Death Note Requiem

BY : Dare
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To: Count Dracul
From: Your loyal Servant Ruthay

At your request my Lord I have transcribed the complete rules of the Vampyricon into a more modern and useful format to give to the Lord Count Vincent in response to the unfortunate actions of your son. A sample of it is listed below.

From the Vampyricon The Ancient Lawbook of the Undead

There are four types of Vampyre: Lords, Knights, Slaves and Offspring.

Lords and Knights are immune to the rays of the sun slaves are not.

If a human is bitten by a Knight, and completely drained of blood, they become a slave only after ingesting the knights blood. Afterwards all human memories will be lost.

Slaves may be used by the Master Vampyre and his offspring as seen fit.

If a knight mates with a human be it for or against their masters wishes then the resulting offspring is considered a changeling.

End Sample

I hope this meets the wishes of my Master and that the Lord Vincent and the Lady Decadence will be pleased with the result.

Your loyal servant


Master and Servant

In the safety of her room Decadence was dreaming.

In a moonlit lake she floated naked the cold air caressing her pale skin . It was a night where one could conjure almost anything if they thought hard enough, and Decadence was full of longing. The water lapped over her naked breast and the nipples stood erect. Catching on the silken night air as it bore her across the glassy lake. She was aware of something below something that moved with purpose and grace beneath the light waves. Suddenly strong hands entwined themselves around her waist pulling her through the surface tension of the water in one smooth motion. She sank deep into the darkened lake, but was unafraid. Strong hands encircled her ankles, encircled her thighs, they felt her nakedness and caressed. Making the empty space around her warm with her arousal. The hands gently parted her thighs and found the place where she was her most sensitive. One hand parted the delicate folds of her while the other stroked sending waves of passion from her belly to her fully erect nipples. She arched her back, her passion was reaching it's peak, she felt the muscles of her legs tensing. Then...

Then all was light and sound. She was in her room curtains drawn to keep out the intruding sun and cold. The bedclothes were drenched with sweat and when she opened the curtains of her canopy bed she found Mel, her most loyal servant to be asleep still in the chair in the corner of her room. She stepped naked from her bed and wrapped herself in her robe.

Walking to the windows she flung the curtains wide and looked out upon Japan. The gardener was working below and did a double take, viewing her lightly clad form. Decadence looked back and their eyes met. Her will was strong and she knew that she could have the gardener in her bed within minutes if she wanted, but she longed for sex with L not casual sex with strangers. Instead she broke her spell by looking away and stepped back inside. Her thighs were still wet from her dream and in the bathroom she soaked in a hot bath that a newly awakened Mel had run for her. She was lonely, but she knew that tonight was hers. Soon she would meet L. All the research she did and the scrapbooks she kept of his cases would pale in comparison to the real thing and as she stepped from the tub her spirits rose. Tonight L would be unmasked and the process of seduction would begin.

ďOh! Oh, Yes My Lord !ď Cynthia was under Rio writhing in pleasure as he drove his throbbing organ into her. He had learned the mechanics of sex at a young age from his father and in his want for Decadence he was using all he learned on Cynthia his fathers slave. The humiliation of being thrown from the Lao family house had left him reeling. He was ready to take Decadence by force if need be. He wanted her beneath him begging and pleading for his engorged manhood to penetrate her and free her from the bonds of her virginity, but it was not to be. He had been thrown out Decadence had been sent away, and in the end he was stuck with Cynthia.

She was a blond that had been born into the family by two of his fathers slaves 14 years ago, and was a virgin until today, when she came in to Rio. Her virginity had become his and at her climax Rio bit deep into her jugular vein and released the sweetened essence that was her blood, made even sweeter by her purity, and drugged heavily with her lust for him. Now bare chested, he climbed off her spent form and settled into a nearby chair. Naked and still erect he thought of Decadence. She was in Japan that much he knew, but how to go after her was the other question. The council of Lords didnít meet for another 2 days and there was no way his father would allow him to go after he put him into Vincent Laoís debt after his last run in. He would just have to bide his time. After all the council may need to meet early because of his actions and that would be his perfect reason for going to Japan. Rio looked at Cynthiaís sleeping form and kicked himself for not summoning a more capable slave. He was still hard but she was in no shape to go another round.

Angered he grabbed her sleeping form and pulled her to the end of the bed then, rolling her onto her stomach brought her to him till she settled with her knees on the floor. Getting behind her he caressed his throbbing manhood one last time before plunging into her . Cynthia moaned in protest then shuddering with an impending orgasm and accepted his full length into the bottom part of her being. As he drove into her he thought of Decadence. He had a surefire way of making sure L never had her, and it rested on Lís one weakness...

His humanity

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