A Dance with the Devil

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Warning! sexual content, male x male. Finally the Lemon!!!

Temptation- the act of alluring attraction. Enticement. Attempting a forbidden desire.

A Dance witht the Devil

Chapter 5: More Than Just a Dance

A dance, a challenge and some wine.


I never thought myself to be an active participant in my own curiosity for lust; I always pushed away at the very last moment whether it was a gentle touch or reassurance, I held tight of wanting more then just that. But here I stand before something far from being a calming voice or shoulder to learn on. Here I stand contemplating my own indulgence, not for food but for something remotely beyond simple taste, temptation.

Opportunity may knock only once, but temptation leans on the doorbell.

"I didn't think you would have come."

That smooth voice pulls Tsuzuki out of his trance. He didn't even remember ringing the doorbell to begin with. He looks up suddenly into shocked silver eyes. Apparently Muraki was just as surprised if not more.

"I must apologize; I look in complete disarray right now. I would have better prepared myself for you if I would have known you were coming."

Disarray? Tsuzuki thought looking over Muraki's attire.

Muraki was dressed sharp as always in a crisp all-white tuxedo fitting his perfect slender frame, the only difference in this particular suit was a gray fitted vest, matching tie and a gray silk scarf wrapped loosely just around the lapels. Muraki even disarrayed as the fine doctor had said, was looking immaculate.

The Tempter; flawless pale skin, silky white hair and malting metallic eyes. There was no imperfection that creation's hand had missed on this man, except that one eye. In which didn't make him any less perfect but more captivating. One single blemish to show that he was indeed not a god himself, but something far more appealing, merely vulnerable and human.

Images of soft lips capturing his own. Pale hands roaming over his skin igniting a fire in him similar to what he felt last night with the doctor. Two bodies entwined in complete bliss that feeling of just letting go of everything and allowing his body to be devoured whole, to give in and feel alive.

Tsuzuki quickly averted his eyes else where as a sudden shame rushed over him.

No. Not now Tsuzuki. You can't think this way about your own enemy no matter how enticing it might be. He really does look incredible in that suit though. I wonder what he looks like underneath...No! Bad Tsuzuki. Get your mind out of the gutter. You are here for one thing and one thing only.

Tsuzuki balled his hands into fists and gritted his teeth to get the naughty image out of his head. Directing his attention to why he was here in the first place he shook the thoughts away.

Just give him back the money and leave.

"I came to give you back this."

Tsuzuki pulled out the check handing it over to the doctor. Muraki narrows his eyes.

"And here I thought you came for other reasons." the doctor blankly ignores the money and turns around walking through some double doors.

Bastard. I could just leave it and go. That would be the wiser choice, right?

The guardian places the money on a near by table and walks to the entrance door. Just as he was about to turn the knob he stops cursing at his own weakness as he turns to look at the double doors, the same ones that the doctor had entered a few seconds before.

Whoever said I was a wise man, huh?

He turns around and walks through the double doors instead.


Shock took over the guardian as he viewed the room before him. A great wooden floor and candles all around meet his eye sight. Not quite extensive as the hall of candles but elaborate still. On the wall was a large mirror which covered half the room and chandeliers hung with shimmering crystal through out the open area. It was simply beautiful. A most calming atmosphere as only the candles lit the sophisticated room giving it a golden glow that danced off the walls to the ground all around the guardian, making an eerie resemblance to dancing couples on the floor in a style similar to a Victorian ballroom party. The kind of exclusive parties Tsuzuki only dreamed to be part of. It was truly a astounding sight.

"My mother was into ballroom dancing so she added this as an addition to the house. It was suppose to be destroyed but I just couldn't part from it. I had asked my servant to clean it up in here just in case I had any guest. I am glad it was not in vain."

To the right, where Muraki was, sat a large bar with drinks of many selections . Which were probably very expensive too.

"You should be honored, Tsuzuki-san. You are the first person outside this house since my mother's death that has seen this room. I am certainly honored to have you as my guest tonight."

Tsuzuki observed the room from afar. Apparently Muraki wanted Tsuzuki to follow him to this particular room and the guardian went along with only a moment of hesitation, damn his curiosity. It always seems to win in the end no matter how hard he tries to fight it. That is why at most times he is the one ending up in these kind of situations with the doctor. The same thing had happened to him on the Queen Camilla, only then he had Hisoka there to save him. Who did he have now? Who did he have to make the decision for him but himself? No one. He didn't know why he let Muraki go as far as he did last night with him, but he did know that the doctor was the first person he ever let go that far without pushing them away. Maybe it was because the man was so determined even when the guardian had pushed away that Tsuzuki just gave into it. No, that doesn't sound right because if it were he would not have come to Muraki's house in the first place and sure as hell would not of stayed after giving back the money.

