Dawn's journey in Sinnoh

BY : Dragon1234
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Shortly after recovering from their first time, Dawn and Piplup had set out on their journey.

"Piplup, use bubble beam," said Dawn. When the attack landed, their opponent was knocked out.

"Can't believe I lost," said a young trainer as he handed over some money.

"Keep it up, you'll be able to win some day," said Dawn as she flashed him her panties before leaving. In the Sinnoh region it was customary for the loser to get a glimpse of the winner's body.

"Well Piplup, looks like Jubilife City is our next stop," said Dawn with a big grin. This confused the little pokemon, until they walked into the city, where they saw people and pokemon fucking all over the place.

"Here in Jubilife, you can have sex where ever you want and with whoever you want if they are alright with it," said Dawn as she looked at Piplup.

"Excuse me, but are you a new trainer?" asked a man who was wearing a suit, which was weird given what was going on everywhere else.

"Yes, I am," said Dawn.

"Oh good, I was wanting to give a trainer like you this new Poketch that my company had invented," said the man as he held out a pink and black watch.

"It looks like a normal Poketch, what makes it new?" asked Dawn.

"My company has invented a new app which will allow the wearer to speak with pokemon," said the man.

"That's sounds cool," said Dawn as she took the Poketch.

"Hey Piplup, what do you think we should do next?" asked Dawn after putting the Poketch on.

"How about you strip and let me go wild on you?" asked Piplup.

"Wow, it really worked," said Dawn as she took her top and bra off.

"This is all you're getting for right now, you can have some pussy later," said Dawn as she walked toward a building with Piplup sucking on her right nipple. The building she had been heading to was the Pokemart.

"Excuse me, I was expecting a package to come from Twinleaf Town," said Dawn to a male clerk, who was getting sucked off by a female clerk under the counter.

"Here you are," said the clerk after checking her trainer card to make sure she was who she said she was. Dawn then walked out and toward the Pokecenter, where she sat down on a chair in the lobby, where Nurse Joy and some trainers were enjoying themselves.

"Thank you, mom," said Dawn as she opened the package and pulled out a pokeball.

"Hey Piplup, mom sent us a new friend to have some fun with," said Dawn as she tossed the pokeball into the air, causing an Eevee to appear in a flash.

"Hi there, I'm your new trainer, my name is Dawn," said Dawn as she bent down and picked the Eevee up, who quickly started sucking her left nipple.

"You're a fast one," said Dawn as she took the pokedex out to check Eevee's gender, which was female.

"You might not have a dick, but this could still be fun," said Dawn as she got on the floor, turning Eevee around so she could lick it's pussy while it played with her nipple.

"Oh, I've never felt like this," said the Eevee as it continued to suck on Dawn's nipple. Piplup took this as his chance and got between Dawn's legs.

"That's it, give it to me," said Dawn as Piplup started to fuck her. While Dawn was having fun with her pokemon, she took notice of a red-haired girl with a Kirlia eating her out. This girl was wearing nothing more than a partially see through bra and panties. Her breasts were about the same size as Dawn's.

"I'm coming," said the two pokemon. This caused Dawn to also cum, spattering it all over the floor. Before she even had time to rest, she heard footsteps heading her way.

"You did good, a lot of people were watching you," said the red-haired girl that Dawn had noticed.

"Thanks, that makes me feel like doing it again," said Dawn as she sat up, her breast bouncing as she did.

"My name is Zoey, what's yours?" asked the girl.

"I'm Dawn," said Dawn as she noticed the Kirlia standing behind Zoey, love juices still covering its mouth.

"Well Dawn, have you ever thought of entering the Sinnoh Pokeslut Contest?" asked Zoey.

"It never crossed my mind, but now I think I might give it a try," said Dawn as she whipped some of the juices from the Kirlia's face, then licked it off her fingers.

"Then how about we both travel to the next town together, we could try catching some bigger pokemon along the way," said Zoey with a slutty expression.

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