A Dance with the Devil

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A Dance with the Devil

Chapter 4 : The Inevitible After Effects

[Bathroom stalls and alcohol]


Tsuzuki stops abruptly in his tracks noticing two of Meifu' s guards standing ground at the front entrance.

"Just great, there goes my idea for getting some fresh air to cool me down."

The brunette's name was suddenly called from behind him. Startled he quickly wraps his jacket tight around himself.

"You have got to be kidding me right, not now."

"Tsuzuki, there you are. I have been looking all over for you. Here's your drink."

Wakaba looks past him and then back at the nervous guardian again.

"Hey where's your date?"

"He left."

"Already?" Wakaba looked at him surprised.

"I guess he has an early morning."

This was definitely an awkward situation for the purple-eyed guardian and he needed to get somewhere safe before anyone noticed this particular discomfort he was trying so desperately to hide.

"Oh, well ,then that's good news for you, right? I mean, you don't have to bother with him anymore tonight."

"Yeah, I suppose so."

Trying hard not to seem to rude.Tsuzuki touches her shoulder lightly smiling.

"Um, Wakaba, could you excuse me for a moment? I have to go use the restroom."

Tsuzuki quickly makes his way to the bathroom throwing himself against one of the sinks. He turns on the cold water, splashing his face thoroughly before looking down at the obvious bulge in his pants.

"Gods! I hope no one noticed."

Feeling somewhat relieved that he had on his jacket to cover up most of it. The purple-eyed shinigami takes in a sip of his drink that was offered to him by Wakaba and finds that his hand had lingered down to his groin. He shivers at the touch. He was still very much turned on and left with a hard on to boot.

Biting his bottom lip Tsuzuki looks around the restroom for anyone else to be in there with him. Finding all the stalls open and empty he goes into the one at the far end, away from the door. He leans against the wall nerves yet excited all at the same time. He gulps down the rest of his drink and places the glass on the back of the toilet. Sighing to himself he begins rubbing through the cotton of his slacks against his groin. Closing his eyes and imagining himself being taken like that. To his surprise an imagine of Muraki floats in his head kneeling before him and taking him into that exquisitely talented mouth. He quickly removes his hand from off his throbbing sex.

Gods, why am I envisioning him now? Of anyone I could fantasize about. He would be the last person to cross my mind.

Oh, but it did feel so good when he was close to me like that, rubbing himself against me and...

The brunette unzips his pants and pulls out his cock stroking it lightly.

"His hot breath against my skin and those fingers touching..."

His hands went into hasty strokes as the other one copied what Muraki had done to him earlier. Rubbing against chest and nipples that were hard as rock through the fabric. The brunette bit his lip to prevent himself from moaning but the sensation was becoming too much and just as he was about to word out how good it felt, he heard another bathroom stall door close. The brunette quickly
retreated his hand from off himself and zipped up his pants

He could hear laughter and kissing sounds. It was two guys kissing and they were in the bathroom stall right next to him. Curious Tsuzuki moves closer until suddenly bam! Someone is knocked against the stall.

Startled, Tsuzuki jumps back almost falling over the toilet, catching himself before the fatal accident. He seizes the glass on top the bowl before it too crashes to the ground. That little slip up would have ruined everything and he didn't want that. The guardian was curious on what was going on. He listens as he can hear hard breathing and smacking sounds of lips together, rustling of clothes and zippers being opened. Tsuzuki looks down and notices a pair of blue jeans around somebody's ankles. Then another pair of gray
slacks kneeled down in front of the other man.

Tsuzuki starts to smile to himself thinking how he was just imagining himself being taking in that same

"How ironic is that? This is more entertaining then I had expected!"

Suddenly the man in the blue jeans legs disappear only leaving his pants behind on the ground. Tsuzuki
thought that the stall would brake at anytime from the harsh slamming against it. He guessed they were having sex about now from the obvious moans and groans escaping their mouths.

This was defiantly entertaining. Too bad I don't have anymore alcohol or any popcorn to enhance
the experience of the show a little more.

