Death Note Requiem

BY : Dare
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Epilogue - Secret Meeting

Somewhere near the Kira task force headquarters a secret meeting is taking place that will decide the fates of 4 people.

“I think that we all agree that the matter of the Death Note has gotten out of hand,” said Count Vincent. He was sitting in a high backed chair surrounded by 5 others. Each had power, influence, and a lineage that stretched back through the years.

Count Vincent Lao was a wealthy owner of many businesses and like the others, he owned stock in Yotsuba group. He rarely made appearances at the company, but exercised his right as a stockholder whenever the company needed to be steered in a more beneficial direction. Beside him was Lord Gen who was made immortal back during the times of Genghis Kahn and was probably all that remained of the great bloodline. He and his offspring also controlled Yotsuba from behind the scenes, along with the Bezei family. Who had the least stock in Yotsuba but kept an equal amount of power over the corporation. The house of Dracul owned the most stock in Yotsuba and was the oldest and proudest of all the houses. Beside them sat Lord Ren and Lord Arman both kings of their own houses by right. These were men that were immune to all laws but their own. Even the Gods of Death long ago turned a blind eye to their existence.

Each controlled the world in which they lived away from even L's prying eyes. Yet they all had a reason to fear now that a new Death Note had arrived on earth.

“Yes a human bearer of a Death Note has arisen again. " said Lord Armand. He was over 100 years old and a lot younger than the rest, but still well respected. The six men in the room all nodded in agreement and sipped crimson glasses of what looked like wine. “This new bearer is bold he’s even had the courage to appear right under our noses,” said Lord Dracul looking into the crimson liquid in his glass.

“Not necessarily,” said Count Bezei. He had emptied his own glass and was now being served anew. “ This bearer could be completely ignorant of us and just may have picked Yotsuba group at random.”

“Then he’s a fool” said Count Gen . “ Eventually he would have crossed us , but this just made things move quicker.” he said and emptied his glass.

Count Lao was getting a refill on his own glass when he spoke up. ” Then he provoked us completely by accident? Or has he just gotten so powerful amongst humans that he has ceased to care?” he said swirling the liquid in his newly filled glass.

“No, this bearer is unique,” said Count Dracul . “ He has even began to call himself ‘Kira’. I think that it would be unwise to let this matter be solved by the police.” “You’re right,” said Count Arman “I just received word that the police will no longer be pursuing Kira.” “What!” said Count Dracul. “That’s preposterous who is in charge. I’ll have this decision overturned immediately !”

“Wait there’s more,” said Count Arman.

“I also received word that L is continuing to investigate the case on his own. Maybe if we do anything it should be through him. As you all know he is a product of our own making, and he is of age, the timing is perfect.” Count Gen looked on shocked. “You are a man of your years Arman”. said Count Gen “Why not help the young prodigy, especially if the police have proven hopelessly inadequate.” he said taking one gulp from his glass.

Count Dracul rose slowly from his seat. “So we have this decision to make once more.” He said with a smile that showed perfect white fangs that showed none of their age. Do we allow a human to keep this power or do we intervene?"

“We intervene, and we give both Kira’s the full penalty of death.” they all said.

From that point on the war between Kira and L would never be the same.

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