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Okay, here it is. The chapter where the good stuff starts!
Disclaimer: I donít own Girls Bravo. I am merely using the characters for the story. I have nothing of value and suing me will get you nowhere.
Ch. 5

Miharu was shocked, "Kirie was eaten?!?"

Yukinari snapped. He pounced on Lisa and slapped her several times across the face.
"You Bitch! Who the fuck do you think you are pulling a trick like that!? You Bitch! You Bitch! You Bitch! You Bitch! YOU BITCH!!!!!!"

Fukuyama grabs Yukinari's arm and throws him off of Lisa.
"Hey! Just what do you think you're doing to my sister!?"
"Teaching her what happens when you piss me off! That's what!" Yukinari spat at the blond.

Lisa is sobbing, tears soaking her face. She gets up and runs only for Yukinari to tackle her back onto the ground. Their eyes meet, hers filled with a mixture of fear and sorrow and his filled with pure rage.

"I didn't mean for this to happen darling Yukinari! I never meant for anyone to get hurt! Kazaharu told me that if I did this for him that he would help me get to be alone with you! I'm Sorry! Give me a chance to fix things! Please!"
"why the hell should I trust you?"
"I summoned that monster, so I can get rid of it!"

Yukinari reluctantly lets her go. She then runs off to her room and grabs a spell book, her staff and some other magical items. She returns and starts to flip through the pages of the book with all eyes on her.


Kirie was suffocating. She had been swallowed whole by the demon. Now she lay in its stomach, the walls undulating causing her body to be pushed back and forth in the gut. A putrid green slime was dissolving her clothes and was starting to burn her skin. Her breaths were becoming shorter and everything began to grow dark.

Suddenly there was light all around her as well as fresh air. She inhaled deeply coughing up a few drops of blood and the green slime that she unwillingly inhaled as a result. She felt her self being picked up by a pair of arms. They were Kosame's arms. She had been called in from her room to assist with the rescue. This, to her great joy, had succeeded. Seeing tears stream down Kosame's face made Lisa feel even worse about causing all this. She knew all too well about how Kosame felt about Kirie.

Lisa stood up and said as sincerely as she could, "Everyone? I...I'm sorry about this. Please don't hate me."
"It's OK. The important thing is that she's alive." Kosame replied.
"Besides, you were the one who saved her with your magic Lisa." Koyomi threw in.
Yukinari's words weren't so kind. "Don't hate you?!? How can I feel anything but hate towards you after what you did!?! You almost killed her just so you could satisfy your own selfish needs, you heartless bitch! Get the fuck out of my sight!!!"

His words cut her like a knife. Tears welled up in her eyes and her heart split in two. She ran as fast as she could to get away from him.

*I knew nothing good could come from this. This is why I didn't want to go through with Kazuharu's plan in the first place!*

She kept running until she got to her room. She ran in and flung herself on the bed and wept. Downstairs everyone else (except Kirie who was too scared after what had just happened to her to register what was going on) was pissed at how Yukinari had treated her.

Koyomi was first to voice her outrage. "That was very cruel Yukinari! She said she was sorry and even defeated the demon using her magic to save Kirie!"
Kosame added in, "She would never do anything to intentionally harm your friends Mr. Sasaki. She cares for you too much to do that"
"Besides. I'm the one who convinced her to do it. Blame me if anyone."

All of these comments hit home. But what Miharu had to say stung the most.

"I can't believe you! You hurt her feelings, called her bad names, and you hit her really hard! I thought you were nice Yukinari Sasaki! But now I see you as nothing more than a jerk!"

With that she stormed off heading in the direction Lisa ran. When she was a working as a maid for Fukuyama she had learned where the bedrooms were and easily found Lisa's. She walked in and was greeted by the sight of Lisa about the cut her wrists with a razor.

"Lisa! Don't!"
"Why not? The only person I ever loved hates me now. I have nothing else to live for!"
"You're wrong! You have friends like me and you have your brother! Besides, Yukinari was being a jerk so don't pay any attention to him."
"B...but... what can I do to get him to forgive me?"
"We'll think of something. Now please stop what you're doing!"


After having calmed down and thinking things over Yukinari realized that he did overreact and wants to apologize to Lisa. Kosame shows him to Lisa's room and then continued down the hall with Kirie to wash the slime off of her. Yukinari enters the room and after taking a deep breath starts his apology.

"Lisa, I am very sorry for how I treated you earlier. You didn't deserve that. I was a jerk."
"Does this mean that you forgive me?"
"Yes. I do. Can you forgive me for treating you like that?"
"Yes. I forgive you for what you did if you forgive me."
Miharu was glad to see Yukinari acting like normal again. "If Lisa forgives you for being mean to her then so do I!"

Yukinari feels a little bit better now knowing that all has been forgiven in the end. But he feels that he needs to do more than just say he is sorry.

