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Sorry for the wait on this chapter. I recently had some writer’s block. Not to mention I kept getting new ideas for other stories. Any way here is chapter 6.

The room itself was nothing special. It was no bigger than any of the guest rooms in the mansion. But to Kosame it was her home. She had lived in this room as long as she had been assigned to protect Lisa. It was her own special place to relax and do as she pleased.
But that wasn’t the reason she was there. The reason was wrapped in her arms, shivering and crying, covered in torn rags that had once passed for clothing, and coated in some foul smelling slime. Right now the only thing that mattered to her was this pitiful young woman who had just narrowly escaped death’s clutches.
Kosame brought Kirie into her private bathroom. The room had all the typical furnishings of any bathroom; a sink, a toilet, a medicine cabinet with a mirror on the front, and of course the bath itself. The tub was large enough for two and had a showerhead attached to one of its walls.
Kosame began to remove the slime covered rags that covered Kirie’s body. The foul stench caused her stomach to churn. *No doubt about it. We’ll have to burn these* she thought to herself. Now she turned to the naked girl next to her, blushing as she stared at her luscious body. Kosame was snapped to attention as said girl whimpered as she sat on the cold tile floor.
Pulling her into a hug Kosame tried to comfort her. “Miss Kirie. Miss Kirie, it’s alright. You’re going to be fine. You’re safe now.” As she spoke she wiped the slime from her body, making a mental note to burn the cloth she was using later. Kirie made no sign that she heard Kosame’s words. She only whimpered and curled up into a ball, trying to make herself as small as possible. Not giving up in her attempt to comfort her, Kosame held her closer and gently stroked the younger girl’s hair. “Don’t worry honey; I’ll take good care of you. I won’t let anything like this happen again.”
Now that all the slime was gone Kosame carefully, she picked Kirie up and placed her in the hot water that now filled the tub. Kosame removed her clothes and joined her, after rinsing off as well. Pulling Kirie once again into her arms, Kosame gently began to rub her back in an attempt to calm her down.
Odd enough, Kirie fell asleep after a few minutes and Kosame had to take her out of the bath, dry her off and dress her in a t-shirt. The previous tasks being completed, Kosame placed the object of her affection on her bed, covered her in a blanket and kissed her on the cheek. She then ventured off to let the others know how Kirie was doing.

Back in Lisa’s room.

Yukinari lay in the middle of Lisa’s bed. Miharu lay to his left and Lisa to his right. The three were resting peacefully. So peacefully that none of them noticed the door open or felt a pair of hands tucking the three of them underneath a blanket.
Kosame left the three of them in the room and walked down to find Fukuyama and Koyomi. Finding them both in the same room where the party was supposed to be held she approached them both and informed them of Kirie’s condition. “She’s still shook up about the demon thing but seems to have calmed down and is resting in my room. Unfortunately she’s in need of a new outfit.”
“That’s all well and good. I have a vast variety of women’s clothing for her to choose from. Now on a different subject, how is my sister doing after that verbal assault from Puninari?”
Kosame chose her words carefully, not trusting how Fukuyama might react to his sister’s deflowering. “Well as far as I can tell they are both getting along fine and your sister seems as happy as she has ever been.”
“Well, just the same I’m going to talk to her to see how she is myself. As her big brother I feel it’s only right for me to make sure that she is ok.”
Fukuyama was out the door before Kosame could stop him.


Hope you enjoyed the chapter. I’ll be working on the next one when I have the time.
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