,i>The bastard didn't even appreciate me giving it back it him. I should have walked out then but I didn't. I followed him into this room like the weak pathetic man I am and for what? So I could... I could...satisfy my curiosity? No! I won't let it happen. I won't give that man the satisfaction even if it is...true. Even if I have a desire for what happen between us last night to continue.

He seen Muraki pull out two long stemmed glasses and a green bottle of Dom P'erignon from the shelf.

Good choice for a less expensive champagne then whatever else was probably up there. Also a really good choice to get me drunk faster, but that is your intention, isn't it, doctor?

"Don't flatter yourself, Muraki. My reason for being here is validated only by my job not by accompanying you in any of your...deranged fantasies."

Deranged fantasies. The guardian didn't know if he was saying it more for himself or for Muraki.

"Is that so, and they would send you alone to only give me back the money you rightfully deserve? Tsuzuki-san, there is more to it than that, isn't there? I highly doubt your devoted boss Lord Enma would send you here alone without a better reason then money."

Damn him! Why does he always do this, find just the right words to make me look so stupid like a deer in the headlights. He is trying to manipulate the situation trying to make me uneasy and fall into him like I always do well not this time.

"You're right, he has also issued a warrant in your name. You are to be brought into Meifu and judged for your crimes, Muraki. I came to turn you in as well."

The doctor turns around smiling at the guardian. That wickedly amused smile that sent chills up and down Tsuzuki's back every time he sees it. A smile intended to do more harm then good to whoever he was directing it to. That smile was the kind that you would insistently know there was other intentions going on in the man's head then just a common friendly gesture. But the worst part was that the man didnít even give direct eye contact when he made it, which made Tsuzuki even more nerves because he couldnít read the doctor eyes at making that simply indication.

"So they sent their best Shinigami to do the job all by himself? How very incompetent of them," Muraki placed the bottle in an ice bucket and grabs a small remote from the bar.

"No, we were all suppose to track you down and turn you in. I came here alone of my...own choice," the guardian stuttered out blushing lightly.

Damn! He really didn't want to say that, but it just came out.

"So you wanted to see me then?" Muraki glanced at him that smile never leaving his face.

"Of course not! Well, I just wanted to...I mean, I just thought it would be more respectful, since you gave me the money to give it back to you personally."

Here we go. This is how it always starts, and how he always traps me in a corner. but what I said wasn't completely a lie. I did come here to give back the money.

"I see," the doctor clicks his tongue as he moves from behind the bar and toward the guardian.

"Well, since you did come to my home and of your own free will might I add to only return the money back to me, I do hope you don't mind me keeping the promise I have giving to you?"

"What promise?" Tsuzuki takes a cautious step back.

Muraki chuckles lightly at the guardian's rebuke towards him and simple turns on some music by the remote control he had grabbed earlier.

"The promise I made with you last night, of course. You do remember that don't you? A continuation of the dance we shared together."

"It's not going to happen, Muraki!" Tsuzuki gritted his teeth more ashamed with himself at not just running out and leaving before
this could get any further. Somehow he was frozen to the spot and unable to do nothing but look down and away from the doctor

"Tsuzuki-san, will you at least grant me this one wish to show you I am a man of my word before I fall into the hands of hell itself?"

A pale hand stretches out toward Tsuzuki offering the invitation.

An invitation from the tempter.

"I promise I"ll be good," the doctor encourages.

Tsuzuki just stares at the hand warily.

This is were I would run away or be saved from my own faltersÖbut

"Only a dance, Muraki. Nothing more than that. And I swear if you try anything so help me..."

Cutting the shinigami's words off short Muraki bows eloquently hand still stretched out toward the bewildered guardian.

"Only a dance."

Tsuzuki sighs defeated. He glides his hand within the doctor's allowing himself to be guided to the open spaced area within the room.

Muraki takes the lead as they dance to the soft sounds of the music in the background. A different beat of music Tsuzuki had never heard of before. Smooth with a sensual undertone in which became quite enjoyable to his ears and unaware that he was completely lost in the dance itself. He only came back to his senses when he was dipped low and found Muraki to be very close to his face. A small smirk could be seen on the doctor's lips. Taking another risk he leaned in closer to Tsuzuki lips, a shallow breath away from touching them.

Temptation. An invitation to experience a moment of pure indulgence. Beyond a simple need, but a yearning want. A craving to taste the sweetest sin.

