A Dance with the Devil

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Chapter Two of 'A Dance with the Devil'.This is a remade version of the orignal. Being that my computer crashed and all my files on it lost. I had to redo this chapter all over again. I hope it is a good one.

Summary: When things go terribly wrong in The Ministry of Hades. Tatsumi comes up with a brilliant idea on how to solve it. Little did they know that they would be auctioned off.

What could possibly be in store for our Shinigami's...

A Dance with the Devil

Chapter 2 :The Night of the Party

The place was an old theater hall in the outskirts of Tokyo. The theater was a landmark of sorts used only for well-known plays and concerts. But tonight it was made for something completely different. The autoruim was filled with people accompanying tables of fine decor. Red tablecloths and small tea lights caused an atmosphere that could only be described as ambient. Candles crowded the room giving the place a calming amber glow. All of it fitting the mood as a soft female voice sang in tune with a piano playing in the background.
Tsuzuki peeked from out of the burgundy curtain hiding him from the crowded room of lonely guests waiting to see what was in store for their single hearts tonight. He whistled in awe at the sight.

"Wow! Tatsumi sure went all out for this event. And leave it to the Count to be the fine decorator he is."

"He sure did! I mean, he certainly can be Mister Greedy at times but when it comes to something he feels he is going to benefit from, he can sure be generous." Watari pulled his head back in closing the drapes and looked over at his friend..

"Wow! You look quite handsome tonight Tsuzuki." Watari beamed, looking at the crisp black suit the purple-eyed guardian was wearing. This was certainly a big change. A white shirt covered by a smooth black vest and matching tie accompanied by black slacks neatly pressed. His black jacket was shaped to his body making him look much taller then he actual was. Portraying a fine gentleman so unlike Tsuzuki's character.

"You can really look nice when you want to, huh?"

Tsuzuki checked himself out in the tall mirror behind him. Twisting to examine the fabric framing his body perfectly from all angles.

"Well, if I am going to be that lucky someone's date tonight. I might as well dress for the occasion, right?"

"I suppose so..." The scientist looked at his own suit dreading his decision now at choosing a more casual outfit of tight blue jeans and a stretchable yellow turtleneck, hiding slightly from a knee-length overcoat.

"Are you nervous?" He went to the mirror next to Tsuzuki and starts fingering his hair in a last ditch attempt to fix the waving blonde strands from falling into his face, successfully pulling all of it into a ponytail with a yellow ribbon..

"No, why?.." Tsuzuki looked at him curiously through the mirror.

"Because I'm scared shitless."

"Oh, come on, Watari! Just have fun. That's what this is suppose to be about, right?" The brunette straightened his collar up as a last minute prep to his already perfect suit. In which he would never tell Watari was actually a rental for the night. Reassured, he smiles at himself.

"Hearing this from you when you were the one that was so against it in the first place."

"Well, I learned to lighten up. Besides Tatsumi threatened me saying if I didn't participate he was going to personally make sure I pay off all my debts, starting with the Count." The purple-eyed guardian shivered disturbingly at the thought. Followed by Watari also showing his own sign of disgust. To even think of what the Count had in mind was a horror scene in its own. Even if it wasn't him to be the one to play it out.

The blonde scientist sighed.

"Well, at least you're not the first one up."

"No, but at least you're not the last. There probably be no one left after all you guys." The young violet-eyed shinigami whined.

"Well, that just means more alcohol for you." Watari winked at him, slapping his friend's shoulder in amusement.

"Like we really need to see this idiot anymore stupid then he already is." Terazuma walked in. Even he was nicely dressed in a tuxedo.

Tsuzuki turned to him showing a slight irritation at the comment. Then again even the man's presence alone just annoyed him greatly.

"You better watch yourself, dog face! You wouldn't want to scare off the ladies."

They both look at each other ready to start a war. When they are suddenly interrupted.

"Enough! No one is getting overly drunk or scaring off any ladies tonight." Tatsumi and Hisoka walk in.


They all look at Watari as his eyes fill with such horror. The sight as if he saw a huge demon about to kill everybody in a violent blood bath and him to be the witness before he to was devoured to his own death.

They all look around then seeing nothing to that extreme look back at Watari.


"Why am I the only one that looks like a complete idiot tonight?! Look at you guys all dressed up and I'm wearing...this.!"

Tatsumi and Hisoka roll their eyes turning around and walking away.

"Baka." Was all that was heard from the boy's lips.

Tsuzuki chuckles at the worried scientist. Touching his shoulder in the same manner that his friend did earlier.

"You look fine, Watari. With your charm you'll probably have the whole place at your feet before they even get to us."

"Do you really think so..?"

"No, but it made you feel better, didn't it?"

Watari slumped down slamming his head onto his friend's shoulder, uttering a disgruntled groan in his misery.


A short stocky man gets on the stage and takes the microphone. He clears his throat as the music's audio becomes low and a beam of light hits onto his round plump figure. Paying special attention to the shiny bald spot on top of his head.