Through out the hidden exhibition Tsuzuki realized that his own erection had not went down. He sighed softly.

"No, Tsuzuki." He reminded himself.

Obviously now feeling severally depressed about his own sexuality in general.

"Still a virgin and this is what my sex comes down to, listening to other people having it. Perhaps it was better that I did not masturbate in the bathroom stall. Someone might hear me and that would defiantly be embarrassing, especially to walk out alone. I could only imagine what it would be like to be taken by another. To be touched, Muraki had shown me how good a simple touch
would feel like but to have my body beneath another and feel them inside me."

Tsuzuki shivers as he hears one of the men scream out in completion and it angers him. He wanted so bad just to slam his fist into the stall and tell them to shut the fuck up.

"I need another drink."

The guardian looks into his glass and smiles.

"Well, at least I have you to lift me up in my miserable life. Perhaps one day you will help me have that wonderful experience with whomever I come across in my drunken state and then finally I will have that moment I only long for."

Realizing he was talking to his glass he looks to see that the couple next to him have left already and not to his surprise. They got what they wanted.

I wonder how many times these bathrooms have been defiled by horny sex crazed men and there raging hormones or for single men like me who masturbate in fantasies of having a partner to do it with. Would it have been so bad to allow Muraki that chance on the Queen Camellia? I have no doubt he is experienced in that field, gods he turned me on just by a simple dance.

Of course, anyone would turn me on like that, my sex drive is so high. But to be honest I haven't been one to engage in a sexual manner with any of my relationships...ever.

I've had relationships, yes. But they never went as far as the bedroom. I have been too afraid to make that step I don't know why. I had many chances. I just refused them all. But somehow Muraki brings it out in me. This sexual energy I can't even describe. I wonder if he would be a gentle or rough lover?

Wait! What am I saying!

Okay, Tsuzuki get ahold of yourself. You're just really horny right now and you need to clear your head. I need another drink.

The guardian walks out of the bathroom and goes over to sit at his table where the rose was left behind. There was a tall drink across from him where Muraki had sat. It must be the drink Wakaba left before finding me and realizing he was gone. Tsuzuki grabs the drink and twirls his finger around the rim. He takes in a sip and swishes it around his mouth like he seen Muraki do. It did taste
really good. He licks his lips envisioning Muraki's own doing the same thing. How his eyes stared directly at those fine soft lips of the doctor that made him for that instant want to taste them himself. How he was so close to tasting them on the dance floor. That undeniable desire soaring through his body as he looked into those liquid metallic eyes.

Eyes aflame with blue fire staring into my own and catching them to burst into flames more hotter,
more powerful then Sazuku's mystical flames.

"I wanted Muraki at that moment on the dance floor and if he would have continued he would have had me too. My weak libido would of cost me to give in to that lunatic. I practically begged him to take me the way I was pulling him to me. Wanting more
of his contact against my body. Uggg! why can't I get that prick out of my head?"

"May I take this seat?"

Tsuzuki looks up to see a lovely lady, the same one that had bid the seventy five thousand for him. She was smiling down at him and took the seat across from him anyway.

"I see your date has left."

"Yeah, you could say that."

Tsuzuki plays with the rim of the glass some more starring at it as if it was the most intriguing thing he had ever seen. She touches his hand to get his attention

"Well, you looked so lonely over here so I thought I might join you in a little conversation or maybe even something...more?"

Tsuzuki knew what she meant by more and proof of this was clearly in the form of her leg trailing up his calf.

"Well, I was just about to..."

"To what?"

Her foot trailed higher. It was defiantly enticing to have this beautiful woman if he wanted. She obviously wanted him and it would finally be the chance he was waiting for to experience the great wonder of bathroom sex, but somehow she didn't interest him. In the least bit even in his already overly horny state. Her rubbing did nothing but annoy him more. And he stopped her foot from going any further.

Tsuzuki stood up giving her his cutest smile.

"I'm sorry. I'm just not interested," and he walked away.

Oh my gods, Tsuzuki! You just turned down that beautiful lady for what!?

