Shades of Mystification

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Chapter Fifteen

Fingers clenched on the rough wood, Raito lifted the lid of the crate with overwhelming trepidation. Even though he’d spoken with Ryuuzaki about the last time he was the subject of the artist’s paintings, he couldn’t help but be more than a little nervous about this month’s shipment.

After all, it wasn’t every day you had mind-blowing, toe-curling, forget-your-own-name sex with one of the most famous and obsessive compulsive artists in the world. And not just once either. After the first – his mind shied away from the word lovemaking and settled on ‘encounter’ instead - , they’d eaten a late dinner in the bedroom, subsequently remaining in the bed itself for a substantial while after that. Raito flushed at the vivid memory of what had followed, quite suddenly glad he was by himself.

He’d made sure that both Misa and Matsuda were coming in later than usual so he could unpack in peace. Just in case. He didn’t want Misa getting any more ideas about what he looked like naked.

He lifted the first painting, glanced at it and hastily slid it back down into the container; he returned the lid to the locked position and resisted the urge to sit on it. If he’d ever wondered what his face looked like splashed with come, flushed in mid-orgasm, well now he knew.

Damn Ryuuzaki and his photographic memory.

And damn him for not listening.

He couldn’t leave the crate just sitting there where anyone could see it. Not wanting to abandon the box full of probable personal pornography, he reached for his cellphone, glad he hadn’t left it in the office.

//////////// 11:26 am

“No. Just…no.

L cleared his throat a bit on the phone, sounding too amused to pretend he didn’t know what Raito was talking about.

“Did you not take pleasure in my newest paintings, Raito-kun? I took much in the creation them.”

Raito scowled, aware the other man couldn’t see him. The expression was required regardless, the situation couldn’t have happened without it. Perhaps he’d hear it in his voice in any case “We’ve talked about this, I can’t sell these. They’re far more explicit than that last ones. This is heading into erotica rather than art. I don’t want my gallery becoming a porn shop. Not to mention that I didn’t give you permission to paint me again.”

L made the pout-y noise again and promptly ignored everything the other man had said.

“Did you look at all of them?”

“No, I saw the first one and then shut the crate up again. It’s on its way back to you, the delivery man has just left.” He eyed the back of the delivery truck as it made its way through the traffic outside. He hoped to God it didn’t crash. Visions of the paintings spilling out onto the road to be gawked at by passersby and motorists alike filled his head. He almost wanted to call the man back and hide the crate in his office under lock and key. But he had to put his foot down somewhere, regain the upper hand, and this was it.

“Such a shame, but an endurable defeat at your hands.” There was a long, audible sucking noise which Raito stoically refused to think further about. “I only sent them to get an amusing rejoinder out of you. He can accept the genuine crate while he’s here and convey it back to you.”

Raito was speechless. L had painted an entire crate worth of paintings as a joke? How many hours did this man have in a day?

“You should visit after your work is finished for the day, Raito-kun. We can look through them mutually. I would be fond of that outcome.”

Raito felt an answering jump in his stomach at the idea of looking at paintings of himself while L was there, watching his every reaction and possibly wanting to make some of them into real-life. He flipped through his phone lists on his desk while he gave an affirmative murmur into the phone.

Maybe Matsuda would come in a bit early, cover for him…

Wait, he was the boss, of course Matsuda would cover for him.

////////// 1:09 pm

L slowly slid down behind him, his thighs resting either side of Raito’s ass. He snaked a thin, pale hand around to the front of the gallery owner’s pants which he opened with alarming ease while his breath ghosted over Raito’s ear, raising goose bumps down his back.

“Do you know what I thought about Raito-kun? When I painted this?”

They were in L’s bedroom, or rather the sectioned area where L’s bed resided. There was a painting propped up against the partition and Raito knelt in front of it, his hands resting on his folded knees. L had set it there and taken the cloth off it moments before he knelt behind him.

“What were you thinking?” Raito whispered, eyes fixed on the painting in front of him.

It was of the two of them. The gallery owner had been surprised that L would paint himself. One of the things that made his work so unique was that no one ever met him, the secrecy around him made his art all the more valuable. Though you couldn’t really see his face, it was still him. Raito wondered if L maybe felt a little vulnerable, to see himself immortalized on canvas.

In the artwork Raito was bent sharply forward, without pants, a silky black cloth covering his eyes and a dark flush of excitement on his cheeks. The white business shirt he was wearing hung open and his hands were cuffed behind him, black straps of leather and metal.

Raito hadn’t been prepared for the jolt in his groin at the sight of them. He’d never considered bondage as something he might enjoy, but seeing the dark leather against his skin stirred something deep inside of him. His gaze roved over the rest of the painting, drinking in the details. L was clothed, only the zip of his pants down as he took Raito roughly from behind, head bowed to hide his features as one hand hooked through the metal ring of the straps to keep his lover still.

