Death Note Requiem

BY : Dare
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Lord Dracul sifted through the latest reports on Kira with a furrowed brow. Decadence had been captured suspected of being Kira by L, and now the lives of the remaining members of Youtsuba group were endangered, threatened by the real Kira who had re awakened, and begun to kill again. Lord Dracul folded his hands, to say that Decadence had failed would be premature. Even he had to admit that she was a brilliant seductress and quite capable of outthinking any human, but this latest way that she choose to pursue L was dangerous. There were certain things that L need not know in his human state, and he was not sure that Decadence could keep them from him. After all love was a strong and powerful thing and Lord Dracul had no doubts that she was in love. The question was would being near to the one she loved be enough to satisfy her, or would she require more.

Rio watched the rising sun from the penthouse apartment that he was renting. Japan had already proven itself fruitful to his needs, right now a girl kneeled at his side and greedily drank from wrist . She would make an excellent slave, and she had already proven herself a wonderful student in the arts of desire. As the morning had begun and night had descended into gentle hues of blue they had lain together . Rio caressing the soft breast of her budding womanhood and she pressing herself eagerly against him, tortured by her virginity. He had drank from her neck gingerly without fulfilling her need . Tasting the sweetness of her innocence in her blood like sugar in a fine cup of tea. She now looked up at him her lips covered with the very thing that would ultimately enslave her, and bind her to him forever. She would make a brave knight , and unexpected protector and Rio decided to name her Angelique after her innocence. She looked up at him now and moving from his side she gently unzipped him, her tongue playing over his organ until she teased him out, fully erect.

As her soft pink tongue played over him Rio felt himself swell under her eager care. The first part of his plan had been fulfilled now the second part was about to come into play.

“It was dark, but Decadence knew that she was in a room. She was blind folded, but Decadence knew the room was filled with light. She found herself bound in a straight jacket that was bound to a chair. Her bare feet were chained by the ankles giving her little freedom to move. As she went over this in her mind Decadence couldn’t help but feel aroused and shuffled slightly in her chair.”Did you or did you not kill Higuchi” said a voice from the light. The voice was distorted, but decadence knew that it was L. Vampires had elevated senses, and with her eyes still covered she could hear even better. “Who are you?” The questions were repeated again and Decadence shifted. She was all too tempted to tell him everything, but she knew it would be suicide . “Did you or did you not kill Higuchi”. Decadence didn’t answer. This voice was different, and she had no doubt that it belonged to the red haired boy that she knew was Kira.

Decadence finally answered. If you put L back on i’ll answer your questions, just don't ask me too much. On the other end there was silence, and Decadence sensed rather than heard them trying to decide what to do. Even though she was blindfolded she pictured L in her mind thinking of this new variable that just entered into the equation of his life. His persistence made her want him even more and with his death now imminent she was determined to save him.

Rhyusaki spoke to her once more. “You killed Higuchi you are Kira.” He said curtly, and Decadence smiled. “If I were Kira do you really think that I would have let you live this long”. Decadence said. “And why show up at the scene of my crimes when before I was determined to stay so far off.”
Don’t you think that’s a little uncharacteristic of me. She said with a smile. There was a pause then a response. “No.” the voice said. “ You are Kira, you killed Higuchi.” Decadence sat still, thinking. Had he really abandoned all hope of Light Yagami being Kira. It was hard to say at this point, but Decadence decided to take a gamble. “Why question me,” she said . You have a witness why don’t you just ask her if i'm kira, or is she not talking either.” The speaker was silent then came on. “The fact that you know about the shinigami proves that you are Kira.” L said . “No” said Decadence. “It only proves that I was there at what I thought was an accident site and that I know about shinigami’s”. The voice was quick to respond. “Only those who touch the notebook can see the Shinigami. It proves that you are kira”. Decadence slumped back “fine then execute me, but you’ll be killing your star witness” she said.

There was a long pause before the intercom clicked on, and the voice spoke once more. “There are no witnesses in the Kira case. You are the 2nd Kira, and you have had contact with the real Kira.

Decadence frowned, he was determined to break her resolve, but the tactic was useless on her. Still she couldn’t let this go on forever while the real Kira and his Shinigami looked on. She needed to be a part of the Kira task force not a prisoner of it. The real Kira had managed it just fine, now she needed to do it. If Mae had done her job properly then it was just a matter of time.

Rhyusaki sat in thought. This girl was smart . Smarter than any girl he’d ever met before, and if she was telling the truth-if she really was a witness to one or more of the Kira killings . Then she was a valuable asset. She didn’t give her name which meant that she too suspected Light, or was it just a coincidence. Rhyusaki couldn’t help but think that there was something inhuman about her . Something that lurked just below her beauty and only made itself known in short bursts. The mask would shift just slightly and the monster beneath would be revealed. It showed itself in the way she could tell the difference between Light and himself despite the use of a voice scrambler and in the way the shinigami looked at her when she was first captured.Even though later revealing that she too knew nothing of her. Could that have been a lie? Who was this girl? She intrigued him, and he longed to solve the mystery of her and her connection with Kira, but none of the pieces fit.

Light reached for the microphone once more and in speaking got no response. Rhyusaki could see the anger flash across his face. She really could tell their voices apart even with the scrambler on, was that all this mysterious girl could do or was it just the beginning. Rhyusaki decided to find out.

Mae had originally been sent to Lord Dracul, but Lord Arman had her sent to him as a favor. She now stood in front of him naked save for the garters that she had been known to wear beneath her maids outfit.

He wanted to know if the stories were true about Decadence, He wanted to know if she had fallen for her maid, and if it was true that Mae was said to intoxicate any young vampire maiden that dared to lay with her. He called his daughter Talia to himself . Talia was due to be married soon to the son of count Bezei, but she would suit his needs. She disrobed and Mae was ordered to kneel in front of her on the parlor floor. As if expecting what would happen to her she knelt and laid back spreading her legs wide as Talia fell upon her . Bezei watched as Talia licked gingerly then with greater tenacity and growing vigor at Mae’s warmth . The room was filled with the scent of her and with each lick his own arousal grew until he could no longer hide the throbbing mound of his cock. Slowly he freed himself letting his erection find its way out of his pants until it stood completely freed . His daughter had slumped back against a chair one hand caressing a soft pink nipple while the other slid down her belly and caressed the swollen lips of her warmth. Half naked Bezei knelt in front of his daughter and pulled her to him. His member was engorged , enlarged and when he plunged into her she moaned half in pain and half in pleasure. After eight thrusts into her she cried out and came in one long tidal wave of pleasure, and Bezei pulled out of her still hard. Mae was sleeping naked on the floor as Bezei fell upon her and after a couple minutes of feudal resistance he enjoyed her. Pushing himself deep within her. She moaned as he slid in and out of her and somewhere Bezei thought he smelled roses in the air.

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