Keeping It a Secret

BY : NightLover145
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Disclaimer: I do not own Saint Tail nor do I profit from this story. I DO NOT condone rape! Please enjoy this multi-chapter sequel.

Seira Mimori didn't know why the woman had done it, even though she had told her that she was simply a plaything for the woman. She raped me. Seira thought, hugging herself as she cried softly. "If they knew, I would be kicked out for sure. Any sexual activity is forbidden, even r-rape." Seira was panicking as she stood up, holding her stomach as her stomach was in knots. Seira breathed heavily to herself as she knew that she would have to keep what happened a secret, even though she knew that no one would blame her. As she walked away, she could feel everything perfectly. The touches, her lips and the indecribable feeling in the pit of her stomach. She hasn't known what she had felt and Rosemary wasn't interested in telling her about it as she went on with her torture of her. Seira remembered being every relieved when the woman had finally finished with her. 

But the woman's words repeated in her mind, fresh and filled with the woman's intent. "Keep it between us two, unless you trust someone enough to know." These were the words that frightened her so. She knew she had to keep it a secret anyway! No one would ever believe that a woman raped a girl! It sounds impossible. Seira weeped as she went through the dark buildings. She felt dead inside as her heart slowly broke and rebuilt itself, only to break again. Pain gripped her fragile heart as Seira sobbed. When she made it back to the church, only a cold feeling entered her. She expected to feel warmth at seeing the sacred building that had been her home for years, but it was cold. Seira could only released a broken sob at the empty feeling she had. There was no one out at night anyway. They were already in their beds, sleeping peacefully. Seira opened the door to the church and she closed it back. Feeling comfort in the large cross that made the church big and strong, she fell onto the ground, on her knees and she prayed violently. She didn't want to be condemned for something she had no control over, but the rules were extremely strict and even one slip up can get a person kicked out. 

Before she ended up passing out, Seira released a weak whimper that showed her true feelings and she laid her head down near the cross. 

The next morning, Seira was being gently shook awake. When she opened her eyes, she saw Rosemary and she yelped, moving away from the person. Her head ended up banging itself against the cross, causing a pained wince to sound from her lips. When she looked again, it wasn't Rosemary. It was Meimi's mother, Eimi Haneoka. "Who did this to you?" Eimi asked as she saw the finger prints all over the girl's body. This wasn't the work of a man, that's for sure. She thought, knowing that a woman had done the unthinkable to Seira. 

Seira looked down at her knees, refusing to meet Eimi's eyes. "It's fine." Her broken voice entered Eimi's ears and it angered the woman. Eimi grabbed Seira gently and she pulled her up.

"Who did this to you, Seira?" Eimi asked again, making tears well up in Seira's eyes and she turned away from the woman. Eimi looked over the girl's body. The small wounds seem to be more on her lower body. But, what kind of woman would do th-? Rosemary. Eimi thought angrily. Eimi knew that the wicked bitch would take a under age person, but she picked a really fresh apple from the tree when she raped Seira. Eimi watched Seira's small reactions to her touch. She flinched, but she wasn't going to attack her. Eimi gently caressed Seira's cheek and when her free hand accidentally brushed against Seira's thigh, Eimi quickly paused. Shit! She thought, feeling Seira tremble in her hold. Seira shook in Eimi's hold and Eimi got her answer. She knew Rosemary raped Seira. "I'm so sorry. I didn't mean to." Eimi spoke to Seira softly, trying to calm her down. Seira calmed down due to Eimi's soft voice, but she still trembled. Eimi placed her hand on Seira's hand. 

"I want to clean up." Seira spoke suddenly and Eimi frowned. She knew that would have been said and she helped Seira stood up. Eimi took Seira back to her house where she was able to get a warm shower and even then, her grief was very strong. She broke down in the shower, the sounds of the water made her voice almost inaudible, but Eimi had her ear against the door, tears welling up her eyes due to anger. What broke her was the scream of torment. Eimi swore that she would kill Rosemary if Meimi doesn't do it first. 

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