There were more of the two of them, some outside, some inside. In all of them L had aggressively pushed him down and taken him, his face hidden by the fall of his hair. Sometimes Raito looked like he was fighting and angry, in others he looked swept away by passion, grasping at the other man like a lifeline. Raito stared at his own flushed, aroused features, not for the first time wondering why he’d inspired all this pent-up lust in the other man.

L’s hands slipped inside his pants, touching him and Raito arched into his hand, eyes half-lidded, hands reflexively clenched slightly.

“I was thinking about how good you’d look as a personalized art piece. Just for me to enjoy, to touch. Would you let me paint you, Raito-kun?”

L’s fingers slid around him, lightly teasing and the brunette nodded quickly, thinking that it couldn’t be any worse than it already was. As long as the artist didn’t think he was going to sell him afterwards. And it was only this once.

He felt L shift to the side, the faint click as he picked up something from the floor. Raito looked out of the corner of his eye as the artist selected a thick, clean paintbrush from the tray nearby. He gently rubbed his thumb through the fibers, his other hand never stopping in its gentle exploration.

Catching Raito’s gaze, he bought the brush to his own face and lightly stroked it across his cheek before sliding down his neck. The gallery owner’s gaze followed the soft bristles as they swirled across the artist’s collarbone before he lifted the brush again, his other hand sliding up under Raito’s shirt.

L brought the brush down and stroked it across Raito’s exposed hip and across to his bellybutton. The fibers twisted in a tight circle around it before dipping inside. Raito shivered at the ticklish sensation and watched as it gently slid over to his other hip and down, circling the base of his erection. Raito hissed at the feeling of the soft horse-hair brush as it swept slowly up the side of his arousal and grazed the tip with a silky movement.

L’s tongue found the edge of his jawbone, lips caressing the same moment as the brush slid across the moisture at the tip of his erection. He hissed as L circled it briefly before taking the art tool away entirely. Raito watched as the dark-haired man brought the brush up to his own mouth and lapped at the bristles slowly, eyes half lidded and smoldering.

The breath left him in a rush as L, smirking, put the brush down and lowered his mouth towards Raito’s lap.

It was obviously going to be a long afternoon. And the gallery owner was going to love every second of it.

/////////////// 7:14 pm

Raito felt L’s arms wrap around him from behind, and scooted back into the embrace. The rumpled blankets shifted, falling down a bit and he pulled them back up, making sure they were both covered. He opened his eyes, noting the painting still propped up against the wall as L’s fingers made little, faintly ticklish, circles against his bare hip.

“You took a risk, sending me these.” He whispered and half-gestured to the paintings, hand still under the blankets.

L quirked an eyebrow at him, which Raito somehow heard, his hands never stopping their gentle exploration. Seriously, the guy was a one-man-advertisement for audible expressions. Raito continued, knowing the quirk for what it was. “I might have sold them, then everyone would know what you looked like.”

L smiled slowly. “You would never have sold them. You are much too conservative. There was only a two percent chance that you would sell them. And even then, you would only sell the ones that depicted you. You would not offer the ones that featured me also for sale.”

Raito tilted his head back to see L’s eyes. “Why do you say that? Maybe I’d want everyone to see how attractive you are.” He countered, feeling very corny.

L leaned forward, his warm breath whispering across Raito’s ear, making him nestle further back into the artist’s embrace.

“You don’t like to share your toys, Raito-kun.” He whispered.

Raito considered this for a moment and silently agreed. No force on earth would have made him offer the ones of L for public sale. If it had come down to it he would have purchased them himself to make up the profit for the gallery. The idea of someone else, some stranger owning one of these pictures made his stomach turn angrily. L was his and his alone. Not some object to be ogled at on someone’s wall, to be made a conversation piece during dinner parties!

Without realizing, Raito’s hand had tightened into a fist and L gently brushed his over it, soothing, slowly separating his fingers till they lay relaxed again. There was a half hour or so where time just slid lazily by, counted in slow sensual touches that weren’t intended to arouse, only to placate the urge for contact.

The gallery owner’s head was tucked up under L’s chin, their arms loosely wrapped around one another, when suddenly Raito’s quiet timbre broke the silence.

“How did you know?”

“Know what, Raito-kun?” The artist answered, stroking his hair absently.

“Know, well…everything.” Raito lifted his head from its position and caught the artist’s gaze. L cocked his head to the side, silently demanding more of an explanation. Raito squirmed a bit under his cool, appraising look.

“Know that I was…that I would…” He gestured, eyes to the side, knowing L would pick up on what he was trying to say and hating that he still couldn’t really talk about it.

“How did I know that you were gay?” L spoke, lack of tact apparent as per usual. “Is that what you’re asking Raito-kun? How did I know you would respond to me as well as you did?”

Raito’s eyes widened slightly at it put so bluntly and he nodded once, a bit too sharply, still not meeting L’s gaze.

