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[[smoof]], {{spoof}}, or ((special)): means ghosts that are not Nekura are talking to Light or to each other, etc...
{smoof}: brackets and bold mean Nekura is talking
(smoof): parentheses and italics means Light is talking in spirit form.

Chapter V Recovery and Antics

Light felt incredible pain. From his muscles to his tendons and even his bones were in utter pain. He had never felt anything like this before and wished to not feel it again. The next thing he noticed was that he could not hear anything nor could he open his eyes. Light wondered whether he was still at the hotel with L or he was at the hospital. Light tried to take a deep breath but ended up finding his vocals as he screamed in pain. Every sense was filled by the awful pain and Light could barely stay conscious. The next thing Light knew he was sitting in darkness. Plain, foreboding darkness. It scared Light. He got up and wondered the darkness, listening to echoing voices of becoming God and earning recognition from someone. The more Light wondered, the more he realized that the person talking was Aiko and the person he wanted to earn recognition from was Light himself. The darkness did not have any light spots or breaks in it. There was straight blackness throughout, leaving Light to keep wondering blindly.

“Why can't he love me.....” An echoing whisper from Aiko stopped Light in his tracks. Those five words echoed for sometime before fading into nothingness letting silence reign. For the second time, Light realized that he was somehow in Aiko's mind and...dare he think it...Aiko's heart. Then there was shaking.

“Light...Light....Light.................LIGHT!” Light's eyes snapped open to a brightly lit room. Everything was blurry as green figures danced and dashed to and from his line of vision. Someone was still shouting his name but he assumed no one was looking at him.

“DOCTOR!” Light assumed he was in the hospital and that a nurse just shrieked for the doctor.

“How is that possible!? No human being could have something like that! Get his usual doctor in here! He needs to explain this!” Light knew that this was not the usual doctor that took care of him. He could tell by the way the man acted, probably at the sight of Light's pale yellow eyes. It also became obvious that the man was not calling for him but for the small light that they flash in a persons eyes to see if they dilate properly or not.

“She will not explain anything to you....” Light could barely speak above a whisper but it seemed everyone heard him.

“How are you feeling Mr. Yagami? You gave everyone quite a scare a few minutes ago with that scream of yours.” Light's vision turned to black and white and saw that there were other people in the room. Most of them surrounded the doctor. His eyes scanned the rest of the room. A nurse that was standing by the heart monitor had two young children standing next to her. Both looked like twins and bore a striking similarity to her. Light looked into the nurses' eyes and saw her wince, he paid no mind to it. He saw sadness in her eyes and fear as well as she glanced at the doctor who was waiting for him to answer.

“.....” No answer. He had turned his near white gaze to the doctor and gave no answer; he just stared.

“Are you feeling any pain? You must have been in great pain earlier.” Light was not paying attention to the man. One of the ghosts next to him was mumbling something to the rest.

[[What a lier. If the boy was in bigger trouble, he would not bother with him.]]

((True. He's lucky the kid has nothing to hard for him to handle. Maybe that's why he cares so much.))

{{Hey, I know that kid. He's the police chief's son.}}

[[Really? My, what a small world.]]

((What is he doing here?)) Light concentrated on the three that were talking and was able to slightly step out of his body. 'Damn, she already placed a barrier...'

(Someone just tried to give me a heart attack. What happened to you all?) They all stared at him for a moment before answering in unison.

[[Negligence]] Light flinched at the echo they created which drew the attention of the neglectful doctor.

“Light, are you feeling pain?” The doctor made a move towards him but Light stopped him with an icy glare.

“I don't trust you. Where's Dr. Kurami?” The doctor froze and nearly shook with anger.

“I am your doctor. If you have any concerns please...”

“Dr. Nasaki, I believe you are done here. Light Yagami is my patient and I plan on taking care of him. Under any kind of circumstance he is assigned to be under my care. Since you fail to see that and insist that this is your hospital and things need to be done your way, I have sent a report to your superiors about all the 'accidental deaths that have happened in your care. Don't worry, there has been a full investigation of all the cases in which the evidence points to your neglect of the patient. You should be getting a call from the board soon, so I suggest you leave this to me.” Light smiled slightly along with the nurse that had the twin children next to her. He felt the room go little warmer all of a sudden. Dr. Nasaki huffed before stomping out of the room. “That should take care of him. Now Light, tell me what happened...”





