A Dance with the Devil

BY : Violent Rose
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Warning: This chapter contains Boy x Boy. Not quite lemon but just a squeeze of lemon/lime juice.

YAY! The dance. XD

A Dance with the Devil

Chapter 3: Dancing Lessons 101 Part Two

Out of impulse, Tsuzuki pulls back only to be abruptly yanked toward the taller man, slamming into his chest.
Tsuzuki almost lost his balance but catches himself just in time to look up at his dancing partner with a glare in his eyes. Muraki could only smile back at how cute the man looked.

The guardian tried to pull away but his hands are gripped even tighter in Muraki's embrace. "I said prove it."

Tsuzuki only huffed as he felt defeated in trying to escape his arch nemesis and gives the doctor his most evil stare which seemed to only delight the insane man even more.

The rhythm takes it away as the older man begins a slow waltz giving Tsuzuki no choice but to follow.

Tsuzuki gives no effort and clumsily steps on the other man's foot. Delighting in the fact that he might just give Muraki the idea that he was not the best of dancing partners.

However, despite an aching foot Muraki continues, surprising Tsuzuki as the man dips him down.

"Regardless of you trying to act as if you cannot dance, Tsuzuki-san, I can clearly see from your stance point and arm gesture that you have some experience in this field. I would suggest you show a little consideration towards me on providing a better effort on your part. At least give me that much."

"I have no reason to give you any consideration. Now lift me back up!'

Muraki chuckles lightly.

"Your defiantly in a compromising situation right now to argue the point, wouldn't you say? All I ask is that you be cordial with me and respect my feet."

"Why should I! You have never been respectful of me. You're the one who tried to get me into bed with you over a bet! Is that called being respectful?"

Tsuzuki was abruptly lifted back up.

"You didn't seem to back down from it. You could have said no. Unfortunately, if it wasn't for that boy I would have had you in my bed."

Tsuzuki turned his face from the doctor.

"It was a challenge. That is the only reason why I took it. I...I never said anything about wanting that damn bet in the first place. You're the one that started it."

"But isn't this the same? I did ask you to prove it, didn't I? Wouldn't it be considered a challenge?"

Uh oh. I just pulled myself into a trap. Damn it, Tsuzuki! Why do you always do this to yourself? All right, Muraki. You want a challenge? Then I"ll give you a challenge!

"Fine then!" Tsuzuki rejoinders looking the doctor over. "Let me show you how it's done."

The purple-eyed guardian slaps his left hand into Muraki"s. Closing both feet together stance straight and tall. He places the other hand on Muraki's shoulder blade.

" I'll lead."

I've done this many times before I'll show him how much I can dance.

He decided to go for a traditional waltz since he didn't want to get too close to Muraki as he already was. He knew every angle of this particular waltz. Every side step, back step, hesitation and promenade.

Hopefully, Muraki won't be able to keep up. The guardian smiled to himself at being able to lead Muraki and prove to the sadistic man tonight that he was not one to be taken lightly. Especially when it came to dancing.

Tsuzuki commenced them in a box step swaying Muraki with defining grace on the floor. Indeed, Muraki was able to keep up with his shinigami allowing himself to be led with Tsuzuki's prominent moves.

During their dance Tsuzuki glanced over at their table catching a glimpse of the red rose lying upon it. It brought him back to the moment he was bought by Muraki. The money that was wagered on him just to have said person deal with his angsty self for this one night. That was an outrageous amount of money even for the sadistic bastard to pay for me. Why? What are your intentions, Muraki?

"Why did you spend so much money on me, Muraki?"

"Why not? It's not like I don't have plenty to give away."

Tsuzuki voice became furious at the mockery in the doctor's voice and smile.

"Muraki, I am being serious!"

The mocking smile suddenly changed to something Tsuzuki had never seen from the sadistic man before. A soft gentle smile of sincerity. A beautiful disparity to the Muraki the guardian has only know the doctor to be. In this smile there was no wicked intent, no cause for destruction or chaos or manipulating mind games. But a honest devotion of truth. Not mocking but surreal.

"Because if only to spend one night with you. To look in those beautiful eyes. To touch this perfect body. To hear that soft unsure voice again had cost me everything. I would give it all for the opportunity, just to be here next to you."

Tsuzuki looked away to hide the obvious blush on his face.


It became an awkward silence as nothing was said after that.

The dance floor was starting to fill up with people now and the atmosphere became heavy with other people's body heat. But the two men didn't notice much as they concentrated on their own moves. Perfectly inline with each others steps and shifts in twists and curves.

