Dawn's journey in Sinnoh

BY : Dragon1234
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Three months after meeting Maylene, Dawn was in the finals of the Sinnoh Pokeslut Contest with Zoey.

"Well, I wish you luck out there, and keep in mind that I won't be holding back," said Zoey who had a tuxedo on that had holes cut in it to reveal her breasts and pussy, which had a couple of egg vibrators in it.

"I wouldn't want you to," said Dawn who was in lingerie made to look like a wedding dress. She had even had piercings in her nipples and clit. A few minutes later, the two were up on stage, Dawn with Mightyena and Zoey with a Rampardos.

"Mightyena, get in there," said Dawn as the wolf started to pound her from behind.

"Let's not let them out do us," said Zoey as her Rampardos put his dick into her ass, getting a shriek from the girl.

"It looks like the viewers likes what they see so far," said the announcer as she played with herself. The people out in the stands were also playing with themselves, some had even teamed up to fuck.

"Mightyena, use dark pulse on your dick," said Dawn. Once the attack had started, it caused Dawn to moan more as it pulsated through her.

"Rampardos, you use thunder bolt," said Zoey.

"Oh, those moves must be making them feel so good," said the announcer as the two girls moaned from the attacks done to them.

"Now, use quick attack," said Dawn. Mightyena was now humping her at a faster rate, so fast that he was a blur.

"That's it, I'm cumming, I'm cumming!" said Dawn as she came all over Mightyena's member, but he wasn't finished yet.

"It's to much, I give up," said Zoey who was cumming along with Rampardos from the electricity pumping into her. All his semen was collecting in her stomach, causing it to swell as if she was eight months pregnant.

"With that, contestant Zoey has given up, contestant Dawn wins," said the announcer as she came.

"Mightyena, that's it, cream me," said Dawn as she was filled up. Since she had won, Zoey was made to drink the semen coming out of her.

"Looks like I get to serve the queen for the rest of my life," said Zoey as she pulled away, semen covering her mouth.

"You also get to serve my pokemon," said Dawn as she licked some of the cum off Zoey's face. While the two of them made out, the rest of the place began to cum, some of the guys did it in girls while others came so hard that it flew onto the stage.

"Now then, will any men in the place like to come onto the stage and have a go with the new queen?" asked the announcer who was now having a go with a Golem. Several men then filed onto the stage where they started an orgy with Dawn.

"Mm, if I get treated like this from now on, I will defiantly have to protect my crown," thought Dawn while blowing on dick, taking one in both her pussy and ass, and jerking two others off.

"She's too good, we're coming," said the guys as they plastered her in semen. There was so much that you couldn't even make out her skin or hair color.


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