Aiko had been wondering around school all day, looking for Light. He knew that Light had somehow resisted the power of the Death Note and wanted to see for himself if it was true. The more he looked for Light, the more he knew that Light was not in school at all. Until he passed by a group of junior girls.

“Did you hear?”

“What? About the new kid?”

“We have a new kid?”

“I'm talking about him and Light. Light is in the hospital and it seems that this new kid knows him because he was the one who told one of the teachers. I here he's going to all of Light's teachers and getting his homework and classwork. Oh and get this, he has every class with Light as well.” The other girls gasp and one of them giggled.

“Is he cute?” The one that giggled asked and Aiko was on the verge of leaving but he held that urge back.

“Yup! Ultra cute! He's kinda weird though, but still really cute! But I think he might be taken though...”

“What!?” The other girls stared at her with watery eyes while Aiko listened more intently.

“Yeah. I think he might be going out with Light.” The girls started crying. They knew Light did not find interest in girls but they wanted to get a chance to flirt with the cute new kid.

"What makes you say that?” Aiko asked as he stepped towards the group of girls. They all blushed when they looked him up and down.

“Well...when he was leaving the classroom to go home, his phone rang and I happened to be by him and saw Light's name displayed on the screen before he answered it. When he picked it up he said 'Hi love' as if he were talking to a lover. At the moment it was incredibly adorable!” The other girls giggled and nodded their head in agreement. One of them almost shouted 'Kawai!' during the explanation.

“Hm...interesting. Oh, if you excuse me I think I need to be going. See you guys later.” As he walked away he heard them squeal in glee. Aiko was far from happy though. He was the only one who was supposed to love Light. No one else! Aiko was furious. He wanted to meet this new kid and kill him. Light was his! Then Aiko bumped into someone.

“Oops. Sorry for that. I should be paying attention to where I was going.” The voice was unfamiliar to Aiko so he turned to the source of it. There stood the new kid.

“No problem. I wasn't paying attention either. You're new here right? I'm Aiko Ayame.” Aiko faked friendliness. He needed the boys name.

“Yes. I am Ryuuga Hideki.” Aiko stared at the boy. He seemed to have never ending black eyes.

“Nice to meet you Ryuuga. Hey, I have to get going so I'll probably see you tomorrow.”

“Do you not want to know how Light is doing?” That stopped Aiko dead in his tracks. “Everyone but you have asked about him. I thought you would since you seem to give him so much of your attention.” Aiko turned to look at L. He stared back emotionlessly as if talking about Light was not a big deal.

“I simply assumed that he is sick. I was on my way to see him at...”

“Let me share with you a little secret.” Aiko turned fully to L, paying close attention to what his fellow classmate was saying. “I am L” Aiko's heart beat stopped. All of a sudden, it became harder to breathe and focus on his surroundings. “I also want you to know that I now suspect that you are Kira and you tried to kill Light yesterday. Your apparent uncaring attitude to Light not being here proves so much. I say your at twelve percent.” Aiko pushed down his rage. “I already notified the task force and Light that if I die within the week, they are to assume that you are Kira. Have a great day Aiko” L walked away and out the school's doors, leaving Aiko still standing in the hall shaking in rage.

“Damn you”





Light had already been released from the hospital but his usual doctor demanded that she had complete access to him 24/7. Francesca Kurami was half French and half Japanese. She was also a Wiccan and helped heal Light whenever she could. She was not liked amongst most doctors for her unconventional ways of caring for her patients but other doctors, including the board, commended her for her outstanding concern for the patients that were under her care. No one had even died in her care before while other careless doctors like Ayo Nasaki, cared less about their patients and collected the insurance money. When Dr. Kurami made the suggestion, L did not hesitate to allow her free roam of the hotel building, only if she did not disclose the location to anyone and allowed Watari to pick her up from time to time (which means every single time she visited) and have him take her home.

