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Ch. 4

Fukuyama groaned as he sat up or at least as he tried to sit up. He looked down and realized he legs and arms were tied up. Looking around he realized he was in a closet and there was a ball gag in his mouth.

"Was it really necessary for you to do that to my brother?" Lisa asked.
"What do you mean?" Kirie responded
"I mean did you really need to break a chair over my brother's head, tie him up, gag him, and stuff him in a closet?"
"I don't know. Was it necessary for him to trick us into coming here and then lock us all in for the night?"
"She does have a point Kirie. I think you took it a little too far." Yukinari added.

The conversation ended when a loud banging and muffled moans came from said closet.
Lisa opened the door, untied the bindings and helped Fukuyama into a nearby chair.

Fukuyama was pissed to say the least. His face was red and steam may as well have been shooting from his ears. "That is IT!!! I will NOT just stand by and let you treat me this way in MY HOME!!"
"Then maybe you should let us out and never pull a stunt like this again!" Kirie snapped.
Fukuyama grinned develishly. "I have a better idea. How about we start the party with a special guest?"

He then glanced at Lisa who snuck into the adjacent room. After a minute she reappeared with a small hand mirror. She then held it up with the glass side facing Kirie.

Fukuyamaís grin grew wider. "Look in the mirror Kojima. After you see what stares back at you you'll have no choice but to do as I say."
"See what my reflection?"
Fukuyama was puzzled. "Huh? Wait. Why isn't anything happening?"
Kirie was getting tired of whatever he was trying to pull. "What are you talking about?"

Her answer came when a pair of blood red eyes opened and leered at Kirie from the mirror. A large dark tentacle shot out of the mirror and grabbed Kirie dragging her back in so fast that she didn't have time to scream in terror.

Yukinari turned to face Fukuyama. "WHATTHEFUCKWASTHAT?!?!"
Fukuyama was pale. Needless to say he was scared of what just happened. "A spirit or at least it was supposed to be one. Lisa?"

Lisa had sunken to her knees with a look of complete shock and despair on her face. Her lips began to move, her voice barely audible.
"I killed her. I killed her. I killed her."
"What are you talking about? What the hell was that?" Yukinari asked.
Lisa hesitated, not knowing if she really wanted to answer that question. after a minute she said "A...demon"
Fukuyama was snapped out of his state of fear by her words. He turned to his sister. "I though we were summoning a spirit! Not some kind of monster!"
Yukinari couldn't take it any more "Will somebody PLEASE tell me what just happened?" he shouted at the two siblings.

Ten minutes later a very pissed of Yukinari was trying to make sure what he heard was true.

"So you wanted Lisa to summon a spirit, seal it in a mirror, and the planned on releasing it on Kirie?"
Fukuyama nodded "Yes but from what Lisa says a powerful demon overwhelmed the spirit, believing it would be released into the human realm and was sealed in the mirror in its place."
"Being so powerful the demon managed to penetrate the seal long enough to reach out and grab Kirie, but then it got sucked back into the mirror taking her with it." Lisa added
"So what's going to happen to Kirie?" Koyomi asked, her voice full of fear.
Lisa hung her head. "I don't know. She's probably been eaten."


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