Death Note Requiem

BY : Dare
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Dragon prints: 1348
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A slave has no say in what they say or do they must obey their master without question

A vampyre can read the mind of any human that they see fit.

Gods of Death may be invisible to humans, but Vampyres have the unique ability to sense their presence.


The night was clear as the sirens wailed and the police surrounded Higuchiís car. Decadence stood and watched from the shadows her dark cape and hood covering her and making her appear almost invisible. Higuchi was a part of Youtsuba group and his value was moderately high, but there was no way to save him now. He had used the Death Note and now he was doomed to die as the real Kira stepped forward to claim it. Decadence stood waiting for the inevitable. L was near she could feel it and the important thing was getting to him before Kira did.

Decadence strained to uncover L in the mess of officers and lights as Mel watched out for trouble. Gradually a mind came to her that was so brilliantly innocent that it had to be him, the world around her narrowed and suddenly her attention was on the boy sitting in the helicopter. His dark eyes was examining the one of the police officers who had recoiled at the obvious sight of a god of death. Decadence moved further into the shadows. The blood of a god of death was strength to a vampire, but now was not the time for attack. There was still the matter of the Death Note and as one of the officers bought the notebook to the helicopter Decadence was convinced that L now possessed the Death Note. If Lord Dracul kept his word the police would request that the notebook be given over as evidence and soon after Kira was executed the notebook would disappear and be sealed away forever from humans.

Decadence watched as the 2nd boy sitting in the helicopter reached over to the boy she now knew as L and took the Death Note. She sensed rather than saw the floodgates of the boys mind open as his memory was restored. She saw what she knew no other human could see . His eyes began to glow bright red, the key indication that he was now possessed by a god of death.

Decadence shifted inside her dark cloak. This was the Kira that dared to challenge the League of elders. Looking at him now Decadence was sure that it was purely by chance. He seemed completely ignorant of what he had done and judging by his thoughts his focus was now on killing L . Decadence suddenly turned to Mel."I want you to leave me now, I will meet with you in 3 days at the chateau, but if I donít I want you to go to the Kira task force Headquarters and search for me there.Ē Inside her own cloak Mel gave a questioning glance, but bowed in submission and disappeared from her side.

With Mel gone, Decadence focused her full attention on L. He was looking at the boy who now held the Death Note, but knew nothing. That had to change, and the only way to do that was for her to get close to him. She was wondering how to do this when the shadows around her were suddenly flooded with light. Instinctively she shielded her eyes and stood erect. Examining the full scene she realized that in her trance like state she hadnít noticed that Higuchi had died and was now slumped in the arms of two police officers. In their confusion they had begun to look around and spotting her form in the shadows they now called for her to freeze.

Decadence looked around all the police officers wore helmets so mesmerism was almost impossible, and now even the people in the helicopter were looking her way. L regarded her with an amazed look while the one that she knew as Kira regarded her with a curious glance. Her cover blown, Decadence first instinct was to flee, but as the police surrounded her something told her to hold her ground. Yielding she put her hands up on command, showing the black gloves that she wore beneath her cape. She sensed something over near Higuchiís car. The God of death that was with him was in fear and Decadence was grateful. Now this whole business with the Death Note could be finished and L would be hers. The officers around her moved in with handcuffs and covered her eyes and mouth. Decadence couldnít help but be amused they suspected her of being the second KIra, and of using the second Death Note? It just showed how little they knew, and the less they knew, the less the real Kiraís knew.

Vincent Lao had been married for a thousand years and yet his wife was still as much of a mystery to him as the day they were joined. She kneeled before him now in one of the most virtuous positions he had ever seen her in. Then unzipping him she took the full length of him in her mouth, working the shaft of his manhood with her tongue untill he was fully erect. Then lying on her back she presented herself, pantyless to him.

Vincent knelt between her thighs running his fingertips down the smooth skin of inner thighs. Constance smiled in anticipation and pulled her husband to her waiting lips. They kissed as his organ explored first the tip of her clitoris where it circled her making her engorged while it looked for an entrance into her being. Then down further into the folds of her flesh until his organ found itís way slowly into her body.

Constance had a telekinetic link with her husband and as he slid in and out of her he felt her pleasure clouding his mind like fine wine. His organ swelled, throbbed as Constance ground into him seeking the orgasm that would solidify their bond, and increase the sensations flooding their bodies. Cutting her wrist Constance presented it to her husband who drank . Her blood was sweet, laced with the pleasure she was experiencing in her husbands arms. Her sex stretched and throbbed around his organ. Straining to give him his due. The room was but a blur as his focused narrowed, everything was her now and her every thought and will was his to explore. Pulling out of her he laid on his back while she knelt and impaled her still warm orifice on him. He was still hard and as she rode him, making the pulses of his erectile organ even stronger Vincent moaned at the sensations flooding his body. Urging her on to climax where the world melted away in colors of crimson with purple waves of passion. Their pleasure spent Vincent carried her to the bed and climbed in beside her pretty form, soon they were asleep safe in each others arms as the servants drew the curtains. The sun had begun to rise, and somewhere off in the distance a bird was singing.

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