Keeping It a Secret

BY : NightLover145
Category: -Misc Anime > Yuri - Female/Female
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Disclaimer: I do not own Saint Tail nor do I profit from this story. I DO NOT condone rape! Please enjoy this multi-chapter sequel.

Eimi gulped as she didn't want to lie to her daughter, but she didn't want to tell her either. She knew how Seira felt if anyone else knew about what had happened, but she also knew that Meimi won't let the issue rest as she had caught Seira crying on her lap. Eimi released another breath as Meimi came closer to her. “What is wrong with my best friend?” Meimi asked her mother once again. Eimi quickly sucked in a breath that she didn’t know that she needed. Meimi wasn’t glaring, but she was tired and concerned about Seira. She had heard the cries that didn’t sound like it came from her parents, but when she looked closer, it was her best friend that was crying. Anger burned in Meimi’s being as she wanted to know why she was crying, but her mother wasn’t answering her question. “Please answer me, Mama. I care about Seira. You know this.” Meimi tells her mother and Eimi sighed as she was about to give in. She didn’t want to give in, but she knew that Meimi was sincere about her care for Seira. 

“Fine, but no other person can know this, Meimi.” Eimi started to speak to Meimi about Seira’s condition. Eimi glanced down at Seira and seeing that she was sleeping very deeply, Eimi started to speak on the subject of Seira being brutally raped by her rival. After Eimi was finished telling the story to Meimi, Meimi’s entire being was shaking and Eimi knew that Meimi was more than angered, she was enraged to the point where she could commit murder. 

“She did this to her?” Meimi clinched her fists very violently as she couldn’t believe it. Seira was brutally raped by Mama’s rival! Meimi thought as her brain couldn’t take the knowledge of her best friend being attacked so brutally and the way her mother described it, it was like Seira was ravished to the pleasure of the woman and to the pain of Seira herself. 

Eimi nodded as she rocked Seira back and forth in her arms. “Now, Meimi, like I said, this can’t get out to the public. You know how Seira is. She is a nervous wreck now and if this gets out to the public, Seira will panic even more than what she is doing now. Keep this between us.” Eimi advised Meimi and Meimi knew that was obvious to keep a secret because her mother’s words meant that the church doesn’t know about Seira being raped by another woman. 

“What about the church? Shouldn’t they know about this?” Meimi asked her mother. Eimi looked at her daughter sharply. 

“They will kick her out if they knew.” Eimi reveals to Meimi and Meimi was shocked at the news.

“But, she didn’t…” Meimi stopped speaking when she noticed how her mother was looking.

“They don’t care.” Eimi answered Meimi quickly so her daughter wouldn’t get any ideas. Meimi was horrified by the news that Seira will get kicked out if the church had ever got news of her rape. Why? Seira didn’t asked to be raped! Meimi thought in anger as she couldn’t believe it. Seira was innocent in every way and now that she was a rape victim, she could get kicked out of her safe haven. Meimi ran outside of the house and her mother didn’t stop her as she knew that Meimi needed to get her anger out of her system before she speaks to Seira again. She was just told the news of her best friend being raped, after all. I knew that she wouldn’t take it well. Meimi really cares about Seira. Eimi thought as she was grateful for Meimi running out of the house. Meimi’s scream of rage had reached Eimi’s ears as she frowned and held Seira closer to her. Me too, Meimi. I feel the same way. She thought as she noticed the anger in Meimi’s scream.

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