Keeping It a Secret

BY : NightLover145
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Disclaimer: I do not own Saint Tail nor do I profit from this story. I DO NOT condone rape! Please enjoy this multi-chapter sequel.

Seira didn't remember anything past the dripping water and the strong arms that wrapped around her. Poor girl looks so broken. Why the fuck did Rosemary choose her? Eimi questioned as she held Seira tightly in her arms. The poor child looked like she had just been ran over by a truck and the mental torment that was swimming around in her brain showed in her eyes. Eimi noticed the gaze and she winced. She's so hurt and ashamed about the encounter, but it wasn't even her fault. Eimi knew how strict the church was. They would kick out Seira just for being raped. Eimi bristled in anger over this. She knew that Seira didn't want them to know, but she knew that the church has their own way of gaining information and she didn't want Seira's situation to be a public scandel. 

Eimi watched Seira curl up into her arms. Eimi was glad that Seira still trusts her as she knew how rape victims can not trust people for a while after getting raped and she knew how much Seira wanted human interaction, but she watched Seira's actions now as she realized that Seira could panic at her best friend knowing about the encounter about her and an older woman. 

Eimi knew how her daughter worked. Yes, she would be pissed off, but not at Seira. Seira was the innocent party in the situation. Rosemary was just a bitch that could fuck anything with a cock or a cunt. Seira's personality was what made her the perfect victim for Rosemary. She was quiet, submissive, and she doesn't disobey people. Eimi hated that what drove Rosemary to Seira. It's her submissive nature. Eimi thought as she watched Seira fall asleep in her arms. "Sleep well, darling." Eimi whispered to Seira as she kissed her forehead. Eimi knew that her husband wouldn't mind Seira sharing the bed with them and she carried Seira up the stairs. 

When she got to her and her husband's room, he was up, waiting. "You found her." He spoke softly as he didn't want to scare Seira, who was sleeping peacefully. Eimi smiled at how peaceful Seira looked, but she knew that her peaceful face would be ruined later in the night. The married couple never spoke as Eimi tucked Seira in bed between the two adults. 

When Seira was safely in bed with them, both adults glanced at each other. "Who?" He asked one simple question. 

"It was a woman from my past that accosted her. From the looks of things, she raped her." Eimi wasn't one to hide the honest truth from her husband and he winced at her words. 

"Why?" He asked Eimi. Eimi didn't want to believe it, but she had to tell her husband what she thought. 

"She's quiet. She doesn't disobey. She's submissive." Eimi answered. He sighed at her answer. 

"Because she's so nice, this had to happen to her." He spoke. Their angered voices made Seira whine as she sought comfort in her sleep. They both softly apologized to the girl in their bed and they hugged her gently to comfort her. They didn't know how much help they could give Seira, but they wanted to give her a lot of their love and comfort that they knew she wanted at the moment. 

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