Tsuzuki stared down at those soft smooth lips enticingly close, hearing them part wetly causing his heart to race wildly. He wanted to kiss Muraki to devour those lips that were so close to his he could literally taste the sweet minty smell alluring from them. To finally give in to an indulgence long waited. A low purr followed by a soft whisper emitted from out of those velvety lips.

"Would you care for a drink, my dear?"

The guardian almost fell over at the sudden break of words that came from the doctor's mouth. The mood was so sensual and right, like something that would have been depicted from out of a romance novel only to hear something far removed from being romantic. Tsuzuki was pissed, not only because he looked to be the fool but because he was so ready to give in to the doctor right then and there. He couldn't even find the right words to comprehend how he was feeling right now. Should he really be pissed off at the doctor or himself for letting his deprived hormones be so easily exposed? His obvious temper answered for him.

"What the hell was that!?"

Muraki gave a mocking smile at him as he walked over to the bar.

"I'm sorry. It's just that being so close to you, Tsuzuki-san, turns me on to no end and if I am just to have this simple dance with you and be on my best behavior. I'm going to have to calm my nerves a bit."

He gestured apologetically, though the guardian doubted he was the least bit sorry for his actions and only enjoyed seeing him flustered.

"We don't even have to have this dance. I'll just call upon one of my shikigamis and have them go amuck on this place of yours and drag your sorry ass into Meifu right now!" The guardian spat out..

"Are you saying you want to continue dancing with me, Tsuzuki-san?" Muraki looks at him with curious eyes causing Tsuzuki for a moment to lose his train of thought.

"Yes! I mean no...I mean, you just don't stop dancing in the middle of a song like that, it's just rude!" he was getting frustrated, especially since he was about to give in so easily to the man in the first place.But the most disturbing part that Tsuzuki just couldnít get over was that it didnít even cross his mind to push the doctor away like it always did before in these situations

"I didn't think you would have minded," Muraki shrugged his shoulders and went to the task at hand.

He pulled the Champaign from out of the ice bucket, wiping it with a cloth before setting it down on the counter. He then twisted the wire loose from the cork. All the while a smug smile graced his features, taunting the shinigami with his calm demeanor and charmful wit . Just minutes ago Tsuzuki wanted to touch those luscious lips with his own, . He would have been tasting those succulent lips right now if it was not for Muraki stopping it. but now those soft tantalizing lips were mocking him. Showing him how much of a fool he must be looking like.

"Well, I did!" Tsuzuki was furious. He wanted nothing more then to just punch that smirk right off the doctor's face. A daring thought more then an act. Damn his manipulating mind games!!

"Really?" the doctor said as he worked to loosen the cork with his hand. Noticing the guardian's irritation he smirked even more.

"Well, then, Tsuzuki-san, since you're so eager to dance. How about we spice it up a little bit?"

Tsuzuki could now see Muraki looking at him with a gleam of excitement in his eyes. The right one even seemed to glow underneath those silky white bangs. Even though Tsuzuki knew all to well Murakiís intentions. The guardian wanted to see where this was going to go before agreeing with anything. Muraki was still his enemy even if he had a urge just moments ago to kiss him., he was not going to give in so easily this time. If he just kept reminding himself of what Muraki really is, a sadistic serial killer and knock his deprived hormone out of the way. Then he would not be so easily intimidated by the doctors charms.

What mind game are we going to play tonight Muraki?

"What do you mean 'spice it up'? You mean like last night don't you?"

"Not slow today, are you? We'll make it into a little game, one that will be in both our favors. Similar to the poker bet. What do you say?"

ďI all ready told you that it was not going to..Ē

"Tsuzuki-san, ď

A slight irritation could finally be heard from out of that calm smooth voice as the doctors patience was becoming very thin with the shinigami

ď Are you saying you are going to back down on a simple challenge. One that could possibly be in your favor. You have not even given it a chance, are you that self-conscious on losing? Perhaps it is better I suppose. Iíll just find someone else to join me in this little game. There are plenty companions out tonight that would be more then willing to accompany me. Though I must warn you I grow very little tolerance when it comes to people who do not interest me and sense most donít, I highly doubt I will find someone in comparison to my company right now, in fact I guarantee you I wonít. You see, that is why I find that it would be in your best interest to hear me out.Ē

Tsuzuki balls up his fist in anger. That damned man always knew how to trigger the right buttons. Though as much as he would like to deny it Tsuzuki was intrigued to see how this so called challenge would go. A part of him was glad that Muraki had threatened him in a matter of speaking. If he didnít do this then someone else would have to in his place and more or likely would not live up to Murakiís so called standards in a challenge, for that matter would not even have the chance to live period. So he was doing the right thing right? For humanities sake.

