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Disclaimer: I do not own Girls Bravo, nor any of the characters from it. I do not make any money from the writing of this story.

Disclaimer: I Do Not own Girls Bravo. I am merely using the characters for this story.

Hey everyone! Sorry for the wait, but I have had a lot to do lately. Here is the next chapter. There isn't any action here but it is important to the plot. I'll have chap3 up asap. Feel free to R&R!

Chapter2: Fukuyama’s plan.

Yukinari's head was pounding. *What the hell happened to me?* He thought. He opened his eyes to find himself lying on the couch with his head in Miharu's lap. Miharu seemed to have fallen asleep sitting up. Yukinari slowly rose and laid Miharu down and covered her in a blanket. He then turned around and walked to the kitchen to get some food. Koyomi and Kirie were sitting at the table drinking tea.

"Look who finally woke up. I thought you were in a coma or something." Kirie said.
"Well Kirie, if you hadn't hit him so hard, he wouldn't have been unconscious for so long."
"What was I supposed to do? Let him peep on you?"
"It was an accident Kirie; I didn't know she was in the Bathroom."
"Yeah, well knock next time you perv. The last thing we need around here is another Fukuyama."
"Did I just hear someone say my name?"
"FUKUYAMA!" Kirie, Koyomi, and Yukinari said in unison.
"The one and ...Oomph!!!" he started to say but was cut off when Kirie elbowed him in the stomach.
"What was that for?!?!" Fukuyama screamed. "I didn't DO anything!"
"Not yet you didn't" Kirie said coldly.
"For your information Kirie I am only here to give you this and then I was going to leave." He then gave her an envelope and headed for the door.
"Oh, by the way Kirie I have a bit of friendly advice for you."
"What?" Kirie snapped.
"If you ever want to get laid you had better stop being so violent to those around you. Beating people up at random is kind of a turn off."
"Take your advice to HELL!!!!!!!" Kirie shouted as she grabbed him and smashed his head into the floor, resulting in her skirt flipping up revealing her white cotton panties.


Back in Fukuyama's mansion
Lisa was drawing up a large magic circle and making preparations for another of her black magic rituals. a mirror sat in the center of the circle. As she began to chant a mantra to summon a spirit to possess the mirror as she was told to do, Fukuyama walked in with a large cut on his forehead.
"Did you give them the envelope big brother?" Lisa asked.
"Yes, now all we need is for them to come here. Is the spirit here?"
"It isn't so simple to summon a spirit you know!" She snapped, "How are we sure that they are going to show up anyway?"
"I left them a very good reason for them to show up Lisa."


"Who the hell does that bastard think he is blackmailing us like this!?!?!?" Kirie shouted as she finished reading the contents of the envelope Fukuyama had given her.
"What do you mean US? He is blackmailing ME!" Yukinari exclaimed.
"What's all the noise about?" Miharu asked having been woken again.
"Look at this!" Kirie said as she gave her the letter to read.

Dear Yukinari,
You are invited to a party at my residence tonight at six o'clock. Kirie, Koyomi, Miharu, and Tomoka are all invited as well. Keep in mind that you are only coming because my sister wants you to. If you do not show up before ten after six then a crew of men with consturction equipment will be sent to demolish your house. This is not a threat, it is a promise. You and the girls are to show up or your home will be reduced to rubble.

Sincerely Yours,
Kazaharu Fukuyama

"Why would Fukuyama want to destroy our home?" she asked.
"It's just another stupid plan of his to try and get into our pants." Kirie responded.
"I guess we should be used to this by now." Koyomi said sadly.
"Well I for one am not going! Every time we get involved with anything Fukuyama does he always tries to feel us up while his crazy sister tries to seduce Yukinari! Plus that Kosame woman is always molesting me whenever I'm around her! And I know she is going to do it again tonight if I go to Fukuyama's house!"
"But Kirie you have to! If we all don't show up he's gonna demolish my home!"
"Fine! But that's the only reason I am going!"


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