He laughs. Because...because I was not interested? This is probably why you're still a virgin, Tsuzuki. Every time you get a chance at something you blow it, except with Muraki.

Well, that's because half the time he won't let me just blow it so to speak. unless it's good enough for him to decide when. Oh gods! Why can't I just as easily pull away from that lunatic like I did to her!? I didn't for one second find what that lady was doing to me exciting or a turn on, but when Muraki was all over me like that...

Why am I so curious about him? Do I...I really have an attraction for that sick bastard? No! No! No! That can't be it!

Tsuzuki it's because you're just way too drunk and horny to be thinking straight right now.

Yeah. You just keep telling yourself that. Arrhhh!

I wish this party would just get over with. I need to go home. I need to take a very long and very cold shower.

The next day


Feeling like crap is one thing feeling like complete shit is another. I don't even understand why we have to go to work after having this party, knowing all of us guardians where going to get drunk off our asses.

Well, me and Watari to be exact. I THINK Tatsumi purposely planned it that way so we drunken people could hear the words: I told you not to get to overly drunk now didn't I? Now, you have to work extra hard today oh and Tsuzuki no field missions its paper work today for you.

Watari slams his head against the wall as all four of the guardians from last night wait outside the conference room for Tatsumi. Terazuma had other assignments to attend to so he was overly pissed at having to be here in the first place.

"What possible could be this major important for us to have to put down our original jobs?"

No one responded. They were all pretty annoyed with having to wake up so early. Everyone except Hisoka who was calm as always waiting patiently by the door as the first guardian to be present this morning.

Supposedly we have this great meeting this morning and it was dyer that everyone shows up at exactly 7:00. Everyone except Tatsumi of course. Where the hell could he be? I know he didn't get overly drunk like me and Watari did. I just couldn't see Tatsumi doing something like that.

Watari looked at his watch annoyed. Bored out of his mind he slides down to the ground and starts playing with it. Tsuzuki bored too walks over toward him deciding to start a conversation.

"How was your date last night, Watari? Was he everything you dreamt of?"

"Oh my gods Tsuzuki! It was great!"

The blonde jumped up as if his bothersome morning was never there to begin with. The scientist went to a whisper close to his friend's ear.

"We ended up in the bathroom."

Tsuzuki turned pale realizing that the couple that was in the bathroom last night was actually Watari and his date, the purple eyed guardian could have fainted at that moment but held his ground.

"You did?"

"Hey! There might have been rules about leaving the party but none that said I couldn't go into the bathroom and..."

Watari finally noticed Tsuzuki's paleness and responded concerned.

"Tsuzuki what' s wrong? You look like you just seen a ghost"

"Nothing Watari it just last night..."

Watari interrupted him in mid-sentence feeling that his friend's anguish was obviously something different from what he was really going to say.

"Oh yeah. I know. I'm so sorry, Tsuzuki, about your date having to be Muraki. I mean, he did spend a lot on you and it was just a date right? I mean, he didn't...did that bastard do something to you?"

Great! Just when I had that so-called bastard out of my mind here he comes roaming his dirty little hand back into it. Thanks Watari.

"Uh, no, Watari nothing like that. I was just going to say: I'm glad you had a good time."

"Me too. Look, I got his number."

He shows Tsuzuki the piece of toilet paper written messily on with the guy's number.

"Yeah, I'm sure that's not all you got."

Watari quickly throws the paper back into his pocket as Tatsumi finally shows up. He looked terrible. Disheveled in a morning mess and pissed if not more then the rest of them. He ignores everyone and goes straight for the doors opening them with a great long sigh.

"Good morning Tatsu..."

If looks could kill. That would defiantly be the one. The look of death along the lines of ' if you dare cross my path this morning I will have your head on a plate to devour for myself as a breakfast fest.'

Tsuzuki backed instantly away and shrouded his shoulders back at Watari.

"Apparently his night didn't go to well either."

Watari just shook his head and chuckled as they entered into the dark room themselves.

They all took there seats and waited for the devil to speak himself. Tatsumi shoveled his hair back and looked annoyed at everyone around.

