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Disclaimer: I do not own Girls Bravo, nor any of the characters from it. I do not make any money from the writing of this story.

Hey all, It’s me again with another short one-shot. This one features Koyomi x Lilica and it takes place after SIB! I sort of felt like I had to do this after I paired the two of them at the end of the story. Hope you like!

Koyomi had grown accustomed to life at the Fukuyama mansion. It was great knowing she could be there and not have to worry about Fukuyama trying anything. Him being sent off to that all male military school was the best day of her life. Okay so it was second best, but still she couldn’t help but smile when she remembered the look on his face when he found out.

The best day of her life had been when she and Lilica became a couple. Her face burned with a fierce blush whenever she thought of their first night together. Lilica was a demon in bed and Koyomi hadn’t gotten any sleep that night. She felt herself grow wet as she reminisced about it.

Feeling mischievous, she went straight to her and Lilica’s room. She knew Lilica wasn’t there; she was usually busy during the day. But that didn’t matter to Koyomi. She entered the room and went straight to Lilica’s dresser and dug through the top drawer, where Lilica’s panties were.

After searching for a few seconds she found what she was looking for. It was Lilica’s favorite pair of panties. They were dark purple with lace around the leg openings. However they were different from ordinary panties due to the fact that they had a vibrating egg in them and ran by a wireless controller.

She quickly striped out of all her clothes and put them on, turning them to a low setting. She laid in Lilica’s bed and let the vibrations from the panties stimulate her. She started to fondle one of her breasts while using the other hand to play with her clitoris.

Koyomi closed her eyes and kept playing with herself. Her peaceful alone time was soon interrupted by the sound of the bedroom door being opened, signaling that someone had come into the room. Koyomi sat up and covered herself with the blanket but relaxed seeing it was just Lilica.

The head maid looked down at her lover with an air of annoyance.

“Koyomi, you naughty girl. You went through my underwear drawer again didn’t you?”

Koyomi just smiled coyly, “Maybe.”

Lilica approached her lover, removing her clothes as she did so.

“I’m going to have to punish you now, you realize that right?”

Koyomi nodded, her eyes looking over every inch of Lilica’s body. Lilica took the panties off Koyomi, smiling seductively. She then put them on herself and sat back on the bed. She entwined Koyomi’s legs with hers, pressing their pussies against each other. Lilica took the remote and turned the vibrating egg up to full power. Koyomi let out a moan as the vibrations increased. Lilica rubbed herself against Koyomi, making her moan louder.

Lilica continued their tribadism, making sure the vibrating egg rubbed against Koyomi’s clitoris with each movement, until the girl orgasmed. Not giving her lover a chance to recover, Lilica pulled away from her and grabbed the panties she had been wearing before she came into her room. She wrapped them around her index and middle finger and then began fingering Koyomi.

Koyomi was feeling a little sensitive from her orgasm and let out a loud squeal as Lilica fingered her. Her lover pumped her fingers in and out of Koyomi’s tight twat as hard and fast as she could without hurting the girl, while using her tongue to lick her clit. After a few minutes she stopped and stuffed the soaked panties into Koyomi’s mouth.

Koyomi’s moans were muffled as she tasted her own juices. Lilica started to eat Koyomi out, her tongue caressing the inner folds of Koyomi’s pussy. Moments later Koyomi came hard, Lilica drinking all her juices as they poured out.

When Koyomi’s orgasm subsided, Lilica sat up and licked her lips. She cast a lust filled glance at her lover, who lay back on the bed, slightly tired from the intense treatment she had just gotten.

Lilica redressed, still wearing her vibrating panties, and kissed Koyomi on the cheek.

“I have to go and do a few things for Mistress Lisa. I’ll be done in an hour. Then I’m going to come back here for my break. When I do I’m going to drive you insane with pleasure. So be a good girl and wait here for me.”

Lilica gave Koyomi another kiss and went off to do her work. Koyomi was still on the bed. She masturbated, thinking of all the things Lilica was going to do the her when she got back. As she brought herself to another orgasm, three words passed through her mind

Life is good


Well I hope you liked it, that’s it for SIB! But I’ll do other girls bravo fics soon. Later!

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