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Chapter 6 Dark Entries

From the Vampyricon the ancient lawbook of the undead.

If a Vampyre is bought into a house or building by force then they no longer need to be invited in, they can come and go as they please.

All Vampyres are immune to the effects of the Deathnote, and can only be killed by another human or vampyre. A god of death can only kill a vampire with a stake through the heart.

A head Vampyre cannot write in any Deathnote. It must be left to his slaves to do so.

Part 1 - Good news, bad time

Rem was not into humans as Ryuk was, as a matter of fact they were repulsive creatures to her, but there was Misa to worry about and right now there was a new threat to her life. She knew that the girl that they had locked away was a vampire, and hence was beyond the reach of the Deathnote. She saw her name with the shinigami eye’s but there was no deathday, and the name was written in an ancient language that only the undead knew. She lied when she said that she knew nothing of the girl, but now she wondered if she should have told the truth. And, if she had would it have made a difference in Light’s plans. She knew that he still planned to kill L, but would the vampire allow him to do that?  Rem shook her head, humans were disgusting creatures, and Vampires were even worse.

Her train of thought was interrupted by another question from Rhyusaki. “You said that you never met this girl that we found when we found Higuchi, is that correct?” Rhyusaki was looking intently at the Deathnote, who had the missing piece was still a major piece of the puzzle. The girl was searched when she was captured a week ago, and the piece could still be hidden anywhere on her, but if so why didnt she use it when she was first captured? The thought came to him that she may not have had the chance or that this was just another trick to minimize his suspicions. Light had come in from seeing Misa now, and took his seat at the monitor observing their prisoner.

She was slumped forward in her chair, asleep as usual. Despite the days of confinement she was still beautiful and Rhyusaki felt a uncharacteristic pang of guilt. Her captivity wasn’t going to get any easier, and untill he could find the real Kira she was his best lead. “Does the girl have the missing piece of the Deathnote”? Rhyusaki said. “I don’t know” Rem responded, looking at the monitors. The girl was well guarded, there was no way to get in to destroy her and no guarantee that if she did another Vampire wouldn’t replace her. No, her only choice was to wait on Light. He would keep Misa safe as long as he needed her.

Even though he looked at the monitors Light Yagami was deep in thought. Since his memories were back his plans were proceeding right on schedule Misa had the shinigami eyes and soon L would be dead. After his death there would be no one to stand against him and he would reign forever as the God of the new world. He even had a pawn to take the blame. The appearance of this mysterious girl left him free from suspicion, and as soon as she spoke her name he could dispose of her anytime that he saw fit. He would have to do it away from the Kira task force headquarters though and that would take some doing.

Detective Yagami looked at the strange young girl on the monitors. She was definitely stronger than Misa was, but whether she was the 2nd Kira or not remained a point of speculation. Now this morning as he entered the headquarters she roused herself and looked about the room. Even though she was blindfolded Detective Yagami still got the sense that she could see, and the thought that the 2nd Kira could see him sent chills down his spine. He wondered if Rhyusaki felt the same way. Suddenly Matsuda came running in . “Guys you’ll never believe this, but since we’ve had this girl in custody all the killings have stopped, we did it!” he said. Rhyusaki didn’t move, he was focused on something in the room where the girl was, suddenly Watari came on the line . “Rhyusaki she has something to say,” Watari said. The girl had been in captivity for 5 days now and this wasn’t the first time that she had spoken, but Rhyusaki was still interested. “Put her on” Rhyusaki said. He was eating a slice of cake this morning and what he heard from her shocked even him. Matsuda started “What did she just say?” He said. “Can Kira really be that strong!” “Calm down Matsuda!” Detective Yagami said. The girl was smiling but Rem was not as she slipped away from the group unnoticed she knew what she had to do, L had to die.

It was the only way to keep Misa safe.

Bound tightly and standing now Decadence was convinced her plan was working . Her earlier message was meant more for the shinigami that she now knew was protecting the 2nd Kira. Through Kira’s mind she had learned about Lights plans and formulated a plan of her own. Her plan was risky, she would be playing with L’s life, but her own life had to come first. Even though her mind was unbroken by her days of captivity her body was not and it was sending out pheromones specifically targeted towards L. She wondered how long he could resist it. The hunger was also starting to wear on her mind and it was beginning to take all of her will not to attack the old man who was in the room with her. She knew that he was no match for her and even though he was old, the sweet smell of his blood was almost too much to bear. None of the chains that bound her were silver, so she could escape whenever she wanted it was just a matter of timing it just right and saving L in the process.

