Dawn's journey in Sinnoh

BY : Dragon1234
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A few years after she became queen, Dawn had a home built near Veilstone City, where a lot of people came to see her.

"Looks like you're in for another restless day, Dawn," said Zoey who was wearing a skimpy maid out fit with no underwear on under it. Outside the house, there was a long line of men and women who were waning in to fuck the Queen Slut.

"That's alright with me, that's why I built here, so everyone knows where I'm at," said Dawn as her Budew cleaned her pussy and ass.

"But you will have to take some time off soon since you're expecting," said Zoey as she eat some cum from Dawn's face.

"But first I need to make sure I have plenty of cum for that time, I can't sleep without it covering me," said Dawn with a laugh while holding her stomach.

"I just wander how much of a slut my daughter will be," said Dawn while licking her lips of some semen.

The End

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