A Dance with the Devil

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I have broken this chapter into two parts.

A Dance with the Devil

Chapter 3: Dancing Lessons 101

Part One

Tsuzuki's body felt like he was going to crack and shatter into a million pieces from the shock of how much was bid on him .

Five hundred thousand dollars!

"No one in their right mind would bid that much money. Not for someone like me.," he thought incredulity.

Then again the man standing only a room away from him wasn't actually someone you would call in their right mind to begin with. Every muscle in the shinigami's body froze in place. He couldn't even frame a sentence to come out as he looked over at the man who had won him for the night.

Muraki stood as immaculate as ever in a black tuxedo shaping his tall slender frame and wide shoulders contrasting his flawlessly pale skin. He resembled a beautiful angel, but to the ones that knew him he was far from being described as angelic.

Eyes were all on him either by making such a large bet or from his presence alone it was hard to say. He was defiantly one to have a crowd stop dead in their tracks to look his way. Respectfully, of course. He was a man with much beauty but with the confidence and power in his manner to have people stand down and not crowd his way. The man, smooth in his stride, walked over to the stage never letting his eyes stray from the stunned guardian up on it.

Tsuzuki finally coming back to his senses realizing his circumstance and snorts subconsciously to himself, utterly disgusted by the fact that he had just been won over by his own enemy. Trying hard to hold his anger in as best he could at seeing the undeniably charming doctor approach the stage. Muraki's lips curve into a devious smile as he holds out a red rose for his prize.

Tsuzuki's eyes narrow further, brows furrowing with anger towards his ill-fated date for the night. He wanted nothing more then to just smack that mocking smile right off Muraki's face. But instead he grabbed the rose callously and pushes past the man to sit at a table nearby.

Muraki couldn't of been more pleased and chuckles at the mans action.


"I thought to never see his face again. Why is he here?" The chief whispered over toward the Count.

"Why not it's a public party, my friend, and anyone is invited just as long as they have the money to pay for it. He is a very rich man as you can see. His donation was well worth it. Besides the contract that was giving clearly states that no one is to leave these grounds." The Count not concerning himself with the matter sipped more of his wine.

"Contract or not we are talking about Muraki here. Have you forgotten what happened in Kyoto? What that son-of-a-bitch did to Tsuzuki. What he might be cable of doing tonight if we are not careful?" Konoe counters.

"Oh my, your right! I had never thought of it that way." The Count set his glass down realizing what Konoe had just meant by that simple statement. Muraki was known for causing trouble when it came to Tsuzuki. The Count knew Muraki was a dangerous man. But would he really try anything at a party like this?

"We will just have to keep a close eye on them then won't we."

He rested a hand on what apparently must have been his cheek.

"We will allow Muraki to have his fun tonight. Then first thing tomorrow morning I will tell Lord Enma of his reappearance. Hmmm...This could get interesting. "


Muraki pulled out a chair and sat down across the table from the enraged shinigami. His smile never leaving his face.

"You look very nice tonight ,Tsuzuki-san."

Tsuzuki hands clenched hard into fists. To even be in the same room as his enemy it was hard to control his anger.

"Cut the crap, Muraki! Why are you here? How did you find out about this?"

Muraki pulled out a cigarette from his pocket and lit it. Taking in a large puff he stares directly into Tsuzuki's eyes.

"Don't you realize by now I could never let you be, Tsuzuki-san? I will always know where you are at, my love."

Seeing the reaction his shinigami gave at his response pleased the doctor even more as a small cloud of smoke filled the air around them. That same look Tsuzuki gave on the Queen Camilla after losing the poker bet, it wasn't anger or hate but helplessly beautiful. He loved seeing him so nervous. Those captivating eyes widening, that bottom lip tucked in slightly . The man truly didn't know how powerful his attraction really was. It caused the pale doctor to catch his breath for a slight moment hardly noticeable before quickly shaking it off and pulling out a pink piece of paper. He slid it towards the shinigami.

Tsuzuki eyes it curiously and then opens it up. It was a flyer with two roses imprinted on it. In the middle was an invitation to a ' Bachelor Auction Party' with the address date and time of opening. " Where did you get this?"

" It was posted on the board at my hospital . It seemed interesting enough to me. So I came to check it out. I truly didn't expect for the surprising appearance of seeing your face here. And the added bonus of accompanying you tonight as my date."

Muraki stared at his guardian as his mind thought back to earlier that night. How the possibility of actually seeing Tsuzuki this night came to be.


I walked into the room keeping as much distance from anyone noticing me. I was only there to observe so I was not interested in any company . At most if something where to catch my eye I would simply discard it after having my fun with it, but I would not waste time otherwise.

I sigh placing the red rose I have acquired to my side as to not have it crushed so easily. At auction parties like this it is required to have a rose to give to your winning date for the night. A romantic gesture, that is if you do win one of the date's tonight to give the rose to . Though it seems from the look of things everyone tonight is confident at winning.