"Good evening, ladies and gentleman! Welcome to tonight's main show! I'm sure you all know why you are here tonight."

"Yeah!... Bring on the men." A young woman screamed from within the crowd.

The plump man chuckled at her response.

"That's right, five of you lucky people out there will get a chance at a date tonight with five of the finest bachelors around. Now without further ado may I introduce to you our first bachelor."

The light trails over toward the curtains as they are slowly lifted. Watari walks out as the bright overhead light beams in his eyes. Making the walk difficult but not enough to render him from getting to the front of the stage. He looks out to the crowd and sees a room full of blood thirsty people eyeing him. Mainly consisting of a business types. Most of them woman ranging within their late twenties to earlier forties. The men however looked to be within the range of early twenties late sixties.W atari shuddered at the idea of having someone that was over his age limit on dating, Preferring a age lower then fifty.

"If your looking for fun and excitement, this man is for you. He has a wonderful personality and seems to have an obsession with experiments and blowing them up."

Watari turned around showing himself off to the crowd. He smiles when he sees some of the people grabbing for there cards.

"We will start the bidding at a thousand. Please place your bets for Mr. Yutaka Watari."

A young lady quickly holds her card up and yells from across the room. "One thousand!"

"I see one thousand to the young lady sitting by the fountain! How about two?"

Another one comes rushing in.

"Two thousand!"

Then before the announcer could call, a man's voice is heard.


Watari just stood there patiently watching over who was calling. So far they all looked to be his type. But their was one guy over in the corner that had caught the blonde's interest and he was eyeing him back . Watari smiled his best smile. The guy was hot.

The man raised his hand calling, "Six thousand!"

Wow! I actually got to six thousand! The auctioneer counts down.

"Going once, going twice. Sold to the young gentleman in the far back with the gray and blue suit!"

Watari beamed with joy. He had actually gotten bought by someone really hot.

Watari looks over towards the man pulling out a pink rose from his pocket and holds it to give to his prize.
He was defiantly his type. Short blonde hair and dark blue eyes. His manner was somewhat high class but that didn't bother the scientist one bit.The man had to find some kind of interest in him. He was picked by him after all.

Watari walks down the stairs trying to hide the overly joyful face when suddenly he is stopped by the Chief .

"Remember, Watari, no one is to leave the building...and..."

Watari laughs cutting him off and patting the man's shoulder.

"Don't worry, Chief! You can trust me. It's going to be such a fun night. My date is so hot and the drinks are free. I so have to thank Tatsumi for this. See ya, Chief."

He walked off before the Chief could stop him.

"Oh boy," The old man puts his face in his hands shaking his head. "It's going to be a long night."

The soft white glove of The Count grabs his drink sipping just a little.

"I would have to agree with you on that one."


The announcer speaks loudly.

"And now, ladies and gentlemen, for our next bachelor. He is a heavy smoker but hard working. He also likes to play hard to get with you ladies. Please place your bids for Mr. Hajime Terazuma!"

The man walked out his eyes widen. There was so many beautiful woman and they were all eyeing him with a carnal gaze of animalistic hunger. He gulped as he stood and heard the bidding reaching to five thousand.

Realizing that he had just been bought by a voluptuous woman. He swallows hard at her beauty. Her hair was long and wavy, flowing in golden locks upon her back. Her eyes were a bright green and matched the long gown she was wearing which fit her slender frame perfectly. She held a single yellow rose for him to except. Terazuma shrieks in utter terror. How could he handle something like that!? He shook his head taking a deep breath. I can do this as long as I don't touch her...damn these stupid shikigami powers!


"Okay, ladies and gentlemen, we have three more bachelors left so only three of you providential people will end up with one of them tonight, while the rest of you will be going home empty and lonely. Let's meet our next bachelor!"

The curtain raises as the young shinigami hesitates. But suddenly gets pushed out to the stage. Hisoka turns his head giving his partner a malicious stare. Tsuzuki just brushes it off with a large grin on his face.

"He is our youngest here tonight. But seems to have a very good head on his shoulder. All right, ladies and gentlemen! Place your bets for Mr. Kurosaki Hisoka!"

Hisoka not being one ready for such a large crowd slowly, shyly walks up blushing at the people around him.

"Oh, he is so cute!" One of the girls screams as she snatches her card, getting herself ready to bid.

"I just want to hold him and squeeze him so tight and never let go!"

Hisoka blushes even more at the sight of some of the woman and men starting to raise there cards in unison.

"Four Thousand.. Five.."

Finally reaching to seven thousand.

Hisoka seen the person who won him. He was quit old in age. Hisoka's breath puffed at the pervert.

"Just great," he thought when he heard the speaker finalize the winning bid.

" Oh no! He is not for me, he is for my daughter."