"I'm going to make this brief so listen up. If you don't get it the first time then I will suspend you for god knows how long and you
will pay for each day you do not come to work out of your check is that understood?"

They all nod in fear of his wraith upon their poor souls.

"I have just been noticed of a extremely imperative action to the department. There was a guest at last night's party, and by all means was quick generous in his donation towards one of our co-workers."

He looks over toward Tsuzuki. They all knew who it was. The amount was clearly the largest bill fit to buy a bachelor for that night. Tsuzuki blushes as they all look his way.

"Apparently Lord Enma has requested that the money be returned."

No wonder Tatsumi was pissed and for good reason too. Tsuzuki almost fell out of his chair.

"What, wait a minute! You mean I spent the night with that prick and I have to give back the money?"

Tsuzuki raises himself up in disbelief. Clearly not liking at all were this meeting has headed.

"Tsuzuki! I advise you that it is in our best interest that he is to be giving back the money if we are not to have him black mailing the situation. Believe me, Tsuzuki I have argued the point myself. Besides I have been given word that Muraki is to be contained immediately and brought into custody. Now that we know the doctor is alive there is a sure bet that trouble is not far behind We will use this plan of giving back his money to do it."

"And I will be the bait to lure him in right?" Tsuzuki retorts.

Tatsumi gives him an evil glare which quickly turns subtle at looking toward his ex-partner.

"By all means, no, Tsuzuki. We will be there with you. We are not crazy enough the think it would be safe for you to confront Muraki alone. Your job is only to give him back the money, that is all."

The purple-eyed guardian sighs in his defeat and sits back down.


Watari jumps in seeming to be just as angry as his friend especially after what Tsuzuki had to endure last night with Muraki. Though he was not there to see what was happening on their date together, He could clearly see Tsuzuki had something bothering him all morning along.

"How is that even possible to give him back the money, I mean where would we find him?"

"I will have you work on that for me Watari. We don't want to make an appearance at his hospital and make a scene so we will have to find out where the bastard lives."

"But when if it back fires on us? Muraki is not your every day Joe."

Tatsumi pushing his glasses to the bridge of his nose. Confident in the plan at hand.

"It wont, I assure you we will take all precautions to the upmost care in this situation. Watari, I need you not to worry about anything but getting me that information."

Eyeing the rest of the group to see if anyone else had anything to say. Finding no one he grabs his paper from off the desk and wraps up the meeting.

"I will keep everyone posted on any changes or updates. Thank you , gentlemen that concludes today's meeting."

Everyone one gets up to leave but Tsuzuki. Apparently this was not going so well with the guardian. He was slouched in his chair with one hand against his forehead.

"I can't believe it."

Tatsumi walks over toward the other shinigami.

"I know this is hard on you, Tsuzuki, especially after you had to tolerate even having to be near that sadistic man last night. I was not too happy on this either, you deserve that money. But the orders came directly from Lord Enma. We have no other choice but to follow them."

Tsuzuki sighs. He would never tell his co-worker that the real reason he was upset wasn't about the money. He didn' t want to face that man again. Not after last night. Not after what he had experienced on the dance floor with him. It was embarrassing to even let that man get that far on him. The worst part though was that he couldn't seem to get Muraki out of his head. Only briefly did he have a clear mind of the doctor that was until his best friend had to say something. Now Muraki was on his mind again. He just
wanted to put that day in the back of his mind and forget it. Like he has so many other things. But now he had to confront Muraki again. He needed some time alone. Work was not going to help him any so he decided on an excuse to get himself off today. It wasn't completely a lie.

"Tatsumi I have to go and take my suit back to the rental."

Tatsumi knowing that Tsuzuki didn't want to disguise Muraki anymore and this was his way of avoiding the subject. He pats the guardian on the shoulder. This was always the way his ex partner was. Even when they where a team together. Things never changed for that gentle soul. Even when he was torn in two from anguish and pain. Tsuzuki always found a way to hide it from him.


He wanted to say something different , but just couldn't find the words.