I walk in a little further to take a glimpse at the stage. I am nearly inches away from the person right next to me and I pull myself back placing the rose I have on the table next to me. I reach for an ash tray and pull out my pack of cigarettes. These events always seem so crowded to me and I always find myself lighting one up to calm myself. I do not care for overly packed places, but I would have to admit they do well in finding an easy prey. I looked up onto the stage as I blow a stream of smoke from my mouth .

The first bachelor I see was a young man with wavy blonde hair smiling into the crowd. A vibrant young man he was, cute but not my type Perhaps they will all be like this. Not one would interest me if that were so.

When the second bachelor came out, that is when I decided it was time to go. He didn't last as long as the first one being that he was bought by a very attractive woman, I find these people where certainly lonely and desperate. Not one so far that I would waste a cent on .Seeing as how I could go to a strip club for better entertainment then this. Without a second thought I headed for the door.

Before reaching for my coat, though, I heard a very curious name being called. I turned back around to find it was none other then my doll. 'What a surprise the brat is here'. Now this has intrigued me. How fate has a very funny way of doing things! I know that if that boy is here then I was bond to see you.

So I waited. I am almost tempted to bid on him just to see his face, but that would not do. I am waiting to see if that someone else is wagering himself tonight. There is only two bachelors left, is it possible that you could be one of them. To my disappointment, you were not the next one up but still one that would be appealing if I were to bid on him but again he was not worth the chance at losing you. Perhaps it is as the saying goes ' Save the best for last. '

Sure enough as I spoke those words I see you come out of the curtain as amazingly stunning as ever and from the look of things I didn't seem to be the only one to think it. You were always one to steal the crowd with those beautiful eyes and gorgeous body of yours. Just look at them screaming and fighting for you. You don't even know how truly amazing you really are It's right in front of you. Can't you see they all want you?

They keep calling out bids higher and higher just to win you for this night, but none are worthy enough to obtain such a beautiful jewel. No. Not a single person in this building has the honor of being yours tonight. They'll try but I will not allow that to happen. If money is what it is to get me closer to you, then so be it.. Money was never a problem from getting what I want and tonight was going to be no different.

I watch as a woman get up on a table and bid a moderately high price for you. She looked pretty sure of herself when everyone else backed down. I could do nothing but smile at her at thinking she had won..

You're mine, Tsuzuki.

No one is to have that reverence of breaking you but me. Soon enough you will see it for yourself.

I pick up the rose and snuff out my cigarette hearing the orator count down and just when he was about to claim her the winner that is when I called out.

[ End flashback: ]

Tsuzuki jumps, startled as something taps him on this shoulder. Turning around he sees blue and brown eye staring at him.

"Good evening, gentlemen. May I interest you in some of our fine wines tonight?"

"Wakaba what are you doing here? You almost gave me a heart attack!?"

"Oh you didn't know, Tsuzuki? I am one of the waitresses. Chief Konoe insisted that I be here in case something happened with Terazuma and his powers got out of control, but enough about me."

She goes in close to his ear .

"Tsuzuki, is this the man who paid all that money for you? Oh, your so lucky! He's gorgeous and charming"

"Yeah, for a serial killer." Tsuzuki mumbles


Muraki kindly smiles at the stunned girl raising to properly acquaint himself to her. "Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Kazutaka Muraki. And you are ,my dear?"

"Oh...OH! Umm, Wakaba."

He takes her hand and kisses the base softly.

"It is a pleasure, Miss Wakaba. It is an honor to have a beautiful woman such as you serving us some of your delectable wines for our tastes tonight. I'm sure you have the best there is to offer."

She blushes as she grabs a tall thin glass and places it before the doctor.

"This is the most expensive we have. I hope it does not disappoint."

He takes the tall glass from her and sits back down taking in a small sip. He stares back at Tsuzuki's exasperated face willing tasting the wine fully in his mouth before swallowing the sweet fragrant drink down. He then licks his lips seductively slow, teasing the man across from him as he slowly glides the wet appendage across his bottom lip. Ending the tantalizingly slow gesture with a smack of his lips together causing a small popping sound .

" No, it is fine. Thank you."

Tsuzuki's eyes narrow more.

[ Oh! How I want to just...want to...want to what?...damn you, Muraki! I'm not going to let you get to me. Not tonight and definitely not now! ]

Wakaba leaned down toward Tsuzuki as close as she could get and asks him in a low voice.

"Is this THE Muraki?"

Tsuzuki nods in response not once leering his eyes off the doctor .

" Tsuzuki, he doesn't seem as hideous as you had described him to be."

"No he's worse," the overly pissed shinigami retorts back.

Muraki leaned against a slender pale hand on the table giving an amused expression toward his date.

"How nice to know that I still hold a tight presence in your heart, Tsuzuki-san."

"You wish.," an irritated Tsuzuki spits back.

"Wakaba, just give me the strongest drink you have. The faster I get drunk the better I can forget who it is I am truly with tonight."

She places a small shot glass down in front of him as he grabs it in one hand.

"Do you really want to get so drunk around me Tsuzuki-san? What would be the possibility of me getting you in bed quicker?"