Hisoka looks over at the woman sitting next to the man who had claimed him. He sighed in relief. She didn't seem much older than him and was very pretty. Almost reminding him of Princess Tsubuki within her frame. The only difference was that this girl had long curls of red and eyes of brown. She smiled at him shyly holding a orange colored rose to offer him as he approached her and sat down.


"Awww... Don't worry ladies and gentleman we still have two left and believe me when I say the next gentleman is well worth it. A well-kept business man with a knack for saving money and budgeting."

Being the confident man he is. Tatsumi walked out without a glance of nervousness in his blood. That was until he seen the crowd of hungry singles practically inching over to the stage.

"Oh he's so dreamy..."

"I want a taste of that."

"Back off! I'm gonna win him tonight!"

The announcer cleared his throat watching the ladies fight to get closer to the stage..

"Um, yes, well, then. Please place your bets for Mr. Seiichiro Tatsumi!"

Tatsumi couldn't believe his eyes at all the people rushing their hands up to win him. Was I really getting bought? But just imagine the money.

He smiles wickedly at his own thoughts. Encouraging the people more he shows himself off by turning around like Watari had done. Gaining more hands to raise in the air and more money to be raised up higher.

When finally a tall man about the same height as him calls out ten thousand.

Perspiring nervously Tatsumi, sees the gentleman as a common businessman like him. Not really being his type. Well, with that kind of money anyone was his type. He bowed his head to the man before walking off the stage to greet him. Excepting a blue rose from his date tonight.

This wasn't so bad after all. Konoe smiles at Tatsumi raising his cup. Congratulation on a successful night so far.

"Wow! Count, this is going better then I expected. "

"All the men are very attractive individuals, Konoe. What would you of expected?"

Konoe sighs relieved at the outcome of tonight's benefit. They had made quite a lot of money already and there still was one shinigami left to bet on.

"True. We can only see how well Tsuzuki will bring in."

The Count chuckles at the comment.

" I have no doubt on how well he will play out tonight. By the way, is there any chance that I could..."

"No! Tatsumi made it clear in the rules that you were not allowed to bet."

The Count slumped down in his chair at such a stupid rule.

"Oh, that is unfortunate. I would have wagered out all of Tsuzuki's debts for a chance with him tonight. Some people have all the luck."


The announcer fixes his tie and approaches the microphone. He was glad the night was almost over. He didn't know how much more he could take of all those crazy single people out there crowding the stage and throwing themselves about just to get a chance at a date. Just one more. One more. He wiped the sweat from his forehead preparing himself.

"All right, ladies and gentlemen! This is it our last bid for the night. Only one other lucky person will not be going home lonely tonight." He takes a deep breath before continuing.

"This man loves his sweets, in fact, he is probably the sweetest and most lovable man you'll ever meet!"

The brunette walked out onto the stage as a bright smile lights his face. His beautiful eyes meets the crowd.

The girls just scream. Hands raise from every angle of the room. The bidding hasn't even started yet, but they were determined to have a chance at winning this prize.

"He is so sexy!" an older woman shreiks.

"Oh my god! I want him!"

They push to get over to the stage.

"Get outa my way, bitch! He's mine!"

"Oh no you don't!" the other girl pulled her hair by the roots.

The announcer as well as Tsuzuki were taken aback by the raging hormones of men and women crowding the stage by there feet.

"Place...place your bets for Mr. Asato Tsuzuki."

The hands were blinding as they waved in the air high and proud. Cards flaring back and forth to be noticed. Tsuzuki couldn't help but blush at the attention he was getting. The number just kept going up.

Four thousand...

Five... Six...

The announcer sweated profusely as the numbers just kept going higher and higher.



Tsuzuki couldn't believe his ears. Who would of thought that just buying him for one night would acquaint so many bidders and be so much money?



Then a woman gets on top of one of the tables and yelled out.

"Seventy-five thousand!!"

She was quite pretty . Long brown hair wrapped into a bun and a tight red dress showing off slender long legs. She looked like a woman who had power and knew exactly what she wanted and want she wanted she got. All the other girls and guys backed down. That was a lot of money just to have a date with him for only one night.

"Okay!" The announcer out of breath. "I hear seventy five!"

Tsuzuki smiles innocently at the lady. The woman was quite confident in her win. She pulled out her rose ready and waiting.

"Seventy five thousand going once...going twice..."

"Five hundred thousand dollars."

Utter silence. Everyone looked in that direction of the voice. Everyone except Tatsumi who had already passed out from hearing the high number that was called. Tsuzuki gasped.

Who on earth?

"Did someone say five hundred thousand..?"

The announcer couldn't believe his ears.

The man revealed himself grinning wickedly at the guardian on stage.

"Yes. I call five hundred thousand dollars for that man."

The guardian couldn't believe it. Of all the places this man to be!

Tsuzuki couldn't even hear the speaker saying that the man had won. He just stared dumbstruck his mouth gaped open. He didn't know whether to be happy at such a large amount of money being bid on him or scared because of the person who called it.

It can't be...

Chapter 3: Dancing Lessons 101

May I have this dance...

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