" Can it wait for after work?"

"No I'm not going to be able to afford another day if I don't get it back by noon. Since we have to return the money."

The purple-eyed guardian mumbles as an after thought.

The secretary eyes him for a moment. Then runs his fingers through the other man's hair finally saying it.

"I know you don't want to do this, Tsuzuki, . But this time we will finally get that bastard and he wont hurt you no more."

Tsuzuki looks at Tatsumi sincerely.


Transfixed by those beautiful violets, Tatsumi stares into them unable to look away. Eyes that reminded him so much of his mother's. Not so much the color but the innocence in them. Tatsumi shakes away his thoughts pulling out a check. He hands it to the other man.

"Since you will be the one to give him back the check, I'd advise you to hold onto it. I can trust you won' t do anything stupid with
it now can I?"

Tsuzuki gives him a weary smile.

"Of course not Tatsumi."

"Good then. You have the rest of the day off Tsuzuki."

I didn't know whether to be thankful to Tatsumi for allowing me the day off or fearful of having this much money on me and going out into the town.


It was a very peaceful day to the ever changing work load a guardian normally would have in front of his desk. The breeze was warm and the crowded streets lively. Tsuzuki held his suit as he flew over the streets of Nagasaki. Minutes seemed like seconds as he rushed to get the suit back before its due time. He set foot in an ally way and materialized before walking out to the public
streets. It was two minutes till noon. Tsuzuki rushes into the shop and throws the suit on the counter. Smiling to himself at the accomplished task.

Thank gods I made it just in time.

The lady looks at her watch and then back at the smiling guardian.

"You're late."

Tsuzuki's jaw drops.

"No! It can't be. It's only a minute after noon , please!"

She looks at the pathetic expression on the guardian's face and smiles.

"Fine. Since you're such a cutie I'll let it slide this one time only."

"Oh thank you! Thank you!"

He walks to the door relieved when suddenly the lady stops him.

"Sir you forgot something."

She hands him a crumpled up piece of paper and he eyes it. It was Muraki's address.

"Um...thank you."


Tsuzuki sits on a bench in a near by park staring at the offended paper. Thinking that he had gotten rid of it. Then realizing he did walk past the trash bins at the party but nothing left his pockets.

He pulls out the check for the five hundred thousand dollars.

Why Tatsumi left him in charge of the money in first place still boggled the man. It was so much money.

I paid a lot of money for you tonight Tsuzuki-san and I intend to enjoy what is mine.

"I'm not yours, Muraki!"

Tsuzuki crumbled the check in his hand. Contemplating on what he should do , Finally after a long two hours and a few cinnibons later. He came to a decision.

Muraki had his way and one he would not appreciate if it was me giving back his money. At least if I had company with me he wouldn't. I have to do this on my own if it is to be right. So then it's settled, I'm going to give back this money and turn the bastard in.

He looks at the address again. The writing neatly composed with black ink.

So you would trust in giving your address to me. Knowing I could send havoc that way. You're bold Muraki. Maybe it is a sign that I do meet you again. Tell you that, that little show at the party was nothing more then a few drinks on my part. I have to prove to him that my actions last night were wrong. Maybe I'm going because I want to prove this more to myself then him. I want to go there on my own record. I am curious on what you meant by if I wanted last night's dance to continue. Subconiuosly he was on my mind all day. Why I felt the urge to see where this dance would take me I can't explain. But if indeed it were to continue how would I react to it sober. Would I still desire his touch or would I push him away like I do everyone else? I would no doubt push him away.

I'll prove that I don't have an attraction towards him. That last night meant nothing. I have stopped him before. I can do it again. I have always been able to hold back. Still a virgin. Shows you something. I can handle this...right?

Then why is it that I suddenly have a bad feeling?

Chapter 5: More Then Just a Dance [next chapter...Lemon!]

A dance, a challenge and some wine.


In Medieval Times it was often said

that if a woman where to dance with a man within arm length

she was to be commited to him.

If she were to have him close to her body

then she would lose her innocence.

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