He leans in closer toward the guardian.

"Are you really that eager?"

Tsuzuki choked on his drink as he stared at the man before him.

"That's not how I meant it and you know it!"

Wakaba couldn't help but chuckle to herself at seeing her friend so infuriated. It reminded her of Tsuzuki during one of his encounters with Terazuma. Everything about him at that moment screamed I really hate this person and so do not want to be here right now. Everything besides the red devouring his cheeks like a cherry tomato. Truly she could tell he was embarrassed at such a comment. But there was something else. Something she couldn't quite figure out about the way he was looking into the doctor's eyes. Normally, she could read good on other people's emotions, but then again Tsuzuki was something different. He was an ever changing bundle of sentiments . She could never see just a simple normality when it came to him. She shook it off as being overly concerned for her friend and decided to brake the tension between the two.

"How about some more drinks, Huh?"

Tsuzuki turns to smile at her.

"Could you ?"

"Sure thing. I'll bring them right out."

Tsuzuki sighs miserably to himself knowing the person he did not want to spend his night with was just on the other side of this table. He didn't want to turn around and face him. To look in those cold steel eyes that practical burned holes into his eye sockets . Eyes that stared intensely back at him tainting his own beyond repair. What could be worse then this? Being stuck as a date with doctor psycho tonight. Come on, Tsuzuki. How bad can it be. It's not like Muraki is unpleasant to look at. That's the thing. Why can't he be. Why does he have to be so damn... attractive.

Thinking this just made Tsuzuki more mad . Gods! I hope this night will be over soon. I just have to bear with it a little longer . I could bear with this for just one night, right? It's not like we are going to do anything but drink and talk.

"You're so cute when your angry, Tsuzuki-san. Care to share what it is your thinking?"

Being thrown out of his thoughts by that seductive voice that taunted his very being. Tsuzuki turns around brusquely .

"Look, Muraki. No matter how charming you try to be to my friends or even how much you have spent to get me as your date tonight. I will not fall for your foul schemes. Just remember this," his voice became a low growl.

"You will always be a lying, manipulative bastard to me and I will never forgive you for the things you have done."

"I'd advise you not to bring up old wounds, Tsuzuki-san, especially while in my presence tonight . You wouldn't want me to tally up a body count in this very room now would you, I bet it still wouldn't add up to all those bodies..."

"Enough!" Tsuzuki was grinding his teeth to prevent himself from shouting . His hands were shaking uncontrollably above the table.

"Let us take off our gloves for this one night and not think of what we are or what we have been besides this night is to be for you and me alone and I intend on having it that way whether you like it or not. I paid a lot of money for you, Tsuzuki-san and I intend on thoroughly enjoying what it is mine."

"Who fault is that? I didn't force you to bid all that money on me and for the record I'm not yours. I never will be! You know full well this auction is under contract, so you better watch yourself, Muraki. There are rules."

Sliding a slender pale hand over the small beautiful hand resting firmly on the table . Muraki catches his raging date off guard.

"When am I one to go about the rules, my dear Tsuzuki.-san?"

Tsuzuki pulled his hand back abruptly his eyes stare daggers at Muraki for the offending touch. The insane doctor just smirks

"But I am a businessman so there is nothing you need be worried about. I won't go against the rules of your so-called contract. In fact, in the lines of the contract it does say that I have bought you for this one night,. So now then shall we dance?" The pale man gets up and holds his hand out for the nerves shinigami to grab.


Taken aback, Tsuzuki stared dumbstruck at the pale hand before him. I sure didn't see this one coming. .

"Yes .You do know how to dance, don't you?"

"Of course I do!" Tsuzuki retorts back.

"Really, so you're a professional then?"

"I have been know to be quite good."

Sounding more convincing to himself then to Muraki who just leaned down next to him .His face becoming very close in proximity to his own .

"Prove it."

Tsuzuki's cheeks become a pale tinge of red. Not only at being challenged but from the closeness the doctor was to him. Enough to smell the sweet aroma of the fine wine the doctor had earlier on his breath. It smelled real good and tempted the guardian to lick the rest of that sweet sticky fragrance from off the lips of the man before him , but soon he restrained himself after remember whose lips it was he really was thinking about tasting.

What am I thinking?!.

I would never go as far to even think such a thing as kissing him . Just a moment ago I was ready to tear the man's head off. Now, I want to suck his face. What the hell is wrong with me?!

Asato! Focus!

I only have to bear this for a little longer. The nervous Shinigami reminded himself . besides it's just a dance. Just don't look at him and dance as far away as possible. I can do this. I just won't put much effort into it. He's bound to get bored of me and we'll just sit back down and I 'll ignore him the rest of the night. That will make him regret bidding so much on me.

Ha, I'll show him.


Tsuzuki grabs the slender pale hand in his. The inventible second guess ran through his mind as Muraki griped his hand tight and lead the Shinigami to the dance floor.

Oh shit! Maybe this wasnít such a good idea after all.

Next Chapter: Dancing Lessons 101 Part 2

The ' Art of Seduction ' is in the form of dance...

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