A Dance with the Devil

BY : Violent Rose
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A Dance With The Devil

Chapter: 1

The light flickering in his office made it difficult to read the reports in front of him. Squinting hard to make out the numbers, he just throws them on the desk sighing deeply.
Sitting back in his chair Tatsumi relaxed his throbbing head and ponders.

"We still haven't fixed the library yet and docking Tsuzuki's pay in half just isn't cutting it.
Well, I guess at least that is one worry that I can have on my mind for the moment."

Suddenly, the lights go out.

"Okay, that's it! I've had it! There has to be a better way than this."

He taps his fingers together then gets up from the chair. His mind shifting ideas left and right, working desperately for anything. A theory, a notion, even a guess to something that could help out with the problem at hand. Suddenly the man of shadows slammed the palm of his hand on his desk.

"I got it! The perfect way to raise money and help out with the department!"

Tatsumi immediately calls for a meeting.

Candles are lit as the four shinigami sit and wait for the secretary to begin. What possible case could inquire all four of the shinigami presence here tonight especially Terazuma? The master of shadows eyes glow a malevolent hue as a smile widens across his face.

"An auction party!"

They all look at him as if he had gone mad. Tsuzuki becoming the brave one speaks up first.

"An auction? What could we possibly auction, Tatsumi?"

A smile of true achievement plasters the secretary's face.

"Ourselves, of course!"


Without a doubt the man of shadows had indeed gone mad. However, Watari seemed to think the idea a splendid one.

"Yeah! Kind of like a fundraiser or something! Think of the money we could raise to fix this place up!"

"You mean bachelor party." Hisoka sniffed, deciding to put his two cents into the conversation.

"You mean we are going to whore ourselves out to a bunch of crazy, lonely people?!" Terzuma respondes, outraged.

"No! It's simply a date, Terazuma." Tatsumi remarks calmly.

"I mean, come on! Who wouldn't want to date the finest that Meifu has to offer for one night only." Tatsumi insisted.

"I think he has really lost it this time." Hisoka whispered to Watari. The blonde merely shrugged and turned his attention back to the secretary.

"You have got to be kidding, right!" Tsuzuki cried in protest.

The brunette was against the whole idea. To even think of selling his virginity off to the highest bidder was an outrage!

"I mean, who would want to spend that kind of money just to have one date with one of us?" Tsuzuki whined, desperately trying to change the secretary's mind.

"You'd be surprised, Tsuzuki. Millions of people hold events like this. I mean, there are so many single people out in the world. I think it is worth a try. It's not like your going to marry the person! Don't worry you're not going to lose your innocence, virgin boy." Watari smiles at his now insulted friend.

"I'll have you know I am very proud of my record." The powerful shinigami crosses his arms up on his chest, letting out a slight snort.

"And we won't be breaking it anytime soon now, will we? Because need I remind you there are rules always rules." Chief Konoe walks in with a thin folder in his hand. Placing a paper in front of each shinigami.

"Which are?" The ex-cop scratches his head as he tries to make out the small letters in front of him.

"Well, I think we all know those rules, Terazuma. Being that we will be dealing with mortals."

Terazuma squints at the fine print in front him.

"Oh, I see. No hanky-panky or one-nighter's, huh?"


"Well, what fun is that! Especially when they're cute and stuff?" Watari pouts.

"Watari, that is why I especially state this to you. We all know that Hisoka, Tsuzuki, and especially Terazuma won't be getting into that kind of trouble, but you! God help us from what happened the last time you got drunk and almost..."

"Okay, okay! I think they get the point, Mr. Secretary Man." The scientist joins Tsuzuki by crossing his arms in a huff.

"Well, then, as I was saying. The bidding will start at a thousand and go from there. The rules are as followed," Tatsumi gives the scientist a warning look. "No inappropriate behavior is allowed between the bidder and their date. No consumption of excessive alcohol will be tolerated. The bidder will only be allowed to win ONE date."

"Why am I the only one getting attacked here?" Watari whined.

They all stare at the blonde.

"What? I mean, I am but a simple scientist who enjoys beer nights just as much as anyone else does and occasionally I might pick up on a nice drinking buddy..."

"Who would mysteriously disappear with you at the end of the night every time?" Tsuzuki waves a finger at the blonde.

"Okay, so maybe sitting in the lab almost half my after-life doesn't excuse me for my promiscuous acts but one has to unwind now and again."

Again the group stared at the now defeated blonde

"Okay, fine!" the pouty blonde huffed, looking as childish as Tsuzuki.

"Good. Now that everything is settled I will have the Count set up the party, while you, gentlemen, get yourselves cleaned up.I want you to look your best ." Konoe leaves quietly from the room.

Tsuzuki walked up to Tatsumi.

"Are you really going to have us go through with this?"

"Are you saying that you don't want to participate on paying off some of your debts, Tsuzuki? Need I remind you of how much you still owe this department?"

"No, no, I mean..." Tsuzuki retorts, waving his hands wildly.

"Then I should see you at the party tomorrow tonight, right?" The secretary smiled patting the brunette's shoulder.

Tsuzuki slumps in defeat.

"Yeah, okay."

To be Continued...

Next chapter the night of the auction. Bids are up going once , going twice, sold!

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