"I'm listening,"

The doctor smiles ďI am glad you see things my way. Now then.Ē

A pop is heard and a small mist of smoke is seen coming from out of the bottle of bubbly. The crystal liquid was then poured with a generously amount into the two tall flutes.

"Let us dance like we did last night holding onto these."

The doctor's hands over one of the wine glasses filled half way with the crisp liquid within it.

"Whoever lets go of their glass first calls the shots."

The doctor's stare became even more intense as he looked over the shinigami. Tsuzuki quickly adverted his eyes else where to distract his thoughts from that intense stare. It wasn't so much the stare itself but the meaning behind that stare. He knew exactly what the doctor meant when he made this little deal. He said it himself. Similar to the poker bet. I may be uneducated, but I know what your trying to do, Muraki.

Tsuzuki remembered to clearly what that dance had done to him last night. Did he really want it to happen again with this man? Of course he did. His body had no argument with that. But his conscious did.

"I don't trust you," he said only to feel a delicate hand lift his chin up to meet those intense silver eyes once more.

"You can trust I won't be able to do much to you if I am holding onto one of these in my hand without dropping it."

Tsuzuki fixed his eyes on the glass Muraki was holding, anything to get his attention off that extreme gaze. The liquid inside was bubbling causing a sparkling effect. It reminded him of a luminous diamond watch he came across when him and Watari where out at a bar some two in the morning. He remembered it clearly as they walked passed the shop. He could remember it because he wanted that watch but knew that with his salary he would never afford it. The band was in twenty-four karat white gold and had a beautiful shimmer to it that you couldn't help but gawk at. Diamond and silver, it remembered him of something else. His thought was interrupted as that once delicate hand lifted his chin up more, forcefully making him look into the other mans eyes.

"I gave you my word at the party, didn't I? I'm sure that's enough to go by my convictions. It will go only as far as you want it to go."

Tsuzuki glared at him pushing his hand away. No, he didnít want a choice. He wanted it to be so simple. To have Muraki force himself on him and not allow him to have any right in making a decisions in the matter .It was hard enough to realize that indeed he did find the doctor to be very attractive and desirable. But to have the choice in the matter. It pissed him off. He didnít want to feel guilty for the decision he was going to make.

He didn't even hear the words that came out after. They just slipped out without him consciously knowing. At least that is what he was telling himself.


Muraki gave a victorious smile and hands him the glass. But the guardian didn't take it. He wasnít going to go down without some kind of leeway .

I'll agree on one condition."

The doctor seeming more intrigued smiles even bigger

"Name it."

"If I win you are to turn yourself into Meifu."

"Very well. But what if I win?"

Not answering the doctor's question Tsuzuki finally accepts the glass that was held out for him. Momentarily looking at the crisp liquid inside as if examining it with intense interest he takes it to his nose as the bubbles tickle it lightly smelling the sweet fragrant drink before sipping a little and tasting the fine liquid in his mouth. He was happy to find that it was not a very strong drink but had a smooth rich flavor to it which he savored as he swooshed it around his tongue before swallowing. Finally finishing he looks back at Muraki grinning.

"You won't."

Muraki takes a sip of his own wine before grabbing the guardians tie with his other hand and pulls him abruptly toward his chest.

"Confident are we? When I seem to know just how you were last night in my arms, how far do you really think you can handle it, huh?"

Tsuzuki gasps at the sudden contact but keeps his composure. Glaring at the doctor as some of his champagne spills on the floor.

Muraki purrs into the guardian's ear pulling him tighter to his body.

"It's time to finish what I started."

Tsuzuki only resistís a little before settling his nerves He takes another slip of his drink and then wraps his hand around the taller manís neck.. He fingers the scarf before pulling it off and throwing it to the side then those delicate fingers slide through the hem of the jacket.

"Take off your jacket, Sensei."

"So eager already, Tsuzuki-san?"

"No. I just feel restricted with it on is all. Wouldn't you agree that it is a hindrance in the dance?"

Tsuzuki doesnít wait for a response as he pulls away from the doctor wiggling his arm out of the sleeve of his jacket and then does the same with the other. Muraki takes a moment to observe the smooth curves through the thin white fabric of his dance partner before discarding his as well.



Muraki quickly grabs Tsuzukiís waist pulling him back against him as the other man rest both his arms around broad shoulders

"Good. The less clothes the better."