*I'm probably gonna hate myself for this later*
"Lisa, is there anything I can do to make it up to you?"

Lisa pulls Yukinari into a hug and he breaks out in hives from the contact. She kisses him on the cheek and rests her head on his chest.

"There is. Would you be my lover?"
"B...but me and Miharu..."
Before he could finish Miharu interupted, "It's ok Yukinari I don't mind!"
Yukinari was caught off guard by this. "Wha? So you don't love me?"
Miharu giggled to herself. "Of course I do silly! I mean that you can be lovers with me and Lisa!'
"What are you talking about!?!"
"On Serin because there are so few men some women would share one. So I don't mind if I have to share you!"
"Share me? Like take turns or something?"
Miharu couldn't believe he couldn't figure it out. "No, more like the both of us would be each other's lover and yours."
Lisa thought this over "Well, I guess I could. Technically i would still be Yukinari's lover. And I've kinada wondered what it's like to be with another girl."
Yukinari only stood there, mouth agape as his brain tried to process what was happening. He was snapped from his stupor when Miharu kissed lisa full on the lips. Lisa leaned into the kiss and deepened it. Her tongue seeking entrance to the pink-haired girl's mouth. Miharu opened her mouth and Lisa's tongue dived in. The two girls' tongues writhed around one another until the two broke their kiss, a thin trail of saliva bridged between thier mouths.

Lisa then started to take of her clothes and Miharu followed suit. Yukinari was dumbstruck. He now had two girlfriends both of which were stripping. He had no idea what to feel right now.
All thought of the matter vanished when he felt a draft and realized that the girls were taking his clothes off after they had removed everything but their bras and panties. Yukinari went to object but was silenced when Miharu placed her lips over his own. Her tongue gently pushed its way into his mouth and began rubbing against his own. He slowly melted into the kiss, his tongue writhing with Miharu's as though the two organs were dancing. After what felt like an eternity Miharu pulled away and Lisa moved in to capture Yukinari in a similar kiss. Yukinari accepted it and gently placed his hands on Lisa's backside, pulling her into a hug. After the kiss ended, the two gasped for air and Yukinari voiced out the concern that had been silenced earlier.

"But, what about my allergies?"
Lisa wanting to reassure her boyfriend was the one to answer. "Your allergy is caused by a fear of women right?"
"Well just relax and put the fear out of your mind."

Yukinari tried this and managed to calm his irrational fear. He then reached out with his right hand to touch Lisa's face. When he did his rash came back only it wasn't as bad as it usually is, in fact it was practically non existant. A grin crossed Lisa's face as she saw she was right.

"See? The rash isn't so bad now because you feel more relaxed around me."
"I guess your right. I do feel a little more comfortable with you than before."
"Just you wait; things are only going to get better."

With that said she then reached down and began to rub the lump that was forming in his boxers. He stifled a moan at the contact. Liking the result of what she did Lisa then pulled his boxers down and freed his erect member. Yukinari was shorter than other guys his age, but what he lacked in height he made up for with his manhood. Lisa found herself staring at it completely spellbound. He was at least nine inches long and near two inches thick. Her entire face turned red at the sight of it.

*I didn't know they could be so big! .*

Miharu, who had never seen a boy's dick before, went in for a closer look at his endowment. After ogling it she reached out and started to poke it with her fingers. Each touch caused it to jerk and spasm. She then turned her attention to his sac and fondled it with her other hand. Lisa placed her hand on the shaft and started a slow pumping motion and watched as the tip oozed some precum. Growing bolder both girls leaned in and started to lick the tip all the while continuing their treatments. Yukinari began to squirm in their grasp his breathe becoming short.

Lisa and Miharu moved downward, tracing their tongues along his swollen dick. They continued until they had completely lubricated his manhood in their saliva. They both then removed their bras revealing their breasts and hardened nipples. Miharu's were slightly larger with perfectly round areolas while Lisa's were slightly smaller with petite nipples proudly standing out, begging for attention. The girls then pressed their soft globes together around Yukinari's man meat and pushed themselves up and down its length, giving their new boy toy an agonizingly slow titty fuck. The feel of his thickness between them combined with their nipples rubbing against each other got their love juices flowing.

Yukinari was in heaven. His cock was throbbing with delight and he could feel something building up inside of him. The girls' stuck out their tongues and stroked Yukinari's swollen tip. Yukinari reached his limit. He let out a long moan as his seed shot out and coated Lisa's and Miharu?s breasts. A second volley came out and landed on their faces. After he shot off a third time covering the girls in even more of his essence his member began to shrink back down to normal.
As he began to recover from his first orgasm of the night Lisa wiped his cum off her face with her hands and started to lick it off. She thought it tasted weird, but in a good way. After she cleaned her face off she went to clean her chest but was beaten to the task by Miharu who had also cleaned her face and breasts of Yukinari's seed like Lisa did and decided to lick Lisa's breasts clean. The feel of the pink haired beauty's tongue stroking her bosom clean was surprisingly pleasant. Miharu finished licking up the cum and pulled her head away only for Lisa to push it back into her soft mounds.