They continued silently throughout the rest of the song. As it came to an end a new song started up that would only be recognized as the "Dark Waltz." Tsuzuki continued his rhythm with Muraki, proud that he had proved he could indeed dance good if not better than his partner.

Ha! Let's see you best that!

Tsuzuki's thoughts where soon interrupted as Muraki stopped them in midsway pulling the shinigami hard against his chest. Tsuzuki could do nothing but gasp as the gesture was sudden and shamefully arousing.

"I'm impressed, but not convinced. Allow me to show you a new way of dance,

Tsuzuki gulped as Muraki lets go of his hand to loosens his own tie.

"What...what do you mean?"

"To dance you have to want to feel and act like you want nothing but your partner. To make love to them. You showed nothing of the sort. You were way too stiff." Muraki chuckled at the word in spite of himself.

The doctor took off his jacket and placed it on a near by table. He turned around noticing the enraged face Tsuzuki was now making. He knew the Shinigami hated being corrected. Especially when it was something Tsuzuki knew he was good at. Apparently dancing was one of them.

Muraki walked back over toward his date. Giving his shinigami an intense gaze and a small smirk barely noticeable. He then goes back to the task at hand unbuttoning the sleeves of his shirt. Carefully rolling each of them up to his elbow.

"It was like dancing with a robot. I felt nothing from it but tiresome effect. Haven't you learned anything from the waltz alone? You have to become one with your partner."

Tsuzuki remembered saying those exact words to Hisea. Oh, how those words haunted him now to hear them come from his enemy.

Muraki's smile broadened at the shift in those beautiful purple eyes. From anger to apprehension. The ambiguity in the man's features that the guardian always made when ever close to the doctor. A posture saying "I don't know if I should trust my better judgment and flee or satiate my curiosity and stay."

Obviously tonight he chose the latter and stayed.

The doctor slowly walked around the taut figure of the guardian gliding his finger down the shinigami's arm. Muraki whispers in his ear.

"Follow my lead."

The closeness of Muraki's warm breath against the hollow of his ear and the seductive low tone of the pale man's voice caused shivers to run down the guardian's back.

Tsuzuki is unexpectedly turned around and pulled hard against the other's chest.

The shinigami yelps not expecting the extreme closeness of contact between the two of them and before he can protest against it is soon led into a smooth sway.

Muraki was efficient in his steps starring directly into the shinigami's eyes. Their noses almost touching. Bodies pressed where fabric rustled. So close that it radiated a heat from within that was somewhat arousing.

This...this is wrong. This is not how the waltz is suppose to be. It's not suppose to be this...Poignant.

Tsuzuki's hands wanted to push away from the doctor. Wanted to push with all his might just to get away from this unknown feeling. But he didn't, in fact he allowed himself to be pulled more into it. Breeching the gap completely between the two.

Tsuzuki felt the other man's pale fingers slowly gliding down his back. Causing a slight shiver through his skin he was sure Muraki had felt. Surprisingly, the doctor didn't show any signs of a sadistic smile or mocking smirk to show that he noticed the guardian's embarrassing reaction to his touch. Just serene eyes full of lust and want staring intently at him. Tsuzuki lowered his eyes. It was uncomfortable enough to be allowing Muraki this close but to look in those eyes filled with so many promises to come if this were to continue somewhere else more private.

That is were Tsuzuki drew the line. He would not let himself regret any stupid decisions his mind was capable of making for him. At least not with the man before him. He would rather close his eyes and imagine himself dancing elegantly with...with...

He felt a soft gentle hand lift his chin and he once again came face to face with his enemy.

"Look at me. I want to see your eyes." Tsuzuki obeyed transfixed by the intense steel orbs peering lustfully into his own. A sheen of pure molten silver mixed with something else Tsuzuki couldn't quite decipher.

Muraki's hand leaves his face to slowly trail down his neck to the base of his collar. Pulling to loosen Tsuzuki's tie.

"Relax, Tsuzuki-san. It feels better if you just relax."

The man's face was so close he could feel the warmth of the others breath against his own.

No...this isn't right. Why don't you just push him away, Tsuzuki! Why don't you...

Tsuzuki bit his lip as his face turned red feeling that the pale doctor's hand was lower then it should have been on his back.

The purple-eyed guardian reached back to pull the hand away but it is soon caught and held fast in place.


A pale finger is placed against the shinigami's lips hushing his words.

"It's only a dance, Tsuzuki-san, There is no harm in that, right? There is no harm in wanting to just dance with you."