The silence made Raito look up, and once he met L’s eyes, the other started talking.

“It is not what you are suspecting, Raito-kun. You do not give you a ‘vibe’ of being a homosexual.” Raito relaxed slightly, surprised that he had needed the answer to that so much. Even now, in what would be termed a proper relationship with another man, Raito was still uncomfortable with the connotations that came with his sexuality.

“In fact, you didn’t exude any ‘vibe’ at all. It took additional time for me to unravel the complex mind-set you have regarding yourself.”

The gallery owner didn’t say anything, mulling this over in his head.

“But it is an enjoyable outcome regardless of what your initial reaction was.” The artist continued, almost talking to himself.

As Raito tucked his head back under L’s chin and the gentle brushes across his hair continued, he couldn’t have agreed more.

Though he hoped the artist wasn’t messing his hair up too much with all this attention. He’d have to make sure the man bought a comb some day soon.

//////////// 1:54am

The gallery owner stroked his fingers gently across L’s back, a small smile forming on his face when the artist squirmed around to face him. L smiled back at him and leaning forward, kissed the tip of his nose.

“You’re not sleeping.” He whispered, the tone making it more of reprimand then a question. Raito shook his head slightly, still aware of mussing his hair up on the pillowcase.

“You need to sleep, Raito-kun.” L frowned slightly, a tiny wrinkle on the smooth skin of his forehead

“So do you.” Raito countered easily, his fingers entwining with L’s under the covers. Even after all their recent time of being intimate Raito couldn’t help but want to touch him when they were together. L’s fingers squeezed his gently as though knowing he needed the constant contact. His other arm came up and draped over his waist, pulling him closer so their chests were pressed together.

“What is on your mind?” He asked, pushing his face into Raito’s neck, making the gallery owner shiver pleasantly.

“Actually, now that you mention it, there is something I’ve been wondering about.”

“Hmm?” L made an inquiring noise as he let his tongue flick out lightly to taste the skin there and Raito arched his neck back a bit on an automatic reaction.

“I was thinking about…Watari.”

The licking stopped when L paused and Raito could feel the light graze of his eyelashes against his skin as the artist blinked a few times in puzzlement. He raised his head and Raito was already smiling, expecting the confused, faintly hurt look that was being directed at him.

“Raito-kun wounds me with his discussion of another man in our bed. Do you think of Watari often when you are intimate with me?”

Raito could tell L was teasing, a slight glint of amusement to his eyes giving him away. It was only after he’d spent so much time in his company that he was able to pick something like that up.

“No, I wasn’t thinking of him like that and you know it.” He shoved L a little with his shoulder and the artist suddenly broke into a mischievous grin and resumed his place, tongue drawing ever decreasing circles across his collarbone.

“I was just, you know when we first met?” He heard a noise of affirmation before teeth gently grazed after the tongue. Raito shivered again and his hand came up to rest on L’s hip. “You said that Watari had an accident of sorts, didn’t you? And that’s why I had to pick up the paintings.”

L had paused again, his tongue still touching the skin but not moving. It gave Raito confirmation that he was on to something with this train of thought and he let the silence draw out, wondering if L would say something. He didn’t.

“There was no accident was there?”

L was completely silent, the tongue had disappeared and so the gallery owner kept going.

“There was no accident and you arranged the whole thing so you could meet me. Didn’t you?”

L’s head came up slowly, a resigned tilt to it. Raito just looked at him, not giving any of his own thoughts away. L’s eyes flicked over his own, trying to read him, before he sighed and turned away slightly, dislodging Raito’s hand on his hip.

“Raito-kun is very observant.”

The gallery owner was silent, letting the artist explain himself.

“Yes, I did arrange it. Watari enjoyed a holiday abroad for the time mentioned, while I appealed to your curiosity and affable nature to pick up the paintings from my place of residence.” His mouth twisted slightly and he raised eyes full of veiled apology to Raito. “I am sorry. I lied to you.”

He couldn’t be angry with him. When this whole situation had occurred to Raito a week or so back, he’d put it down to his own personality. He often imagined things that weren’t there or read too much into people’s actions, but he’s realized quite quickly that L was devious in nature and he might just have to exercise those cautious thoughts. Not that the artist was malicious by any stretch of the imagination. He just had a way of arranging things to go how he wanted them too and had little thought for the people involved. Although if he hadn’t pursued Raito as ruthlessly as he had, they might have missed out on everything that happened afterwards.

He pulled L back to himself, briefly catching the hint of surprise to his features before the artist buried his face back into his neck.

Raito touched his lips to L’s hair, his hand coming up to cradle the back of his head. No, he couldn’t be angry. Not at the man who’d made him happier in a few months than he’d been in years.

He whispered this out loud, embarrassed at the surge of feeling he felt when L’s murmured reply brushed against the base of his neck.

“I’m glad. Raito-kun makes me happy too.”


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