Dawn's journey in Sinnoh

BY : Dragon1234
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The next day, Dawn and Zoey had showed up at the contest hall, and were in the dressing room with the other contestants.

"I'm already so wet by just thinking of what I'm going to do," said Dawn who had on a bra and panties with slits to reveal her nipples and pussy. She even had a see through pink shawl.

"I know what you mean, especially with us being able to see what's going on out there," said Zoey who was completely naked except for the body paint that made her look like a Glameow. On a nearby TV, they were playing the video from the stage where a young girl was being fucked in both the pussy and ass by two Meditite while floating in air.

"May, you're up next," said a woman who popped her head in.

"Wish me luck," said Dawn before kissing Zoey on her way out. A few minutes later, Dawn was up.

"Come on out, Piplup, Shinx, and Mightyena," said Dawn as she tossed three pokeballs in the air.

"Mightyena, your cock please," said Dawn as she laid down. Mightyena positioned himself above her face, Dawn taking his member into her mouth. This was also Piplup's cue to put his beak into her pussy and use water gun to fill her up.

"Oh my, as contestant Dawn gives Mightyena a blowjob, her Piplup is using water gun inside her, causing her stomach to swell," said the announcer as Dawn's stomach grew bigger. Now her Shinx was aiming his dick at her pussy, which Piplup quickly pulled out of so Shinx could go in, his dick was just big enough to keep the water from coming out.

"Now this is a surprise, Shinx is fucking her in the pussy, the electric shocks from that must be making her go crazy," said the announcer as she slipped a hand into her panties.

"Here we go," thought Dawn as Mightyena pulled out of her mouth so she could jerk him off and Piplup took over her mouth.

"Nice one," said Zoey as she watched Mightyena splatter his cum all over her breast, Piplup's semen filled Dawn's throat, and the electrical cum from Shinx was shot into her pussy, causing shock waves to fill her body. Dawn then through her lower haft up into the air after Shinx had pulled out, spraying all the electrical semen mixed water into the air over the stage. This also caused little shocks on her body, and the announcer's since she was standing nearby.

"Even if I lose, I won't be sad," said Dawn with a happy expression from the level of pleasure she had just felt.

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