Dawn's journey in Sinnoh

BY : Dragon1234
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A few weeks after their first contest, Dawn and Zoey were waking up in the room they had at the Pokecenter.

"Morning," said Dawn as she looked at the red-haired trainer lying next to her.

"Same to you, slut," said Zoey as she sat up, kissing Dawn while playing with her pussy, which still had semen in it from Mightyena and Piplup from the night before.

"You say the nicest things," said Dawn as she pulled away. Later the two were heading out of town, where they were planning to separate.

"I kind of wish we didn't have to leave each other," said Dawn who was a little sad.

"Sorry, but if I want to win a contest, I have to get away from you, you won the last three hands down," said Zoey.

"I still think the trick you did with that Kadabra and Aipom should have one," said Dawn as she thought back to the Kadabra that fucked her in the pussy while levitating her in the air with Aipom latched onto her face, dick in mouth.

"But that cum shower of yours was just too good," said Zoey.

"Well don't forget to use the copy of that book I gave you, and if we ever meet again, let me have a good taste of what you got," said Dawn as she licked her lips.

"I'll do you one better, if you can become the Queen Slut, I'll let you have me everyday for the rest of our lives," said Zoey as she pulled Dawn in and made out with her, each girl slipping a finger into the other's slits.

"Same to if you win," said Dawn as they pulled away and left each other. A few minutes later, Dawn was in Veilstone City.

"Think I'll stop in here and get some new clothes," said Dawn as she walked into a store. Once inside, she could smell the fragrance of semen and pussy juices all over.

"Welcome, how may I help you?" asked a female clerk, who was completely naked, from behind a counter.

"I'm looking for some new clothes," said Dawn.

"Well you came to the right place, and if I were to suggest some to you, I'd go with these," said the clerk as she handed Dawn a hanger with underwear made of rubber.

"You can also go with this low-cut sailor uniform," said the clerk as she held up the outfit.

"Mind if I give them a try?" asked Dawn.

"Of course not, but all our changing rooms are being used right now," said the clerk as she pointed to three rooms with the curtains drawn, where some moaning could be heard.

"I'll just have to change here then," said Dawn as she started striping. When she started putting on the underwear, she gave the clerk a nice shot of her ass, to which the woman drooled a little.

"This actually looks good," said Dawn as she looked in a mirror. The sailor suit she had put on over the underwear barely hid anything from bellow, making it so you could clearly see all her assets if you were low enough.

"I say it does, and I'll be willing to give it to you for free if you help me out," said the clerk as she came out from behind the counter, revealing she had a foot-long dick.

"Oh, so you're a hermaphrodite, huh," said Dawn as she got on her knees to play with the dick in front of her. After a few minutes of jerking it off, Dawn put the woman's member into her mouth, only getting haft of it in.

"Come on, you can take it deeper," said the clerk as she took Dawn by the head and shoved her cock all the way to the base, causing Dawn to choke a little.

"Oh god, your throat is to good," said the clerk before coming into Dawn's throat. She then pulled out, her semen spilling out of Dawn's mouth as she fell to the ground.

"Sorry, it's been too long since I had someone to do that to," said the clerk as she made sure Dawn could still breath.

"It's ok, I'm use to taking a lot of cum from my pokemon," said Dawn with a giggle while licking the tip of the clerk's dick.

"If you want to have more fun with a hermaphrodite, then you should go to the local gym, the gym leader there is real big," said the clerk.

"Sounds good," said Dawn with a big grin as she took a blast of more semen to her face.

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