/N: I finally got the Death Note novel and I am currently reading it. I am starting to love BB the more I read it so he might make an appearance soon but not this chapter though. I realize chapter 6 wasn't all that great but I needed a filler chapter of nothingness before I get down to the point. I rushed through most of this because there is not much Light can do when under the watchful eye of L. Events with the investigation and the task force were not interesting enough to be written down. So, yeah I edited my chapters a lot. Starting with this chapter and future chapters, there will be no editing so everything will be raw. With the exception of spelling errors and additions to the chapter of course. The story will slow down only a little bit but will maintain a certain pace through out. Now on with the story.

Chapter 7 Meeting Naomi Misora

L's phone rang from the bedside table. He grabbed it quickly before it could wake Light up. It was five o'clock in the morning and Light would not wake up for another hour. L just enjoyed holding him while he slept. After he silenced the phone he saw that it was Watari and answered it promptly whispering.

“Yes Watari?”

“Miss Naomi Misora had arrived at the police headquarters with some useful information. She only wants to speak with you.” L smiled slightly. He knew she would eventually find something.

“Please bring her here Watari. I would like to speak to her in person.”

“Yes sir.” The phone clicked off and L put it back on the table. He placed his arms around Light once more and continued to watch the young Yagami sleep. It was slightly sad that Light had to go back to school. L would miss him.


Naomi sat in the black Rolls Royce as she was taken to where L was currently staying. She was surprised that she was able to see him. Gosh, she was more surprised by that fact that she attracted his attention. Naomi was expecting the police to laugh at her and have her escorted out of the building. She was lucky that one of the remaining investigators and Watari were there when she requested to talk to someone from the task force. The car came to a gentle halt that Naomi barely felt. She got out of the car and gazed at the hotel and sighed. 'Somethings never change'

“Miss Misora, please hurry”

“Oh...uh yes of course” She promptly followed Watari into the hotel where L waited for her.


Light was finishing a cup of coffee when there was a knock on the hotel room door. He tilted his head to one side as L unlocked the door and made his way towards Light.

“You may come in, the door in unlocked.” the door opened to reveal Watari and a strange looking woman next to him. The old man walked into the room first and allowed Naomi to get herself situated. Once she was seated across from L and Light, Watari whispered something to the couple before leaving.

“It is nice to see you again Miss Misora. Might I introduce to you Light Yagami who has been helping with the investigation so far. He is one of the members of the task force so please do not have any doubts.” Naomi starred at Light for a short while before turning her gaze back to L who was currently stealing small chunks of Raito's pancakes.

“L, don't take this the wrong way but...he is only a mere kid. Probably a senior in high school at best. I do doubt that he is with the task force and I doubt he is helping with this investigation at all. I know you L, you are probably holding him here until you rid yourself of the suspicion that he is or helping Kira.” L set a dead gaze at Naomi. She felt a strong shiver run down her spin as she felt that she somehow insulted the detective.

“I assure you Naomi that is not the entire case. Besides, the percentage of his being involved has dropped considerably. Now, you have some information that might help?” L became suddenly interested in the reason why Naomi was there in the first place. She looked at Light who finished half the stack of pancakes on the plate in front of him. He left four and began cutting them into smaller pieces before putting down the knife and fork. He then picked up the syrup and poured and unhealthy amount on the pancake pieces and put the syrup bottle down. She watched as he got up and whispered something in L's ear before kissing him softly on the cheek and leaving the room. She heard him give a good bye to L and the hotel room door opening and closing. “He would have wished to be here to hear what you have to say but he has to get to school.” Naomi smiled at this.

“No problem. I apologize if I offended you before.”

“No worries. Now, what have you found?”


Light was not looking forward to going to school, but it had to be done. He did not want anyone to believe that his 'boyfriend' was stealing him away. As he crossed paths with some of his fellow students, Light did not run into least not yet.

“Excuse me” Light turned around to see blond hair and blue eyes. Behind said person was a white shinigami with purple hair and one eye covered with some wort of bandage. Light looked down to notice that the person the shinigami was attached to was a young girl...a familiar young girl.