The hotel switches began and became more frequent as time went by on the case. L had told Light what he had done and even though the young paranormalist did not approve, there was nothing he could say or do to stop L. So he sat by the window, watching the sun go down as the task force and L talked about the Kira case and the new evidence that surfaced. L had already told them of his suspicion about Aiko Ayame. This theory struck a wrong cord in chief Yagami as he objected, quite plainly, that there was no way that the head of the police force had a son that was a mass murderer. L did not know that Aiko that much connection in the police force to begin with and the percentage went up from twelve percent to thirty percent as criminals that had not been aired on television but were logged onto the main database of the police headquarters, were killed and being killed for the past few weeks.

Light had not gone back to school. He feared Aiko and did not wish to even look in his direction. Ever since Light had gotten a glimpse at what Aiko's mind and heart looked like, he had no problem agreeing to L's theory and shocking his father. Light had seen something that no one else would ever believe he had the ability to. Very few people in his family that had the 'gift' acquired this ability. His grandmother being one of the few and Light now becoming one of them. Nothing else happened between Light and L since that kiss weeks ago when Light had shown L some of what he could do. This made Light fall into depression which he hid well from the others. He had been right about L being the one to 'take' him in the end but Light was beginning to wonder whether or not he would face the same fate as his grandmother and be raped by Aiko Ayame. He knew that it would happen. Light hadn't talked to Nekura either, figuring out why his grandmother was raped in the first place. Nekura did not care and the time, and Light's grandfather saw the opportunity.

Nekura knew Light was angry at him and let him be. Light was much like his grandmother, stubborn as hell but cannot go without talking to someone they like for a long period of time. So, during their silent time, Nekura had studied what was going on between Light and L. Light was beginning to think that L did not love him but Nekura knew better. Not everything was being replicated from the past. L was obsessed with the Kira case now for a very different reason, Light. After the youth had been hospitalized, L had gone for a short walk through the hospital parking lot and made a vow to bring Kira to justice, not only for the world, but for Light. Nekura tried to explain it to Light but the boy refused to talk to him.

(Nekura?) Nekura was silent for a bit. Not knowing if it was really Light calling out to him, before giving a reply.

{Yes?} There was silence for a while. Nekura knew that Light was trying to figure out how to say something.

(I'm sorry) Nekura went to Light's side. He knew the younger boy could see through the glasses reflection. He gave Light a reassuring smile.

{It is alright. No harm done. I loved your grandmother but I was not best for her. I never was. Your grandfather killed me once and a made a devil's deal to become a vampire with a soul. I was a fool to think that she was not going to notice. She still loved me anyways though. I still do not understand why...after I almost killed her by accident, I left. A few weeks later I get a letter from your great uncle saying that she had been raped and that she was pregnant. I could not face her for I knew that if I had not left, she would be fine. Then again, I should not have made that deal...oh well. Watari was investigating the crimes I were committing in France, Spain, and London. He eventually caught me and I was sentenced to death. They knew what I was and removed my head and heart from my body. They burned everything and scattered my ashes to make sure I do not come back. Unfortunately, the deal took affect and I was cursed to roam the earth without even reaching purgatory. Now here I am. Trying to right things and help you but my knowledge is still limited and I don't think I'll be of much help sometimes.} He heard Light sigh softly and turn from the window. Nekura had to stop himself from laughing in glee. It had been a long time since he seen a smile cross Light's face.

(I understand. Thank you for telling me the truth.)Light looked towards L for the umpteenth time that day.

{He's doing this for you. He's obsessed with the case because you nearly lost your life to that scumbag Kira. He's doing more than I ever had done for your grandmother.} He heard another sigh.

(I wish he could kiss me again...) Nekura snickered.

{Be careful what you wish for Light.} Nekura tried to hold down his laughter at the sight of Light nearly turning beat red and his eyes widening beyond human capacity.


{I was kidding! Man you should have seen your face!}

(I rather not)

{Your loss. Hahahahahaha!} Light sighed and looked back out the window. He did not expect to see L's reflection in the glass.

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