Dawn's journey in Sinnoh

BY : Dragon1234
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After finishing up at the shop, Dawn went over to the gym, which was done up as a dojo, but instead of practicing fighting, all the people were just having sex. She had also whipped most of the semen from the clerk off, but some remained in her hair.

"Can I help you?" asked a muscular man with a cock thicker than his arm.

"I'm looking for the gym leader, I heard she's a good lay," said Dawn as she jerked the man off.

"She's right over there with the Lucario," said the man as he pointed to Maylene. She was only in a sports bra as Lucario held her up with his cock buried deep in her pussy. Between Maylene's legs was a cock even bigger than the man's that Dawn was jerking.

"Thanks," said Dawn as she gave him one last stroke, which sent him cumming. Dawn then walked over to Maylene.

"Hi, I was wandering if you would mind if I joined you," said Dawn.

"Ju, just a, just a second, Lucario is almost, finished!" said Maylene as the pokemon came inside her.

"Alright, I take it that you want a try at this," said Maylene who was acting like Lucario had not just filled her. There was so much semen in her pussy, that it was bubbling out onto the floor.

"That's right, and here's where I want it," said Dawn as she laid on the floor with legs opened wide. Maylene then inserted her dick into Dawn, who started screaming in both pain and pleasure at the size of Maylene's member.

"Oh god, it's so big," said Dawn as she noticed a lump in her stomach. Maylene then started to pump in and out of her.

"I've never had a pussy this tight," said Maylene as she played with dawn's breast from under the sailor shirt. She then picked Dawn up, her cock going even deeper.

"I, I can't, I'm coming," said Dawn as she squirted all over Maylene's dick, but that didn't stop the fucking she was getting. Lucario then came up from behind Dawn, and put his dick into her ass.

"Not two at once!" said Dawn as she came again. This time, Maylene came too, Dawn's pussy swelled more with all the cum in her.

"Looks like that was to much for her," said Maylene as Dawn laid on the ground passed out. She didn't regain consciousness until three ours later, and her stomach was still swollen from all the semen.

"I can't believe how much you came in me, I might never get all of this out," said Dawn as she looked at how much was oozing out.

"Sorry about that, you just felt to good, and I most usually only ejaculate a gallon, but I think I let out five in you," said Maylene.

"That's alright, I might have to come back and try you out again when I become the Queen Slut," said Dawn as she licked some semen off her fingers.

"If you're aiming for that title, then you're going to need this little one," said Maylene as she handed her a pokeball.

"Inside it is a grass type called Budew, she's a glutton for semen," said Maylene.

"That would come in handy," said Dawn as she let the little grass type out. It didn't take long for Budew to get to work eating the semen from Dawn's pussy, which made the girl smile at the ideas of what they could do together.

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