Keeping It a Secret

BY : NightLover145
Category: -Misc Anime > Yuri - Female/Female
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Disclaimer: I do not own Saint Tail nor do I profit from this story. I DO NOT condone rape! Please enjoy this multi-chapter sequel.

Seira whimpered at the sight of the woman and Meimi realized the look of fear on Seira's face as she turned to look up at the woman. This is Rosemary! Meimi had realized, growling in anger. How dare she show her face here? The girl thought as she hated that Rosemary had shown up and thus, ruined Seira's day of happiness. "You." Meimi spoke softly but Rosemary then wrapped her arm around Seira, keeping the young girl against her shoulder. Meimi froze and she watched Seira's face change as the girl paled at the hold. 

"Stay silent." She spoke with a threatening tone. "I'm just a family friend here to have fun." Rosemary spoke, sitting with the two teens. Meimi knew that she had never hated an adult like the one sitting with her and her best friend. This fucking bitch. She thought in anger. 

"Leave her alone." Meimi begged, her voice full of anger and fear for Seira. Rosemary smirked at the girl. 

"I'll think about it." Rosemary was very honest with her words and it pissed Meimi off that the woman was very honest with her words. 

"Please." Seira begged. She didn't want to be in the woman's arms anymore. She didn't want this. She didn't want their encounter! Seira whimpered weakly as tears blinded her vision. 

"Seira." Meimi called out to Seira, trying to calm the slightly older girl down. "It's alright, Seira. I promise." Meimi promised Seira. The girl shook in the hold of her rapist. 

"Help, Meimi-chan." Seira begged. Rosemary smirked at Seira's words. 

"You're going to save her right? That's the only thing she's asking you to do." Rosemary smirked when she noticed the look of pure rage on Meimi's face. She enjoyed riling up the girl so very much. 

"You fucking bitch." Meimi growled out at Rosemary. 

Rosemary smirked at the girl. 

Rosemary moved her hand to Seira's hair, petting the girl with mock affection. 

Meimi hated how the woman was riling them both up but she knew what Rosemary really wanted from her. I'm not doing it. She thought, knowing that Rosemary wanted her to attempt a public outcry at having her best friend's rapist at the table. I'm not ruining Seira's life. She had already decided that she would protect Seira to the best of her own ability, whether Rosemary gets arrested or not. 

Meimi glared at Rosemary and the woman smirked back at her. I will get you for your crime, Rosemary. Meimi swore, her glare heated. 

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