The smooth rhythm starts and Tsuzuki immediately feels the heat between his legs. They havenít even began and he was already hot. Tsuzuki tries to look around the room for any distraction but ends up looking into the mirror in front of him instead. At first glance he seen his hands wrapped around Murakiís neck and the glass of wine dangling from his hand. His eyes followed further down noticing the white shirt Muraki had on, it fit him quite well. Showing through were prompt shoulders and sculptured shoulder blades which then curved in slightly to a lower back and thin waist. The man had an athletic build to him and was defiantly not lacking further down toward two taut butt cheeks .

"Do you like what you see Tsuzuki-san?"

Tsuzuki didn't notice that they had stopped swaying and he immediately blushed.

"I...don't know what you're talking about." he tried to pull away but Muraki gripped his waist tighter.

"Well, perhaps we should continue dancing then."

Tsuzuki only nodded as they started back up. Smooth at first. Body against body lightly grazing the other, both in tune with the sensual music playing in the background moving about the room with grace, then the pace started to go slower and there bodies closer and the swaying of their hips more deeper. Until Muraki stopped them completely. His hips still swaying against Tsuzuki but there was no movement other then that. It was completely different then the dance they had been doing and much more arousing. There were no arms roaming any where on his body and no lips trying to kiss or lick his skin, just a faint feel of the other mans groin against his. This was torture because he wanted to feel more then this. Half of him believed Muraki was doing this on purpose.

"Don't tease me, Muraki." Tsuzuki gritted his teeth in warning.

"So then you want this?"

But before the guardian could say anything Muraki pressed hard into him causing the shinigami to gasp out. Gods it felt incredible and Tsuzuki griped onto the mans shoulder tighter unintentionally pulling Muraki more to him.. He could feel the hardness of the pale man against his thigh and figured he must have been just as turned on as he was. Muraki was good at what he did and seducing was defiantly on that list of things.. The man surely new what he was doing and it disturbed Tsuzuki to know he was allowing it to happen so easily. Allowing his enemy to seduce him with a simple dance.

Besides it was hard to concentrate on anything else when the man was slowing drawing circles on the your back then griping tighter ever so often as he grinded his groin against yours.

Tsuzuki dropped his head against the man's shoulder trying to hold in the many moans that wanted to escape his mouth, but it was Muraki who had broke the silence as he pushed hard against the shinigami body lifting his chin up Tsuzuki whimpered at the hot friction rubbing against his all ready swollen sex.

"You can't deny you don't want this, Tsuzuki. I can see it in your eyes."

This is the first time I have ever heard him say my name without a proper title. So personal ,so intimate.


Tsuzuki knew he wanted it he wasn't going to deny it nor was he going to say it either, he just stood there as Muraki looked him over gliding his fingers against the fabric of his shirt. There was no smile on his face or triumph chuckle just a sheer passion in those silver eyes, a hunger so deep it froze Tsuzuki on the spot. The man walked around to the back of the brunette and grabs some of his hair pulling his head back slightly. Tsuzuki hissing in pain but it is soon dissolved as he feels Muraki sensually glide his tongue up his neck causing a burning sensation in his groin and causes the guardian to tense up, who would of thought he was so sensitive to a mere touch.

Muraki lifts his glass to Tsuzuki's lip while the other works its way through the many buttons on his shirt.

"Have a drink to calm your nerves."

The doctor's hand glides down through each opened button on the guardian's chest in a slow torturous process as Tsuzuki tastes some of Muraki's wine in his mouth. The brunette's hand deliberately follows Muraki' s and stops him at his pant line.


Muraki bites his ear licking and sucking the soft lobe into his mouth. Tsuzuki closes his eyes leaning more into him welcoming the sensation more. Slowing they began to sway their hips again to the music.

"I want you. I want you so bad and you already know I'm going to take what I want," Muraki's voice a breathy whisper between the air of there mouths.

The doctor looked intensely into brilliant violet eyes before crushing his mouth onto Tsuzuki's causing the guardian to moan. The hand holding the doctor's in place loosens allowing Muraki to easily slide his pale fingers into the guardians pants . Snaking through the fabric until he found what it was he was looking for. The smaller man moans louder into the doctors mouth arching slightly to the new sensation. He brings his arm up around Muraki's neck and deepens the kiss running his fingers through the pale man's hair gripping it every so often when he felt that talented hand of Muraki stroke him so good. Not being able catch his breath quick enough he lets go of the kiss slamming his head against Muraki's shoulder as the pale man moved faster in his pace licking his tongue down the brunette's neck.

"Uhhh..." he panted.

