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Chapter 9

Koyomi screamed and screamed. She struggled and broke free of Fukuyama’s grip and fell into Kosame’s room. She dove under the bed, placed her hands over her head and sobbed quietly. Fukuyama entered the room, and was immediately tackled by Kirie who slammed him into the wall and clenched her hand around his throat. Her eyes were aflame with rage.


She threw him across the room, into the opposite wall. But before she could commence the most violent beating Fukuyama will ever experience, Kosame placed a hand on her shoulder, holding her back.

“Allow me Miss Kirie.”

Kosame stepped forward and punched Fukuyama full in the face with all her might. The sound of cracking bones filled the room as Fukuyama’s face was crushed. He let out a howl of pain as Kosame grabbed him and threw him into the hallway. She went over, picked him up and dragged him off. She returned minutes later, a content look on her face. She approached Kirie, and brought the younger girl back to bed. Kosame embraced Kirie and rubbed her back.

“Don’t worry. He won’t be bothering us again anytime soon.”

“What did you do?”

“I tied him up, locked him in his room and barricaded the door.”

“So he won’t be bothering us anymore?”

Kosame nodded, “At least not until after we’ve finished what we started.”

“What about Koyomi?”

The two had nearly forgotten about the poor girl. They got on the floor and pulled her out from underneath the bed. Koyomi kicked and screamed, thinking Fukuyama was still after her. It took both Kirie and Kosame to hold her down long enough for her to calm down. Koyomi’s face was soaked with tears and she was out of breath from all the screaming she did. She lay on the bed whimpering and exhausted as Kirie rubbed her back. After a few minutes she got her strength back and sat back up, her eyes still moist with tears.

“Don’t worry Koyomi, Kosame took care of him. He can’t hurt you right now.”

“Kirie, he…he almost touched my…my…”

Kirie placed a finger to her lips, hushing her. She pulled Koyomi into a gentle hug.

“I know. I saw the whole thing. I knew you were watching. Maybe if I had said something, this wouldn’t have happened.”

Before Koyomi could reply, Kosame wrapped her arms around her and gave Koyomi a chaste kiss on the lips. The girl blushed fiercely and was surprised to find she enjoyed the feel of the older woman’s lips on her own. She leaned in and pressed her lips to Kosame’s experimentally, and finding that she did indeed like it deepened the kiss. She then pulled away and kissed Kirie full on the lips. Much to her delight, Kirie returned the gesture. The kiss ended, and Koyomi found herself lying down again, with the other two girls hovering over her.

Kirie smiled down at her, “Just lie back and relax.”

Kirie and Kosame leaned down and the two of them kissed Koyomi. They opened their mouths and licked Koyomi’s lips with their tongues. The purple haired girl opened her own mouth and let her tongue join the other two. The three organs wiggled against one another in a sensual dance, drops of the three girls’ mixed saliva falling onto Koyomi’s torso.

Kirie and Kosame then trailed their tongues down Koyomi’s neck, causing a gasp to escape her mouth. The continued downward until they reached her breasts. Each of the two women took a nipple into their mouths. Kirie began to suckle the nipple and Kosame massaged the other with her tongue. Koyomi’s breathe hitched in her throat as her breasts were lavished with attention.

Much to Koyomi’s dislike, the other girls pulled away from her chest and resumed running their tongues against her body. They ran their tongues down her abdomen and then down her thighs. They then ran their tongues back up her inner thighs and up to her labia. They spread her legs to give themselves more room and continued to lick the man-fearing girl. Their tongues ran up and down her vaginal lips, stimulating waves of pleasure into her body.

Kosame spread Koyomi’s labia and stuck her tongue inside, wiggling it around, caressing her folds. Kirie began to suck on Koyomi’s clit, flicking the sensitive nub with her tongue. Koyomi’s moans grew louder with each passing second. Kosame and Kirie continued their actions, driving Koyomi closer to the edge. She felt something building up inside her. A pressure which grew with each touch she felt from the other two women. It eventually became too much and, with a long moan of pleasure, she released, her love juices pouring out and soaking into the bed sheets. Kirie and Kosame licked her clean and then moved in to kiss each other, tasting Koyomi’s juices in their mouths.

Koyomi took a moment to catch her breath. As she did she watched Kirie and Kosame make out. She felt herself becoming aroused again. Kosame sat back and spread her legs invitingly. Kirie lay on her stomach so she could lick her lover’s folds. As she ran her tongue across Kosame’s slit she felt a pair of hands on her hips. They lifted her hips up and she felt Koyomi’s tongue enter her. She gasped into Kosame’s lovehole as the intruder probed her sex.

As Koyomi ate Kirie out she began to finger herself; savoring the sweet taste of Kirie’s pussy as she played with her own. Kirie stuck her tongue into Kosame as far as it could go and wriggled it around earning a lusty moan from the older woman. Koyomi suckled on Kirie’s clit sending shockwaves of pleasure through her body. Kirie moaned into Kosame’s pussy further increasing her pleasure. Kosame pulled Kirie away and positioned her so their pussies touched one another. Kosame bucked her hips against Kirie’s, rubbing their two sexes together. Kirie took hold of Koyomi’s hips and brought the purple haired girl’s lower lips to her mouth. Kosame and Kirie grinded their pussies against one another as Koyomi got eaten out by Kirie. Koyomi used one hand to support herself as she lay on the bed and the other to play with her breast.

Minutes passed, with each girl continuing her actions. Letting out a long moan Kosame came. She kept rubbing herself against Kirie who came soon after. Kirie moaned into Koyomi’s pussy, causing her to climax as well. The three women lay on the bed, each of them tired and satisfied. Kirie snuggle next to Kosame, resting her head against the older woman’s shoulder. Koyomi did likewise, only letting her head rest against Kosame’s ample bosom. Kosame wrapped her arms around them and held them close. And they stayed like that, enjoying each other’s warmth and soon falling to sleep.

TD: ok that’s pretty much it for now. Next up is the epilogue. That should be finished quickly. Thanks for reading.

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