“Can I help you?” Light felt ridiculous just standing there in the school yard with the possibility that every eye was on him. Watching him.

“You may find this weird have this time clock above your head and its not moving....” Light's heart stopped. He stared at the girl for a long while as he tried to figure out if she was the one who tried to kill him not too long ago. He looked up to the shinigami behind her and noticed that the thing was staring back at him in slight curiosity.

“Do you believe in Kira?” That seemed to bring the shinigami's curiosity to another level.

“Yes! Of course I do! I have been trying to find him for weeks but I can't find him anywhere. Gosh, I'm just glad you don't think I'm weird.” Light sighed.

“What's your name?”

“Don't answer.” The shinigami almost startled Light if he had not been paying attention.

“I'm just asking out of curiosity. There's no need to get offended.” The shinigami stared at Light in shock as the girl next to it bounced up and down on the balls of her feet.

“I'm Misa Amane and this is Rem. Nice to meet you....” The bell rang and Light panicked as he he dashed along with the other students into the building. “ Why did he leave?”

“I believe he is late for class Misa.”

“Let's wait for him!”


There was so much to think about in one day that L actually resorted to pacing again, a habit Misora was not used to. She sat in her chair feeling uneasy as the detective went back and forth to the window and back to the small coffee table. She had never seen him in such distress before and it made her coming all that more meaningful. She had provided useful information that had gotten L to think steps ahead of Kira and plan his capture. When Naomi began telling L that Kira could kill in different ways, he was skeptical until she began to tell of her own investigation into the matter after her fiancée died. L apologized several times during her explanation and she gladly told him that Raye had died doing his job. When she mentioned the bus jacking L had to stop her. He had not known about that and the fact that the head of the police forces son was on that bus intrigued him more. Something he could ask the boy once L saw him again.

Naomi told L the actions of the bus jacker before he died and L agreed that no one person could go insane in a split second during a vehicle jacking of any kind. That left the theory that Kira could kill in other ways and it was half proven. L went through accident reports in prisons around the world and more specifically in japan and found that most of the accidents were unexplained. At this moment, L had sat back down again in his unusual way and looked across to Naomi. She was sitting with her back straight and hands on her knees, clenched. Her entire body posture was tense as she was not looking at L but looking down into her lap and lost in her own thoughts. L brought his thumb to his mouth and gently bit down. Then his cell phone rang. Naomi nearly jumped out of her skin as L calmly took the screeching phone from his pocket. He made a mental note to keep it with him at all times to keep Light from changing the ring tone. He flipped the phone open.

“Yes” Naomi watched L carefully despite her heart beat going a million miles per hour. “I understand. Thank you.” L flipped the phone closed and stared off to the side.

“Naomi,” L never called her by her first name, so she payed close attention. “I need you to go straight to where you are staying and stay there until I call you. We have a bit of a situation.”


Light sat through his classes like nothing had never happened. He ignored Aiko the whole day finding that the boy could not stop looking at him. He avoided Aiko at lunch and hid out in the library to avoid an increasingly annoying blond that seemed to find him interesting. At the moment, Light was in the back racks reading one of Shakespeare's many plays waiting for the bell to ring. He did not hear them approach nor did he see them, but when he felt their presence he was glad they were in the aisle on the other side of the bookshelf he was staring at. He listened closely to the conversation as he easily recognized Aiko's voice and the voice of the annoying blond girl.

“Why are you following me and why are you following Light?” The girl giggled and Light could see her bouncing on the balls of her feet again.

“Light is interesting. He has no time clock. Well, he does but its not running. It's stopped in still! Isn't that cool?! Anyway, I thought he was Kira until I saw you. Did you know that the owner of a death note who has the shinigami eyes cannot see the lifespan of another death note owner? That's why I'm following you! Misa Misa wants to help Kira in anyway she can!” Light grimaced at the girls loudness. The librarian was sure to hear her.

“I see. So you have a death note. Thank you for the information on Light. I was wondering why I couldn't kill him a few days ago.” Light bit his lip to keep from gasping. L was right. “It seems he has some sort of gift. He might be useful.”