Outside the wind howled madly and with her advanced senses Decadence knew that she was the only one in the room who could hear . It was as if nature itself was protesting what was about to happen and Decadence feigned fear once again. The old man had begun to ask questions that only the real Kira could answer and Decadence ignored him. She would need all her strength for what was about to happen and she went to the center of her being once again and reached out to Mae.

It was time to meet the man who had stolen her heart.

Part 2 - Changeling

Deep in thought Rhyusaki was watching Wartari interrogate the girl. What was it about her? Sometimes she appeared afraid and other times she looked as if she were concentrating. And then her last statement, what did that mean? Why had she said it? He didn’t know. Nothing made sense anymore, and the bells were chiming incessantly. Even the wind outside seemed agitated as if this girl was something that was contrary to human nature. The fact that this girl appeared just as Higuchi died definitely made her a suspect, but did that let Light off the hook? He was contemplating this when Wartari suddenly collapsed. Matsuda and Yagami turned, “What happened, was it Kira”! They said running to Rhyusaki’s side. “Wartari! Wartari!” Rhyusaki said trying to raise his mentor on the monitors. The girl turned towards the sound but didn’t appear pleased. Suddenly the monitor went dead and Rhyusaki knew that with it went his mentors life.

Wartari was dead and Decadence knew it was her que. Breaking first the chains on her feet she then pulled free of the chains that held her arms around her waist standing free now Decadence walked to the door and easily broke the lock that held it shut. Walking out the lights in the hallway turned an ominous red, If Mel had done her job all the data that the Kira task force had on the Deathnote and the investigation had been erased. It was a precaution set forth by L, but it would suit her purposes just fine. The real Kira couldn’t get hold of the information, she had no doubt that he would take L’s place after he was gone and she prayed to the gods that it would be his downfall. At the end of the hallway now Decadence met with Mel and gave new orders. Her heart was fluttering in her chest, L was so near that she could smell his blood now and she moved quickly through the halls.

He needed her.

Carefully concealing herself Rem got ready to write the name that would cost her her life. She knew that in the end Misa would live but it was no easier. Shinigami’s weren’t supposed to care about humans, they were strictly for extending their own lives, but Misa was different. She had already cost one Shinigami his life now she was next. Rem put pen to paper, humans may have been disgusting creatures but Misa was worth saving.

Everything stopped once the girl entered the room. She was beautiful even though she was wearing just the remnants of the strait jacket that had been put on her during her imprisonment, but she held the attention of all in the room just the same. Gliding barefoot across the room she approached Rhyusaki who stood mesmerized his attention diverted from the monitors. Putting his arms around her they embraced, Decadence moving in for a kiss and Rhyusaki hesitating then placing his lips tentatively on hers in a passionate kiss that was only broken when he slipped from her arms and fell to the floor. Kneeling beside him Decadence stared into his eyes as they looked accusingly at Light then closed softly.

It was Aizawa who finally broke the silence. “Freeze ! Get on the ground !“ He said. Pushing past Detective Yagami and Matsuda to get to Decadence. Turning in his direction Decadence held her ground. He was strong and the smell of his blood filled her lungs, but there was no time to feed. Launching herself over L’s body she ran, at the door Mel was waiting along with freedom and a world of victims to feed from. She knew that even though she was weak she was still way to fast for the detective to catch. Together her and Mel ran got into her black sedan and sped off. She knew the detectives would give chase, but Mel could outrun them easily.

In the back seat now the tears finally came and Decadence cried. The chase intensified and Mel drove the sedan through the rain soaked streets. The task force was beginning to fall behind. But Decadence was too sad to pay attention. Touching her fingers to her lips she relished her kiss and hoped that it wasn’t her last.

From the Vampyricon...

A changeling is a hybrid between a human and a Vampyre. In cases where a changeling has his name written in the Deathnote, and is not made a full Vampyre before the end of their human lives, their soul will not leave their body until the next full moon.

It is only then that their death will be final....

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