Shades of Mystification

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Chapter Five

Raito listened with only faintly strained patience as Misa and Matsuda told him about their weekends. It wasn’t that he was desperate to hear about them, but for all their exasperating faults, they were an amusing pair. Matsuda was detailing an attempted date he’d had earlier, glossing over the most-likely horrendous mistakes he’d made, much to Misa’s amusement. She kept butting in with ominous sounding things like ‘Ah, so that’s why she left,’ and nodding sagely, like she knew everything about the whole situation. It made Raito smile, though when he found himself doing so he coughed and rubbed at his mouth, concentrating on sliding the wooden panels off the work for that had come in that morning.

They were clustered around a large crate with the giant ‘L’ stamped into the wood, taking out the nails so they could begin to unpack the paintings. Normally L would send then in several slightly smaller crates but a slip had come with these stating that one artwork was far larger than normal, so in making the crate bigger to fit it they were easily able to make room for all the others.

Raito was wondering if people would come to a showing of L’s work so soon after the other. Normally it would be a month or two between. But it was L, and people would come regardless.

Smiling slightly again at Matsuda’s stumbling attempt to regain his dignity about his lackluster love-life, he wasn’t looking at the first painting he was lifting out till he heard Misa’s sudden gasp. His head quickly turned towards her, thinking she’d dropped one of the pieces, but she was staring, wide-eyed with her hands up by her mouth, at the work in his hands.

He looked back and for the first time in many, many years was completely and utterly speechless.

It was him.

Reclining against a bare wall, with his hands in his pockets and staring out a window, his face turned slightly away. Relaxed and at ease with the world, his clothes, casual jeans and shirt slightly unbuttoned, Raito didn’t think he’d ever seen something so strange. That L would paint him of all things.

He couldn’t stop staring, only to turn away when Misa made another noise of astonishment, Matsuda echoing her as another painting was lifted from the crate. This time he was sitting, bare feet crossed in front of him, leaning back against the tree that took up most of the canvas, looking up into the branches with a serene smile on his face.

More paintings, more depictions of him. In some he was smiling, seeming unaware of the viewer, his eyes easy and relaxed. In others he was serious or tranquil, thoughtful or angry. The parade of his own emotions in front of him seemed endless, each unveiling more surprising and shocking than the last. Finally the biggest one, a landscape, was being carefully slid from its protective coating and Raito watched as his bare feet were unveiled.

‘I must be lying on my side or back.’ He thought. The painting’s protective sheath slid along further, exposing more skin as Raito realized that what he was staring at were his uncovered thighs. His eyes slid up a tastefully angled view to graze over his own naked hips, up his chest where two dusky nipples seemed to demand attention from the viewer; to his face where he leaned his head back slightly, gazing under long lashes in the most blatant come-hither look Raito could ever imagine of his features, his wrists crossed and bound loosely above his head.

‘Good God he’s painted a nude of me! I can’t sell this! People will think I’ve posed…! I can’t sell any of these!’ He leaned closer, eyes widening, lips parting. ‘ Sweet Jesus! Is that electrical tape?!’

He quickly composed himself, swallowing heavily, and glanced at his two assistants to check, and yes they were both giving him a look of curiosity but it was Misa that finally asked.

“Ah…Raito-san, did you…did you pose for him?”

Raito shook his head, still staring at his own look of desire as a curious thought crossed his mind. ‘Do I actually make that face?’ He shook his head again, trying not to think about it.

“No. Never. I only met him that once.”

Misa looked over the paintings, her eyes lingering on the nude with a thoughtful tilt to her head. Raito suddenly wanted to cover it up as though it were based on what he actually looked like and not what L imagined he looked like.

‘Wait, which means L was imagining me naked.’ The thought itself seemed more shocking than the solid fact in front of him. ‘And given the largeness and detail of the painting, he was doing so for quite some time.’

“Well he seems rather taken with you.” She finally said, an amused smile making its way across her face at her boss’s predicament. Her look suddenly made Raito angry.

He gave a terse demand for them all to be boxed back up again. There was no way he could sell these. He cringed, imagining all the looks at the opening.

He stalked into his office and shut the door behind him quickly, leaning against it for the briefest of seconds. He didn’t want to show this kind of reaction in front of his employees, but the paintings had really shaken him, in a way that nothing else had for a long time.

He searched the L’s number in his call list, stabbing the dial button with a trembling finger. He didn’t know whether he was angry, upset or just nervous. Whatever it was, it made him want to speak to L straight away.

The phone rang and rang and rang and Raito’s shaking hands became worse. Finally he hung up, closing his phone.

‘What the hell am I going to do?’

Suddenly it rang again, checking the screen he saw L’s number flash up. He didn’t think he’d answered a phone with such a mix of emotions before.

“Yagami speaking.” He was suddenly ridiculously glad that his voice came out even and unaffected.

“Yagami-kun. You called.”

“Yes, just now. No one was there.”

“I called you back. I never pick up my phone.”

Raito was silent as he processed this bit of information. What a weird guy.

“What can I help you with?”

Ah, right. Back to the absolute shock of his life.

“The paintings! The ones for the showing next week!”

“Ah yes.” L sounded pleasantly thoughtful, as if reminiscing about some favored pastime. “I felt rather uplifted painting those ones. Did you know you have a very palatable physique, Yagami-kun? I rather enjoyed the artistic creation of it. Though it would have been better from life, the chance of Yagami-kun posing for me is slightly less than twelve percent.”

“Of course I’m not going to pose for you!” There was a brief interruption as L mumbled something that sounded like ‘six percent now’, but Raito didn’t stop to pay attention. “I can’t sell these paintings! You’ll have to paint others, and get rid of these while you’re at it!” He gestured at the door, behind which stood the crate full of the shocking images.

Raito had never ‘heard’ a pout, and before today he’d have said the noise didn’t exist.

“Get rid of them?’ L sounded faintly offended, as if Raito’s personal reaction was all that was important to him. “Are you not partial to my representations? I felt they were quite…fetching.”

“No! No I am not ‘partial’ to seeing myself buck naked and three meters across!”

“A pity really.” L made a sucking noise and Raito vividly imagined the lollipop he must be holding, repressing a shiver down his spine at the sound. “That one was of my favorite.”

“I don’t care! You will paint a new set or there will be no showing!”

L was silent for a short beat before replying.

“What exactly is it that Yagami-kun is upset about? Is it that he is so modest the thought of someone wanting a painting of him is not understandable? Or is it that he is disturbed by the fact I enjoyed painting him so much? Perhaps he is perturbed by the paintings themselves. Are they not superior depictions?”

“No! No it’s none of that. If anything they’re probably the best I’ve…” Raito trailed off before realizing he was heading off track. “But I cannot sell them! People will think I have posed for you!”

“And what is so wrong with that!?” L shot back suddenly, some hidden emotion flashing in his voice. It was the first time it had completely changed from the flat dialogue he was used to and it surprised Raito, so much that he stumbled verbally and couldn’t think of an adequate reply.

“I…uh, nothing, I guess.”

“Exactly.” L replied, back to his monotone.


“There is no reason for you to abstain from selling them, Yagami-kun. You are an exquisite subject, and I will enjoy painting you in the future.”

“Fine, I’ll sell them…wait, what?”

But the empty tone of a disconnected line was all the reply he got.


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