“Would you like Misa Misa to try and get him on our side? I could try. It's hard for anyone to resist Misa!” Light heard Aiko snickered and gagged in disgust. “On one condition though: you have to be Misa Misa's boyfriend.” Light had to clasp his hand over his mouth this time. He bit through the skin on his lip and he nearly gasped in pain.

“That sounds reasonable enough” Light heard a raspy chuckling noise and deciphered it to be Ryuuk laughing. Then he heard Rem speak.

“If anything happens to Misa, Aiko Ayame, I will kill you” Light felt the air tense and heard Ryuuk laugh even harder. Light felt his heart beat speed up as the group left the aisle and went towards the library entrance. Light took his phone out and hastily punched in L's cell number and hit send. The phone rang before he heard L's emotionless voice on the other end.



If L were to find out what Light was doing at the subway, he would kill the brunette. Light was riding the same train that Raye Penber had been riding the day he died. If the FBI agent died In such a terrifying way, then he would still be at the stop he got off at before he died. The train was not that packed but realistically wise, the train was almost empty. Light had carefully looked at every ghost that stood or sat in the train and saw that none of them matched the picture of Raye Penber that Light held in his hand. His phone rang. Light took the phone out of his pocket and looked at the number displayed on the screen before hitting the 'end' button. It was L. Light had been avoiding the older man's calls all day and he knew that would have L worried, but Light had to do this. It was important that Light spoke to Raye and confirm that Aiko was indeed the real Kira and not just a stand in or some tool. Even though the other boys conversation with Misa kept playing in his head, Light just could not believe that Aiko could be Kira. 'Why do I care?' Light kept asking that question but he also wanted Raye to tag along with him. If he heard and read correctly, Naomi Misora was the man's fiancée.

The train slowly ground to a halt before the doors slid open. Light stepped out and looked around the station. Things looked ordinary and not out of place until...sitting on one of the many benches that station provided for those waiting for their train, was Raye Penber. Light walked over to the seating area and sat next to the man. He saw Raye turn and look at him for a moment before watching the train close its doors and speed off down the tunnel. There wasn't many people around so Light just talked freely but in a control low whisper so that it would look like that his lips were not moving.

“So, who killed you?” Light was chuckling to himself in his head. What a way to start conversation. Raye regarded him for a second before looking ahead again.

“Aiko Ayame.” His response was short and simple.

“Can you explain to me what happened?”


L tried for the umpteenth time to get a hold of Light but the boy was not answering his phone and it was driving L crazy. L tried one more time and this time Light answered.

“Why the hell have you been ignoring my calls?!?” L was furious and he did not care that Light's father was in the room with him. Light's father gave him a stern look but L ignored it completely. At the moment, he was furious with Light.

“I had something to take care of.”

“ you have any idea how much anxiety you put me through?! After you called me this afternoon I have been worried. What the hell have you been up to that required you to ignore calls?!” The line was silent was a bit and L thought light had hung up on him before the boy answered.

“I found Raye Penber. He confirmed that Aiko Ayame is Kira. He even confirmed that it was Aiko that killed him. Well, it's useless information since it came from a spirit.” It was L's turn to be silent. Then...

“Light, you went after someone who had been killed by Kira? There were reports that there had been criminals dying of heart attacks in that area! Something could have gone wrong and...”

“You're forgetting about Nekura.” L sighed. He had forgotten about the ever present spirit that protected Light like a guard dog.

“He can't protect you forever Light. Somethings gotta give sooner or later.”

“Why does it matter to you? We're not actually dating.” L noted the hurt in Light's voice and the pain that shot through his own heart at the very sound of Light's sad voice.

“I have been meaning to talk to you about that.”

“Have you?” Light sounded angry now.

“Yes. Just get back here please.” L heard a defeated sigh from the other line.

“Okay.” L let out his own sigh as he relaxed. He saw the elder Yagami relax as well.

“I'll see you in a few love”


Sorry, I realized that I did not load the whole chapter before soo here's the rest. I feel like a complete and utter special smoof.

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