Tsuzuki opens his eyes slightly and could see them in the mirror before him. The way his body was reacting to the other mans touch the movement in his pants and how he relished every second of that hand on him wanting more. He never thought it could feel this good. To finally feel it from another person besides him self and gods it felt so amazing.

The pressure building up inside him was becoming too much for the guardian and he started to buck his hips to get more friction, but then Muraki pulls his hand out raising it to Tsuzuki mouth and the guardian quickly devours the precum fingers suckling greedily on it. Lapping at each finger in earnest to get more. Lost completely in his own passion Tsuzuki then turns around claming the other mans mouth. Muraki growls tasting the sweet tinge of his beloved in his mouth and squeezes the man bottom in a firm grip.

"Let's go somewhere more comfortable."he breathes between parted teeth.

"Yeah.. " Tsuzukiís voice trails as he kisses the man all over his face and neck lifting his body so his legs could wrap around the other mans waist. Hoping that this little action would cause Muraki to drop his glass. But Muraki strength was able to hold the man with just one arm while the other held tight to his glass still with a little wine left in it. Tsuzuki pulls Muraki hair back slamming his lips onto the others again. He flexes his legs to grind into the mans groan causing the pale man to shiver. Muraki knew that if they kept this up they would never make it to the bedroom, nothing a little spell wouldnít fix. And there they were inside Murakiís room, Tsuzuki didnít even care how it was they got into his bedroom. All he knew was that he wanted Muraki and he wanted him now.

Muraki throws the guardian onto the bed watching his beloved take off his shirt completely. Muraki observes Tsuzuki for a moment, like a daimyo to his tayŻ his eyes glare with excitement. To have this one man in his bed throwing his clothes off and ready to give all of himself completely to him was a dream come true in Muraki eyes, .He has waited so long for this and he wasnít going to waste another minute, another second. Muraki takes the last of his drink.

"Beautiful" his eyes stare at the man with such lust as he starts to unbutton his own shirt. However unable to finish much because of his beloved grabbing his tie and slamming their lips together.

Pulling Muraki on top of him. The taller man pushes hard against him causing a mumbled moan to exit the smaller mans mouth. Tsuzuki in turn pulls at the buttons of Murakiís shirt getting frustrated at how long it was taking. He wanted to feel the soft skin underneath so much. Muraki realizing his lovers dilemma grabs a hold of the shirt ripping the buttons from there seams. He sits up to pull an arm out of his sleeve sighing as he feels Tsuzukiís hand touching his skin. It was hard to keep from slamming the other man down and taking him right there and then. The way the shinigami was roaming his hands over his chest and laying soft trails as he went made the taller man quiver with anticipation.. But he knew if he were to let go of his glass he would lose, so he bared with it as he exchanges the glass in the other hand and pulled his arm out of the other sleeve relieving his skin from the fabric. He felt that beautiful roaming hand pulling at his buckle and grabbed it before the man could succeed in loosening it.

"You are such a tease, but now it'e s my turn." his breath was filled with such desire and he pulled the other mans hand up quickly slamming it into one side of some handcuffs. The other side was hurriedly snapped into the bedpost.

"M...Muraki what are you doing...this...this is unfair." Tsuzuki began to tug at his restrained arm

Muraki works the belt of Tsuzuki's pants and pulls down the fabric to reveal a prominent erection. Muraki eyes the man beneath him.

"What is unfair is how truly beautiful you are, Tsuzuki. That is an advantage all in its own. How can I control myself when I am looking at such flawlessness as you? Simply exquisite." he whispered noticing his guardian's cheeks turn red.

Muraki loosens his own belt yanking it out of its loops in one swift pull.

I'm beautiful. Tsuuki observed the doctor above him looking over whip cream skin covered over taunt muscles and a long slender waist. Down further slightly revealing itself was a vicious weapon unmasked within white pants stretched hard against the fabric begging to be released. Tsuzuki gasped at what the outcome of that torturous devise would do to him.

Could it really fit in something as small as...?

The shinigami quivers under Muraki's touch . Moving uncomfortably within the cuffs.

"Muraki, let me out of these cuffs.. so I...I can touch you."

"All you have to do is let go of your glass, then you can have all of me."


Tsuzuki feels the other man's lips touch his so softly then slowing move away. He tries to follow them but then becomes restricted by a sharp pain in his arm.

"Damn it Muraki!"

The doctor chuckles lightly gliding his finger down the mans chest.

"It's up to you whether you want me to stop this teasing or not."

