Dawn's journey in Sinnoh

BY : Dragon1234
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After teaming up with Zoey, the two made their way to the next town where they would enter their first contest, but they stopped along the way to catch some new pokemon.

"Go pokeball," said Dawn as she tossed the ball, catching a shinx.

"Sweet, now I have an electric type," said Dawn.

"That makes you three pokemon, but I don't know how many good ones are here," said Zoey as she looked around. She had a reddish-brown tank top on that was big enough to barely cover up her panties which otherwise were completely in sight.

"I have an idea for that, my Mom snuck this book in my bag, it has some berry recipes and one of them is for catching pokemon," said Dawn as she removed her panties and sat at the base of a tree.

"It said to mix some honey with Oran Berries then put it on your pussy so it lures them in," said Dawn as she took a jar out and smeared of blueish gold cream onto herself.

"Let me try," said Zoey as she did the same. As the two waited for some pokemon to show up, they engaged in a deep kiss.

"Mm," said Dawn as she felt something suddenly licking her. When she looked at what was licking her, she and Zoey had found that it was a mightyena.

"Hey there big guy, guess you like what you smell," said Dawn as she reached down and started to pet the wolf pokemon.

"I've never met a human like you," said Mightyena as it pulled away.

"Well I have more for you if you're interested," said Dawn as she got on all fours, her ass aimed at the Mightyena's face.

"Oh, I am," said Mightyena before mounting Dawn, shoving his nine-inch dick deep into her pussy.

"Ah yes, I needed a cock this big," said Dawn as Mightyena pounded her pussy as fast as he could. Zoey then noticed a Aipom staring at her from a tree.

"Looks like you want some too," said Zoey as she opened her legs wide to give the monkey pokemon a nice view, causing its member to become more visible. The two girls were now screaming their heads off as the pokemon fucked them.

"That's it, squeeze them Aipom," said Zoey as the pokemon played with her breast with its hand shaped tail.

"I'm coming, I'm coming!" said Dawn as Mightyena knotted inside her, pumping semen into her womb.

"Hey, how long are you going to stay like that?" asked Dawn as she felt Mightyena still inside her.

"It takes about thirty minutes, until then I'll keep cumming," said Mightyena.

"Good thing I have plenty of jars to store it in, I'd love to try some of the other things in that book," thought Dawn.

"I was wandering, how would you like to travel with me, we could have more fun like this," said Dawn.

"Sounds good," said Mightyena with a laugh.

"Looks like this was a good idea after all," said Zoey while eating the cum from her pussy while holding a pokeball.

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