Keeping It a Secret

BY : NightLover145
Category: -Misc Anime > Yuri - Female/Female
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Disclaimer: I do not own Saint Tail nor do I profit from this story. I DO NOT condone rape! Please enjoy this multi-chapter sequel.

When Seira had woken up, she found herself pressed to a chest. She started to panic until a familiar voice spoke to her. "Seira, it's alright. You're safe." Eimi spoke to the young girl very softly as she didn't want to scare the girl even more. Seira relaxed as she realized that she was being pressed tp Eimi's husband's chest. She remembered having a nightmare during the daytime, but she remembers nothing else. "Do you remember having a nightmare earlier in the morning?" Eimi asked her with a soft tone.

"I do, but I don't remember what happened after that." She answered the woman very honestly. Eimi sighed in relief, but Seira didn't know that. Good, it worked perfectly on her. She thought as she stared at Seira. She noticed that Seira had almost rubbed her thighs raw when she had checked on how much damage that Rosemary had done to the nun. She knew that Seira was being very properly paranoid as she didn't wish to scold the young, but she had to tell her what to not do.

"Now, Seira, you shouldn't rub your thighs raw. It's unhealthy." Eimi gently spoke to Seira and Seira nodded her head. She suddenly wanted to be in Eimi's arms and she didn't how to ask the woman. 

"I understand. Can you, I mean..." Seira trailed off as she didn't really know how to ask the woman that found her to pick her up and hold her in her arms. However, thankfully for Seira, Eimi knows how to read body language. She wants me to pick her up and hug her? Poor thing has been damaged beyond what I had thought. This will cause a public scandel if anyone gets wind of this and I don't want to stress her out even more. Eimi thought as she lifted Seira into her arms. Eimi hugged Seira, but when Seira started to shake, she sat her down in her lap. 

She played with the girl's wild hair. Poor thing is already so stressed out. Eimi thought as she watched Seira fall asleep in her lap. Eimi smiled as she gazed down at Seira. "What happened to her?" Came the voice of someone very unexpected. 

Eimi looked over at her young daughter in horror as she wasn't expecting Meimi to be awakened by her attempt to ease Seira of her pain. 

She gulped when she realize that she will have to tell Meimi what happened to her best friend, even if Seira wasn't ready for anyone else to know. 

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