"Don't stop. Please, don't stop."

Obeying her, Miharu returned to her earlier action with more enthusiasm. She traced her tongue all across them in a circling motion and slowed to a stop once she neared her left nipple. Miharu took the hardened nub into her mouth and began to suckle it while flicking the tip of the nipple with the tip of her tongue. Not wanting to be unfair she switched the right nipple after a minute or two and continued her actions. She released Lisa's breast and licked her lips savoring the sweet taste of Lisa's skin.
Lisa took this opportunity and tackled Miharu to the ground and started to tickle the girl all across her abdomen throwing her into a fit of giggles.


Lisa turned her tickling into a slow, gentle caress. She grinned evilly as she made each movement closer to Miharu's nether region.

"All's fair in love and war cutie."

Miharu blushed as Lisa's hands got closer to their goal. She reached up and pulled Lisa into a deep kiss. When they separated Lisa found herself underneath Miharu who had flipped them over so she could be on top.

"Whatever you say, Lisa."

The two of them giggled before Lisa moved her hand down and started rubbing Miharu's wet pussy. Miharu let out a slight 'meep' sound at the sensation and rested her body against Lisa letting out moans of satisfaction each time Lisa's fingers rubbed against her erect clit. Lisa shifted the both of them into a 69 position and began to lick her soaked folds. Miharu gasped at the unexpected intruder in her privates. She took a second to adjust herself and placed two fingers into Lisa's maidenhood and began a slow pumping motion.

Miharu added another finger and started to flick her tongue across Lisa's clit when she felt Lisa stop licking her. She whimpered in protest at the loss of contact and turned her head to see why. Yukinari was standing right behind her, his member standing fully erect once more. Miharu's blush turned her face a deep red as she realized what he wanted. She nodded her head and looked on with wide eyes as he placed his cock at her entrance. The both of them closed their eyes as he thrust himself in, tearing her hymen.

Miharu whimpered at the pain of losing her virginity as Yukinari began to slowly thrust in and out of her. The pain diminished and became pleasure. A sliver of drool slid down her chin at the new feeling.

"Faster! Harder! Don't stop Yukinari"

As he picked up the pace Lisa flicked Miharu's clit with her tongue. Miharu drove her tongue as far into Lisa's cunt as it would go and wiggled it around, touching every last bit she could reach and collecting Lisa's honey. Lisa gently bit down on Miharu's love button sending a shockwave of pleasure to her core and triggered her climax. Miharu's pussy gushed out its juices while its walls clenched tightly around Yukinari's cock sending him over the edge as he came deep within Miharu's womanhood. He slowed down his thrusts as he rode out his orgasm and when his seed had stopped shooting out he removed himself from Miharu and lay down next to her, his eyes closed as if he were asleep.

"Yuki-kun, don't fall asleep just yet. Lisa needs her turn."
"I know. I just want to catch my breath. That was amazing Miharu, you felt so good."

While waiting for Yukinari to get his strength back Lisa decided to help them 'clean' up. She went to Yukinari and placed his limp member into her mouth and began to gently suckle on it. After about half a minute he was rock hard again. Lisa then proceeded to lick Miharu's pussy which was dripping with her and Yukinari's mixed essences. The combined taste of her two lover's juices was surprisingly delicious. She licked up as much as she could fit in her mouth and crawled up so that her face was level with Miharu's. She then pulled the other girl into yet another passionate kiss in which she shared the mix of honey and seed with her

When the two had to brake for air Lisa felt Yukinari's arms wrap around her midsection as he pulled her into an embrace, his member pressing against her bottom. No words were needed as he positioned himself and began to push his member in until it came across some resistance. Not wanting to wait any longer Lisa impaled her self on his member until it went in as far as possible. Ignoring the pain of her torn hymen Lisa started to move up and down as Yukinari began to thrust in and out. After a minute they had a rhythm going on between them. Miharu sat to the side and watched. Lisa repositioned herself so Yukinari was doing her doggie style. At this point Miharu got tired of watching and moved in to hug Yukinari from behind and began placing kisses along his face and neck.
Lisa felt herself tensing up and knew she was almost at her limit. She slowed down a bit and sat up, allowing Yukinari to fondle her breasts. Then Yukinari came, shooting his seed deep into her womb. Lisa came just shortly after, her vaginal walls clenching Yukinari's dick, milking it of all its semen. After they rode out their orgasms they crawled onto Lisa's bed and soon fell asleep. Miharu Crawled up and cuddled next to her lovers and soon joined them as sleep overcame her.


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