Shades of Mystification

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Chapter Four

The showing had, as usual, been exemplary. Raito signed the cheque with a flourish, happier then he’d been in a while. Rather than pricing the paintings himself, a list had come with them this time, at prices much higher than usual. It seemed L was testing the market, seeing if he could demand more for his art.

His deduction seemed correct, people paying no more attention to the price then usual, some even exclaiming over what a bargain it was, owning an ‘L’ for only the twenty thousand dollars or so that they paid for it.

This rise in price also had the effect of rising Raito’s own profit from the sale, meaning he wouldn’t have to open again till the next time L was scheduled. He could ignore all the other pitiful artists and perhaps take a holiday. He leaned back in his chair after slipping the cheque into an envelope, addressed to the usual pox office box.

Somewhere warm. Maybe the tropics. He could feel the sun on his face already as he closed his eyes. Mmmmm…

He was broken from his musings by the ring of his cell phone. Seeing L’s number come up he flipped it open, mentally preparing himself for the artist’s unusual communication methods. “Yagami Raito speaking.”


Raito’s teeth clenched slightly. Why the man insisted that they were close, despite Raito’s insistence that they were not, was beyond him.

“L-san. How can I help you?”

I have more paintings in creation. You will have another showing in a week’s time.”

Just like that. No asking, no calling to make sure, just a blatant demand that Raito sell the paintings. ‘There goes the holiday…’ He mused.

“May I ask what the theme is? So we can perhaps decorate beforehand this time?”


The brunette’s lips twisted.

“Fine. Will I be required to pick them up again?”

“It is not necessary to do so. I can arrange delivery. Although I felt last time that Yagami-kun enjoyed himself.”

Raito blinked slowly. “Why is that?”

“I believe that Yagami-kun is not used to experiences outside of his normal routine and, as such, enjoyed the break from his habitual mannerisms. He was excited by the prospect of meeting me, the elitism of having been one of the very few in this world to do so.”

Raito arched an eyebrow, saying nothing as L continued.

“I believe that he may enjoy being friends with me, despite his evident confusion on the issue. Yagami-kun is bored with the people he interacts with. He feels the need to have more intelligent exchanges with someone who is an equal. He would like for me to be this equal.” A pause and Raito could hear the ingestion of some kind of syrupy liquid before L continued. “So if Yagami-kun feels the need to disguise his visit to me with a reason to pick up the paintings, then I will not stop him. Would you like to pick them up…Yagami-kun?”

Raito’s brow had furrowed. How dare the man presume so much about him! Sure, he’d found himself smiling a few times at the artist’s odd behavior when thinking about him in the last few days. Sure he’d wondered a few times what it would be like to be friends with someone so eccentric and seemingly intelligent, not to mention curiously handsome.

And the fact that L was saying all this, had deduced all of Raito’s feelings about him from that one short encounter was somewhat frightening and enthralling all at the same time. If this was for real then Raito may have found the close friend he was looking for. But the man was just too unusual, struck too many uncomfortable chords in him.

“No. You will get your man to deliver them. He knows where the gallery is now.”

There was a long thoughtful pause, in which Raito listened to the smacking of lips as L ate something else sticky and most likely sweet.

“I have frightened Yagami-kun with my statements. He is afraid to be friends with me, that I might mistake his feelings of friendship for something more perhaps?”

Okay, this was ridiculous.

“No! What are you talking about? I’m just busy! I don’t have time to go gallivanting across town to sit by and watch you paint when you could just have someone deliver them!”

“So Yagami-kun admits he likes to watch me paint?”

“That’s not what I said and you know it! Just have your guy deliver them, and be glad that I’m opening the gallery just for you! I was planning on going on a holiday!”

“Hmmm.” Another sucking noise. “Yagami-kun is opening the gallery just for me. He is inconveniencing himself for an act which could be delayed indefinitely without a detriment to his workplace.”

Raito didn’t know what to say as the artist mused down the phone, almost like he was talking to himself.

“Yagami-kun must have some profound feeling for me than he does not have for other artists. Chance that Yagami-kun is developing something deeper…seventy-eight percent.”

Raito didn’t know what to say and L hung up.


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