Keeping It a Secret

BY : NightLover145
Category: -Misc Anime > Yuri - Female/Female
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Disclaimer: I do not own Saint Tail nor do I profit from this story. I DO NOT condone rape! Please enjoy this multi-chapter sequel.

Seira didn't want to know why her body was throbbing, but she knew why. She wished that she didn't know why her cunt was throbbing with want. The water from the shower hits her body with every drop of water making her both feel good and wince. 

She wished that what happened with Rosemary was nothing but a nightmare. More water dripped down her soaked body.

She wished that she didn't cry out in pleasure for the cruel woman. The blood was being washed away from her bruised thighs. 

She hoped that God won't condemn her for being a plaything to a woman who wanted to satisfy her own needs and forgot that she had a child in her hands. She was getting cleaned up with the help of running water and the soap that was in her hair and all over her body. 

She wanted to forget that she had lost her innocence. One look at her thighs told her differently. 

She wanted to wish that her innocence had never been stolen from her in the first place. One look at her broken facial expression said another thing. 

She wished that she could just take it all back. One prayer could make or break her. 

A scream of torment tore through her throat as she screamed out her pain. She didn't know that there was someone listening to her agonized screams. She didn't know that someone wanted to wish her agony and pain away. She didn't know that she had a mother figure just right outside the door to the bathroom. 

This was just a bonus scene for Why. I may put more bonus chapters for the new chapters coming up, but I may not. I'll see how it goes. Well, I hope my readers enjoyed this bonus chapter for Why. See you next chapter!

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