The doctor leads his hand down to the shinigami's chest, allowing Tsuzuki to feel the smooth texture of his fingers against fabric and skin.

"Let me show you how it is done my way."

The doctor rakes his fingernails across toned pectorals gliding purposely over budding nipples. Trailing down further toward naval only to stop slightly before Tsuzuki's belt line. Lingering there for just a moment before tracing his steps back up again. Slow and agonizingly blissful trails generating hot quivering vibrations to his already heated body. The delightful friction multiplied when he felt the grinding of Muraki's groin against his. The sensation was amazing and the guardian couldn't help but let out a soft moan from it.

Tsuzuki didn't realize that he had gripped the doctor's shoulder. In all his years and experience in dance he has never seen it done quite like this. The teasing of fabric against fabric so close. Touch against touch. It was indeed like the man had said like making love to your partner No one in his entire existence has ever touched him like this...no one.

Tsuzuki was in ahead of himself. How could a simple dance become a thing of desire. Of such erotic behavior. Enough to where his mind was now begging the man to touch him.

There was no rough movements or forced intimidation. Muraki had grace, sultriness. He was simply amazing. His moves flawless. Despite their closeness if someone were to see them. They would hardly notice the intimacy exchanged between the two. But Tsuzuki knew it. He couldn't deny the fact that what Muraki had him surcome to felt simply incredible. The shinigami bit his tongue to hold back another moan as the heat from their bodies was perspiring off of him into a pool of sweat developing throughout his body.

"This...Tsuzuki-san is how you dance" Muraki purr's into his guardian's ear.

This intense friction both there bodies were making was bringing Tsuzuki over the edge. He places his head against the doctors shoulder giving way to another shallow moan. A dizzy feeling started to take effect and his breathing became erratic. He could feel his knees getting weak from the ministrations Muraki was providing to his groin. Wanting nothing more then to release his throbbing desire within his pants. Resisting was no longer an option it just felt to good.

Tsuzuki wrapped his arms around the doctors neck pulling him in tighter. Moving his hips faster to the rhythm. Every part of his body screamed to be touched more. Shivering at feeling just how hard the doctor really was against his thigh. How hard he must have been.

By this time Tsuzuki was beyond rational thought. He no longer cared that he was out on a dance floor in front of thousands of people ready to climax into complete ecstasy. All his mind was telling him was to let this man before him grinding on his sex to release him of this agonizingly pleasurable tense pressure built up inside.

Then he feels a hand push him gentle away.

"No..no don't stop." A surprised Tsuzuki harshly says from his parched throat. Muraki lifts the guardians chin up viewing such questioning eyes looking back at him. He rubs a finger down the guardian's cheek hearing the shinigami calming his breathing down.

"If you want this to continue. Then you know where to find me."

Muraki lets go of the confused shinigami and grabs his coat.

"Muraki, wait!"

The guardian takes in a deep breath as he looks at Muraki walking out.

Tsuzuki feels something in his pocket and pulls out a piece of paper with an address on it.

Damn him. If he thinks I'm going to go after him he's dead wrong. This wasn't suppose to be like this. Why did I let it get this far? I'm just glad it stopped when it did. This was a mistake, I must have just gotten all crazy after drinking that shot. Yeah, that's it. That has to be the reason I acted the way I did. I mean there is no fucking way I would ever... I mean not with him at least. Would I? I couldn't possibly be that attracted to him. Hmmph... Well, I hope he enjoyed the little show tonight. You should of, you sadistic bastard because this is all you're ever going to get from me, Doctor Kazutaka Muraki.

Tsuzuki looked at the piece of paper crumbling it as he shoves it back into his pocket. Ironically enough he passes a garbage can on his way out. The crumbled piece of paper still lingered in his pocket tightly wrapped around his hand.

Chapter 4: The Inevitible after Effects

Exchange in conversation. I need excitment, details, details, details...

[ bathroom stalls and alcohol ]

The Dark Waltz

We are the lucky ones

We shine like a thousand suns

When all the colour runs together

I'll keep you company

In one glorious harmony

Waltzing with destiny forever

Dance me into the night

Underneath the moon shining so bright

Turning me into the light

Time dancers whirling past

I gaze through the looking glass

And feel just beyond my grasp heaven

Sacred geometry

where movment is poetry

Visions of you and me forever

Dance me into the night

Underneath the moon shining so bright

Turning me into light

Dance me into the night

Underneath the moon shining so bright

Let the Dark Waltz begin

oh let me wheel - let me spin

Let me take it again

Turning me into the light

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