Death Note Requiem

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“From The Vampyricon The Ancient Lawbook of the Undead”

The first full moon of the year begins the time of young Vampyres to court. All young vampyres from ages 11-21 are to participate.

If two Vampyres are in love then they must be linked together by blood may no man or beast put them apart.

If a Vampyre is in love with a human, and decides to pursue the human in question, their lineage must be erased.

Chapter 2 - Say Goodbye to Babylon

Decadence Lao was the seventh daughter of the Vampire Vincent Lao, and though she was now just Decadence the privileges that came with the position were still upon her. She would go to Japan and pursue L. She knew the consequences if he rejected her, but her heart burned for him. She also knew the danger. There was the possibility of death at the hands of Kira, but she would risk it. Vampires were immune to the affects of the Death Note, but it was said that this bearer was cleaver and could maneuver things in his favor if need be.

Then there were the letters, letters from countless suitors who wanted her, but none of them had L’s bravery. They merely wanted to own her, and use her to climb the scales of her parents household.

Decadence shuddered at the thought of living out the rest of her life as someone’s trophy wife and quickly pushed the thought aside. Around her the servants somberly packed her belongings. Camisoles and other lingerie were being packed carefully away in large crates. Without her fathers protection, and with the emerging war between Kira and the undead. She would go into the heart of things and fight for her kind. Decadence was deep in thought when one of her most loyal servants came up to her and announced that she had a visitor. She knew all too well who it was.

Rio Dracul was one of many suitors who had made his intentions known to her the minute she came of age. He strode confidently to the door and ordered her servants to leave. In the room alone Decadence held her ground defiantly.

Rio glanced casually about the partially packed room as he advanced on her. “So it’s true” he said his grey eyes flashing with rage. “You’ve decided to pursue a worthless human instead of marrying me.” Rio was going through the box that contained her lingerie and taking time to examine each piece he picked up. The actions of a husband not a man who wanted something he couldn’t have. Decadence was shocked and advanced on him, frustrated at his arrogance. She grabbed the garment from his hand and he grabbed her arm roughly pushing her to the floor. She pushed back, but he climbed on top of her and held her fast pinning her arms to the floor.

Rio gave the command and at his word one of his servants came forward and held her hands while he explored her. Soft breasts firm supple legs, warm lurid blood flowing just beneath flawless skin.
Decadence struggled as he went beneath her skirt and tugged at her panties. She fought him until another one of his servants came at the bidding of his master. He held her ankles tight while Rio claimed his prize pulling her underwear free of her ankles and admiring his prize. “Nice “ he said pressing her panties to one pale cheek, “They smell sweet and tender just like you.” He walked over to the door of the room and closed it .

Decadence was still struggling against the men holding her to the floor when Rio motioned for her thighs to be opened wide. Tucking her underwear into the pocket of his suit he knelt between her spread thighs breathing in the smell of her sex.
Decadence was a virgin, but she was quite sure that Rio was not, and he proved her right. Opening her thigh’s even further and thrust his pink tongue into her vaginal warmth. Decadence recoiled and shuddered at the feeling of his tongue exploring her. He went down to the sealed core of her and gently probed her cherry with his tongue then up towards the clitoris swirling it around his tongue till it couldn’t help but swell with his efforts. When he poked at the delicate membrane of her chastity again Decadence couldn’t hide her arousal. A moan escaped from her lips and thoughts of L raced through her mind . Finally ecstasy took over and arching her back she came in one long passionate gasp . Rio lifted his head and biting his wrist, opened a vein on his arm . Now Decadence resisted in earnest, but the climax of their moment had left her weak and he forced the blood past her lips easily . Sweet warm liquid coursed down her throat easily as she drank, and the orgasm deepened . Spreading through her body in magnetic waves radiated outward from her chest and ended in her fingers and toes. At the door her servants called for her, but Rio held her and commanded her to drink.

Tears welled up in her eyes. She had to be with L Rio was an arrogant monarch who only wanted her body not her mind. Suddenly she turned her head away, gasping for air. Rio fought again for control over her, but it was already too late. She had drank her fill and was now resisting with renewed strength. She loved L and not even Rio would keep them apart. Her servants were at the door awaiting her word and when she gave it they rushed in. Rio’s servants released her and fought to protect their lord, but were overpowered and forced from the room. Finally she stood, and shaking off the after affects of the orgasm stood up to face Rio once more.

“Get out !” she roared with so much intensity that it made the servants jump. Rio looked at her, he knew she was serious and he had made his point but it was not in him to back down. So he advanced on her again and this time she swung and made hard contact with his jaw. Rio staggered back and behind him several servants scampered off in search of Lord Vincent. “You can’t be serious,” he said wiping away the blood flowing from his jaw. “GET OUT!” Decadence roared again and this time the message hit home. Even after giving her pleasure he was rejected, and his rage flared . “You’ll never be happy with him! I’ll see to it that he dies before I let him join with you!” he growled back his agitation growing with every word. Even in her rage Decadence couldn’t help but be shocked. Now he stood in opposition to all the families. The decision was made to honor the Lawliet lineage and Rio had put himself in the way of that . Threatening the life of the main one who was born of history itself. Rio made another grab for her but this time he was restrained by 2 new slaves, Vincent Lao walked into the room and the servants that remained bowed to him in respect. His daughter was still standing and staring at Rio and Vincent knew the lines had been drawn.

This would be a year of courtship to remember.

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