Tsuzuki's body was on fire begging to be touched to touch in return, but he refused to let the glass go holding it tightly in his hand above his head. He squeezed tighter on the rim as soft hands slide down to graze his groin. His hips bucked up wanting to feel more. God is was torture. But he refused to give in no matter how bad he wanted it.

Muraki could see the shinigami's determination and went a step further wrapping his hand around the aroused flesh.

"AHHHHH!" was all the man could utter as he felt the warmth wrap around him.

Muraki continued watching the desire fill up in his beloved as he grazed his teeth at the tip lightly lapping at the swollen organ before engulfing it completely into his mouth.

A sudden shock wave of pleasure hit Tsuzuki hard and he bucked wildly into the welcoming mouth.

"M...Muraki! Ahhhhh!"

He threw his head back mouth gaped open perspiring as he tried desperately to get more of himself into Muraki mouth. But Muraki prevented him from moving an inch as he held his body weight down.

"Muraki...please...aahhhh...please! Let me out of these cuffs." panting he lifts his legs up opening them more for Muraki.and the pale man welcomed the erection more into his mouth gliding the enflamed organ against his pallet all the way to the very back of his throat. The taste was exquisite and he couldnít help but suckle and devour more of it into his mouth, milking the warm precum out. But he knew that if he kept this up he would no doubt bring his beloved to completion and he didnít want that, not yet.

With much resistance Muraki raises his head from off his belovedís sex and licks the residue left between his lips. He looks up at his lover both their breaths hard and wanting for each other. Those beautiful amethyst with such wanton desire stare at him in pleading. Muraki said nothing.He didn't have too his lovers heaving breaths and dilated eyes told him everything. He devoured the other man in another searing kiss leaning on his elbow with the glass in it and went to reach for a bottle of lube. He opened it with precision. Twisting the cap off and squeezes some into that very same hand,then he glides it between his lovers legs.

Tsuzuki breath hitches at feeling a wet substance rubbing against his entrance.

Muraki stops kissing him to look into his lovers eyes. Giving a faint smile at the disorientated man he goes to the shinigamiís ear.

"Is this your first time, Tsuzuki?"

Tsuzuki didn't say anything. He didn't want to give Muraki that satisfaction. Not when he had already giving so much.

Muraki thrust a finger in and within seconds heard a snapping sound. He smirked.

"I take that as a yes."

He looked up to see the glass in Tsuzuki's hand. The stem had been snapped in two. But the man was still holding tight. as a stream of blood slowly descended down his arm.

"I promise to make you scream my name in pleasure and pain by the end of this night."

He looks at his quivering guardian's face as he slowly moves his finger out and then slams it back in. causing the shinigami to bit his lip in a muffled groan.

Watching his shinigami wasnít enough. He wanted to feel his love and the glass was starting to be come a hindrances to touching him. Muraki kisses Tsuzuki all over with added bits and nibbles, tries everything to be in contact with his shinigami. But nothing could compare to touching him, feeling his smooth skin, his soft hair. Now he knew what his lover must be feeling, but the want was so much more. Hearing his shinigami panting and moaning into his chest throw him over the edge. He growled as he throw the annoying glass hitting it against the wall as it shattered.

"Still with you being so helpless , you are able to defeat me."

Finally Tsuzuki thought as he let go of his glass and brought his hand down to touch Muraki but was caught by a pale hand instead. Tsuzuki was mesmerized by the sight as he watched Muraki slowly lick the blood from off his hand not at all repulsed by it but wanting to have a taste himself. He couldnít understand the urge but he quickly pulled Muraki into a deep demanding kiss. Sucking greedily at the tongue imbedded inside his mouth. Muraki groaned and pulled his pants down further finally releasing his sex from the confides of that restricting cloth. He rubs his groan against the brunette in an critical attempt for contact and the shinigami bucks up into it his body begging for more. Muraki quickly demands lifting the guardians hips up slightly. He lets go of his lovers mouth trailing his lips to kiss at the base of Tsuzuki neck and ear nipping and licking as their grinding became forceful and fast. The want not as slow and passionate as before but urgent and needing. Tsuzuki could hear Murakiís breath quicken and felt the tip of Murakiís sex against his opening.

Without mercy, Muraki thrust into him causing Tsuzuki to snap his back in a arch and scream out. The guardian clutches hard to Muraki's back nails digging into skin and causing blood to rise and spread all over pristine white skin..He faintly heard the quivering groan that escaped from Muraki's mouth at being encased within him for the first time. Oh gods it hurt. His mind was racing a mile a minute the sensation was a painful burning but yet so inviting .

Muraki pulled out to the tip only to slam back into him again.

