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Disclaimer: I do not own Girls Bravo, nor any of the characters from it. I do not make any money from the writing of this story.

I don't own Girls Bravo. I am just using the characters for this story. So don't sue me.
Here is the first chapter. let me know if you like it and i'll have chapter2 up soon!

Pairings: Kosame/solo, Yukinari/Miharu/Lisa, Kirie/Kosame, Koyomi/solo, and finally Koyomi/Kirie/Kosame
It was a warm spring day and time was passing slowly over at Yukinari's house. Yukinari let out a sigh as he headed for the bathroom. When he opened the door he was greeted with a shriek of terror. He had walked in on Koyomi as she was in the tub. Her eyes were just starting to well up with tears as Yukinari stood there, eyes wide in shock.
"Koyomi! S-s-s-sorry!" he stammered as he turned around to walk away.
He then bumped into Kirie, who had seen the whole thing.
"Yukinari, why don't you go and peep on girls IN HELL!!!!"
She then hit him square in the stomach with an uppercut that slammed him into the wall. Yukinari then collapsed onto the floor, out cold. Kirie then dragged the unconscious gynophobe and placed him on the couch. Miharu came out of her room, rubbing her eyes, and wondering what all the noise was that woke her up.
"What happened?"
"Nothing Miharu, just Yukinari peeping on innocent girls in the tub." Kirie responded.
"Oh. So where is Yukinari?"
"On the couch where I left him."
"On the couch where you?"
She then looked and saw the unconscious youth. Letting out a gasp she quickly sat down on the couch and rested Yukinari's head on her lap.
"Poor Yukinari." She said as she put a hand on his cheek.

meanwhile at Fukuyama's mansion
Fukuyama smiled at his ingenious plan. He couldn't believe that he hadn't thought of it sooner! He ran down the hall and barged into his sister's room.
"Lisa! Your brother needs you to do him a favor!"

elsewhere in the mansion
Kosame moaned in pleasure as she fantasized. How she wanted Kirie to pleasure her.
*Miss Kirie, what do I have to do to get your love?* she thought to herself. She then placed a finger into her womanhood. As she began to slide it in and out faster and faster she put two more in, while using the last two to rub her clit. With her free hand she gently rubbed her breasts. Her sensitive nipples fully erect. She began to move her fingers in and out faster and faster, heating her core. She could feel the tension building up with each second that passed by. Finally she reached her climax and began to orgasm.
Kosame then laid back, her chest rising and falling in deep breaths.


"You want me to WHAT!?!?!" Lisa shouted at the top of her lungs.
"Please Lisa? For your big brother?" Fukuyama pleaded.
"NO. No. No. No. A million times no!"
"Just one spirit Lisa. That?s all I ask."
"Spirits are NOT things to be used!"
"I'm not going to use them; I just want them to lend me a hand."
"Give me one reason why I should summon a spirit to help you!"
Fukuyama sighed. He knew there was only one thing she wanted and he didn't like it.
"I'll".help you get to be alone with Puninari ok?"
Lisa smiled at her brother, showing that he had said what she wanted him to say.
"Ok, but there are some rules you will have to follow."
*Whatever, as long as I get to sleep with Kirie, Koyomi, and Miharu, I don?t care* he thought

end of chapter 1

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