"Ahhh...Fuck!" the shinigami screamed clamping his teeth shut as tears started falling from his eyes. No matter how much he wanted to scream more he just grind his teeth as his body would not untense from the pain.

Tsuzuki's other hand grabbed tight to the bed post. The sensation was beyond painful but made him feel so full and complete. he didn't want it to stop. No he wanted even more . So much more that he gripped Muraki closer to him digging his nails into flesh so deep scars would no doubt form on the man on top of him.

A branding. If I am to be yours then you are to be mine. We will both end up with scars.

Muraki cupped the other mans cheek's smashing his mouth back into Tsuzuki suppressing a moan. He was so tight felt so good inside and the screaming cries he heard only took the doctor over the edge more. Hearing his shinigami desperately trying to suppress them but failing miserably. This was perfection. No other could drive the doctor so mad with desire, to become completely lost in all his senses. No other person could cause the doctor to lose his inhibitions. It was a dangerous game to play that he no doubt lost. But it was only this man underneath him gripping him, kissing him, fucking him back that has ever won against him. The only person he would drop his guard down with and lose himself completely in

The sensations took a whole new meaning as Muraki slowed down his rhythm and started sliding in and out in deep deliberate strokes hitting that bundle of nerves that caused the brunette to cry out in ecstasy. Tsuzuki no longer ripped his nails through skin but gripped tight to shoulders gasping at the new awareness driven inside him. Who would of thought it could feel this incredible. Tsuzuki wrapped his legs around the doctor's waist pulling him down more to him. He wanted it all. He was greedy like that.

"Deeper..." he begged.

And Muraki does by thrusting deeper and harder into his shinigami.

"Uuhh...Gods, Muraki!" Tsuzuki slams his head against the pillow. Tugging his hand hard against the headboard causing himself to rip skin. Muraki notices and grabs the man's hand from the headboard yanking it and snapping the chain from the cuffs causing the wood to splinter and crack.

Tsuzuki was finally free and grabbed tight to Muraki's hair pulling him down in another searing kiss. Muraki nipped the other man's tongue and they both tasted the sweet tinge of blood. With to much some of it escaped out from the brunette's mouth and dribbled down his chin and neck. But Muraki made quick work at retrieving it and trailed his tongue down biting hard into the shinigami neck.

Tsuzuki hissed between breathes . All his senses jumbled into one large knot of pure pleasure. How could something so painful feel so damn good.

He felt a hand grab a hold of his sex and stroke him in frenzy movements matching the thrusting inside him . He tried hard to buck into it but was restricted giving his body a feeling of being helpless. The pleasure was so intense , the sensations have doubled, he was in complete ecstasy and he was on the verge of his climax

The feeling was beyond anything Tsuzuki had ever felt in those few moments, nothing mattered. It didn't have to. He was one with this man above him and it felt so good, so right he never wanted to let it go. He wanted to squeeze the breath out of it, destroy it until nothing was left. But at that moment all he could do was scream out in complete bliss.

Muraki heard the man scream his name and the tight clinching of Tsuzuki's walls engulfing him. It brought him over the edge and he too released his seed into the warm caverns of his lover, muffing his moan in Tsuzuki' s neck.

Both men were spent breathing heavily against each others chest. Tsuzuki realized he was still holding tight to Muraki and loosened his grip. Muraki kissed him on the neck as he tried to get up but Tsuzuki clung back.

"No, stay...stay" his voice was horse and parched.

Muraki looks up smiling at his guardian looking into those beautiful amethyst now covered over with sheen and completion.

"I want to be like this for a little longer."

Muraki didnít say anything he just pulled the covers over them and laid his head by his lovers neck. Coaxing the smaller mans body with his own but moving off just slightly so as not to crush him.

Muraki kisses the soft skin of his lovers neck one last time.

"I love you, Asato."

Tsuzuki breath hitched. He didn't want to hear it. Not now, not when he had won. But he had a job to do. It was fortunate he won in the first place considering how close he was to just throwing that damn glass. God Muraki was good, way too good. But he couldn't believe it when Muraki had throw his first.Did he really have that kind of effect on Muraki?

At first I thought it was just lust and nothing more but to hear those words come out of his mouth. Could it be that he really does, love me? Could a monster like him know how to love?


Chapter 6: Morning Coffee with a Side of Breakfast

Care for seconds?


Even though I doubt things will ever change between us.

I know I will still be the fear in your eyes and the pain in your heart

the anger in your fist and the confusion in your brain.

To hold you just this once and embrace your soul with mine

if only for this night I will show you, my love.

I will give my all to you so you can see that within all my bad

I do have one true good in life, you.

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